How much does it cost to get rid of termites in Arizona?

National Average Range:
$300 - $1,250

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Updated: August 30, 2022

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Termites are a costly menace that causes billions of dollars’ worth of damage to homes around the country and in states like Arizona, where four types of termites commonly attack homes. Termites species in Arizona include desert subterranean termites, arid subterranean termites, western drywood termites, and desert dampwood termites. Left unchecked, termites can destroy a home and render it uninhabitable due to their insatiable need to consume wood. Unfortunately, wood is a common component of homes in Arizona.

Termite treatments in Arizona usually cost between $300 and $1,250 for a 2,500 sq.ft. home. Costs are slightly higher than the national average by an insignificant amount. Homeowners in Arizona see an average cost of $530, which includes a basic inspection and barrier treatment. On the low end, a basic inspection and barrier treatment around a garage costs around $240. On the high end, Arizona residents pay approximately $6700 for a full house heat treatment and a barrier treatment on a 2,500 sq.ft. house.

Cost of Termite Treatment in Arizona

Average Cost of Termite Treatment in Arizona
National average cost$530
Average range$300-$1,250

Tent vs No Tent Termite Treatment Cost in Arizona

Exterminators have several termite treatment options. These treatments fall under two categories: tented treatments and tentless treatments. In Arizona, most termite control jobs are done through liquid treatments into the soil around the house. Another frequent treatment used is bait traps. These treatments are tentless options used to fight subterranean termites that live in the ground and migrate into homes through the foundation. Other tenting methods include barrier control systems and micro-treatments to the impacted areas.

Tenting is another termite eradication option. However, it is used less frequently in Arizona because most termites are subterranean. When a home is infested with western drywood termites, the best option may include tenting or fumigation. With this method, the entire home is put under a tent, and the termites are killed with heat or chemicals. Homes in Arizona that receive tentless treatments cost between $3.05 and $16.50 per linear foot to treat. The national average is marginally lower at $3 to $16 per linear foot. Homeowners that need tenting for their drywood termites will pay between $1.05 and $3.05 per square foot. That is just over the nationwide average of $1 to $3 per linear foot.

Average cost of tent and tentless termite treatment in Arizona and the US (mobile)

Treatment TypeArizona Average CostNational Average Cost
Tent$1.05 - $3.05/sq.ft.$1 - $3/sq.ft.
Tentless$3.05 - $16.50/linear foot$3 - $16/linear foot

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Arizona Termite Treatment Cost per Square Foot

Average treatment costs for homes in Arizona vary greatly based on the size of the home and the type of treatment. Most homeowners should expect to pay from $1,050 on the low side for a 1,000 sq.ft. house to $9,150 on the high side for a 3,000 sq.ft. home. Those figures are based on an approximate cost of $1.05 to $3.05 per square foot. The average home size in Arizona is around 1,800 sq.ft. Many newly built homes are in the 2,500 sq.ft. range. You can use the convenient chart below to gauge your expected termite treatment cost or multiply the square footage of your home for a more exact cost estimate.

Cost of termite treatment by house size in Arizona and in the US (mobile)

Square FootageArizona Average CostNational Average Cost
1,000 sq.ft.$1,050 - $3,050$1,000 - $3,000
1,500 sq.ft.$1,575 - $4,575$1,500 - $4,500
1,800 sq.ft.$1,890 - $5,490$1,800 - $5,400
2,000 sq.ft.$2,100 - $6,100$2,000 - $6,000
2,500 sq. ft.$2,625 - $7,625$2,500 - $7,500
3,000 sq.ft.$3,150 - $9,150$3,000 - $9,000

Cost for Termite Treatment in Arizona per Linear Foot

In Arizona, the average cost for tentless treatments is $3.05 to $16.50 per linear foot. Homeowners should expect to pay anywhere from $305 on the low side for 100 linear feet to $6,600 on the high side for 400 linear feet. Linear feet are a measure of length and width. An exterminator uses this type of measurement to determine how much product is required to treat a given area. Most homeowners receive tentless treatments like liquid applications and bait traps, so it is helpful to remember these figures when determining the likely cost of eradicating termites. Prices are slightly higher in Arizona than the national average.

Cost of termite treatment by house perimeter in Arizona and in the US (mobile)

Perimeter SizeArizona Average CostNational Average Cost
100 Linear Feet$305 - $1,650$300 - $1,600
150 Linear Feet$460 - $2,475$450 - $2,400
200 Linear Feet$610 - $3,300$600 - $3,200
250 Linear Feet$760 - $4,125$750 - $4,000
300 Linear Feet$915 - $4,950$900 - $4,800
400 Linear Feet$1,220 - $6,600$1,200 - $6,400

Average Cost of Termite Treatment in Arizona by Frequency

Treating termites in Arizona may take multiple visits from an exterminator. Some homeowners find it helpful to sign up for quarterly or monthly contracts that range from $250 for quarterly visits to $925 for monthly visits. Other homeowners find it more cost-effective to receive a single visit each year at $180 to $415, helping them make sure termites have not returned or created a colony. However, homeowners are not obligated to sign a treatment contract. A single visit without a contract is an option for $210 to $495. Signing up for a yearly contract helps maintain the results of an initial extermination. Quarterly contracts are a common go-to for Arizona homeowners because they work well with tentless treatment options like bait traps.

Annual contract cost of a quarterly, monthly, and one-time visit to exterminate termites in Arizona and in the US (mobile)

FrequencyArizona Yearly CostNational Average Yearly Cost
Once$180 - $415$175 - $400
Quarterly$250 - $575$240 - $560
Monthly$680 - $925$660 - $900

Arizona Termite Treatment Cost by Severity of Infestation

Homeowners in Arizona pay as little as $260 to eradicate a small infestation of termites and as much as $6,695 to get rid of a severe infestation. The desert subterranean termite colonies of Arizona can count as many as 300,000 members in their community. They often become so large that they seek new territory for more colonies. Unfortunately, their search for new territory often leads them to the yards and homes of Arizona homeowners. These subterranean colonies are why all houses in Arizona have termites now or will have them in the future.

In most cases, drywood termite colonies will only have a few thousand individuals, which means a homeowner may only see them increase to a medium infestation. Unfortunately, subterranean termites are usually much more likely to form large colonies. They may reach severe infestation levels where serious treatments are required. Arizona homeowners are much more likely to see subterranean termites, so it is essential to keep an eye out for termites with regular inspections to prevent a small infestation from turning catastrophic.

Cost to exterminate a small, medium, large, and severe termite infestation in Arizona and the US (mobile)

Severity of InfestationArizona Average CostNational Average Cost
Small$260 - $1,240$250 - $1,200
Medium$420 - $1,550$400 - $1,500
Large$1,240 - $4,640$1,200 - $4,500
Severe$1,240 - $6,690$1,200 - $6,500

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Average Cost of Termite Treatment in AZ by Type of Termite

Most calls for termite eradication are for subterranean termites, which live underground and may invade homes through the foundations. Arizona homeowners must guard against desert subterranean termites and arid subterranean termites. Getting rid of subterranean termites usually features a barrier treatment around the foundation of the home. Overall, subterranean termites cost between $260 and $1,545 to treat in Arizona. That is slightly higher than the national average of $250 to $1,500.

For drywood termites, which are less common than subterranean termites, treatment costs vary from $1,050 to $6,700. Costs are higher to treat drywood termites because they require tenting and may infest the upper stories of the house. Drywood termites in Arizona are a species called western drywood termites. Less expensive treatments usually feature spot treatments, but the more expensive ones include whole house tenting or fumigation.

The third type of termite in Arizona is the desert dampwood termite. While not very common, these termites feast on things like wooden fences, old trees, and decaying plants. They are normally combated with spot treatments costing just $80 to $515. Treatments might include a spray around the property that is applied a single time. Some homeowners may need a few visits a year to keep dampwood termites away.

Cost to exterminate dampwood, subterranean, and drywood termites in Arizona and the US (mobile)

TypeArizona Average CostNational Average Cost
Dampwood$80 - $515$75 - $500
Subterranean$260 - $1,545$250 - $1,500
Drywood$1,050 - $6,700$1,000 - $6,500

Arizona Termite Inspection Cost

Termite inspections offer one of the best defenses against termite invasions and usually cost between $50 and $150 in Arizona. When caught early, termite infestations are much cheaper to eradicate than when left to their own devices to build huge, destructive colonies. Like roof inspections and water heater inspections, it is good to schedule a yearly inspection for termites. The inspection is a small price to pay to catch an infestation early. Remember that some contracts come with courtesy inspections, so you might not have a separate inspection cost when you sign up for a monthly or quarterly contract.

During the inspection, the inspector looks at all the places termites can hide. For subterranean termites, the inspector searches for termite tubes and tunneling in the wood at the base of the home. Mud tubes are very common with subterranean termites. For drywood termites, evidence of infestation might include small holes in the wood. A severe drywood termite infestation may feature buckling wood or squeaky floorboards. In the case of dampwood termites, the inspector examines the overall property and looks for decaying wood or damp areas of decaying plant matter.

Signs of Termites in Arizona

The most common termites that infest houses in Arizona are subterranean termites. Homeowners should keep an eye out for discarded wings during the swarming seasons. Wings may appear in any season except winter. Homeowners can also watch for mud tubes and look at their home’s foundation for evidence of tunneling. Wood may darken or become discolored when subterranean termites are present. For drywood termites, homeowners should look for wings, feces, or frass, which looks like sawdust and results from the termites chewing on the wood in the home. For dampwood termites, homeowners should look for fecal pellets, softened, decaying wood, and dead swarmers.

How Often Should You Treat for Termites in Arizona?

Termite treatment is based on the species of termite attacking the home and the best method for fighting that species. For drywood termites that require tenting, it is often just a single treatment, which features a couple of visits from the termite exterminator and a follow-up visit after a year to gauge the effectiveness of the treatment. Treatment schedules for subterranean and dampwood termites are often repetitive, with quarterly or monthly visits required until the exterminator clears the infestation.

How to Prevent Termites in Arizona

Termite prevention is important whether you are building a new home or trying to keep your existing home termite free. The simplest option is to call a termite company for an inspection. Even if termites are not found, the inspection provides excellent peace of mind. Most professionals recommend a yearly inspection for termites. If termites are not found, the homeowner can usually rest easy until the next year when the exterminator performs another inspection.

Homeowners building their own homes may want to explore preventative treatments during construction. For example, the builders should keep all wooden structures in the home away from the soil and at least a foot off the ground. Pre-treatments may also include using treated wood to resist termite activity and treating the ground below the slab before pouring the foundation.

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Additional Considerations and Costs

  • DIY. Do-it-yourself treatments are scarce. However, some homeowners swear by diatomaceous earth and boric acid. Infestations may overcome these treatments. Professional assistance is normally the most effective option.
  • Season. Termites chew wood and grow their colonies every season. However, they are most visible when they swarm. Homeowners in Arizona may see swarms in the spring, summer, and fall.
  • Insurance. Homeowners insurance does not cover bug treatments and infestations, so the best defense against termites is a regular inspection. Treating the infestation early is generally the most affordable option.
  • Warranty. Home warranties do not always include termite coverage, so it is best to read a home warranty fully to determine the overall coverage offered. Some homes are covered for termites, but only when the structure is brand new.
  • Pre-construction treatment. For newly constructed homes, an effective deterrent involves treating the ground before the contractor pours the home’s concrete slab. It is also important to use pretreated wood that protects against termite activities.
  • Termite companies in Arizona. Arizona homeowners have severe problems with termites throughout the state. The region is served by all major national termite extermination companies and a wealth of small, local companies.


  • Are termites common in Arizona?

Like other termite-impacted states, the saying goes that if an Arizona home does not have termites now, it will in the future. Termites are a significant concern for Arizona homeowners. Inspections are essential for preventing severe infestations.

  • Is termite treatment necessary in Arizona?

Termite treatments are unnecessary in Arizona unless a home already has an infestation. However, pre-treatments are helpful during the construction of new homes and may help homeowners avoid having to deal with treatment after an infestation has already occurred.

  • How much is a termite inspection in Arizona?

A termite inspection varies from $50 to $150 in Arizona. These costs vary slightly nationwide. A termite inspection is often included with the price when a homeowner signs up for a contract or receives a service like tenting.

  • How often do you need termite treatment in Arizona?

Termite treatments are helpful as often as there are termite infestations. Some treatments are applied every few months, like bait traps, but other treatments occur just once every several years, like tenting.

  • How do you treat termites in Arizona?

The majority of termites in Arizona are subterranean termites. These invaders are treated with barrier treatments and liquid inserted into the ground at the site of the infestation. Some homes, rarely, are treated by tenting when a drywood termite infestation exists.

  • Are termites a big problem in Arizona?

Termites are a significant problem in Arizona because they can destroy the structural timbers inside the home and destabilize the foundation. Termites can cause unlivable conditions in homes and thousands in damage for homeowners.