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24 Window Treatment Ideas for 2024

Written by Adam Graham

Published on June 18, 2024


24 Window Treatment Ideas for 2024

If you’re stuck on ideas for window treatments this year, check out our list of 24 window treatment ideas for any room and design style.

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It can be overwhelming to make interior design decisions, especially when there are so many options available. The type of window treatment you choose for each room is no exception. Installing new windows costs around $7,500, so you’re going to want to make sure you complement them well. 

And it’s not only how they look that you need to think about, window treatments often serve a purpose such as completely shutting out natural light, creating a cozy atmosphere, or adding some privacy. 

To help you make the best decision for your windows in 2024, we’ve put together 24 window treatment ideas for all rooms and styles. 

24 Top Window Covering Ideas in 2024:

1. Natural Woven Shades

“Natural woven shades are making a significant impact this year,” says Pete Trentacoste, Head of Interior Design at Gosummer.com. He continues to add “Made from materials like bamboo, jute, and grasses, these shades bring an organic, earthy feel to any room. They are particularly popular for their ability to filter light gently while adding texture and warmth.” 

2. Smart Blinds

Smart blinds form part of the convenience people seek in their smart homes. Vincent Larson, Interior Design Expert at CopperSmith, comments “These innovative blinds can be controlled via smartphone apps or voice commands, offering unparalleled convenience. Many models come equipped with sensors that adjust based on sunlight, enhancing energy efficiency by managing heat gain and loss. This feature not only contributes to a comfortable living environment but also reduces energy costs, reflecting the growing smart home market.”

3. Warm Neutral Curtains 

Warm neutrals are a huge paint and color trend in interior design this year, according to top experts. Having curtains with these shades can help create a calming atmosphere, especially in the evening when they are drawn, and serve as a complementary accent color when open. 

4. Blackout Curtains

For a good night's sleep, many prefer complete darkness. “Blackout curtains are popular, especially for bedrooms. They provide excellent light control and enhance energy efficiency by insulating windows. This helps to maintain a comfortable indoor environment” says Kerry Sherin, a consumer advocate at Ownerly.

5. Wooden Blinds

Mike Falahee, President of Marygrove, says “This year sustainability and all-natural materials are hot subjects.” Larson agrees, saying “Natural materials such as bamboo shades, linen curtains, and wooden blinds are gaining popularity. These eco-friendly options add a warm, organic touch to interiors and align with the increasing focus on sustainability in design.”

6. Tinted Film

Image by TurboTint

Luke Everson, Franchise Owner of Turbo Tint in Austin, Texas, says “Using window film offers a permanent solution to reducing heat and glare coming through the glass and also allows for an added level of privacy and security in a home. For homes with world-class views, window film allows you to gain the benefits of window treatments (heat reduction, privacy, reduced glare) without obstructing views. In addition, there are decorative film options, such as frosted films that can really transform and elevate a room.” 

7. Combining Curtains and Blinds

Why have one when you can have both? Andre Kazimierski, CEO of Improovy Painters of North Shore, comments “I'm seeing more and more curtains being paired with blinds, so I think this classic style is making a comeback in 2024.”

8. Layered Curtains

Similar to a combination of curtains and blinds, homeowners are also layering up on curtains. Larson says “Layered window treatments are another popular choice, combining different materials and styles for a sophisticated look. This trend typically involves pairing sheer curtains with heavier drapes”. Larson continues to mention the benefits of this trend, saying “The flexibility of layered treatments makes them adaptable to various interior styles, from contemporary to traditional, allowing for a customized ambiance in any room.”

9. Roller Shades 

Often a budget-friendly option is roller shades. “Roller shades provide a sleek and minimalist look,” says Darren D., Interior Designer at Elmwood Flooring. Amber Mundy, Interior Designer at Build & Renovate, adds “For a sleek and modern look, consider roller shades as a stylish alternative to traditional blinds. These easy-to-operate window treatments are designed to be mounted inside the window frame, providing a clean and unobtrusive appearance.”

10. Dark-Colored Roman Shades 

Darker colors work great as accents on shades. Trentacoste points out that “Roman shades continue to be a favorite due to their classic elegance and practicality. Available in various fabrics and patterns, they can be customized to fit any decor style.”

11. Green Curtains 

36% of experts say that shades of green are the top color palette of 2024. Green is an easy way to incorporate nature-inspired elements into the interior, especially deeper colors like olive green. Some homeowners may not want to commit to fully painting a whole room with such dominant colors making green curtains the perfect solution. 

12. Motorized Blinds

Motorized blinds are a modern option for your window treatments. Trentacoste says “The convenience and modern appeal of motorized blinds and shades have made them a top choice in 2024. These window treatments can be controlled via remote, smartphone, or even voice commands, integrating seamlessly with smart home systems.”

13. Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are often coupled with other curtains and blinds. However, Kazimierski points out that “Curtains can have a bad reputation for blocking out parts of your windows and making a room appear smaller, but the style this year seems to be sheer, thin curtains that still allow plenty of light to pass through while affording some privacy.”

14. Earthy-Tone Shades

Earthy tones are the top-voted interior color palette in 2024 by 46% of design professionals. Garrison Hullinger, Principal at Studio Garrison, says “In 2024, we will see a shift towards a more warm and cozy aesthetic in home interiors. Neutral colors with warm tones, such as beige, taupe, cream, and ivory, will create a sense of comfort and harmony in our spaces. These colors will also complement natural materials, such as wood, stone, and leather, that add texture and character to our homes.”

15. Blue Curtains

Blue is another natural color that has a wide range of different tones to complement any room style. From cozy and dark to light and fresh, blue curtains work well to create various ambiances. They also look great when matched against white windows. 

16. Printed Patterns

Printed patterns on any type of window treatment can liven up a room. Similar to bold colors, they are a perfect way to add some personality to the space without it being overbearing. Trentacoste agrees; “From large florals to abstract designs, these treatments add personality and a pop of color to any room.”

17. Solar Shades

Similar to roller shades, solar shades are designed to block out UV rays from the sun. In his line of work, Jonathan Faccone, Managing Member of Halo Homebuyers, has found that “Solar shades have become increasingly popular due to their energy-efficient properties. They come in a variety of openness levels which determine the amount of light and heat they let in. I think solar shades are perfect for rooms with lots of windows such as sunrooms or living rooms.”

18. Matching Accent Colors 

Having curtains that match other accents in the room enhances visual cohesion. This creates a balanced feeling to the overall design, making the space feel more put-together and inviting. Matching colors can also emphasize the room's design theme and improve the overall ambiance.

19. Extra Long Curtains 

Extra long curtains add a touch of elegance and sophistication to a room. They can make ceilings appear higher, creating a sense of grandeur and spaciousness. Having the curtains slightly pool at the bottom is often dictated by the type of material and homeowners’ personal taste. 

20. Statement Shade 

A statement color window shade adds a bold focal point to a room, enhancing its visual interest and personality. It can complement or contrast with other décor elements, creating a dynamic and stylish look. Additionally, it reflects your unique taste and can invigorate the space with vibrant energy.

21. Pinch Pleat Curtains

Pinch pleat curtains offer a tailored and elegant appearance, adding a touch of sophistication to any room. Their structured pleats provide a neat and polished look. They allow for smooth and even draping. 

22. Wooden Shutters (Farmhouse Shutters)

Wooden shutters are another way of introducing the popular trend of natural materials to the interior of a home. Darren D. states “Shutters are a timeless window treatment option that adds charm and character to any space. With adjustable louvers, shutters provide excellent control over light and privacy, allowing you to customize your environment to suit your needs.”

23. Minimalist All-White Curtains

Sometimes less is more. For a clean, minimalistic look, all-white curtains are a perfect choice. Whether your whole room’s main style is minimalism or you just prefer not to draw much attention from a great view, white curtains offer a fresh, understated look. 

24. No Window Treatment 

One other option that homeowners sometimes overlook is that of having no window treatment at all. Some window designs and outside views are meant to be appreciated in their entirety. Also, natural light beaming inside is sometimes welcomed constantly, especially in rooms such as the kitchen, where no window treatment often helps create a cleaner overall look. 

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