Lennox Air Conditioner Cost Guide

Chris Gennone
Mar 21, 2022
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Lennox is one of the largest and oldest HVAC companies in the world, known for its highly energy-efficient heat pumps, mini-splits (ductless systems), and HVAC systems. Many of Lennox's central air conditioners are Energy Star Qualified and feature high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or SEER ratings, which measure the system's cooling output.

Prices for Lennox air conditioners typically range from $3,000 - $7,000 before installation by a Lennox dealer. The price mostly varies depending on the unit size, the most common sizing being between 1.5 and 5 tons.

How much can you expect to pay for a Lennox air conditioner? Let’s break it down.

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Lennox Unit Costs

Merit Series


Lennox 13ACX AC unit

Image source: Lennox

Average cost range depending on unit size (before installation): $1,500 - $3,000

The 13ACX is one of Lennox's most cost-efficient air conditioning systems, but it is also the noisiest available, emitting 76 decibels. Most central air conditioning units typically range from 70 to 80 decibels.

The Lennox 13ACX features a single-stage compressor, an efficiency rating of 13 SEER, and a cooling capacity of up to 48,000 BTUH (British Thermal Unit Per Hour) for a 4-ton unit. Units with single-stage compressors are either on or off, creating wider temperature changes.

13ACX’s key features:

Lennox 13ACX AC unit features


Average cost range depending on unit size (before installation): $2,000-$4,500

The Lennox ML14XC1 is Energy Star certified and features a higher SEER rating than the smaller 13ACX model, all while remaining cost-effective. This single-stage cooling system includes a 5-year limited warranty on covered components and is eligible for a potential tax credit, which offers a maximum $300 credit for all central AC systems, heat pumps, and ductless mini-split systems.

The ML14XC1’s key features:

Lennox ML14XC1 AC unit features


Average cost range depending on unit size (before installation): $5,000-$7,500

The 16ACX features a two-stage cooling system, which runs on a lower speed and longer cycle, using less energy and improving indoor air quality. This HVAC unit is Energy Star certified and features the same SEER rating as the ML14XC1 unit.

The 16ACX’s key features:

Lennox 16ACX AC unit features

Elite Series


Lennox XC13 AC unit

Image source: Lennox

Average cost range depending on unit size (before installation): $3,500-$7,500

The Lennox XC13 is a single-stage cooling system with the popular R-410A refrigerant, which doesn't damage the ozone layer. The XC13 features a 15.50 SEER efficiency rating and is the most affordable unit of the Elite series.

The XC13’s key features:

Lennox XC13 AC unit features


Average cost range depending on unit size (before installation): $4,000-$7,000

This high-efficiency air conditioner features Lennox's aluminum alloy Quantum Coil, which is designed to increase durability and withstand harsh weather conditions, making it a solid choice for homeowners in coastal climates. The Lennox EL16XC1 is Energy Star certified, features a single-stage compressor, and a 17 SEER rating.

The EL16XC1’s key features:

Lennox EL16XC1 AC unit features


Average cost range depending on unit size (before installation): $4,500-$7,000

The EL18XCV features a variable-capacity capacitor, which makes it one of Lennox's most efficient units. Capacitors that operate at a variable speed allow your unit to run at a low speed most of the time and only use the required amount of energy to reach your desired temperature. The EL18XCV is Energy Star certified and includes Lennox's iComfort programmable thermostat, which gives you more control over your comfort and energy savings.

The EL18XCV’s key features:

Lennox EL18XCV AC unit features


Average cost range depending on unit size (before installation): $7,000-$10,000

The Lennox XC20 is one of the company's most expensive units, but it features a high SEER rating of 20 and Lennox's Silent Comfort technology, which gradually increases the speed of the motor, instead of suddenly turning it on. If budget is not an issue, the XC20 is a highly efficient, high-quality air conditioner.

The XC20’s key features:

Lennox XC20 AC unit features

Dave Lennox Signature Collection

Lennox XC21 AC unit

Image source: Climatisation BS Inc.

Average cost range depending on unit size (before installation): $8,900-$11,500

Part of the Dave Lennox Signature Collection, the XC21 earned Energy Star's Most Efficient label in 2018 and 2021. In addition to its multi-stage compressor, the iComfort smart thermostat and humidity control allows you to adjust levels and temperatures the way you like them. The XC21 also features the SilentComfort technology and a high SEER rating of 21.

The XC21’s key features:

Lennox XC21 AC unit features


Average cost range depending on unit size (before installation): $13,000-$15,000

The Lennox SL28XCV is the company's most expensive AC unit but also the most efficient available. The SL28XCV earned Energy Star's Most Efficient label for 2021 and features all of the bells and whistles, including a variable-capacity compressor, iComfort technology, and SilentComfort technology. This unit also boasts the highest SEER rating and lowest sound rating among the rest.

The SL28XCV’s key features:

Lennox SL28XCV AC unit features

Lennox vs. Trane

Lennox and Trane are two of the largest HVAC companies in the industry, offering both highly efficient and reliable air conditioners. Here’s how they stack up against each other.


Lennox – Most air conditioners are not going to be cheap, but because of Lennox's high-efficiency ratings, they come with a hefty price. These air conditioners typically cost between $2,000-$15,000 before installation, making Lennox one of the more expensive brands available. If your unit requires a new air handler (fan coils used to push out cool air), or new ductwork, it could boost the cost even more. If your HVAC system's ductwork is over 15 years old, you'll probably need to replace it.

Trane – Trane’s AC units are slightly cheaper than Lennox, costing between $3,500-$13,000 after the HVAC installation. Though it’s important to remember that these prices can vary depending on several factors such as the tonnage (unit size), the unit, and the installation cost.

Our verdict: Trane


Lennox – Though Lennox HVAC systems may be expensive, they are known to be incredibly efficient, even earning Energy Star’s Most Efficient honors in 2018 and 2021. Lennox’s XC21 and SL28XCV units both feature SEER ratings of 21 and 28.

Trane – While Trane’s units still include respectable SEER ratings between 13-20, it still falls short of Lennox’s ratings.

Our verdict: Lennox


Lennox – Both Lennox and Trane’s warranties are similar but Lennox’s warranties are slightly shorter. Lennox offers a 5-year warranty on low-level compressors and parts and a 10-year warranty for both mid and high-level compressors as well as 5 years for the parts.

Trane – Trane offers a 10-year warranty for both low-level compressors and parts, with a 12-year warranty on mid and high-level compressors as well as 10 years for parts.

Our verdict: Trane


Lennox – The average lifespan of an air conditioner is usually about 20 years, though it can last 30 years. If you need to order Lennox replacement parts, you could be waiting for a while. Lennox has been known to take a long time to provide your technician with any kind of replacement parts.

Trane – While Trane may not take as long to provide any replacement parts, they have been known to be expensive. Hiring a technician to repair a Trane unit could also be more costly depending on where you live.

Our verdict: Lennox

Which Lennox AC Unit Is Right for You?

If you're interested in replacing your HVAC system and budget isn't an issue, investing in a Lennox furnace and air conditioning unit is a solid choice. Lennox HVAC systems are consistently ranked as the most efficient available, featuring high SEER ratings, programmable thermostats, and low sound ratings. Let's break it down. If you are concerned about the high cost, Lennox offers rebates up to $1,000 which can help with the price. Lennox features low, mid, and high-level units each with its own set of benefits. Thanks to our helpful cost guide, you'll have a better idea of what's best for you.

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