How much does it cost to install a metal fence?

National Average Range:
$3,000 - $5,500

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Updated: August 19, 2022

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A metal fence protects your property, looks great, and adds to your home’s resale value. The fenceline creates a visual barrier around the perimeter of your property that provides safety for children, pets, and residents of the home. In Colonial times, only homes located in upscale areas boasted metal fencing, but today they have become widespread and are very popular whether you live in the city or the country.

The average cost to install a metal fence ranges from $3,000-$5,500, with the average homeowner spending around $4,321 to install a 96 ft. aluminum fence with a gate.

Metal Fence Installation Cost

Metal Fence Installation Costs
National average cost$4,321
Average range$3,000-$5,500

Metal Fence Cost Per Linear Foot

The cost of metal fencing depends on the material used. Aluminum and steel cost the same, but wrought iron is substantially more expensive. The average cost per linear foot for metal fencing is $15-$75. Labor averages $8 to $40 per foot for the installation.

Metal fence cost per linear foot

MaterialsCost per linear foot
Wrought iron$25-$75

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Steel Fence Cost Per Foot

Steel fencing offers strength, stability, and great resistance to force. It works particularly well in dry climates. The price averages $10-$50 per linear ft.

Steel fencing typePricing per foot 
Corrugated steel$10-$12
Corten steel$10-$15
Steel palisade$10-$50
Galvanized steel 1$30-$200
Stainless steel$50-$200

Galvanized Steel Fence Pricing

Galvanized steel fencing is designed to stand up to the harshest weather conditions. It averages $30-$200 per linear ft.

Stainless Fence

Stainless steel does not corrode which makes it a popular long term fencing choice. When shopping for stainless steel fencing, you’ll encounter two grades of steel: 316 and 304. 304 contains more chlorides and 316 has more nickel. The makeup of 304 is 18 percent chromium and 8 percent nickel. With 316, the makeup is 16 percent chromium, 10 percent nickel, and 2 percent molybdenum which enables it to fight off corrosion better and also makes the panels more costly than 304 panels. 304 steel is slightly less costly than 316 steel. The pricing runs from $50-$200 per linear ft.

Corrugated Steel Fence

Corrugated steel fencing is a popular option for privacy and affordability. It averages $10-$12 per linear ft.

Corten Steel Fence

Corten steel stands up to corrosion with eight times greater strength than other types of steel fencing. It averages $10-$15 per linear ft.

Steel Palisade Fencing

Steel palisades fencing is a security design that is favored by many. It is easy to install and stands up to weather changes well. The pricing runs from $10-$50 per linear ft.

Corrugated Metal Fence Costs

Corrugated metal fences come in panels that are fashioned with a ribbed appearance of valleys and ridges. The design gives it greater strength than a smooth metal panel. In addition, the ridges help funnel water away from the property line. Each fence panel is galvanized with zinc to prevent corrosion and rust. A corrugated metal fence can easily last from 25 to 75 years depending on the thickness of the panels. Corrugated fencing is lightweight and easy to install. The price runs $10-$12 per ft.

Corrugated yellow metal fence

Aluminum Fence Cost Per Foot

Aluminum fence panels are lightweight and easy to install. You can purchase them in various sizes, designs, and colors. The aluminum material resists corrosion and is both low-maintenance and long-lasting. Also, the aluminum is eco-friendly and recyclable. The most significant problem with aluminum fencing is that it dents easily and can warp over time. Also, if the panels are not powder-coated then they can develop a patina that many find unsightly.

Aluminum fencing typeCost per foot 6Cost per panel
Pool fence panel$15-$25$60-$65
Black aluminum (privacy)$24-$32$55-$65
Spear top$15-$40$60-$65
Staggered spear top$15-$45$60-$70
Two rail 7 flat top$16-$45$65-$70
Three rail 7 flat top$20-$48$70-$75

Powder-coated Aluminum Fence Pricing

The powder coating on the aluminum fencing offers protection from the elements and helps prevent the panels from rusting. Typically, the fence is exceptionally strong. The cost averages $13-$45 per ft.

Aluminum Pool Fence Panel

Pool fence panels create a barrier around your pool for added safety. The aluminum panels do not rust and are available in a variety of sizes. The average price is $15-$25 per ft.

Black Aluminum Fence

Black goes with everything and black aluminum fencing is not only ornamental but also creates security. It is designed to resemble wrought iron without the high price tag. The coating also helps the fence withstand inclement weather without corrosion. The average price is $24-$32 per ft.

Ornamental Aluminum Fence

Many people want the look of wrought iron without the high cost. Ornamental aluminum fencing averages $15-$55 per ft.

Aluminum Privacy Fence

Aluminum privacy fencing creates seclusion. It is a favored choice over standard wood privacy fencing. The average cost runs from $24-$32 per ft.

Aluminum fencing prices vary depending on style, picket, ornamentation, and top. Typically, you purchase aluminum fencing by the panel. One exception, however, is that with ornamental aluminum fencing, the pricing is usually per foot. Below is a chart outlining the cost of aluminum metal fence per foot and/or per panel.

Wrought Iron Fence Cost

Wrought iron fencing has long been favored by homeowners due to its appearance and potential to increase property value. In addition, it is a sturdy material that holds up well and adds beauty to the landscape. Wrought iron fencing is typically used to fence in front yards or other areas where a decorative fence can be appreciated. It is remarkably sturdy and with proper care can last a century or more. Without a doubt, it is the most expensive fencing material with a cost of $25-$75 per foot.

Black wrought iron fence

Solid Metal Fence Cost

Solid metal fencing - typically called corrugated metal fencing - is fashioned in a corrugated pattern to provide far greater strength to each section of the fence, plus funnel water away from the property line. Many people use solid metal fencing for backyards or to fence in private areas. One downside of this material is that solid metal fencing can rust. The price of solid metal fencing averages $10-$12 per foot.

Solid metal fence made from a brown metal profile sorrounding a house

Cosult with a pro when installing a metal fence

The average cost to install a 4-foot high chain-link fence is $10 to $20 per linear foot. You can also choose chain link fencing in 5- or 6-ft heights. The wire gauge is either 11.5 or 9 gauge wire. If you choose 9 gauge wire then you will typically pay double the price of 11.5 gauge wire. Chain link fencing is great for any area of the landscape. Many people use it as pet fencing or to fence in parts of a garden. It is durable and easy to use. It does lack privacy benefits, however.

Seamless chain link fence

Calculating Costs to Install Metal Fencing

Metal fence installation labor is usually charged by the foot. The labor prices range from $8-$40 per foot, depending on where you live.

ProjectCost of materials
100 ft. of corrugated steel fencing$250-$520
100 ft. of corten steel$250-$550
100 ft. of steel palisade$250-$900
100 ft. of wrought iron$400-$1,150
100 ft. of galvanized steel$300-$2,400

Metal Fencing Cost Factors

Metal fencing costs vary depending on height, grade, and color. Also, you can add gates where needed in a variety of styles and sizes. Installation is usually straightforward unless on a slope, which can complicate things.

  • Height: fence panels are typically available in heights of 36 inches, 48 inches, 72 inches, and 96 inches. The panels are priced according to size, with taller panels being more costly than shorter ones.
  • Grade of the material: the thicker the metal, the higher the grade, and the greater the cost. Also, steel is either graded 304 or 316, with 316 being the more costly of the two.
  • Linear feet needed: fencing is measured in linear feet. The greater number of linear feet of fencing needed, the higher the cost of the fence.
  • Color: aluminum fencing is often sold in colors. The more layers of color it has, the greater the price.
  • Number and type of gates: most fences have at least two gates that average three-feet in width. Cost depends on the size and style of the gate.
  • Slope: sloping can make installing a metal fence more challenging so the cost of installation will typically increase due to the added work involved.

Metal Fence Gate Cost

A metal fence gate typically measures 36 inches in width, but some may be 32 or 34 inches  wide. However, some people opt to have a driveway gate installed in their metal fence if they are completely fencing the property’s perimeter. Automatic gates are another option. If you install a wrought iron driveway gate then dual bollards help define the driveway so you don’t inadvertently run into the gate or fence line.

Metal fence gate cost (mobile)

Gate typeAverage cost of gate and installation
Standard swing gate$100
Standard gate on rollers$800
Automatic steel gate$600-$4,000
Wrought iron gate$600-$4,000
Wrought iron driveway gate with dual bollards$3,000-$6,000

Wrought Iron vs. Aluminum vs. Steel Fence

When picking a fence, you have a lot of options. The best way to decide is to explore the pros, cons, and costs of each. In many cases, cost is the deciding factor. Luckily, aluminum and steel fencing is comparable in price, while wrought iron fencing is more costly.



($15-$45 per linear ft.)


Available in numerous styles and colors

Perfect oceanside

Suitable for humid locations

Withstands sprinklers and water well

Very little maintenance


Easy to install

Can develop a patina

Dents easily

Bends easily


($15-$45 per linear ft.)

Suitable for dry climates



Resists force

Can corrode

Sanding and painting needed

May rust

Wrought iron

($25-$75 per linear ft.)




Available in many designs



Requires painting

Metal Fences Styles

There are many metal fence styles to choose from. The most common are security, decorative, pool, and garden. Depending on your needs, you should evaluate the uses of each type to determine which style best meets your needs. Each style of fence has its own uses.

Garden fences uses:

  • Decorative
  • Outline the property’s perimeter
  • Keep pets or children in

Pool fence uses:

  • Safety
  • Keep pets out of pool

Decorative fence uses:

  • Outlines the property perimeter
  • Keeps pets and children inside

Security fence uses:

  • Keeps out intruders
  • Helps keep children and pets safe

Below is a table of the various styles of fencing and the cost of materials per linear foot.





Wrought iron

$15-$45/linear foot

$15-$45/linear foot

$25-$76/linear foot


Aluminum$15-$45/linear foot




Wrought iron

$15-$45/linear foot

$15-$45/linear foot

$25-$76/linear foot




Wrought iron

$15-$45/linear foot

$15-$45/linear foot

$25-$76linear foot

Metal Fence Posts and Caps

Metal fence posts are the skeleton of the fence. They offer support to the fence panels and fencing material. The end, corner, and line posts are installed in concrete to stand the test of time. The cost for metal fence posts averages $7-$10 per linear foot, with posts averaging $30-$60 each depending on size and material. Corner posts are placed in the corner to create the L shape in the fence. Also, end poles can be used at each corner. Line posts are used to build the length of the fence line and provide support. Typically, fence posts are spaced 6 to 8 feet apart.

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Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Land Grading and Leveling

If you are installing a fence in a location where a fence has never been placed before then the land might require grading and leveling. The cost to level and grade 1,000 sq. feet of land averages $985.

Custom Modifications

Exposed metal spikes on a fence pose a hazard to humans or animals. You can opt to install fence caps for a cost of about $1.00 per cap. Also, a metal bar welded across the top of a picket fence prevents animals and children from getting stuck between the bars of the fence. Welders charge $130-$140 per hour to weld bars onto a metal fence.

Fence Painting

On occasion, you’ll need to have your fence repainted as part of its upkeep or just because you are tired of the hue. The cost of painting a 100-foot fence ranges from $400-$1,300.

Self-closing Gate

The cost to install a self-closing electric gate averages $3,000-$12,000 for the gate, installation, and electrical work. Wrought iron gate prices tend to be the highest.

Wireless Gate Bell

A wireless gate bell averages $75-$300 depending on if you want a simple buzzer bell, voice bell, or camera bell. An electrician charges $65-$85 per hour and it will usually take a minimum of one hour to install the device.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • Installing a fence can be a DIY project, but for a novice it can be very hard and take quite a long time, so ideally it should be performed by a professional. You’ll need to maintain the straightness of the fenceline while keeping each panel level. You’ll also need to space each pole the correct distance to create a stable, symmetrical fence, as well as set them in concrete. A professional can quickly install the fence so it is stable, safe, and looks good in only a day or two.
  • Installing a fence will normally require permits. Check with your fencing contractor to determine if an inspection and permits are needed. The cost of a permit for a fence averages $70-$400 depending on where you live.
  • Installation prices can vary dramatically depending on where you live in the United States. Rural areas tend to be cheaper than in urban locations.
  • If you want to save money then you should try to clear the land yourself prior to installation or hire a professional landscape outfit to clear the land.
  • Always get at least three to five estimates from metal fencing contractors before you make a decision on who to hire to install the fence.


  • How much does Lowes charge for fence installation?

Lowes does offer fencing installation, but the prices vary by region. Typically, Lowes contracts with a local fencing contractor to complete the job with the stipulation that all supplies must be purchased from Lowes.

  • What is the cheapest fence to install?

If you are installing a metal fence, then the cheapest fences to install are either aluminum or steel. Both average $15-$45 per linear ft. Garden fencing tends to be the cheapest fencing to install. It averages about $2 per linear ft. and comes in rolls.

  • What is the cost per linear foot for fencing?

Aluminum and steel average $15-$45 per linear ft. and wrought iron averages $25-$75. The cost depends on the type of fencing. Rolled wire fencing averages $2 per linear foot. Wood fencing averages $13-$25 per linear foot. Vinyl fencing averages $15-$30 per linear foot​.

  • How much does it cost to install a metal fence?

The average cost ranges from $3,000-$5,500, depending on the type of fencing, for 100 linear feet.

  • How much does it cost to install a black aluminum fence?

It averages $15-$45 per linear ft.

  • How do you install a black metal fence?

Black metal fencing is installed in panels. First the poles are put in place and then the panels are affixed to the fence poles. Finally, gates are put in place where needed.