Custom Closet Installation Cost

How much does it cost to install a custom closet system?

Whether you have only a traditional "reach in" closet or a full-blown "walk-in" style, you can probably improve the efficiency of the storage space through the use of a custom closet system. These are much more than cubbies and extra racks, and can be an appealing and decorative way to use extra space.

For this discussion we will look at two approaches to installing a custom closet system in an 8'x10' walk-in - the DIY option and the professional installation. What's the difference? Generally, anyone who hires professionals to build and install their custom closet will be receiving solid wood or high-quality laminate boards and drawers, and will usually be able to customize sizes a bit more too.

The average costs and materials associated with a DIY project like this would include:

  • The System - Homeowners and the DIY crowd can head to an online closet store or home improvement center to purchase one of the cut and install systems. These are available in laminate particle board varieties, and also as rubber-coated wire systems too. The average costs for such options will range from as little as $75 for pre-packaged kits, to $600 for the independently designed laminate options with drawers and extra storage features. Many of these styles use a simple "track" system that requires only hammers, screws, drills and levels to safely and permanently install;

The average costs and materials associated with a professionally installed project like this would include:

  • The System - The project would require a bit more time to complete because the closet company would professionally measure the space and then design a system. This usually involves the use of hardwood and some laminate, and will usually include drawers and shelves, hanging rods, and even a full lining for the interior of the space. Prices will vary widely based on the components selected by the homeowner. For example, some offer wooden or metal garment rods, which affect final prices, and others use particleboard along with solid wood to reduce costs too. The "average" costs for the walk-in closet would range from $600 to $2,000 or more. This is usually an option that requires a bit more management if additional features such as flooring, painting or lighting are also being upgraded.

Enhancement and improvement costs

  • Complete redesign - when a homeowner has the opportunity to empty their closets and redesign the space, it is a good time to:
    • Paint - the average cost of a high-quality can of paint is only $30 to $50 and can improve the look and even lighting of the space;
    • Install lighting - the average overhead bulb in most closets is not suitable to the needs of the space, and a few lighting fixtures will greatly increase the results of the entire project. The budget for such items will rarely exceed $200 - installed; and
    • Flooring - whether it is a new piece of wall to wall carpeting, or a simple area rug, the price for a 9 square yard installation will rarely exceed $300 to $500.

Typical costs

$75 - $600

(8' x 10' walk-in, DIY)

Low: $75 - $600 (8' x 10' walk-in, DIY)
High: $600 - $2000

Cost to install a custom closet system varies greatly by region (and even by zipcode). Get free estimates from organizers in your city.


Closet Organization
$200 - $5000
  • $75 - $600
    Custom Closet