How much does it cost to install a barn door?

National Average Range:
$1,194 - $2,222

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Barn Door Installation Cost Guide

Updated: January 2, 2024

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Sliding doors are nothing new. In fact, they’ve been around for centuries. From sliding glass doors for the patio to pocket doors inside, a sliding door has a greater appeal than just aesthetics. They save space by not swinging out into a room and come in various styles. Currently, the most popular type of sliding door is the barn door. Resembling an actual barn door on the farm, this addition to a country-style home suspends from a track mounted outside the wall and slides across the door opening. But don’t stop at the word country; sliding barn doors come in other styles to complement any home design.

The average price to install a barn-style interior door is $1,194 to $2,222, depending on the door's cost. On the low end, you can install a standard-size unfinished pine door yourself for $150. On the high end, you can have a professional craftsman install a custom-made solid wood door with a hand-wrought track and hardware for $5,000. This cost guide will walk you through the factors influencing the total cost.

Cost to install a barn door

National average cost


Average range

$1,194 - $2,222





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Factors that influence barn door installation cost

A few factors affect the cost of a barn door installation. Primarily, they include the door's cost, hardware, and labor. Door and hardware prices will vary depending on the style, size, and material. Let’s look at these factors more closely.


A barn door typically comes in standard sizes. Those measurements include a door as small as 18” x 80” and as large as 84” x 96”. Of course, the larger the door, the more expensive it is. If you need a door that doesn’t fit standard size requirements, you can have one custom-made. A custom-made door will cost more. 

Cost of barn door according to size

Standard Size

Cost range


$141 to $1,963


$167 to $2,200


$165 to $2,270


$200 to $2,250


$170 to $2,522


$136 to $3,040


$156 to $3,260


You can purchase a barn-style door in wood, MDF, vinyl, aluminum, steel, or glass. You can even buy a wood door with glass in it. There are so many variations in door material. But for our purposes, let’s look at the average barn door cost according to the material.

Cost of barn door according to material


Cost range


$114 to $2,398


$159 to $842


$246 to $2,470


$179 to $1,948


From country chic to mid-century modern, barn doors come in different styles and configurations to complement your interior design. The door style you choose may affect the price tag because of the increase or change in materials. For instance, a sliding French door will cost more than a plain, hollow core door due to the addition of glass. However, when it comes to traditionally styled barn doors, whether the trim on the door creates an X or a Z has little impact on the cost. Of course, double barn doors will have a higher price tag than single doors. 

Barn door hardware

The cost of the hardware kit, including the track system, for a barn-style interior door is from $42 to $447, depending on the track's quality and length.

To have a track and hardware custom-made, expect to pay $600 to $1,200 or more, depending on the design and complexity.

Some retailers include hardware like handles and the track system with a barn door purchase. Other options require you to purchase the hardware separately. The type of hardware you use will affect the overall cost of the installation.

Additional factors

The labor to install a new barn door with hardware ranges from $308 to $984, depending on the size of the track and your location.

A few other factors influence the cost of a barn door installation. You may not need to purchase the hardware if you’re replacing an existing barn door. Also, if you want glass in your door, this will affect the price. Finally, the labor cost will add to the overall price tag if you don't install it yourself.

Also, perhaps you can’t find a door at a popular retailer that fits your space or brings you joy. In that case, you may commission a custom-made door. In that case, expect to pay $500 to $10,000, depending on your choice of wood, the size, the finishing touches, and your location. 

The average cost to install a barn door

Many homeowners don’t think of a barn door installation as costly. But the cost increases considerably if you want an eye-popping door handmade by a local craftsman. Or, if you install barn doors throughout the home, expect to pay more for the total project. So, to help you plan, we’ve broken the project into three pricing tiers. That way, you see at a glance what type and style of door is right for your home and your budget.

Budget-friendly barn door installation

A budget-friendly barn door installation costs $150 to $500.

On a strict budget, you can purchase a single barn door kit that includes the hardware and track system from the big box store and install it yourself. The door will be a standard size and made of pine. It won’t have any embellishments, and you’ll have to finish with stain or paint.

Mid-range barn door installation

The cost of a mid-range barn door installation is $600 to $2,500.

Of course, with more money, you can do more. The mid-range pricing tier includes many different options. First, you can afford to pay for the installation. Second, you can install more than one door or double doors. Here are a few scenarios you can find in this price category, all professionally installed.

  • One builder-grade wood, vinyl, or MDF door
  • Three premium-grade wood doors
  • One double door and one standard door
  • One or two glass barn doors

High-end barn door installation

A luxury barn door installation costs $1,200 to $5,000 per door, depending on the size, material, and other embellishments.

For a luxury barn door installation, your home deserves the best. That includes tempered glass or hardwood doors and attention to detail. You can afford top-of-the-line track systems or even handmade tracks and hardware in this budget tier. And, you can afford to hire an electrician to move switches or outlets the door would cover when open.

Because your home has vaulted ceilings and extra high doorways, you won’t find the sizes you need at the big box store. Your doors will be custom-made by a local craftsman and artistically designed to complement your home. In this pricing category, you could have 10-foot high double maple doors with bow-tie accents and hand-forged hardware. Or you could opt for multiple doors that are less expensive.

Pros and cons of barn doors


  • Aesthetics – Barn doors come in various design styles, creating an appealing focal point to complement the home.
  • Saves space – Since barn doors slide along the wall rather than swing out into the room, they’re ideal for small rooms.
  • Accessibility – Sliding doors can be easier to operate for some people.
  • Multiple uses – Barn doors are ideal for separating large spaces like a family room from the dining area.


  • Limited privacy – Typically, barn doors have gaps around them that allow limited privacy for spaces like bathrooms and bedrooms. If this is a concern, ask your installer about it.
  • Poor sound insulation – Due to the gaps, barn doors do not block sound transmission as well as traditional doors.
  • Not suitable as an exterior door – A sliding barn door doesn’t provide enough insulation and isn’t secure enough to be used as an exterior door.
  • Hides interior elements – A sliding door can cover interior features like light switches and artwork when left open. So, before choosing the type of door for your situation, consider what is on the wall space.

Can I hang my own barn door?

Absolutely! Knock yourself out–literally. Because if you can’t lift 44 to 150 pounds over your head, this isn’t the job for you. But if you can handle the weight and have a buddy to help you get it on the track, installing a barn door is a DIY-friendly job.

The necessary skills to install barn doors include removing the door frame and door trim and finishing the wall. And finding wall studs and properly anchoring the track system into them.

Paying for your new barn door 

Since installing a barn door is generally under $1,000, most homeowners opt to pay for the job out of pocket. However, if you’re installing multiple doors, are having your doors custom-made, or are replacing all the doors in your home with barn doors, then your job will be more pricey. In those circumstances, you could withdraw the funds from your home equity line of credit (HELOC).

Ways to save money on a barn door 

Sometimes, even a low-cost home improvement project can strain the budget. If that’s your circumstance, here are a few cost-cutting tips for installing a barn door.

  • Include your barn door installation with a larger job. An installer will typically give a break on labor costs if you have more than one door to install.
  • Shop around. You can buy barn doors and hardware from home improvement retailers like Home Depot, which typically have lower prices. But if you need custom-made doors, get quotes from several door manufacturers.
  • Choose a builder-grade door over a hardwood or glass door.
  • Visit a construction salvage outlet like Habitat for Humanity’s Restore for a used door.
  • Better yet, use upcycled materials. Most DIYers can turn any old door into a sliding barn-style door.
  • DIY what you’re able to. 

Wrapping it up

Installing an interior barn door sounds simple enough to do for yourself. But if you run into trouble, a carpenter or handyperson is only a phone call away. Let us help you find help for your barn door installation today.

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