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Barn Door Installation Cost Guide

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

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Interior barn doors are a popular way of separating rooms and creating privacy, while saving space at the same time. They have a rustic style that appeals to many people and, with different stains or hardware, can complement a range of styles. Barn doors slide along walls rather than opening into a room, so they are great at saving space and adding rustic charm. They come in a wide range of materials, sizes, and styles, so it is easy to find one that can work with your home and needs.

The cost of installing a barn door varies depending on the material, size, and structural integrity of the wall you are hanging it on. The national cost range for a barn door installation is $600 to $2,000, with most homeowners spending $1,200 for a 36” solid-wood mid-bar brace barn door installed on an interior wall of their home. The project’s low cost is $400 for a 36” panel chalkboard barn door installed on an interior wall. The high cost is $4,000 for a double solid-wood double-X brace door installed on an exterior wall.

Cost to Install a Barn Door

Barn Door Installation Prices
National average cost$1,200
Average range$600-$2,000​

Barn Door Cost by Material

While the majority of barn doors are made of wood, it is possible to find them in a few different materials. Barn doors may be made of rustic, reclaimed wood, new cut wood, vinyl, metal made to look like wood, or many other options. Each type has costs and considerations for maintenance and use. Many heavier materials like solid wood or metal may also cost more to install than lightweight doors. This is partly due to the door’s weight, requiring additional labor to install and potentially needing a heavier track to hold the door. Many barn doors also come in a range of costs depending on the size, style, and material, so expect a wide range of associated costs. Below are the most common materials for barn doors and their costs for the door and its cost fully installed.

Material and Total Cost to Install a Chalkboard, Plastic/Vinyl, Hollow Core, Medium Density Fiberboard, Metal, and Wood Barn Door (mobile)

MaterialAverage Costs (Materials Only)Average Costs (Installed)
Chalkboard$100 - $1,200$350 - $1,750
Plastic / Vinyl$250 - $500$600 - $1,050
Hollow Core$270 - $850$620 - $1,400
Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)$350 - $800$700 - $1,350
Metal$400 - $2,000$750 - $2,550
Wood$400 - $2,500$650 - $3,050

Chalkboard Barn Door

Chalkboard vinyl doors cost $100 to $1,200. The cost of these doors installed averages $350 to $1,750. It can be a great option to install in the kitchen. It usually features a wooden frame surrounded by a large black chalkboard, letting you write or draw on the surface. This is one of the simplest and least expensive designs because the interior section is flat. You can decorate it with your artistic imagination or write notes and reminders on it for the family.

Vinyl Barn Door

Vinyl barn doors cost between $250 and $500. The cost of this type installed ranges from $600 to $1,050. Vinyl is one of the cheapest materials and one of the lightest. It comes in a wide range of colors, providing many options to choose from. It is relatively durable but lacks the aesthetic impact of a wooden or metal door. Many vinyl barn doors are simple panels, but some may have decorative cross bars or come in other other styles. The benefit of vinyl is mostly maintenance. It does not require much care or paint.

Hollow-Core Barn Door

Hollow-core barn doors cost between $270 and $850. Installed, they average $620 to $1,400. They are doors that are mostly hollow on the inside. This makes them lighter and easier to open and close, and they are more cost-effective than many alternate types, such as thick wood or metal doors. The exterior of the door can be made of many materials, from vinyl or MDF to fiberglass. Many hollow-core doors are embossed to look like real wood and often must be painted and cared for like wood. However, they are not as durable as solid doors.

MDF Barn Door

Costs for MDF barn doors range from $350 to $800. Installed, they cost $700 to $1,350. MDF, or medium-density fiberboard, is another relatively inexpensive option when shopping for barn doors. This is a man-made material, produced by forming wooden fibers into sheets or panels. MDF can be much heavier than wood and often has a smooth finish. This allows the door to be carved in different designs or have a modern, sleek appearance. MDF can be painted any color and takes the paint well. It may need repainting like wood doors.

Metal Barn Door

Metal barn doors cost between $400 and $2,000. Installed costs range from $750 to $2,550. They are among the most expensive options, but they also benefit from being among the strongest and most long-lasting. They can take knocks and bumps without any real damage and stand well over time. Many different types and styles of metal barn doors are available. Aluminum and steel are the two most common metals used for barn doors. Of the two, aluminum tends to be lighter and less expensive but prone to dents. Steel is more costly, durable, and can last longer with minimal maintenance.

Wood Barn Door

Wooden barn doors average $400 to $2,500. Installed, costs range from $650 to $3,050. They are among the most popular types. They look great in rustic, country, or traditional homes, but they also work equally well in more contemporary homes with the right surroundings. There are many different wood types to choose from, leading to a wide range of prices. You can use reclaimed wood taken from old barns for an authentic look. You can also find wood doors made from softwoods and hardwoods with different character and grain. They can also be custom made to customize their appearance and finish.

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Barn Door Prices by Type

Barn doors come in many types and materials. Essentially, there are three different types - single, double, and French. Single doors are one door of sizes between 36” and 60” in width that slides to cover the opening. Double doors range from 30” to 42” and slide together in the middle of the track to cover the opening. French doors are the same basic size as double but have the more distinctive appearance of the glass double doors. All these doors slide on a track that is usually mounted above the doorway’s header. Because they use more material and take longer to install, double doors are generally more costly than single ones of the same material and style. Below are the average costs of each type and their costs installed.

Material and Total Cost to Install a Single, Double, and French Barn Door (mobile)

TypeAverage Costs (Materials Only)Average Costs (Installed)
Single$100 - $2,000$450 - $2,550
Double$450 - $4,000$900 - $4,750
French$500 - $4,000$950 - $4,750

Single Barn Door

Single barn doors average $100 to $2,000. Installed, their costs range from $450 to $2,550. They are the smallest and simplest variety. They can be installed over a standard-size entryway, leading into a bedroom, living room, kitchen, or other room. Their sizes typically start at around 36” in width and go as wide as 60”. They can be found in many styles and materials and are a good choice for ordinary or slightly larger doorways.

Double Barn Door

Double barn doors cost between $450 and $4,000. The cost of these doors installed averages $900 to $4,750. They are designed to cover very large openings of 60” or wider. They are made of two doors, which slide together in the center from the wall on either side. To install them, you need to have space on the walls to fit both sides of the door. Because they need to cover the walls, this means you cannot have light switches or outlets installed on either side of the doorway, which can be inconvenient. However, they make a beautiful and dramatic appearance when installed across a wide opening.

French Barn Door

French barn doors range from $500 to $4,000. Installed, they cost $950 to $4,750. They operate like a set of double barn doors. They are designed to cover a space of 60” or wider. The difference is these have the classic style of French doors, made of multiple panes of glass with a frame. This frame can be made of many materials, including wood and fiberglass, impacting the project cost. They can be installed on the home’s interior and exterior.

Barn Door Installation Cost by Location

Barn doors can be installed inside the home or outdoors, depending on your preference. Interior installations are more common because it can be difficult to insulate a set of exterior barn doors. Because they are designed to slide over the opening on a track, there may be a gap around the doors if not installed properly. This can then create thermal transfer, letting the outside air in or the inside air out. Silicone sweeps and other types of weathersripping may be necessary to help ensure that an exterior barn door can meet your needs. Exterior are usually more costly than interior doors because they must be stronger and heavier for security purposes. Below are the average costs for both types.

Material and Total Cost to Install an Interior and Exterior Barn Door (mobile)

LocationAverage Costs (Materials Only)Average Costs (Installed)
Interior$100 - $2,000$450 - $2,550
Exterior$500 - $4,000$950 - $4,600

Interior Barn Doors

Interior barn doors cost between $100 and $2,000. Installed, they range from $450 to $2,550. They are the more affordable option. They come in a wider range of colors and materials, and since they are not exposed to the elements, you do not need to worry about them degrading over time or replacement. They can be fitted in various rooms and points around the home as desired. They are generally lighter and do not need to be sealed. Therefore, installation is slightly less costly.

Exterior Barn Door

The cost of exterior barn doors ranges from $500 to $4,000. Installed, these doors cost $950 to $4,600. They are often fitted to garages or on the outside of the home, leading out to the backyard or deck. Since they are exposed to the elements, they need to be strong, durable, and insulated. Because of this, costs for exterior barn doors tend to be higher than interior alternatives. They must be sealed and tightly fitted during installation. For this reason, installation costs are usually higher for exterior than interior doors of the same size.

Barn Door Costs by Design

Barn doors come in many styles and designs. These can vary depending on the design. Doors fall into three basic categories - paneled, flush, and glass. Paneled doors are the most common and come in the most styles and options. Paneled doors can be made of many plank styles or in more traditional designs, so you have many choices. Flush doors are often a better choice for modern homes, with their sleek finishes, while glass is a good choice for contemporary spaces. Each type has costs and considerations. Below are the average costs and installed costs for the different doors.

Material and Total Cost to Install a Flush, Paneled, and Glass Barn Door (mobile)

DesignAverage Costs (Materials Only)Average Costs (Installed)
Flush$100 - $2,000$350 - $2,550
Paneled$250 - $2,500$500 - $3,050
Glass$450 - $4,000$900 - $4,600

Flush Barn Doors

Flush barn doors cost between $100 and $2,000, depending on the style and material. Installed, they average $350 to $2,550. Flush doors are more modern than panel doors and may be favored by those with contemporary homes. They have no panels or indents, basically just a big slab of materials, such as wood or metal. Chalkboard doors are one type of flush door, with a smooth, sleek surface for writing on. Other styles include metal, vinyl, and some types of wood.

Paneled Barn Doors

The cost of paneled barn doors ranges from $250 to $2,500. Installed, they cost $500 to $3,050. Panel doors have been around for centuries and are made by combining several pieces of material into one larger structure. They can be constructed in many ways, depending on the door material and style. Wood is the most common material for these doors, but they can be made of MDF and vinyl. They can have inset or overlaid panels or a combination of plank designs. These are often the most decorative style and the most traditional.

Glass Barn Door

Costs for glass barn doors average $450 to $4,000. Installed, they range from $900 to $4,600. They have sheets of glass incorporated into their design. Typically, they have a large frame of metal or wood around the outside edges and then a large central pane of glass in the middle. However, they can have different designs with several panes. The glass is usually frosted to let light through but maintain privacy. They may also be mirrored and are often used in small spaces to help make the room look larger. They can also be used for closet doors.

Average Cost of Barn Doors by Plank Design

Another way to differentiate between barn doors is to look at the plank design. The vast majority of barn doors, even those made with materials other than wood, have some form of plank pattern or placement. The planks can be positioned and arranged in different ways, and there are various established designs like Z Brace and British Brace to choose from. The table below shows some examples and average costs.

Material and Total Cost to Install a Z-Brace, Mid-Bar Brace, Half-X Brace, Plank, British Brace, X-Brace, and Double-X Brave Barn Door (mobile)

Plank DesignAverage Costs (Materials Only)Average Costs (Installed)
Z-Brace$250 - $1,000$500 - $1,550
Mid-Bar Brace$275 - $1,000$525 - $1,550
Half-X Brace$350 - $1,500$600 - $2,050
Plank$400 - $1,500$650 - $2,050
British Brace$500 - $2,200$850 - $2,800
X-Brace$600 - $2,500$950 - $3,100
Double-X Brace$850 - $3,000$1,300 - $3,600

Z-Brace Barn Door

Z-brace barn doors cost between $250 and $1,000. They average $500 to $1,550 installed. It is one of the simplest varieties, and it is always easy to identify. When looking at it, you should be able to see a Z shape formed by one long plank going from the top right corner to the bottom left, connecting with the edge to make the Z. They are stylish and simple, making them one of the most popular and recognizable styles.

Mid-Bar Brace

The cost of a mid-bar brace door is $275 to $1,000. Installed, these doors range from $525 to $1,550. It has a single plank of wood going across the middle section of the door. A plank at the header and footer of the door helps to finish the look and give the style. This is a simple door and captures the classic barn feel, so it works well in rustic or country homes.

Half-X Brace

The cost of a Half-X brace barn door averages $350 to $1,500. These doors cost between $600 and $2,050 installed. It features an X shape made by two crisscrossing planks on the lower half. You also usually see another plank above the X, going across the middle of the door. The upper section is usually left plain. This can make for a slightly more interesting style and works best on narrow doors.

Plank Barn Door

The cost of a plank barn door ranges from $400 to $1,500. The cost of these doors installed is $650 to $2,050. It features simple planks of wood laid side by side, either horizontally or vertically, producing a classy pattern that works equally in rustic and modern homes. The more character and grain the different planks have, the more rustic this type becomes. This makes it a favorite for reclaimed wood lovers because it shows off the rustic style.

British Brace Barn Door

The cost of a British brace barn door is $500 to $2,200. The cost of this type installed averages $850 to $2,800. It is typically a double door, where both of the doors combine to create a shape that looks like the British flag. To identify this style, look at it from the front, with both panels side by side. You should notice that six main planks come together from the sides and corners and seem to converge at a central point, just like the red and white parts of the British flag.

X-Brace Barn Door

The cost of an X-brace barn door ranges from $600 to $2,500. Installed, these doors cost an average of $950 to $3,100. It is one where the X shape is formed by planks stretching across the entire door. It features two long planks connecting to opposite corners, forming a big X in the middle. They can be found as singles but are more common as double doors. They can sometimes also be found on very wide single doors - about 60” in width.

Double-X Brace

The cost of a double-X brace barn door is $850 to $3,000. They average $1,300 to $3,600 installed. It is another one that is very easy to identify. These doors feature a pair of X-like shapes on each panel, one above the other. It works on both single and double doors, and it is one of the more elegant and desired options in modern homes. Because additional material is used to create these doors, they tend to be heavier than other styles. They also usually have higher labor costs.

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Barn Door Installation Cost

The cost of labor to install a barn door varies, depending on the size, location, and weight. Larger, heavier, and exterior doors typically cost more to install. Interior doors have installation costs starting at $250 for a single door and $350 for double doors. Exterior doors have starting costs at $450 for single doors and $600 for double doors.

In addition, the distance the installer must travel and the prepwork that may need to be done before installation can also impact the final cost. If your installer needs to travel a long distance, this raises costs between $50 and $80 per door. Reinforcing or modifying your wall to support the door can also increase installation costs by $100 to $200.

However, the biggest costs are mostly due to size and location. Below are some of the average labor costs for the most common doors.

Labor Cost to Install an Interior Single, Exterior Double, Exterior Single, and Exterior Double Barn Door (mobile)

TypeAverage Labor Costs
Interior Single$250 - $550
Interior Double$450 - $750
Exterior Single$450 - $750
Exterior Double$600 - $950

Cost of Barn Door Hardware

For a barn door to work properly, it needs the correct hardware. It slides on a track mounted above the entryway header. This track needs to be strong enough to support its weight. The hardware also involves a roller system that allows the door to slide along the track. This varies depending on the style and may include wheels or ball bearings, and in some cases clips. The hardware attaches to the door itself, and the moving parts are inserted into the track. When pushed, the door should slide along the track to either end.

Many times, the hardware you need is included in the cost of the door. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, the hardware is purchased separately, or you may want to upgrade your hardware to a smoother tracking system, which can be more expensive but makes the doors easier to operate. Expect hardware costs to start at $50 for basic hardware and go as high as $500 for decorative or specialty hardware that can hold heavy doors.

Barn Door Installed on Modern Apartment

What Are Standard Barn Door Sizes?

Barn doors are available in many of the same sizes as other interior or exterior doors. Typically, widths begin at 36”, with 42”, 48”, and 60” widths also being available for single doors. Double doors are designed to fit openings of 60”, 72”, or wider, but you may need a custom set of doors for some styles greater than 72” in width.

For heights, most doors need to be a minimum of 80” to pass code. It is possible to find taller doors as needed, but heights stop being standard after 84”, and you may need to have a door custom made. Remember that barn doors need a header to be installed above the door, which can mean you need additional headroom.

Pros and Cons

Barn doors have advantages and disadvantages. The doors do not take up a lot of space like a traditional door because they do not swing out into the room. This makes them a good choice for smaller spaces, such as half baths. They are also stylish, enhancing many different interior designs, and they can be easy to install and maintain.

However, because they do not create a seal with the doorway, they let more sound in than a traditional door. The track the barn door rolls on can also be extremely loud, especially in some settings. When opened, the door covers part of the wall, which makes that section inaccessible. The doors may also be heavy and difficult for some people to slide open and shut.

If you only want a single track at the top, the wall you install the door on needs to be structurally strong enough to hold it. Otherwise, this could cause problems over time.

Modern White Sliding Barn Door Installed on a New House


The majority of the maintenance that a barn door requires is the same as any other door. If the door is wood, for example, it may need to be repainted or stained periodically. Otherwise, the biggest maintenance comes from the track. It should be kept clean and free of debris that could cause the rollers to stop working. It may occasionally need to be oiled, and the door may need to be rehung or repositioned in some cases if the track begins to sag.

Barn Doors vs Pocket Doors

Barn and pocket doors are subtypes of sliding doors. Both can be used in small spaces that cannot accommodate a door swing, and both can be more accessible and easier to use than some types of standard doors.

However, while both doors are designed to slide across an opening, they operate in different ways. Barn doors install on a track that goes along the outside of the wall and above the door opening header. Pocket doors are installed on a track that goes inside the wall. When open, a barn door is still visible and covers the wall it is installed along. A pocket door is not visible because it is inside the wall.

This makes pocket doors more difficult to install and maintain because the wall needs to be opened to install or make adjustments. For that reason, pocket doors are more common with new construction than they are in existing homes. Barn doors can be added at any time because the track is installed on the outside of the wall. Both types also come in a range of styles and materials to complement any home. Due to the way they are installed, pocket doors tend to be more expensive than barn doors, even if used in the same size and material. Below are the average costs to install both types.

Comparison of the Cost to Install a Barn and Pocket Door (mobile)

TypeAverage Costs (Installed)
Barn$600 - $2,000
Pocket$800 - $2,500

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Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Automatic Barn Doors

Barn doors can be heavy at times, making them difficult to open for some people. If desired, you can install an automated track that operates at the touch of a button to open the door. This is purchased and mounted separately and costs between $400 and $2,000, depending on the model.

Barn Door Trim

Barn doors cannot use the same trim type as standard doors. This is because the trim may interfere with the sliding process. It is most common for them not to use trim, but you can install some very flat types if desired. This costs $10 to $15 per linear foot.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • Bathroom doors. Sliding barn doors work well for powder rooms, half-baths, and other small spaces because they do not swing in.
  • Chalkboard doors. Chalkboard barn doors work well in kids’ bedrooms or playrooms. Any smooth-front barn door can be converted into a chalkboard door with chalkboard paint.
  • Concealment. Barn doors can be used to conceal appliances, TVs, trash cans, and laundry areas as well as other areas you prefer to keep from view. The doors must be installed in front of an alcove that houses the appliances.
  • Hardware. Be sure that your barn door’s hardware matches the hardware on other doors around the room to help create a more cohesive design.
  • Mirror. It is also possible to add a mirror to a sliding barn door or to purchase a mirrored door. Doing so can increase the amount of light in the room as well as make the space appear larger.


  • How much bigger should a barn door be than the opening?

The door does not need to be much bigger than the opening. It should overlap by about 1” on each side. However, the header needs about 6” of space above the door to enable it to slide.

  • How thick are interior barn doors?

Thicknesses range depending on the material, but most are around 1½” thick, or about the thickness of a standard door.

  • Do I need a header for a barn door?

You do not necessarily need a separate header, but the track the door slides on needs to be installed above the door opening. Typically, it needs about 6” of headroom for this purpose.

  • Are pocket doors more expensive than barn doors?

Yes, pocket doors are more expensive but not because the door is that different. It is because of how it is installed. Pocket doors need to go into the wall, while barn ones slide along it. This makes the pocket door installation more costly - between $800 and $2,500 compared to $600 to $2,000 for a barn door.