How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Wood Fence?

Average Cost
(repair 12 ft section of 6 ft stockade panels with materials and labor)

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How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Wood Fence?

Average Cost
(repair 12 ft section of 6 ft stockade panels with materials and labor)

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When you fix a wooden fence, you are prolonging the life of the structure. In many scenarios, the cost to repair a fence is significantly less than installing a new one. Wood fence repairs are usually needed if the material has been rotted due to environmental exposure or the ground has shifted, resulting in leaning posts. The cost of wooden fence repair depends largely on how many posts, panels, and rails 1 need to be replaced.

The average cost to fix a wooden fence ranges from $450-$650, with the average homeowner spending around $550 on replacing a 12 ft section of 6 ft tall stockade panels with posts, hardware, and labor​.

Wood Fence Repair

Wood Fence Repair Costs
National Average Cost$550
Average Range$400-$600
Minimum Cost$150
Maximum Cost$800

Wood Fence Repair Cost by Project Range

Single post repair for a 6 ft stockade fence
Average Cost
Repair 12 ft section of 6 ft stockade panels with materials and labor
Wood gate repair and replacement of 12 ft section

Wood Fence Repair Cost Per Foot

There are standard heights of wood fencing. Because the size does vary, the cost of repair will vary as well. Common sizes are 3, 4, 5 and 6 feet high, with the width normally being 6-8 foot 2 panels. Smaller heights are intended for picket fences 3, while taller versions are for stockade and privacy fences 4. The following is an average cost to fix a pine wood fence with replacement boards.

Wood Fence Repair Cost Per Foot Chart

Wood Fence Repair Cost Per Foot Chart

Fence heightCost to repair a wood fence
3 ft$95
4 ft$125
5 ft$155
6 ft$200

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Wood Fence Repair Costs

The exact repairs needed dictate the average cost of a wood fence repair. Your contractor will assess the damage and recommend solutions to repair the underlying issue. The following are common fixes a contractor may suggest at your initial appointment.

Rusted nails or screwsReplacement hardware$50
Leaning or falling posts

Support braces

Concrete for support



Leaning or falling panels

Support braces

Concrete for support

Panel replacement




Wood rot or termites

Fill holes with putty

Stain or paint repaired area

Pest control for termites




Cracked wood

Fill holes with putty

Replace boards or posts



Warping woodBoard replacement$230
Storm damage

Replace boards or posts

Storm cleanup services



Fallen trees

Replace boards or posts

Tree removal services



Stains or mildewPressure washing$285
Ground erosionSoil fill$310
Vehicle drove throughReplace boards, posts, or gates$800

Cost of Wood Fence Repair by Type of Wood

With so many choices, wood fencing has long been the material used to provide a barrier around back yards, gardens, and playgrounds. However, there are some cost differences in repairing wood fencing depending on the type of wood. The following are common wood types used to fix a fence. The pricing reflects repairs for a 6 ft privacy fence 4.

Wood Fence Repair Cost

Wood Fence Repair Cost

Wood TypeWood Fence Repair Cost
Pine Fence$200
Redwood Fence$300
Cedar Fence$325
Cypress Fence$350
Oak Fence$500

Pine Fence Repair

Pine fence repair is typically the least expensive due to the commonality of the material. Pine fence parts, including panels and gates, are also the least expensive material type with an average cost to repair of $200.

Pine fence in a flower garden

Oak Fence Repair

Oak is very expensive and a rarer choice for privacy fences 4. Oak fence repairs will be the most costly when compared to other woods and you’ll spend at least $500 to make common repairs.

Redwood Fence Repair

Redwood 5 fences are made from a softer wood and are therefore more prone to damage. Many homeowners choose redwood for small fenced areas such as patios and pools. Average repair cost is $300 for a privacy fence 4 made from redwood.

Redwood fence with lattice

Cypress Fence Repair

Cypress fence repairs have a similar price point as cedar fences. Like cedar, cypress fences are very durable and well worth the investment to fix at an average rate of $350.

Cedar Fence Repair

Cedar fence repairs are expensive, but this material is ultimately well worth the cost to maintain. Cedar wood has a very tight grain with high durability and will cost around $325 to fix.

Cedar privacy fence

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Wood Fence Repair Costs by Fence Part

The parts needed to fix a fence reflects the overall cost of a wood fence repair job. Larger parts of the fence, like a wooden fence gate, have a much higher repair price.

Cost to Repair Wood Fence Chart

Cost to Repair Wood Fence Chart

Part to repairCost to fix
Post caps$90
Lumber Rails$95
Screening material$120
Fence posts$150
Wooden Gate Repair$400

Wood Fence Post Repair Cost

Wood fence post 6 repair is usually needed if the fence post is leaning or has sustained substantial damage. Fence post repair costs include the post, hardware, and the equipment needed to make the fix. Post hole diggers are typically needed to replace the wooden fence post. Expect to pay around $150 to fix a single wood fence post.

Wooden Fence Rails Repair

Wooden fence rails 1 need repair or replacement when they have pulled loose from the fence. Along with the rail, you will need to pay for a t-brace to reinforce the replaced rail. You will also want to consider painting the replacement rail to match the rest of your fence. An average cost of a wooden rail fix is $95.

Picket Fence Repair

Picket fences 3 are usually less expensive to repair than privacy fences. Manufactured replacement pickets are available for purchase, but if not your contractor may be able to provide a matching replacement constructed from wood. Picket fence repair usually needs a jig as part of your equipment rental fees. To fix a section of a picket fence, you will pay at least $100.

Screening Material Repair

Before repairing a wooden fence screen, all broken pieces must be removed, along with any nails. Replacement wood and galvanized nails are required to make the necessary fix. Replacement pieces will need to be stained or painted to match the rest of the fence. Screening repair jobs for fences cost around $120.

Fence Panel Repair

The replacement panel will need to be measured before you make the necessary repairs. Once the old panel is removed, the contractor will hang the replacement panels. Usually, the only hardware needed for this repair is screws or nails. To fix a single wooden fence panel, the cost is approximately $135.

Wood Fence Gate Repair

Wooden gate repairs include more working parts than other types. Wooden gate panels, hooks, and hinges 7 are usually needed to complete the job. Galvanized steel 8 is best for hardware replacements needed on wood fence gates. New hardware may be enough to fix a sagging gate, but total replacement of wooden gate panels may be best if the gate is old and badly damaged. To replace a wooden gate fence will cost around $400.

Professional Wood Fence Repair Costs

Any type of fence repair requires professional assistance. The contractor will arrive to give an estimate and assess the damaged portions of the fence. Professionals also provide recommendations on whether they can fix a fence. Fence post 6 repair is possible, but if large sections are damaged or the fence is very old, new installation may be recommended. Seemingly small repairs should be addressed by a professional, too. Although you may think your wood fence repair is insignificant, there could be a more serious underlying issue such as termites or ground erosion.

Estimates are typically free and included with the total for the wooden fence repairs. Labor charges for fence repair are usually between $65 and $90 per hour. Surcharges of $100 or more may be applied for emergency wood fence repair work. Traveling outside of the provider’s service area could result in a labor surcharge of $25 or more.

Cost Factors When Repairing a Wood Fence

Wood fence repair cost is dependent on the type of fixes needed for the project. A contractor’s estimate will reflect the following:

  • Extent of damage. This is the biggest determinant in calculating wood fence repair cost. As an example, the cost to replace a single post is usually less than $150. However, you could pay upwards of $300 if you need to repair three or more missing or rotted boards.
  • Age of wood. The age of the wood factors into how much you can expect to pay for wooden fence repairs. Older fences will likely cost more to fix since the wood is more prone to have sustained damage over the years. Parts may also be harder to come by for older fences.
  • Type of wood. The type of wood used to make fence replacements has a direct impact on cost. As an example, an 8’ section of untreated low-end wood may cost $35, while an 8’ section red cedar costs an average of $60.
  • Height, length, and style. The type of fence replacement is another factor when estimating costs. The height, length, and style of replacement pieces should match your current fence. For instance, stockade fences usually measure at least 6 ft high and will certainly cost more than a 3 ft high picket fence 3 to fix.
  • Hardware and special parts. Any type of hardware or special sections cost more to fix than basic panels. For instance, a red cedar stockade fence gate will cost a minimum of $200 to replace.

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Cost to Replace Wood Fence

Fence repair cost is always significantly less than new fence installation. However, fixing a wooden fence may only offer a temporary reprieve. Wooden fence replacement could be recommended if the fence is substantially damaged or very old.


Wooden fence repair


Less costly

Quick turnaround

Prolongs lifespan of current fence

Keeps same style of fence

Certain areas of fence may not be repairable

Job could end up requiring more work hours

Costs may end up near the same as a wooden fence replacement

No warranty protection

Temporary fix

Wooden fence replacement


Opportunity to change current fencing

Warranty coverage included

Price may be comparable to wood fence repair depending on wood type

More costly

Longer turnaround time

Wood Fence Maintenance

Regular maintenance is extremely important following wooden fence repairs. With the right maintenance, a wood fence can last for 10 years or longer. Plan an annual wood fence maintenance day in the early spring months.

Pressure treated panels and posts will give you a stronger wood fence. Sealants and stains are useful for adding an extra layer of protection to the wood. You will probably want to stain or paint your wood fence every couple of years to keep it looking fresh. The cost to paint an entire fence is approximately $1,500.

Insects can be problematic to wood fences. Treat your yard with insecticides to combat any pesky bugs, such as termites and carpenter ants, at an approximate cost of $750 for a chemical treatment in a 2,500 sq.ft. house. Keep shrubs and trees trimmed away from the fence, too, to avoid any issues like wood rot. Mold and dirt can build up over time on the wood fence. Pressure washing costs around $285 and can be done annually as a way to remove any mold and residue from the wood. Although wood fences are exposed to moisture during wet weather days, limit the amount of water by moving any sprinklers away from the wooden fence.

Professional applying protective varnish on a wooden fence

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Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Wood Lattice Fence

Privacy lattice is an enhancement to consider when arranging for wood fence replacements and repairs. Wood lattice are panels made to enhance the appearance of your fence while maintaining privacy in your yard. The average cost of privacy lattice is $35 per panel.

Wood Fence Cross Beams

To make an old fence look new, add treated fence posts 6 and cross beams. Mix up the old fence pickets with new ones scattered throughout. For posts and cross beams, expect to pay around $12 per linear foot.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • Permits. Wood fence repairs typically don’t require a special permit. However, if the repairs include replacement panels over 6 feet or if you live in a housing development, the rules may be different.
  • Get prepared. Before you hire a contractor to make any wood fence repairs, get your yard ready for the crew’s arrival. The company is likely to arrange a visit to your home prior to making any repairs. During this visit, the contractors will evaluate the extent of the damage as a way to provide an accurate estimate. An estimate for wooden fence repairs will come at no cost to you.
  • Experience. Not all fence installers will have the experience to make specialized repairs. Interview contractors who have a background in wood fence repairs.
  • Warranty. Fencing manufacturers often include a warranty at the time of purchase. Review your warranty coverage before contacting contractors about wood fence fixes. Many manufacturers may only provide a limited one-year warranty. Make sure you review requirements of your warranty since the company may require repairs be made by an approved contractor.
  • Clean-up services. Contractors normally include clean-up with their service contracts since it would be a liability to leave nails and damaged wood behind. Clean-up jobs include nail and wood removal. You may be charged an hourly rate of $65 or more for this service.
  • DIY. DIY is cost-effective, but many wooden fence repairs are specialized with the need of an experienced contractor.
  • Accessibility. To gain access to the damaged area of the fence, the homeowner should remove any obstacles. This could include lawn furniture, statues, kids’ toys, barbecue grills, and potted plants. If you need to do any landscaping to provide better access to the damaged fence, schedule an appointment with a landscaper ahead of time. To remove a tree, expect to pay around $700 while to remove poison ivy, the cost is approximately $500. Landscaping services may also be needed after the wood fence repairs are completed. Yard clean up services typically run between $200 and $600.


  • How do you repair a rotted wood fence?

In most cases, a rotted wood fence will need to be dug out and a fence post 6 repair made. The old post is removed and the new post is set in concrete. The average wood fence repair price for this job is $150.

  • How do I stop my fence post from rotting?

Stain your fence every couple of years to prevent wood rot. Also, keep the fencing materials clear of any plants or shrubs.

  • How do you protect the bottom of a wood fence?

If soil is touching the bottom of a wood fence, then you want to remove contact to protect the fence from rot. If possible, remove excess soil or place stone or gravel at the base of the fence. Cutting the bottom of the fence is also a potential fix.

  • How long will treated fence posts last?

Treated fence posts 6 can last upwards of 10 to 15 years. If regular maintenance is performed, treated wood can last a maximum of 20 years.

  • How do you protect a wooden fence from the soil?

Remove soil and mold routinely from a fence by pressure washing it at least once a year.

  • How do you weatherproof a wood fence?

Apply a sealant to wood fences to add more protection against the elements.

  • How often should you seal a wood fence?

In most cases, sealing is required every two years. When you start to notice that the water is no longer beading off the fence, it’s time to reseal.

  • Does painting a wood fence make it last longer?

Painting will make a fence last longer, but staining is more protective against the elements.

  • Will pressure treated wood rot in concrete?

Pressure treated wood can rot in concrete, but will do so at a slower pace than untreated wood.

  • How do you reinforce a fence post?

A steel wedge can be used to reinforce a fence post 6 that is leaning or sagging.

Remodeling Terms Cheat Sheet

Definitions in laymen's terms, cost considerations, pictures and things you need to know.
See full cheat sheet.
1 Rails: A long bar designed for a person to hold onto, giving them support. They are usually found on the sides of staircases, and can also be found in bathrooms, for example, to help persons with disabilities
glossary term picture Footing 2 Foot: A support for the foundation of a house that also helps prevent settling. It is typically made of concrete reinforced with rebar, but can also be made of masonry or brick. It is usually built under a heavier part of the house like a wall or column, to distribute the weight of the house over a larger area.
3 Picket fences: A barrier or railing made out of pointed, spaced, vertical uprights (referred to as pickets), connected by at least two horizontal rails, used primarily for decorative purposes
glossary term picture Privacy Fence 4 Privacy fences: A barrier or railing, typically composed of solid material, used to form a blockade around a yard, field, or other expanse of land to prevent encroachments from the outside
5 Redwood: Tree with reddish colored timber
glossary term picture Fence Post 6 Fence post: A sturdy pole set securely in the ground, that is used to support a fence. Fence posts are placed at regular intervals, and the other parts of the fence are attached to them
glossary term picture Hinge 7 Hinges: A type of joint that attaches two items together but allows one of them to swing back and forth, such as a door attached to a door frame
glossary term picture Galvanized Steel 8 Galvanized steel: Steel that has had a protective zinc coating applied to it to make it resistant to rusting

Cost to repair a wood fence varies greatly by region (and even by zip code). To get free estimates from local contractors, please indicate yours.

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Cost to repair a wood fence varies greatly by region (and even by zip code). To get free estimates from local contractors, please indicate yours.

The information provided by our cost guides comes from a great variety of sources, including specialized publications and websites, cost studies, U.S. associations, reports from the U.S. government, contractors and subcontractors, material suppliers, material price services, and other vendor websites. For more information, read our Methodology and sources