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Best Metal Roof and Siding Color Combinations

Written by Irena Martincevic

Published on December 21, 2023


Best Metal Roof and Siding Color Combinations

This article will help you decide on the perfect metal roof color to go hand-in-hand with your siding, guaranteeing a visually pleasing appearance for your home.

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Metal roofs, in general, rank the best when compared to other roofing materials. In addition to being highly energy-efficient, affordable, durable, and easy to install and maintain, metal roofs have a wider range of color options than other roofing types. Your choice of roofing hues plays a significant role in defining your home's overall appearance and character. Choosing the perfect color for your metal roof can be tricky because so many options are available, making it seem a bit overwhelming. 

The fastest way to shrink your list of metal roof color options is to identify which ones work better on your home, visually speaking. Since siding covers a significant portion of a house, its color is a major determining factor for the ideal roof color. We've examined which metal roof colors complement specific siding hues to achieve the best visual appeal.

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Neutral Color Metal Roof and Siding Color Combinations

The four most common neutrals are black, white, gray, and brown. Neutral tones complement everything but don’t count on combining them with any siding color just yet. Some colors complement these roofing options better than others. So, let’s dive in.

Black Metal Roof

The top siding color choices for a black metal roof include white, gray, blue, beige, brown, and red.

Black is loved for its simplicity, neutrality, and depth, making it a go-to choice in metal roofing. Whether it's adding a touch of luxury or creating a bold contrast, black remains the top pick for metal colors in various settings, including homes, businesses, and architectural projects. 

White siding creates a strong contrast with a black metal roof, providing a visually appealing and timeless aesthetic. A black roof with white, beige, or gray siding goes well with a classic home style like Colonial or Mission. Red or blue siding also pairs well with a black roof, creating a bold and classic contrast commonly seen in farmhouse-style homes in the Northeast, Southeast, and Midwest regions. 

White Metal Roof

A white metal roof pairs best with siding colors like white, gray, and light blue.

If your goal is a clean and simple look, a white metal roof with white siding is a perfect combination. It imparts a sense of modern sophistication, offering a refined and neutral backdrop. Alternatively, pairing light blue siding with a white roof gives your home a calm and refreshing feel, evoking the tranquility of open skies and coastal serenity. Gray siding complements every roof color. Combining dark gray and white is an incredibly effective choice for achieving a modern look.

Gray Metal Roof

A gray metal roof complements well with siding colors such as beige, red, blue, white, and light gray.

Gray comes in various shades and is suitable for many styles of homes, including country cottages, contemporary villas, or any other style. The timeless gray provides the freedom to refresh and update your home's appearance whenever the mood strikes. A gray roof and neutral tones bring about a clean and sophisticated charm. When combining a gray roof with gray siding, opt for one dark and one light shade of gray to create a visually appealing contrast. Since gray is a neutral color, there's no need to hesitate when pairing it with vivid colors like blue or red.

Brown Metal Roof

A brown metal roof pairs well with siding colors like beige, green, light gray, yellow, and red.

Brown roofs offer a warm and earthy backdrop that can harmonize with various color palettes.

Depending on the undertones, like red, orange, or yellow, brown roofs can complement warm exterior colors such as red or yellow. Additionally, if the brown has a slightly grayed look, it pairs well with green and light gray sidings, creating a balanced and aesthetically pleasing combination.

Chromatic Color Metal Roof and Siding Color Combinations

An important note on making color harmony work in the real world: only one color should dominate and be the focus. If one color is vibrant, the others should be muted.

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Red Metal Roof 

A red metal roof complements well with siding colors such as white, dark gray, tan, muted yellow, and blue

A red metal roof stands out, bringing a bold and captivating touch to your home's exterior. The contrast between the vibrant red roof and the more subdued tones of dark gray, tan, white, muted yellow, and blue adds depth to the overall exterior design. Houses with red roofs are most often paired with white exteriors, making white the favorite choice for homeowners seeking a classic and enduring look.

The drawback of having a red roof is that the red panels tend to fade faster than panels in other colors, potentially requiring repainting after a few years to maintain their vibrancy and appearance.

Green Metal Roof

A green metal roof pairs well with siding colors such as white, beige, blue, brown, light gray, and red.

A green metal roof can seamlessly blend with the natural surroundings, offering a harmonious and earthy aesthetic. Traditional homes, vintage bungalows, and even modern architecture seamlessly complement a white and green exterior color palette. Beige siding with orange undertones is a perfect candidate for a green roof. The addition of the green roof introduces a natural element that harmonizes with the earthy tones of the beige siding. Other neutral colors, such as brown or light gray, make the green roof stand out.

The vivid colors like red and blue also work well with a green roof, creating a striking contrast. The bold hues stand out against the green backdrop, giving a dynamic and lively look to the exterior. These combinations work great for Craftsman and Cottage style homes.

Blue Metal Roof

A blue metal roof makes a bold statement and pairs best with neutral siding colors like beige, light gray, and white.

A blue metal roof complements the architectural aesthetics, particularly in specific locations like tropical and coastal areas. Light gray siding and a blue metal roof complement modern or colonial exteriors. White and beige are top siding colors that complement any roof color, with a particular spotlight on their versatility when paired with a blue roof. Beige siding with yellow undertones will make the blue roof stand out more than any other color. 

Other Considerations When Choosing a Metal Roof Color

Follow Your Architectural Style

The architectural style of your home plays a significant role in determining the suitable color palette. Traditional styles might pair well with classic colors, while contemporary designs could accommodate bolder or more unconventional hues.

Refer to Climate and Geography

Take the climate of your area into account. Lighter roof colors tend to reflect more sunlight and heat, potentially helping to reduce cooling costs in hot climates. Darker colors, on the other hand, can absorb heat and be beneficial in colder regions. Metal roof colors that draw inspiration from the natural surroundings. For example, in a forest setting, a home can seamlessly blend with brown or green metal roof colors, harmonizing with the natural color palette of the surrounding trees.

Check With Your Homeowner's Association

If a homeowner's association governs your neighborhood, you may need approval before undertaking exterior projects, such as installing a new roof or painting your old one. You wouldn't want to install your gleaming new metal roofing system only to have your HOA insist on a redo because they didn't receive a prior request. Given the differences in rules and approval processes among HOAs, contacting them and providing all the details about the project timeline, installer, and project pictures is recommended.

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