How Much Does It Cost to Install an Electric Gate?

Average range: $2,500 - $5,000
Average Cost
(12’ wood electric driveway gate with double gate)

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Electric gates offer numerous benefits to homeowners ready to increase their property value and sense of security. The classic or modern designs available instantly improve curb appeal, which just feels nice when you drive up to your home after a long day at work. Those wanting to deter thieves can do so by keeping them closed. Electric and automatic gates are the same, so please note both terms will be used throughout this cost guide.

The size, material, and type of power used to operate the electric gate affect the final costs. The average cost falls between $2,500 and $5,500 to install. The average homeowner pays $4,000 for a wood electric driveway double gate. Costs can be as low as $730 for a small 5’ fence gate made of chain link or as high as $12,000 for a 16’ aluminum electric gate with a double swing opening.

Automatic Gate Cost

Cost to Install Electric Gate
National average cost$4,000
Average range$2,500-$5,000
Minimum cost$730
Maximum cost$12,000

Electric Gate Installation Cost by Project Range

5’ chain link automatic fence gate with a single arm opener
Average Cost
12’ wood electric driveway gate with double gate
16’ aluminum electric gate with double swing opening

What Is an Automatic Gate?

Automatic driveway gates make your home more functional and more secure. They can also make it easier for you to come and go without exiting your car. When the time comes to purchase one, remember that any gate can be turned into an automatic one.

The gate itself does not change when moving from manual to automatic. Instead, it’s the motor and opening mechanism that changes. Therefore, when purchasing and installing an automatic driveway gate, you will be doing so in two parts. While a few companies package their gates and openers, most sell them separately. Your gate may cost between $200 and $4,000. Your opener may cost $400 to $5,000, depending on the weight and size of your gate and how it opens. The costs below are for both the gate and the opener, necessary for creating an automatic gate. Manual gate costs can be found in Driveway Gates.

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Automatic Driveway Gate Cost by Size

Automatic gates are available in many sizes to meet various residential needs. From small entryways to double wide driveways, an automatic security gate can be used to create a stunning and secure entrance to your property. The size of it depends entirely on your needs. The average driveway in the U.S. varies from 10’ to 12’. Those who have a separate parking pad for their RV (which averages 8’) will want to opt for a 10’ gate to ensure there is enough space to maneuver. The following prices do not include installation costs.

Cost of a 10',12', 14', and 16' Automatic Gate

Cost of a 10',12', 14', and 16' Automatic Gate

SizeAverage Cost (Gate + Opener)
10’$600 - $7,000
12’$700 - $8,400
14’$900 - $8,600
16’$1,100 - $9,000

Electric Driveway Gate Cost by Material

The material of an electric gate is a large factor in the total cost. Metal, wood, and vinyl are the most popular materials. They can be customized to fit your exact tastes and aesthetics. Since they vary in installation procedures and weight, it is normal to see a wide price range. If you prefer intricate details, metal gates are a popular choice. For a classic look, opt for a heavy wooden gate. Vinyl is increasing in popularity for its sleek, modern look. The following prices do not include installation.

Cost of a Vinyl, Wood, and Metal Automatic Gate

Cost of a Vinyl, Wood, and Metal Automatic Gate

MaterialAverage Cost (Gate + Opener)
Vinyl$750 - $5,600
Wood$850 - $8,500
Metal$1,150 - $8,600

Vinyl Electric Gate Cost

A vinyl 1 electric gate is one of the cheapest options after metal, with a range of $750 to $5,600. Made of a synthetic plastic, these gates are often white. They blend in perfectly with vinyl fences and create a seamless look across the property. With their minimal maintenance, they only need to be hosed down to bring back their striking white appearance. These gates are incredibly durable and can last over a decade.

Electric Wooden Gates Cost

A wooden electric gate cost ranges from $850 to $8,500. They create extensive curb appeal, which can be beneficial if a homeowner ever plans to list their property for sale. The gates are often quite luxurious and create a certain level of sophistication for the property. Wood gates are also harder to see through, which improves privacy and security on the property. Homeowners can choose what type of wood they would like, influencing the overall price. Cheaper woods offer less durability than thicker, more expensive woods. However, cheaper woods can be sanded and stained to create a different look.

Metal Electric Gates Prices

The cost of a metal electric gate ranges from $1,150 to $8,600. They are the most common type of electric gate because they are often the cheapest. Simple designs boast the lowest prices, while intricate designs increase the cost. Decorative gates are rising in popularity because they provide both increased security and better curb appeal. Three types of metals can be used to create metal gates, including wrought iron, stainless steel, and aluminum. The following prices do not include installation.

Price of a Wrought Iron, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum Automatic Gate

Price of a Wrought Iron, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum Automatic Gate

Type of Metal MaterialAverage Cost (Gate + Opener)
Wrought Iron$1,150 - $8,500
Stainless Steel$1,150 - $8,500
Aluminum$2,350 - $8,600

Wrought Iron Electric Gate Prices

The average wrought iron electric gate costs $1,150 to $8,500. The name wrought iron simply means that the metal itself has been formed with hot tools. It is not the same as cast iron, which has been melted and poured into a mold. A wrought iron gate creates a classic design. If you have ever seen a black metal gate, it was likely wrought iron. This metal is cost-effective and highly durable.

Stainless Steel Auto Gate Cost

A stainless steel auto gate often costs the same as wrought iron, $1,150 to $8,500. Stainless steel is the same cost as wrought iron because these two materials share a similar (but not exact) chemical makeup. The steel itself is made from a mixture of iron, carbon, nickel, and other metals. Stainless steel offers a different aesthetic, which is beneficial for those who prefer a silver gate over a black one. Stainless steel gates are also incredibly durable and cost-effective. They can absorb any shock, which improves security.

Aluminum Electric Gates Prices

Those who prefer aluminum electric gates will pay a price between $2,350 and $8,600. They offer a modern look with sleek designs and intricate details. These gates are perfect for homeowners who want to focus on curb appeal while also adding a layer of security. Aluminum is lightweight, so it does not offer the same durability as other metals. Despite having less durability, aluminum is the most expensive material for an automatic gate. Since they are the most modern gate material and boast a lightweight design, they have a larger price.

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Automatic Driveway Gate Cost by Opening Mechanism

The opening mechanism determines the direction an automatic gate opens. For many homes in the United States, a gate can open in several directions. This allows homeowners to choose the mechanism that is most suitable for their needs and budgets. However, some homes are limited in the way a gate can open. From property lines to space limitations, choosing the right mechanism that allows it to operate properly in these situations is important. The following prices do not include installation.

Cost of a Sliding, Swing, and Overhead Electric Gate

Cost of a Sliding, Swing, and Overhead Electric Gate

Opening MechanismAverage Cost (Gate + Opener)
Sliding$1,050 - $5,150
Swing$1,350 - $8,500
Overhead$1,050 - $9,000

Automatic Sliding Gate Cost

The sliding automatic gate installation cost ranges from $1,050 to $5,150. The price depends on whether a single or double gate will be installed. Additionally, the price can be affected by the size of the gate itself. Sliding options remain popular because they simply roll to one side. The amount of clearance they need to operate is minimal compared to those that must swing open to allow vehicles or individuals inside. Furthermore, the type of material (such as wood or vinyl) improves the amount of privacy one has on their property. The following prices do not include installation.

Cost of an Electric Single and Double Sliding Gate

Cost of an Electric Single and Double Sliding Gate

Type of Automatic Sliding GateAverage Cost (Gate + Opener)
Single$1,050 - $3,350
Double$2,150 - $5,150

Automatic Single Sliding Gate

A single sliding automatic gate system price ranges from $1,050 to $3,350 once installed. The single gate can roll either from left to right or right to left. Depending on the property’s layout, the installer will recommend the least intrusive to other elements in your yard or driveway. A single gate is often used for smaller entrances, such as a single-car driveway, for example.

Automatic Double Sliding Gate

A double sliding automatic security gate averages between $2,150 and $5,150. Rather than relying on a single one, two gates move in opposite directions to allow vehicles or individuals to enter. Since the two gates create an opening in the center, homeowners can begin to enter or exit their property before they fully open. For those who do not want to wait every time, this may be a better option. This means that less swing distance is required for each gate, benefiting homeowners who do not have unlimited space for it to open. These gates create a timeless look, improving the home’s value in the future. Double sliding gates can be used with larger driveways or entrance ways in addition to single car driveways.

Automatic Swing Gate Price

Automatic swing gates cost $1,350 to $8,500. The wide range accounts for the size and installation requirements. These operate in the same manner as any bedroom door. They swing on hinges 2 to allow entrance to the property. To ensure thety do not go beyond the property line, swing gates are usually installed to open inward. For those with larger entrances where property lines are not an issue, the gates can be installed to open outward. The following prices do not include installation.

Cost of an Automatic Single and Double Swing Gate

Cost of an Automatic Single and Double Swing Gate

Type of Automatic Swing GateAverage Cost (Gate + Opener)
Single$1,350 - $5,300
Double$1,900 - $8,500

Single Swing Gate Opener

A single swing gate averages $1,350 to $5,300. When properties have a tree line on one side of the entrance or the other, this style works perfectly and creates a beautiful aesthetic. The gate swings inward toward the trees and avoids ruining any views of the property as one approaches. It is important to specify exactly which way the gate will open to ensure the hinges are correctly installed. Otherwise, the hinges can easily be installed on the wrong side and completely change how it opens.

Double Gate Opener

A double swing electric gate costs between $1,900 and $8,500. The increased price comes from the increase in material and additional labor to ensure the gates meet perfectly in the center each time. A double gate opening is also called a bi-fold gate. It operates the same way as French doors. These are perfect for homes where the entrance way is in the middle of the property. As the gates open, it creates a grand entrance for homeowners and guests.

Automatic Overhead Gate

An automatic overhead gate ranges in price from $1,050 to $9,000. This gate works in the same fashion as a home’s garage door. The gate runs from a ceiling operator, swings, and tracks that raise the gate overhead. It is relatively lightweight to ensure none of the moving parts are overwhelmed by the weight. Just like a garage door, the gate can remain open for an extended period. However, depending on the opening cycles and how often the gate is left in the open position, the moving components of the gate may be replaced to ensure consistent normal operation.

Labor Cost to Install Electric Gate

Like anything that deals with electronics, installing an electric gate is best left to the professionals. Aside from the risk of electric shock, an inexperienced homeowner can easily cause damage to their newly purchased system. These damages may not be covered by the warranty, leaving a homeowner on the line for thousands of dollars they cannot use or be reimbursed for. To install an electric gate, professionals must have an in-depth knowledge of electronics and the mechanism itself. This ensures the it opens in the appropriate direction, opens and closes in the expected time window, and has all required emergency release functions working properly.

Installing an electric gate should not take longer than a day. Keep in mind this only includes the gate and its operating system. A smaller one can be installed in an afternoon. Larger options can take an entire day to install. The exact cost to install an electric gate depends on several factors, including its size, the type of material, and the type of automated system. Costs range from $750 to $4,800 for the labor and installation of the gate and the system. Heavier ones, gates with two swinging or sliding sections, and those with additional features such as sensors and cameras may take longer and cost more to install than simple, smaller ones.

The most obvious factor is your location. If your home is in a more secluded region (like a farm or ranch), the professional installer may increase your rate to account for their time. Another factor to consider is the type of gate and opening system you desire. A simple gate does not take as much time or require as many tools to install. On the other hand, a heavy wooden gate that operates as a vertical lift gate with a hydraulic arm requires far more time, effort, and knowledge to install properly.

Gate Automation Cost for Existing Gates

Homeowners that currently have manual gates on their property wonder if they can be automated. Most swing and slide manual ones can be automated if they are in good shape. They must be able to open freely without any dragging or resistance. Additionally, the pillars that hold it up must be in good condition. If it is a wooden one, the wood must also be considered before moving forward with automating it.

To automate an existing gate, an opener must be added. Openers range in price from $550 to $4,500 on average, although you can find brands with low-budget openers, and others with more sophisticated ones for over $1,000. The price for automating the gate depends entirely on the type of opener that is installed and how long it takes to complete the installation process. On average, homeowners pay a labor cost of $30 to $80 per hour plus the cost of the opener.

Opener kits usually include a motor, arm, and wiring. The type of motor and arm that you choose will depend on the type of gate that you want to automate, as well as the budget that you have for the project.

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Gate Opener Cost by Power Source

When it comes to electric gates, the power source is important. Since these are not manual, some form of power is required to ensure they open and close appropriately. Otherwise, you may be stuck on the street or in your driveway with no way to enter or exit your property. Some homeowners combine multiple sources to ensure they are never left with an electric gate without power. Although the most common power sources are hardwiring and solar energy, batteries are also used as a complementary method. The average cost to install an electric gate opener that is hardwired or solar-powered averages between $400 and $1,000.

A battery-powered opener is typically used as a backup for a hardwired system. Rather than running on electricity or sunlight, a 12V or 24V battery produces the necessary power to open and close your gate. Just like a car battery, an electric gate battery will not last forever. The battery needs to be tested annually to ensure it operates the gate. Otherwise, you may run into a situation where the battery is dead when you need it the most. On average, a battery needs to be replaced every two to three years at the cost of $20 to $85.

Prices of an Automatic Hardwired and Solar Powered Gate Opener

Prices of an Automatic Hardwired and Solar Powered Gate Opener

Power SourceAverage Cost (Opener Only)
Hardwired$400 - $5,000
Solar Powered$500 - $2,000

Hardwired Gate Opener Cost

A hardwired gate opener costs between $400 and $5,000. As the name implies, your electric gate will be hardwired into your electrical system to operate. It will receive power the same way your power outlet that charges your phone receives its electricity. To hardwire the system, a hole needs to be dug, and an electrician needs to make sure the gate operating system is connected properly. If you lose power, your electric gate will not be able to open or close until the power returns.

Keep in mind that hardwired gates are necessary for heavy duty operation. If you have a very large or heavy gate, an overhead or double gate swinging mechanism, hardwiring is the best, and sometimes only, option for use.

Solar Powered Electric Gate

A solar powered gate opener costs between $500 and $2,000. This cost includes the opener and one solar panel. Solar powered gates are becoming increasingly popular because it allows the homeowner to operate them without paying additional fees on their electric bill. With solar powered gates, at least one solar panel must be installed for the opener to operate. Additionally, maintenance must be conducted yearly for the solar panel to collect sunlight and create energy efficiently. This includes cleaning the solar panel and replacing it should there be any cracks or damage. To operate, you need to have at least eight hours of sunlight each day. This includes the winter months, as well. If you are not located in an area where you can receive enough sunlight, this may not be the system for you. Additionally, if you open it more than ten times a day, your solar opener may not have enough energy to operate when you need it. Ideally, solar openers are designed to open about eight times a day without any issue. Keep in mind that most solar powered gates are for light use only. If you need a heavy duty opener, hardwiring it is the best option.

Auto Gate Opener Price by Power

For the opening mechanism to operate, an automatic security gate needs a motor. Depending on the weight and size of the gate, homeowners need to have a light duty, medium duty, or heavy duty motor installed. When it comes to the power and motor required to operate, there is minimal (if any) room for negotiation. Using a motor that is too weak results in the gate breaking or not operating at all. An overpowered motor costs more than necessary to operate.

Average Cost and Voltage of a Light, Medium, and Heavy Duty Gate Opener

Average Cost and Voltage of a Light, Medium, and Heavy Duty Gate Opener

Type of OpeningVoltageAverage Cost (Opener Only)
Light Duty115V (1 Phase)$200 - $1,000
Medium Duty230V (1 Phase)$350 - $2,000
Heavy Duty208V - 460V (3 Phase)$450 - $5,000

Light Duty Gate Opener

A light duty opener averages $200 to $1,000. This opener uses 115V single phase power. Small automatic fences and electric gates will be able to operate with this type of opener. Heavier materials like wood or metal may not be suitable for a light duty opener. The largest size gate this motor can open is 8’. Since these motors are lighter duty, they are often smaller in size. This benefits homeowners who do not want the motor to be visible from the curb.

Medium Duty Gate Opener

A medium duty opener costs $350 to $2,000. This opener serves a range of residential homeowners. A typical residence in the U.S. is only suited to run up to 230V one phase power, exactly what this medium duty opener provides. A typical two-car driveway gate, regardless of the material, will open and close efficiently with this type of motor. Even smaller options can operate with this motor if they have heavier materials. The daily operating cost for a medium duty motor is slightly more than a light duty motor, but it is not a drastic difference.

Heavy Duty Gate Motor Prices

A heavy duty opener averages $450 to $5,000. This type of motor is not often used on a typical residential property. Most homeowners are not installing gates that are large or heavy enough to require this type of motor, but some large, heavy ones may require it. A certified electrician needs to be called out to improve the wiring and electrical grid on the property to operate this motor. Typically, heavy duty motors come in 208 V, 230 V, or 460 V. These operate in three phase power. This type of motor is especially used for vertical lift pivot gates because of the power required to lift them.

Arm Gate Openers

These are the most common types of openers available. They are incredibly durable and long lasting, which are both good benefits after investing in an electric gate. Homeowners can choose between a single, articulated, or hydraulic arm opener. The material of construction, length of the gate, and weight will be the main factors that determine what type of arm opener is best for you. Those with heavier, larger gates will be limited to a hydraulic motor if they want to ensure their longevity.

Single Arm Electric Gate Opener

A single arm is the most common kind of arm opener, making it the most widely used opener among electric gates. The simple design of this opener makes it incredibly easy to install, which also makes it most cost-effective. When properly maintained, a single arm lasts up to 20 years. The arm is made of a heavy metal frame and features gear boxes to operate. It is incredibly visible since the arm attaches to the middle of the gate.

Articulated Arm Gate Opener

This is another popular option for an opener because the motion is relatively simple. A hinged 2 arm that is attached to the articulated motor acts like a pincer. The hinged arm comes together as the gate opens and expands when it is closed. Only a small area is required for the entire operation, which is good for homeowners that do not have unlimited space near their gate’s motor. While the arm of the opener is visible, it is typically on the back side (facing the home itself) of the gate. This ensures curb appeal is not affected.

Hydraulic Gate Opener

For homeowners opting for heavier materials or simply have a larger gate, a hydraulic opener is required. The motor itself can withstand gates that exceed 2,000 pounds and are over 20 feet long. Like a typical hydraulic system for heavy machinery, a hydraulic opener utilizes a pump, reservoir, and pistons to ensure the electronics move the heavy gate efficiently. This system is more aesthetically pleasing, but it is still visible to those looking from their home. Those with metal gates will find it easier to blend the hydraulic system into the gate itself.

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Electric Gate Opener Cost by Company

In electric gates and associated openers, numerous manufacturers are well known for their quality products. Several of these companies also produce garage door openers. Each of these brands stands behind its products and offers various models to meet each homeowner’s unique needs. Whether trying to operate a small 5’ fence gate or a larger bi-fold one, one of these manufacturers has an opening system suited for you.

Cost of a Mighty Mule, Aleko, Ghost Controls, Apollo, and Liftmaster Electric Gate Opener

Cost of a Mighty Mule, Aleko, Ghost Controls, Apollo, and Liftmaster Electric Gate Opener

CompanyAverage Cost (Opener Only)
Mighty Mule$150 - $1,200
Aleko$200 - $1,100
Ghost Controls$470 - $1,000
Apollo$980 - $3,000
Liftmaster$1,000 - $2,100

Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Openers

The average cost for Mighty Mule openers ranges from $150 to $1,200. The company is best known for providing top-rated DIY opener systems. The latest and greatest technology from Mighty Mule is their smart openers. These openers operate from an app on your smartphone. The opener communicates with gates up to a half mile from your home. Mighty Mule openers can handle maximum weights of up to 300 to 1,000 pounds, depending on the model purchased. The company offers warranties ranging from 12 to 24 months.

Aleko Gate Opener

The average cost for Aleko openers ranges from $200 to $825. The company offers gear, chain, and solar powered openers in a variety of models. Every purchase comes with a 30-day, money back guarantee. If you don’t love the operation of your new opener, the company will accept it back with no questions asked. Even the smallest models can handle weights starting at 1,000 pounds. Those with heavier gates can find higher end models that can withstand up to 2,500 pounds.

Ghost Controls Gate Opener

The average cost for Ghost Control openers ranges from $469 to $1,000. The company offers its proprietary GhostCode® technology in all of its openers. Only Ghost Controls authorized transmitters, keypads, and sensors can open your new electric gate. With over four million possible combinations, it is nearly impossible for a hacker to determine your code. This greatly improves the overall security of your gate system and may even garner a discount on your homeowner’s insurance. Every opener comes with an 18-month limited warranty. All systems require a separate purchase of a 12 V battery to operate.

Apollo Gate Opener

The average cost for Apollo openers ranges from $980 to $3,000. The company has recently undergone new branding and is now formally named Nice Apollo Gate Openers. However, many in the industry still refer to the company as simply Apollo. All openers come with a limited two-year warranty. Additionally, any products that are returned to the company are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Depending on the model, these openers can open gates weighing between 800 to 1,000 pounds. Both battery operated and solar models are available. Those interested in claiming a tax credit on solar models can speak with the manufacturer to learn more about the process.

Liftmaster Gate Opener Prices

The average cost for Liftmaster openers ranges from $1,000 to $2,100. While the company is well known by homeowners for its garage door opening systems, Liftmaster also produces reliable openers. Most models can open gates up to 1,000 pounds, with some models exceeding 2,000 pounds of capacity. Homeowners can choose between 12V or 24V battery operated openers or even solar. Most Liftmaster models come with a limited four-year warranty. To claim the warranty, the product must be registered immediately after installation.

Automatic Fence Gate Cost by Type of Fence

A motorized fence gate cost ranges from $730 to $8,500, depending on the material and type of opening system used. A fence gate allows you to access your yard easily. While this is much easier to install than an entire electric gate for your driveway, it is still recommended to leave an automated fence to the professionals.

These gates are not large enough to allow a regular size vehicle to enter. However, you could easily have a wheelbarrow, motorcycle, bike, stroller, and other small objects pass through. A fence gate can be automated just like a driveway one. To maintain the best curb appeal, it is recommended to match the same style as the fence. This means using the same material, fence type, and color to create the automatic fence gate. Not every type of fence gate is automated. It is more common with certain fences, such as chain link, picket, and privacy fences. Below you will find prices to install an automatic gate in each of the different types of fences.

Cost of an Automatic Chain Link, Picket, and Privacy Fence Gate

Cost of an Automatic Chain Link, Picket, and Privacy Fence Gate

Type of Fence GateCost (Gate + Opener)
Chain Link$730 - $5,500
Picket Fence$800 - $6,500
Privacy Fence$950 - $8,500

The average chain link automatic gate cost is between $730 and $5,500. While this is not one of the most aesthetically pleasing options, it does well in completing the job it is designed to do. With a chain link fence, there is minimal privacy added to the property. It ensures that unwanted vehicles and individuals cannot enter the property. This is an incredibly lightweight automatic gate option. Due to its light weight and need for fewer materials, it is also one of the most economical electric gates.

Picket Fence Automatic Gate

A wooden picket fence 3 automatic gate falls on the higher end of the $800 to $6,500 range for an automatic security gate. Whether the cost is on the high end or low end depends on its size and the opening system used. The difference between a regular electric wooden gate and an automatic picket fence is simply the design. This classic design improves security without sacrificing a homey aesthetic. In areas that regularly feature white picket fences in yards, the cost to acquire this shape of wooden material will be less. However, regions that lean toward more sleek designs may not have a wide range of white picket fence material available. Therefore, the automatic gate installation cost may increase.

Privacy Fence Automatic Gate

A privacy fence 4 will cost on the higher end of the $950 to $8,500 range for a wooden automatic gate system. The automatic gate price will be determined by the size of and what type of system is being used to open the gate. With a privacy fence, no cracks will exist between the planks. Each plank is placed right next to the other to avoid gaps. This means no one can see into your yard with ease. Should anyone wish to spy or try to sneak in, their actions will become clear to anyone who passes them. Since more planks are required to create a privacy fence, the cost will be higher. Depending on the wood selected, your price may or may not increase drastically. Using more of a higher cost hardwood increases the cost greatly.

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Add-On Costs to Your Electric Gate Installation Project

In addition to the automated gate, opening mechanism, power source, and maintenance, homeowners should also consider the available add-ons. Add-ons increase the security, privacy, and convenience that electric gates offer. Fortunately, add-ons can be installed at any time. Some homeowners install them right away, and others wait to see if they are necessary for their particular lifestyle.

Cost to Install a Gate Camera, Automatic Self-Closing Gate Closer, Sensor, Keypad, and Intercom

Cost to Install a Gate Camera, Automatic Self-Closing Gate Closer, Sensor, Keypad, and Intercom

Type of Add-OnAverage Cost (Installed)
Camera$125 - $2,000
Automatic Self-Closing Closer$200 - $600
Sensor$200 - $2,000
Keypad$400 - $800
Intercom$1,000 - $7,000

Gate Camera Price

A home security gate camera runs from $125 to $2,000. With a camera, homeowners are alerted about who is attempting to enter their property. They are often combined with other systems, like the gate intercom 5, sensor, and/or keypad entry. Being able to see who is driving up to your gate creates a better sense of security. It also ensures your home is not disturbed by those who are not welcome, such as solicitors. Some cameras link up to smartphones, and others simply display to a screen within the home.

Automatic Self-Closing Gate Closer

The automatic self-closing gate costs between $200 and $600. This add-on works by automatically closing a gate after a certain time. This is beneficial for homeowners who do not want to worry about whether or not it has been closed. The closer will need to be complementary to the opener system that is used. It is often recommended to use the same manufacturer whenever possible. This ensures the most reliable operation and fewer issues.

Sensor Gate Price

A sensor 6 gate price ranges from $200 to $2,000. Currently, five types of sensors can be installed on an automatic gate to ensure they open and close when necessary. Radar systems detect when a vehicle or individual is in an area. Pressure sensors rely on weight changes on the control mat. When the minimum weight is detected, the gate opens. Optical/motion sensors are the most popular. These sensors detect motion and open the gate automatically. Passive infrared sensors rely on thermal imaging. Once the image is recognized within a specified range, the gate opens. Finally, active infrared sensors utilize a receiver that can determine infrared light. Once the light is reflected by an object or person, the gate opens.

Keypad Gate Opener

A keypad gate averages between $400 and $800. A gate keypad installation is a relatively simple process that can be completed within one afternoon. Before the contractor breaks ground, they will want to know where you would like the keypad to be located. Depending on how your gate opens, you may be able to have the keypad closer to the gate. With the keypad opener, you will need to open your window in all weather conditions to access your property. However, this allows you to easily share the code with any visitors and family members who are visiting.

Gate Intercom Prices

A gate intercom system ranges between $1,000 and $7,000. This system allows homeowners to speak to their visitors when they arrive at the gate. The increased security helps homeowners feel more at ease about who they are letting into their property. Additionally, an intercom allows homeowners to provide remote open access for the gate at the push of a button. To operate, the intercom needs a base station at the gate and a substation used within the home. Some intercom systems will require a monthly service fee to operate.

Electric Gate Repair Cost

Damage is always a possibility when it comes to having an electric system exposed to the elements. An electric gate can be damaged by vehicles, thieves attempting to break in, debris from a storm, or simple wear and tear. Regardless of the reason it is damaged, only a professional should take on the repairs. This ensures it continues to operate safely for the remainder of its lifespan. The average cost to make repairs to your electric gate range from $500 to $4,000, depending on the type of repair. Replacing parts can cost as little as $25 or as much as $1,000.

Remote Gate Opener

The beauty of electric gates is the ability to enter your property without having to exit your vehicle. The technology that you choose ultimately affects your overall cost. Older technology, like infrared, is still a viable and cost-effective option. For those who prefer digital entry, a Bluetooth system with an accompanying smartphone app is also available. Whatever technology is chosen, it still eliminates the need to manually open a gate during hot summer days or cold winter nights.

Remotes for an electric gate can operate on Bluetooth, infrared, or radio technology. However, the system cannot incorporate all three. Homeowners who prefer tried and true technology typically learn toward infrared or radio technology. Those who want to combine an app or smart technology enjoy using a Bluetooth opener. Regardless of the technology that is utilized, a remote opener prevents homeowners from having to roll down their window to open their gate.

The infrared technology in the gate opener is the same as a classic TV remote or a garage door opener. For the infrared opener to operate properly, it must be in the line of sight of the receiver. Pulses are sent from the remote to the gate when the homeowners push a button to open or close it. The pulses are sent to the receiver, which then decodes these pulses instantaneously. The gate will then open or close as expected. This is a convenient method for those who will always have the remote in their vehicle.

A radio gate opener operates in a similar function to infrared. Commands from a remote are transmitted via radio waves to the receiver. Once the receiver is provided with the radio wave commands, the control board begins the open or close operation. Radio systems must be the same brand to operate properly. Additionally, they must remain on the same signal.

A Bluetooth gate is the newest form of technology that allows homeowners to operate their electric gate. A remote or app on their smartphone allows the homeowner to open or close their gate on command. The wireless technology sends waves to the receiver that tell it to complete the desired command. Smart Bluetooth openers make it easy to share the controls with others in the household. An accompanying app provides control to the gate. To get started, the homeowner needs to share the security code.

Wooden Electric Gate with Masonry Columns

Underground Gate Automation

This type of opener is perfect for homeowners who want to create the sleekest look possible in their entryway. Rather than being able to see the opening mechanism, most of the operation is completely invisible. The combination of an underground actuator and separate control box allows the gate to open and close with ease without ruining the aesthetic of the gate. Underground openers can be mechanical or hydraulic, with mechanical operations being on the lower end of the spectrum.

Electric Gate Pros and Cons

Before a homeowner decides to install an electric gate, it is important to weigh the pros and cons. Otherwise, the homeowner may make an investment they are not quite ready or financially prepared to maintain over the years. To start, electric gates have several pros.

The first pro is that an electric gate provides a better sense of security. It is harder for unwanted individuals to enter your property freely. Since the gate does not manually open, intruders cannot easily force their way onto your property. This keeps your vehicles, belongings, and family members safe. An additional safety feature is that you can track who is entering and leaving your property. Depending on the opener and add ons used, you can assign different codes or have a video/voice recording of who is using your gate. Then, should anything go missing, you will know exactly who was on your property and when.

Another pro is the ease of access. Rather than getting out of your vehicle to enter your property, you can automatically open the gate. Additionally, if you have guests coming over, you can provide a code or remote that allows them to enter when they arrive.

Electric gates are also highly durable. Whether you opt for vinyl, wood, or metal, these gates can withstand the elements and damage. The high durability of these gates means that your investment will last for years to come. In addition to durability, electric gates improve the aesthetic of your home and increase your curb appeal. In turn, this raises the value of your property. Should you ever decide to sell your home, you will have a highly desirable feature.

While there are several pros to electric gates, there are also a few cons worth mentioning. The most obvious is the price. Electric gates are a costly upfront investment and require annual maintenance. Should something stop working, the part will need to be replaced immediately. Otherwise, you will not be able to enter your home.

Power outages are also a concern when it comes to electric gates. While most of them have a backup system, they will only operate for a short time. Should you live in an area prone to power outages (like areas with high winds, hurricanes, or tornadoes), you may have difficulty entering or leaving your home until power is restored to your area.

As with all electric items, there is a potential for danger. Individuals must be careful near these gates, as it is possible to be crushed when it is opening or closing. Young children and guests who are not familiar with the system are most vulnerable. Additionally, should a homeowner attempt a DIY repair on a “small” issue, they can receive an electric shock if they are not fully knowledgeable in what they are doing.

Electric Gate Emergency Release

All electric gates in North America are subject to the UL 325 Standard for Safety. This standard is in place to ensure tenants on a property can be accessed in case of an emergency. Installers are required to place two entrapment protection systems in each direction of the gate. Should the entrapment fail, it will not operate, which means it may not open or close. If the entrapment fails in the middle of operation, the gate will remain ajar.

This standard allows emergency personnel to override an entrapment device to access the property during an emergency. Fire, police, EMS, and other authorized personnel have standardized methods to override each type of opener. From specialized keys (similar to those firefighters would use in an elevator) to override codes, emergency personnel can only use these methods in the case of an emergency.

Aside from the required entrapment devices, homeowners may opt to install their own lock boxes or control panels. These are not required and range from $25 to more than $500 to install.

Automatic Gate Maintenance Cost

Every six months, an electric gate should be lubricated to ensure it opens properly. If it is used more than average (for example, opened and closed over 15 times a day), homeowners should lube it every three months instead. Aside from lubrication, there is nothing else a homeowner needs to do to maintain their gate. Should they have a slide gate, keeping the area clean of debris is recommended.

Since electric gates are used nearly daily, it is recommended they receive an annual inspection. The original installation company often provides this, but any electric gate installer can perform this inspection. These annual checkups typically last one hour and incur the same hourly rate of $30 to $80. If the gate has not experienced any damage during the year, no further steps will be required.

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Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Automatic Bollard Cost

An automatic bollard itself averages $800 to $1,500, depending on the type of bollard that is installed. This does not include the cost of installation, which varies based on your specific region. With these in place, thieves will be deterred from entering the property. They will also stop any unwanted vehicles from parking on your property. Another benefit of bollards is to ensure your property is safe in the event of an accident. If your home is close to a major roadway, bollards ensure that any vehicles involved in a crash do not plow into your home. Additionally, with driveway bollards, you prevent your vehicle from being stolen from your driveway.

Stationary bollards can be installed. If they are stationary, they will be permanently fixed to the area. This may be useful for some areas on your property, but not in high traffic areas. Automatic bollards can be installed in areas where you have high vehicle traffic. The bollard will lower into the ground and rise after a set time.

Emergency Personnel Access

Gates with Emergency Personnel Access allow first responders to come through the gate with no delay. Costs range from $50 to $75 for a simple lockbox to $500 or more for an access system with emergency access features tied into your home security system. Adding this feature provides peace of mind that you are protected in case of a fire or medical emergency.

Masonry Columns

To operate correctly for years to come, your gate requires columns on either side to support it. If you want to enhance its look, you can make these masonry columns for a cost of between $11 and $13 per foot of brick or stone, which are the most common materials. Aside from the support structure, your masonry columns drastically improve the curb appeal of your property. You can opt for a traditional, thick column or aim to install a sleeker, more modern one. Your columns are part of the complete design of your gate, which needs to look seamless to create the perfect look. This is a step that should not be overlooked when designing and installing your electric gate.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • Permits. Across the United States, a building or gate permit will be required to install your electric gate. The type of permit and its cost vary greatly from state to state and even between counties.
  • DIY. DIY is not recommended. While it is not recommended to complete an electric gate installation on your own, it is possible. Only homeowners that have experience working with electrical systems should even attempt a DIY installation. Acquiring the gate and related parts can typically be completed by contacting the manufacturer. It is better to hire a subcontractor to handle the electrical system set up than risk danger to yourself or others. If you do not install it correctly, you are unlikely to receive any warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Home value. It’s no secret that installing an electric gate can be expensive. When you sell your home, this makes your home more desirable and improves your home value. The added curb appeal and improved aesthetics are highly desirable.
  • Insurance. Since your new electric gate improves the security of your home and reduces the risk of burglary, it is possible to receive a discounted rate for your homeowner’s insurance policy. In the event of damage, many homeowner’s insurance policies will help cover the costs of repairs. However, it is important to have all required permits for your electric gate to be available. Unpermitted work is not covered by insurance.
  • Wind resistance. If you live in a windy area or regularly experience storms (including hurricanes and tornadoes), it is important to choose an electric gate that can withstand damage. Typically, metal gates are best in these areas. However, you must also consider how your opening system will remain protected during the storm. Underground openers are popular because they are not exposed. Should you opt for an above ground motor, make sure it is covered to prevent any issues.
  • Energy bill increases. If you do not have a solar opener, your regular electric bill will cover the increased energy usage to open and close your gate. On average, it only uses 100 Watts a day if it is not being opened or closed. In many regions, this is only a few pennies per day. Each time your gate motor operates, the wattage increases to about 700 Watts for anywhere from 20 to 60 seconds. While electric gates do not affect your electricity usage that much, it is something to keep in mind.
  • Lifespan. Electric gates are designed to have a long lifespan. When maintained properly, they can last several decades. Aside from annual inspections, you may need to replace highly active parts every few years to extend the lifespan of your electric gate. Like any other system in your house, the better you take care of it, the longer you can expect it to last.


  • Can electric gates be opened manually?

In the event of an emergency, electric gates can be opened manually. Under UL 325 Standard for Safety, at least two devices must be installed on an electric gate that allow law enforcement and emergency personnel to bypass the electric entry. Otherwise, homeowners may install their own access system, which can cost between $25 and $500.

  • Why does my electric gate open by itself?

Any number of issues can cause an electric gate to open on its own. However, it is most often opening for one of these common reasons. Either your limit switches, DIP switches, radio frequency, or loop detector are not operating correctly. It can be difficult to pinpoint which reason is causing the issue. It is best to call a gate repair company to come out for an inspection. They can let you know the exact resolution that is required.

  • How much electricity does a gate motor use?

When an electric gate is not in use, the electric motor will only use 100 Watts per day. However, when it is being opened or closed, the amount of electricity used increases to 700 Watts. It’s important to remember that a gate should open or close within 20 to 60 seconds. This means the increased electricity usage is minimal.

  • How much does it cost to install an automatic gate opener?

An automatic gate system price ranges from $150 to $3,000 for popular brands. Several factors influence the installation cost. From the contractor’s hourly rate to the cost of the model itself, the type of opener determines how much a homeowner can expect to pay.

  • How to increase gate remote control range?

The simplest way to increase your gate remote control signal is to change the batteries in your remote. As your batteries run low on power, they affect your remote’s range. If you still have limited range after changing the batteries, make sure nothing is interfering with the signal. Branches, light bulbs, and even dirt can affect the signal. If these two solutions do not work, it may be time to install an extender, which will help you gain a greater range.

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glossary term picture Vinyl 1 Vinyl: A synthetic plastic made from ethylene and chlorine. Vinyl has many applications in the construction industry and it is widely used in sidings, window frames, roofing and gutters, among others
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3 Picket fence: A barrier or railing made out of pointed, spaced, vertical uprights (referred to as pickets), connected by at least two horizontal rails, used primarily for decorative purposes
glossary term picture Privacy Fence 4 Privacy fence: A barrier or railing, typically composed of solid material, used to form a blockade around a yard, field, or other expanse of land to prevent encroachments from the outside
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glossary term picture Sensor 6 Sensor: Device that responds to a physical event or change in the environment by emitting an output signal

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