Animal and Pest Control

Average Cost for Animal and Pest Control

Pests in your home can be a serious issue. Some insects and animals can carry diseases, while others chew through electrical cables, disturb insulation, or simply make noise that can be distressing to hear. If you have pests of any kind in your home, you want to contact animal or pest control for help. Most pest control centers handle a range of different insects or animals through trapping, removal, or use of pesticides.

The exact method, materials, and pests involved cause the cost of the pest control to range depending on the circumstances. In most cases, labor for pest control ranges from $50 for an inspection and site visit to up to $4,000 if carpentry and repairs are necessary after the pest removal.

$200 - $300
$400 - $600
$500 - $2,000
$200 - $750
$200 - $350
$450 - $600
$300 - $600
$150 - $450
$450 - $2,000
$325 - $450