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Average Costs for Home Office

A home office is a fantastic resource for anyone working remotely. Some people like to keep a separate room for paperwork, household administration, and occasional job tasks. Others run their entire business from a private office. Many potential remodeling projects and upgrades to telephone and network connections make a home office more efficient and comfortable.

Home office remodels can be straightforward with a few simple changes to the layout and electrical/technical systems. On the other hand, they can take days and even weeks to finish due to extensive changes to the overall room construction. Changing the floor, walls, and electrical connections can increase costs for both materials and installation.

Labor costs vary depending on the scope of the job and whether electrical or construction upgrades are required. Many home office jobs are priced per hour as an electrician charges $40 to $100, and a handyman charges $50 to $100. Generally, home office remodeling costs around $66 per sq. ft. Adding on an entirely new home office costs roughly $300 per sq. ft. or 10 to 20% of the overall project cost.

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