Kitchen Trends Report 2023

The kitchen is one of the most remodeled rooms in the home. And homeowners are set to spend more than before. That’s why we’ve asked top industry experts to reveal the biggest trends we’ll see in 2023.

The kitchen has long been one of the most frequently used spaces in the home, which often translates into it also being one of the most common areas of the home to renovate. As we look ahead to 2023, homeowners want the spaces they spend the most time in to not only meet their needs, but also reflect their personal taste and style too. This includes making sure that the kitchen is up to date on the latest trends, materials, colors, and styles.

To uncover the latest kitchen trends in 2023, we surveyed 62 top interior design experts to get their insights and thoughts on what the most popular trends will be, including people’s priority features. As well as giving some advice for incorporating the latest trends, we also get the experts’ take on what homeowner spending habits will look like during this period. For the full report, download it below.

Kitchen Trends Report 2023

Read the full report now or later in PDF

Kitchen Trends Report 2023

Read the full report now or later in PDF

Kitchen Trends
Key Findings

  • 65% of experts say homeowners are willing to spend more on a kitchen remodel in 2023.
  • Functionality tops the list of reasons for remodels, say 65%.
  • 74% of pros agree that mixing materials is the top kitchen trend in 2023.
  • Cost of materials is the biggest reason why people won’t remodel, according to 73% of experts.
  • Ceramic tiles and vinyl flooring are the most popular affordable materials.
  • 71% of experts say homeowners most want a new kitchen countertop.

    Kitchen Remodeling: Homeowner Spending Habits in 2023

    Spending Expected to Increase on Remodels Despite Higher Cost of Living

    While the cost of living is increasing, inflation doesn’t appear to deter homeowners from undertaking a kitchen remodel. Overall, the outlook for the kitchen remodeling industry looks positive. According to the majority of experts, it’s full steam ahead in terms of spending, as 65% of experts think that homeowners will still be willing to spend more on a kitchen remodel in 2023 than previously. This shows strong signs that the demand for kitchen remodels remains high. Of these, 37% think that people will be willing to spend slightly more, while 28% think that people will be willing to spend much more. In addition, 28% of experts feel that there will be no difference in what people have been spending, and only 7% think that people may decrease the amount that they spend, but only slightly.

    Some of the willingness of homeowners to increase spending may be pragmatics; if the cost of materials and labor is going up, homeowners may need to spend accordingly in order to get their preferred remodel. Costs are up in general, and it could simply be that people are willing to match those costs in order to get what they want. And because kitchen remodels can have a very wide range of costs, with averages stretching from $15,000 to $50,000, many homeowners may simply understand that this is a costly project and are prepared to pay accordingly. Of the 28% who believe homeowners will spend no more or less than before, this may mean that people are not willing to match higher costs and will only spend within their means, which could mean opting for more affordable materials.

      “Whenever clients think of renovating or upgrading their homes, kitchens remain at the top of the list. As far as I can tell, this will not change any time soon.”

      Nicole White

      Nicole White Designs Interiors

        “Whenever clients think of renovating or upgrading their homes, kitchens remain at the top of the list. As far as I can tell, this will not change any time soon.”

        Nicole White

        Nicole White Designs Interiors

        Homeowners Are Remodeling Their Kitchens For Better Functionality

        The biggest driving factor for a kitchen remodel in 2023, according to 65% of experts, is to improve functionality. While there are a multitude of reasons why somebody may want to remodel their kitchen, it seems that in 2023 people are prioritizing a space that works best for them.

        A functional kitchen means having enough space for the people who want to use the kitchen together, as well as the right equipment and the right amount of storage for that space. Kitchens that are poorly laid out, too small, or that don’t have the right equipment for what the homeowners want to do there can be frustrating places that don’t get as much use as they could. In addition, kitchens aren’t being used in the same way they once were. Families may cook together, as opposed to the kitchen being the domain of one person. They may also be used for children’s schoolwork, people working from home may set up there, and many people may entertain in the space as well. Today’s kitchen needs to meet all of these needs in order to truly be considered functional.

        Following this, 50% of experts also agreed that the main reason for many people to remodel is to improve the value of their home. Kitchen remodels can have an ROI as high as 71% for minor remodels. Costs for a remodel can range tremendously, with averages falling between $15,000 and $50,000, so the amount that they can increase the value of a home can also vary as well.

        Aesthetics are considered a main reason for remodeling by 36% of experts as well. Aesthetics may not be as important as function, but given how many people use their kitchen for much of their time spent at home, having a space that you appreciate the look and style of can improve your feelings about the room as well.

        21% also believe that increasing space can be a reason for remodeling. Increased space may fall under the umbrella of function for many homeowners; with more space, you can fit in more cabinets and appliances and improve the layout, as well having enough space for all that will use it. 10% of experts think that an older and deteriorating kitchen can drive people to remodel. This too could be associated with both functionality and aesthetics. While 3% think that increases in energy efficiency can be a factor. 5% listed other reasons as to why they see people remodeling their spaces.

          “More and more people are working from home and require multi-purpose spaces. This will likely drive the continued desire for multi-functional spaces.”

          Kerrie Reid

          Elite Design & Home Staging Pittsburgh

            “More and more people are working from home and require multi-purpose spaces. This will likely drive the continued desire for multi-functional spaces.”

            Kerrie Reid

            Elite Design & Home Staging Pittsburgh

            Cost of Materials Is Why Most Will Not Remodel Their Kitchen in 2023

            When it comes to reasons why homeowners may choose not to remodel their kitchens in 2023, the top four reasons all come down to the cost of the project. 73% of experts think that the cost of materials will be the main reason that prevents homeowners from going ahead with the project. Many material costs have increased over the last few years with supply chain issues, demand, and inflation all driving up the costs of everything from lumber to wood flooring to countertops. Materials that were previously sourced overseas, such as Russian Birch may no longer be available, while the high cost of gas has meant importing items often used in kitchens, including laminates, lumber, and countertops, have driven these costs up as well.

            Following behind the cost of materials is the cost of labor, which 50% of experts attribute to the reason why homeowners may not remodel this year. The cost of labor for many construction projects has also increased recently. This has also been multifactorial, including labor shortages, increases in pay for workers who are on the job, as well as a steep demand for labor. In order to make sure you get the professionals you want in a timely way, you may need to pay higher rates than previously.

            In addition, the cost of living has increased, which along with inflation and record high interest rates could mean that personal finances could be tighter in general. 31% of experts consider personal finances a factor when it comes to deciding against a kitchen remodel.. In addition to these reasons, the cost of appliances has increased along with other materials. And the hassle and intrusion of a major project could be a deterrent for some, as can the potential concern for future home values, as these may ultimately change in the next few years as well.

            Experts Predict Mixing Materials and Textures as the Biggest Kitchen Trend in 2023

            74% of experts think that mixing materials and textures in the kitchen will be the biggest trend of 2023. Mixing materials was also a popular trend last year, and has only increased in popularity over the past 12 months. Mixing materials means using a variety of different things in one design, such as incorporating wood and tile on the floor or glass and stone on the backsplash. By mixing materials, you add greater depth to the design. It’s possible to highlight different areas by changing materials, and you can blend styles as well, which gives you the ability to create a transitional design - or a style that blends two different designs together. By mixing materials and textures, you get the opportunity to make the space more your own.

            Hidden storage is also expected to be popular this year according to 53% of experts. Hidden storage is a departure from last year’s trend of using open shelving. While shelving lets you display items and can make spaces look bigger, it also forces you to stay organized and doesn’t give you the opportunity to hide precariously stacked items or a less than perfect display. Hidden storage can therefore give people a little more room to relax about how they store the items in their kitchens.

            Continuing from last year is the trend to use statement lighting above the island, according to 47% of industry professionals. Statement lighting creates a focus in the room. It draws the eye and can be used to add emphasis to the design or to the space below it. Having the statement right above the island - which is in the center of the room - also means that this lighting can be an accent, task lighting for the space below, or ambient lighting for the entire room.

            The trend of adding oversized windows to the kitchen (39%), also meets many kitchen’s lighting needs. Natural light is the preferred lighting for many spaces, and an oversized window can help bring in plenty. Depending on where the window is located, it can also be a fantastic way to bring in views of the yard or surrounding area as well.

            “In 2023, we will see many current popular kitchen trends expanding even further such as cabinet colors and the skillful mixing of materials and styles.”

            Laura Muller

            Four Point Design Build Inc.

            “In 2023, we will see many current popular kitchen trends expanding even further such as cabinet colors and the skillful mixing of materials and styles.”

            Laura Muller

            Four Point Design Build Inc.

            Low Backsplashes and White and Gray Colors Are On Their Way Out

            When it comes to trends you’re less likely to see in 2023, 58% of experts think that the low, 4-inch backsplash will be the most likely to go. This backsplash is usually a continuation of the countertop, but it doesn’t add much to the kitchen design. Some countertop fabricators will throw it in automatically - and charge for it - so you may need to specify that you don’t want one to avoid having it show up with the countertop. In addition, 47% of experts think that both all white kitchens and gray color schemes will be out. As people are personalizing their spaces, this could include using materials and colors that speak to them, rather than settling for safe and monochromatic designs.

            Glass mosaics on backsplashes are also expected to fall out of favor in 2023, say 40% of industry pros. Glass mosaics were very popular for a long time because they help reflect light and brighten spaces. They can also add color and texture to a room. However, while they do add these things, it’s not in a way that’s meaningful or personal to the design.

            Open shelving and faux wood finishes are also expected to be on their way out this year. Open shelving may be considered too high maintenance for some homeowners, who prefer hidden storage instead. And with the resurgence of real wood and natural materials over the last few years, faux wood doesn’t quite meet up with people’s needs.

            “My clients are asking for a return to colorful, interesting spaces. No more plain white or gray kitchens.”

            Marcia Moore

            Marcia Moore Design

            “My clients are asking for a return to colorful, interesting spaces. No more plain white or gray kitchens.”

            Marcia Moore

            Marcia Moore Design

            Kitchen Islands and Two-Tone Cabinets the Most Popular Way to Incorporate New Colors

            There are many good ways to incorporate some new colors into the kitchen, and several of them will be popular in 2023 according to top experts. The kitchen island leads the way according to 55% of those surveyed. Because the island is in the center of the room, it tends to get a lot of attention, which makes it the perfect place to try out a new color. You can confine the color to the island - either with paint or on the countertops - rather than spreading it throughout the room.

            The backsplash is expected to be a popular way to incorporate colors as well according to 44% of experts. The backsplash is one of the most personalized spaces in the kitchen. It’s relatively easy to change out or replace when compared to the rest of the room as well. So, you can splash out a little and use a bolder color here while still feeling safe; if you tire of it, just swap it out in a few years for something new.

            Two-tone cabinets are also popular according to 53% of experts. Two-tone cabinets add to the idea of mixing materials and textures. By painting or staining your cabinets two different shades, it can highlight different things about them, such as grain or texture, adding more depth and dimension to the room. And using two-tone cabinets doesn’t mean needing to split the colors 50/50 - you can incorporate just a few cabinets in a different color to set them apart. This can let you try out something new and bold without having to commit to it being all over the kitchen, much like the island.

            Cabinets in general are a great way to introduce color to a kitchen, and 39% of experts agree it will be one of the most popular ways. Painting your cabinets instead of the walls can really bring greater focus to the kitchen design, rather than the room design. It also makes it easier to coordinate things like your countertop and backsplash with the cabinets, if you have a main color for the room.

            Finally, appliances, wall color, and furniture are also ways that you can add color to the kitchen that are expected to be fairly popular in 2023.

            “I think the 2-tone cabinet trend will remain popular going into 2023. It can be 2 colors of paint or a paint and stain combo - anything that makes it different from their neighbors!”

            Ally Whalen

            Ally Whalen Design

            “I think the 2-tone cabinet trend will remain popular going into 2023. It can be 2 colors of paint or a paint and stain combo - anything that makes it different from their neighbors!”

            Ally Whalen

            Ally Whalen Design

            Affordable Materials and Priority Features in 2023

            With costs rising and material costs potentially stopping some homeowners from wanting to remodel, there’s a big focus on affordable materials in 2023. According to 66% of experts, ceramic tile will be one of the most popular affordable materials for backsplashes, countertops, and flooring and a wise choice for those who want to save money. Ceramic tile is fairly easy to install, and comes in a wide range of different colors, sizes, and patterns. You can achieve many different looks, from a retro floor to a colorful backsplash. And most are also easy to clean as well. The average cost of a ceramic tile backsplash is $800 to $1,500, while a ceramic tile kitchen floor averages $800 to $4,500, and a countertop can cost $1,050 to $2,000.

            Vinyl flooring is also expected to be a popular affordable material in 2023, according to 52% of industry professionals. Vinyl has been increasing in popularity as a low-cost flooring material for several years as the patterns and styles of the material become more realistic and closer in appearance to real wood. Unlike wood, vinyl is completely unaffected by moisture, which makes it a great choice in a busy kitchen. The average cost of a vinyl floor is $600 to $2,000.

            Butcher block countertops also make the list of top affordable material alternatives, according to 31% of experts. Butcher block is a natural material made of wood, and comes in many different types and styles depending on the wood species and how the countertop is laid out and pieced together. It can average $2,475 to $4,620, but it’s possible to find lower cost options when choosing a face grain or edge grain construction. And because they’re lighter in weight than stone countertops, they are unlikely to see as big of a price increase in 2023, with the high cost of gas driving up the cost of heavy materials being imported from overseas like many granites and marbles.

            Countertops Are People’s Number One Feature Upgrade

            The vast majority of experts feel that countertops are going to be the biggest priority for homeowners to upgrade in 2023, with 71% agreeing. Homeowners use and abuse their countertops a lot in the kitchen. Countertops hold small appliances, are a landing surface for dishes, pots, and pans, and some may even function as a cutting board. They also average around 30 sq.ft., making them a big portion of the kitchen. And while cabinets can be refinished and floors often resurfaced, an older countertop generally can’t be refurbished and needs an upgrade to keep the kitchen looking its best.

            A new countertop can also potentially make the kitchen more functional; many of today’s materials are scratch resistant, heat resistant, and antimicrobial, so your kitchen will be easier to maintain as well.

            Cabinets are also a big priority, ranked high by 47% of experts. Your cabinets also make up a large part of the kitchen, and determine your kitchen layout. If the layout is poor, the cabinets are old or sagging, or you just don’t have enough usable cabinetry, upgrading them can transform the way your kitchen functions as well as looks. To replace the cabinets, you do need to gut the kitchen, which means opening up the possibility for layout and space changes as well.

            Appliances are another priority feature, according to 36% of experts. Appliances also impact how well your kitchen functions. And newer appliances are often quieter, more energy efficient, and simply better at getting the job done with features like convection in ovens and better cleaning from dishwashers. Upgrading the appliances can make interacting with the kitchen easier, and can help lower your overall time spent cooking and cleaning.

            Other popular upgrades may include the layout, which can be changed with the cabinets, lighting, which will also enhance the functionality of the room. The backsplash can also have a big impact on style and aesthetics, along with the color scheme, all of which can be easily upgraded any time you change something like the countertops, cabinets, or backsplash in the room.

              “I think we will see an increase in cabinet refacing as a great, less expensive alternative to update the aesthetic without having to change the entire kitchen cabinetry.”

              Birgit Anich

              BA Staging & Interiors

                “I think we will see an increase in cabinet refacing as a great, less expensive alternative to update the aesthetic without having to change the entire kitchen cabinetry.”

                Birgit Anich

                BA Staging & Interiors

                  “I think lighting will play a much larger part in kitchen renovations moving forward - from clients and designers.”

                  Chelsie Butler

                  Kitchen & Bath Business Magazine

                    “I think lighting will play a much larger part in kitchen renovations moving forward - from clients and designers.”

                    Chelsie Butler

                    Kitchen & Bath Business Magazine

                      “Kitchens in the past were hidden because of basic functionality, but now kitchens have become a showcase of our homes - a family hub that deserves investment. We will see dramatic colors and designs along with smart technology”

                      Dahlia Mahmood

                      Dahlia Design, LLC

                        “Kitchens in the past were hidden because of basic functionality, but now kitchens have become a showcase of our homes - a family hub that deserves investment. We will see dramatic colors and designs along with smart technology”

                        Dahlia Mahmood

                        Dahlia Design, LLC

                          “I think people are willing to have more fun and move beyond the all white kitchen. I am doing more projects with colorful cabinets and backsplashes.”

                          Danielle Colding

                          Danielle Colding Design

                            “I think people are willing to have more fun and move beyond the all white kitchen. I am doing more projects with colorful cabinets and backsplashes.”

                            Danielle Colding

                            Danielle Colding Design

                              “Kitchens continue to be the gathering place. Large islands to accommodate dining and entertaining with statement lighting will remain a priority in any kitchen.”

                              Helen Bartlett

                              Refined Interior Staging Solutions

                                “Kitchens continue to be the gathering place. Large islands to accommodate dining and entertaining with statement lighting will remain a priority in any kitchen.”

                                Helen Bartlett

                                Refined Interior Staging Solutions

                                  “Kitchens will always be the heart of the home, so if you're going to invest in your home, the kitchen would be a great place to start.”

                                  Michelle Cortizo

                                  Michelle Cortizo Interiors

                                    “Kitchens will always be the heart of the home, so if you're going to invest in your home, the kitchen would be a great place to start.”

                                    Michelle Cortizo

                                    Michelle Cortizo Interiors


                                    The results featured in this report were taken from a survey that was sent out to 203 top experts in the interior design industry in November 2022, with a 31% response rate. Respondents were asked a mix of open and multiple-choice questions. Some questions allowed for more than one choice as a response. All percentages shown have been rounded to the nearest whole number.

                                    The Expert Contributors

                                    Alene Workman
                                    President & Principal Designer, Alene Workman Interior Design, Inc

                                    Alene is the President and Founder of Alene Workman Interior Design. With more than 25 years of experience, Alene leads a multi-award winning firm. She specializes in full-service interior design for both new builds and remodels.

                                    Alice Decker
                                    Owner, Decker8 Designs

                                    Alice is the owner of Decker 8 Designs. A passionate designer, Alice stages homes across Oklahoma territory. Her company offers an array of design and staging services at affordable prices.

                                    Ally Whalen
                                    Owner, Ally Whalen Design

                                    Ally is an award-winning luxury interior designer, and Owner of Ally Whalen Design. She has offices in both Florida and South Carolina, and she focuses on creating comfortable “livable” spaces for her clients. She has been featured in multiple publications and is a 15-time Best of Houzz award winner.

                                    Amy Lau
                                    Owner, Amy Lau Design

                                    Amy is Owner of Amy Lau Design, an interior design firm located in New York City. The interior spaces she creates are known for their warmth, expressiveness and attention to detail. Her aesthetic embraces both art and design, where each space is enlivened with dynamic mixes of vintage, contemporary, and site-specific pieces. 

                                    Amy Nelson
                                    Owner, Home Transformations Staging and Redesign

                                    Amy from Home Transformations Staging and Redesign, located North of Pittsburg, is a specialist in her field. She offers vacant, redesign and occupied services, and the latter even from remote, all while keeping in mind the psychology of space and color.

                                    Anna Gibson
                                    Owner & Chief Designer, AKG Design Studio

                                    Anna is Chief Designer and Owner of AKG Design Studio, LLC. This luxury kitchen and bathroom design firm is located in Virginia. They have won the Best of Houzz for services two years running and have an impressive portfolio of completed designs.

                                    Anthea Click
                                    Owner and President, Fresh Perspectives

                                    Anthea is the president and co-founder of FP Staging and Design. A former realtor, she lends a unique perspective to staging homes, helping people find buyers for luxury homes.

                                    Ariana Lovato
                                    Owner & Principal Designer, Honeycomb Home Design, LLC

                                    Based in central California, Ariana is an interior designer and owner of Honeycomb Home Design. Ariana also works with the NKBA as an associate kitchen and bath designer. 

                                    Birgit Anich
                                    President & Founder, BA Staging & Interiors

                                    Birgit is the founder and principal designer at BA Staging and Interiors. Birgit leads a premier styling company whose focus is providing homes with a modern lifestyle appearance to help them sell faster and for more money.

                                    Brittany Hakimfar
                                    Founder, Far Studio

                                    With a major in interior design from George Washington University, Brittany worked for Mark Cunningham and Waldo Fernandez, before starting her own company. At Far Studio, she designs each space with a thoughtful approach using a harmonic mix of natural materials and textures.

                                    Bruce Bierman
                                    Owner, Bruce Bierman Design

                                    Bruce is the Owner and Principal of his firm Bruce Bierman Design. Bruce’s background lies in architecture and fine arts. His design projects enjoy the unique perspective of practicality combined with high-quality aesthetics.

                                    Chelsie Butler
                                    Executive Editor, Kitchen & Bath Business Magazine

                                    Chelsie is the Executive Editor of Kitchen & Bath Business magazine. The magazine provides innovative ideas to kitchen and bath professionals and also features the latest trends, installations, and products.

                                    Cheryl Kees Clendenon
                                    Owner, In Detail Interiors

                                    Cheryl is the Owner and Lead Designer at In Detail Interiors, a nationally recognized, award-winning interior design firm. Cheryl specializes in new construction, renovations, and remodels and assists with space planning and kitchen and bath remodels.

                                    Christopher Charles Evans
                                    Owner & Principal Designer, ChristopherCharles Interiors and IndigoRED

                                    Christopher is the Owner and Principal Designer for ChristopherCharles Interiors and IndigoRED, LLC, a company that specializes in turnkey new build designs, renovations and remodels. He is a talented and innovative designer and professional organizer with over 10 years of design experience. 

                                    Cristina Lehman
                                    Owner & Principal Designer, C.LehmanHome

                                    Owner and Principal Designer at C.LehmanHome, Cristina Lehman is a California based interior designer whose designs center around functionality and purpose whilst creating a warm and modern home with a sprinkling of eclectic features.

                                    Dahlia Mahmood
                                    Owner, Dahlia Design, LLC

                                    Dahlia is the President and Founder of Dahlia Design, LLC, a DC-based firm. Dahlia is an award-winning designer who works on an international level. Her designs blend elegance with simplicity for timeless style.

                                    Danielle Colding
                                    Founder, Danielle Colding Design

                                    Danielle is the Founder of Danielle Colding Design, a full-service interior design firm based in New York City. Classic elegant spaces with comfortable, layered eclectic charm are hallmarks of dcdny’s work. With an eye to tradition, yet still open to the inventiveness of the future, the goal is to design environments that feel like they have evolved over time. 

                                    Deborah DiMare
                                    Founder, DiMare Design

                                    Deborah is a renowned interior design consultant, author, educator and pioneer of the ethical/wellness design movement. Her company, DiMare Design, is the only 100% cruelty-free design consulting firm specializing in the creation of organic, optimal spaces, and sourcing vegan textiles and sustainable furniture that bear zero-to-low toxins. 

                                    Ellen Kennon
                                    Owner, Ellen Kennon

                                    Ellen, Owner of her own design firm, located in St. Francisville, LA, and the creator of a line of Full Spectrum Paints. Her firm and custom line of paints have both been featured in Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, and The New York Times, among other leading publications. In addition to her paint line, Ellen offers a collection of custom furniture for homes and gardens.

                                    Erika Hollinshead Ward
                                    Owner & Principal Designer, Erika Ward Interiors

                                    Erica is the Principal Designer and Owner of Erika Ward Interiors. She has a strong foundation in business finance, plus over a decade of design experience. Her commitment to timeless interiors, lifestyle, and wellness has positioned her to be sought after by both brands and consumers.

                                    Garrison Hullinger
                                    Principal, Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, Inc.

                                    Garrison is the Principal at Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, Inc. This Portland-based firm specializes in luxury remodels and additions with extreme attention to detail. With more than 15 years of experience, he specializes in client-centered design that balances beauty and warmth with comfort and functionality.

                                    Gloribell Lebron
                                    CEO & Principal Designer, G. Lebron Interiors

                                    Gloribell is the CEO and Principal Designer at G. Lebron Interiors. Her projects involve new ways of creating comforting atmospheres in spaces. Gloribell’s work can be described as modern, organic, and unique.

                                    Helen Bartlett
                                    Owner, Refined Interior Staging Solutions

                                    Helen is a home stager and stylist with Refined Interior Staging Solutions. Helen offers expert insights into luxury home design and focuses on the architecture of the home when styling to get the most impact.

                                    Jacob Laws
                                    Owner, Jacob Laws Interior Design

                                    Jacob is the Principal and CEO of Jacob Laws Interior Design, a full-service firm based in St. Louis, MO. He has appeared in Vogue, At Home, and Ladue News. Jacob’s brand can be characterized as easy glamor, classic with a modern edge, and clean-cut with impossibly sophisticated style.

                                    Jane Tucker
                                    Owner, Jane Tucker Interiors

                                    Jane from Jane Tucker Interiors has the analytical skills to offer her clients a strategic home staging process, home styling consultation or complete room redesign, all while putting her clients’ wishes in focus.

                                    Jeanne K. Chung
                                    Interior Designer, Founder, & Editor, Cozy•Stylish•Chic

                                    Jeanne is a luxury interior designer at Cozy•Stylish•Chic, based in Southern California. Her mix of vast knowledge of historical styles and experience in modern design allow her to combine ideas to create unique and exciting projects.

                                    Jennifer Gainer
                                    Founder, Jenron Designs

                                    Jennifer is the Founder and a designer at Jenron Designs, together with her husband, Ron. Jennifer is a special event floral designer by trade, and a graduate of interior design. Jennifer’s work has been published several times in the Knot Magazine and Points North Magazine, and she has received several blog awards.

                                    Jessica Love
                                    Principal Interior Designer, Urbane Design Studios

                                    Jessica is the Principal Interior Designer at Urbane Design Studios in Austin, TX. She just launched her own 501c3 called Design Changes Lives, whose mission is to design spaces for children to build confidence, empower, and improve the quality of their lives.

                                    Karen Otto
                                    Chief Staging Officer, Home Star Staging

                                    Karen is the chief staging officer at Home Star Staging. Karen is constantly at the forefront of interior design, aiming to reduce the time it takes to sell a home through home staging.

                                    Kerrie Kelly
                                    Owner, Kerrie Kelly Design Lab

                                    Kerrie is the Owner of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab, based in Sacramento, CA. Kerrie offers exceptional interior and exterior design services for model homes, large renovations, and new construction projects.

                                    Kerrie Reid
                                    Owner, Elite Design & Home Staging

                                    Kerrie is the owner of Elite Design & Home Staging, based in Pittsburgh. Her Vacation Home Staging skills have won her several awards and qualify her to offer a training program and author a book.

                                    Kristie Barnett
                                    Owner, The Decorologist

                                    Kristie is the founder of The Decorologist, a publication on home design and interiors. Kristie is also an interior design and paint color consultant in Nashville, TN.

                                    Laura Medicus
                                    Owner, Laura Medicus Interiors

                                    Laura is the Owner of Laura Medicus Interiors. She specializes in home renovation and remodeling. Laura helps homeowners adapt and develop their homes, reflecting the personality of each individual.

                                    Laura Muller
                                    Founder & Principal Designer, Four Point Design Build, Inc

                                    Laura is the Founder and Principal Designer of Four Point Design Build. Her designs are timeless and classic, and her mission is to deliver elegant, organized and deeply personalized spaces her clients will feel deeply connected to.

                                    Lee Cavanaugh
                                    Design Partner, Cullman & Kravis Inc.

                                    Laura is the Founder and Principal Designer of Four Point Design Build. Her designs are timeless and classic, and her mission is to deliver elegant, organized and deeply personalized spaces her clients will feel deeply connected to.

                                    Leslie Carothers
                                    Founder, Savour Partnership

                                    Leslie is the Principal of Savour Partnership, a premier digital marketing agency for interior designers. She has had 30 years of experience in the home furnishings and interior design sector. She was named by Home Furnishing News Magazine as one of the Top 40 Most Inspiring Women In Home.

                                    Linda Holt
                                    Owner, Linda Holt Creative

                                    Linda is a certified Color and Interior Decorating Consultant at Linda Holt Creative. As well as teaching smartphone photography, Linda helps people get the best out of their homes by making the best design choices.

                                    Linda Merrill
                                    Interior Designer, Linda Merrill Decorative Surroundings

                                    Linda is the Owner and Designer at Linda Merrill Decorative Surroundings. She is an award-winning designer and decorator from Massachusetts. Linda offers both in-person full-service design as well as custom virtual design.

                                    Lisa Basham
                                    Founder, Helpful Home Staging & Design

                                    Lisa is the CEO and founder of Helpful Home Staging & Design. Lisa’s mission is to stage homes that are customized and unique for each property, while constantly being aware of what homebuyers want.

                                    Lori Dennis
                                    Owner, Lori Dennis Inc

                                    The Founder of an award-winning, interior architecture firm specializing in sustainability, Lori has been recognized by industry titans like American Express, Verizon, Volvo, Lamps Plus and Viking as an expert in luxury, wellness and balanced living.

                                    M. Grace Sielaff
                                    Managing Principal, M. Grace Interior Design

                                    M. Grace is the Principal Designer for M. Grace Designs, an award-winning firm that takes on a broad range of projects and designs. They specialize in residential and commercial interiors and work to include sustainability in their designs.

                                    Marcia Moore
                                    Owner, Marcia Moore Design

                                    Marcia is the owner and creative director of Marcia Moore Design, an interior design studio located in Clayton, Missouri. Marcia is known for creating inviting, delightful and livable spaces. Her aesthetic is original, yet timeless; edgy yet sophisticated; modern, yet classic.

                                    Margie Kaercher
                                    Founder, Hearth and Honey Homes

                                    Margie is founder and lead designer of Hearth and Honey Homes, based in Florida. She offers to help with the interior design of new build and renovation projects, redesign of houses and setting up vacation rentals.

                                    Mark Cutler & Nichole Schulze
                                    Founders, cutlerschulze

                                    Designers Mark Cutler and Nichole Schulze have a combined 40 years of experience in creating dynamic residential and commercial spaces that respect the surrounding architecture and landscape. They have completed projects in the United States, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore and the Middle East among others on three different continents.

                                    Marshall Erb
                                    Principal, Marshall Erb Design Inc

                                    Marshall is the Principal Designer at Marshall Erb Design, an award-winning Chicago-based design firm. Marshall specializes in creating unique interiors that match his clients’ personalities and ways of living.

                                    Michelle Cortizo
                                    Owner, Cortizo Interiors

                                    Michelle is the Owner of Cortizo Interiors, a full-service design firm located in Trumbull, CT. In business since 2000, Michelle and her team have created spaces that enhance her clients’ lifestyles. She and her designs have been featured in leading publications like House Beautiful and Architectural Digest, and she is a Prism award recipient.

                                    Minol Shamreen
                                    Founder, Studio M Designs

                                    Minol is the Founder and Creative Director of Studio M Designs, a firm based in the Greater Austin Metro area in Texas. Through her work she enjoys bringing her client’s personality to light. The firm offers services in home staging, interior design and for home builders.

                                    Nicole White
                                    CEO & Principal Designer, Nicole White Designs Interiors

                                    Nicole White Designs Interiors is an award-winning and nationally published interior design firm. Recently voted among the Top 25 Interior Design Firms, and among the ten emerging designers to watch by the Black Interior Designers Network, Nicole and her team are dedicated to transforming the spaces and lives of our clients homes and businesses.

                                    Rachel Moriarty
                                    CEO & Principal Interior Designer, Rachel Moriarty Interiors

                                    Rachel is an interior designer at Rachel Moriarty Interiors, based in Southern California. Influenced by her location, her signature style is Colorfully Coastal. Her designs cater to the individuality of each of her clients.

                                    Robin DeCapua
                                    Owner, Madison Modern Home

                                    Robin is the owner of Madison Modern Home. The L.A.-based firm specializes in bringing color and energy to places that still feel like homes, while being inspired on what type of house they are doing the staging or designing for and following trends that are meant to stay.

                                    Rose Dostal
                                    Founder, RMD Designs LLC

                                    Rose is the Owner and Principal at RMD Designs. This full-service design firm handles interiors and kitchen and bathroom design. This gives clients doing entire house renovations the chance to use one designer throughout the process. Rose is a licensed architect and regularly participates in professional education and discussion that furthers her ability to keep up with current design trends.

                                    Ryan Saghian
                                    Founder, Ryan Saghian Interiors

                                    Ryan is the Founder of Ryan Saghian Interiors. Recognized as one of this era's most prominent talents, Ryan has become the go-to designer for discerning clientele and celebrities alike, who revere his raw yet refined sensibilities. He's the youngest designer to be named amongst the International Top 100 list of the world's leading interior designers by LuxDeco and has become a social media sensation.

                                    Sarabeth Asaff South
                                    Home Improvement Expert,

                                    Sarabeth is a home improvement expert and writer for A former kitchen and bath designer, Sarabeth works to help others gain better insights into the home and garden industry so that they can make better decisions for their homes.

                                    Shivani Vyas
                                    Owner & Founder, Studio Vyas

                                    Shivani Vyas is the Owner and Designer behind Studio Vyas. She’s always happy to give people the tools and guidance necessary to make the best design decisions for their homes. She specializes in creating traditional, timeless spaces that never tire. Whether her clients are craving an instant update or dreaming of a whole new look for every room in the house, she’s always ready to help pull it all together.

                                    Suzanne Lasky
                                    Owner, S Interior Design

                                    Suzanne is the Principal Designer and Owner of S Interior Design, based in Scottsdale, AZ. A Best of Houzz winner in Design and Service since 2015, Suzanne’s residential and commercial design expertise speaks for itself. 

                                    Tamra Pfeifer
                                    Owner, Set the Stage Interiors

                                    Tamra is the owner of Set the Stage Interiors, based in the DFW area. The firm offers home staging, redesign, interior decorating and holiday decorating services, always with the goal in mind that people should be in love with their homes.

                                    Terry Mainord
                                    Owner, Terry Mainord Design

                                    Terry’s years of experience in prop styling have equipped her with the skills to successfully stage and decorate homes in Brooklyn, NY. Her firm, Terry Mainord Design, has received several awards, including two International Home Staging Awards in the year 2022.

                                    Tiffany Brooks
                                    Owner & Interior Designer, Tiffany Brooks Interiors + Design

                                    Tiffany is the Owner, Principal and Lead Interior Designer of Tiffany Brooks Interiors + Design. Her firm offers services in the northern suburbs of Chicago, and various other areas for its celebrity clientele. Tiffany is known as the host and lead interior designer of HGTV’s series Smart Home.

                                    Tim & Jackie Santos
                                    Owners & Interior Designers, Scottsdale Interior Design Group & Prescott Interior Design Group

                                    Jackie and Tim are the Owners of Scottsdale Interior Design Group of Scottsdale, AZ. Jackie, Tim, and their team won first place in the ASID 2019 Design Excellence Awards in the category of Permanent Fixture and Honorable Mention in the category of Millwork. 

                                    Vicente Wolf
                                    Owner, Vicente Wolf Associates Inc

                                    Vicente is the Owner of NYC-based Vicente Wolf Associates. He is famous for his elegant aesthetic. His designs incorporate globally-sourced artifacts and authentic furnishings with modern touch. Vincente received many prestigious honors including listings as an AD 100, NY Spaces Top 50 Designer, Elle Décor’s A-List, and House Beautiful magazine’s 10 most influential designers. 

                                    Wanda Suitt-Horton
                                    Owner, Wanda S. Horton Interior Design

                                    Wanda is the Founder and Principal Designer at Wanda S. Horton Interior Design. Wanda believes that excellent design comes from a balance between beauty and order. Her designs bring a more up-to-date style to traditional looks.

                                    Wendy Yates
                                    Founder, Abigail-Elise Design Studio

                                    Wendy is the Creative Director and Founder of Abigail-Elise Design Studio (AE). Wendy’s designs shape trends in the industry, and she is nationally recognized for her innovative projects. She works with lifestyle designs, focusing on forward-thinking, progressive, and intentional design ideas.

                                    About the Author

                                    Adam Graham

                                    Adam Graham is a construction industry analyst at He has experience writing about home construction, interior design, and real estate, and he is constantly searching for news and analyzing trends in the home improvement and decor industry. He communicates with experts and journalists to make sure we provide the most up-to-date and fact-checked information. He has been featured in publications such as Better Homes and Gardens and The Boston Globe, and written for various outlets including the National Association of Realtors, and Insurance News Net Magazine.

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