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10 Bay Window Ideas to Refresh Your Space in 2024

Written by Irena Martincevic

Published on July 2, 2024


10 Bay Window Ideas to Refresh Your Space in 2024

If you're looking to enhance your bay windows this year, explore our list of 10 ideas that can transform any room.

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Bay windows, originally popularized during the Victorian era, continue to feature in modern new-build designs. However, not all bay windows are the same, and styling that unique, angled alcove can sometimes be more challenging than it appears. Here are some ideas to get the most out of your bay window styling.

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Top 10 Bay Window Ideas for 2024:

1. Cozy Reading Nook

“My favorite idea is to create a cozy reading nook in your bay window,” says the Interior Designer and Co-founder of Unique Tiles, Kamil Kozorys. He continues by suggesting “Always go for layer soft blankets and throw pillows on top of a plush rug, add a floor lamp for reading illumination, and install built-in shelves for your book collection.”

2. Indoor Herb Garden

“You can put a pot with flowers or put it in the soil so it can grow a small indoor garden in the bay window section,” suggests Tyler Hull, the Founder of Modern Exterior. Moreover, it's convenient to have fresh herbs within arm's reach while cooking, making an indoor herb garden on your bay window fantastic for your kitchen.

3. Charming Breakfast Nook 

A breakfast nook in a bay window is an excellent idea for small dining spaces, offering both coziness and efficient use of available area. “Turn the bay window into a little breakfast nook with a few chairs and a small table,” advises Hull. Andriy Boyko the Owner of A. O. Handy advises to go a step further and “Build in a banquette with storage underneath. This creates a charming breakfast nook and frees up space for other furniture.” 

4. Bathtub and Bay Window

A bathroom bay window can transform your bathing experience and give your bathroom a touch of luxury spa. “Imagine a luxurious soaking tub nestled in your bay window, overlooking the backyard. Pure spa vibes,” agrees Boyko.

5. Built-in Shelving

Built-in shelving not only maximizes space but also adds style and functionality by offering convenient storage and display options. Ryan Fitzgerald, the Owner of Raleigh Realty says “If you want to showcase collectibles, a built-in shelving unit fits the bill. Display treasured photos, art, or mementos where you can enjoy their beauty each day.” 

6. Stylish Window Seat

“My suggestion is to upgrade the traditional window seat with modern, stylish elements,” says Brian Curran, an Architect and Interior Designer, and Founder of DraftingServices.com. He adds “Go for high-quality fabric for the cushions, add elegant throw pillows, and use a minimalist design for a chic and contemporary look that complements your decor. For instance, if you have a rustic-themed living room, opt for neutral-toned fabric with geometric patterns to add a touch of modernity.”

7. Storage Bench

For those short on storage and seating, functional pieces like storage benches can greatly enhance a space. Consider adding a cushioned bench with built-in storage or a bench with baskets underneath to maximize the use of your bay window. 

8. Pet-Friendly Corner

Creating a pet-friendly area in your bay window is a great way to keep your furry friends happy and entertained. Kozorys says “I suggest using soft, washable cushions or a pet bed, adding some toys, and maybe even installing a scratching post nearby. This way your pet can soak up the sun and provide entertainment for guests at the same time.” He adds “I advise you to make the space more pet-friendly and enjoyable by adding indoor plants, bird feeders, or a fish tank. Your pets will love their new favorite spot in the house!”

9. Multifunctional Workspace

Getting enough daylight is good for your internal body clock and boosts productivity. Kozorys suggests “My go-to choices are a sleek and modern desk facing the window, an ergonomic chair, task lighting, and some greenery to boost productivity.” He adds “I focus on ensuring plenty of natural light and some stylish storage solutions to keep your workspace organized and inspiring such as floating shelves, a bookcase, or a storage ottoman.”

10. Window Treatments

Window treatments for bay windows are an excellent way to enhance privacy, control light, and add a touch of style to your space. Roman shades are a popular choice for bay windows. They are “[...] clean and tailored; very stylish and functional at the same time,” says Hull.

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