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Paint and Color Trends Report 2024

Written by Charlotte Granville

Published on January 18, 2024


Paint and Color Trends Report 2024

Top industry experts reveal how warm neutrals and nature-inspired greens and blues are set to dominate home design in 2024.

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As we begin a new year, it’s a perfect time to give your home a color lift. With warm neutral colors and earthy tones bringing a sense of calmness and nature to homes, start off 2024 by updating yours with the latest paint and color trends. Whether you decide on simply adding a feature wall or want to undertake a complete interior makeover, checking out the latest trends is a design must. 

And who better to get the lowdown from than some of the most highly-rated interior design experts and home stagers in the U.S.? For this report, Fixr.com surveyed 71 of these top professionals to get insights into what their clients are seeking this year. They also shared with us their expert design knowledge and tips for a colorful, trending home spruce-up. 

The following statistics are taken from their responses and give an overall insight into interior design in 2024. For homeowners and designers alike; kick off the year with inspiration and advice from this detailed report on paint and color trends.

Key Findings:

  • 46% of experts say earthy tones are the most popular color palette.
  • 81% of pros agree that the powder room is where we see wallpaper used the most.
  • Whites are the best color for exteriors when selling a home, say 49% of top experts.
  • A majority of 81% of pros recommend warm neutrals for interiors when selling a home.
  • 71% of design professionals say natural materials are dominating furniture trends.


Colors of the Year 2024

Grays are out, warm neutrals are here to stay with deep, saturated colors like purple and green.

Ariana Lovato, Honeycomb Home Design

Every year color trends change and evolve. We asked experts what they believe are going to be the most popular palettes and individual paint colors. Also, top paint companies release their chosen paint ‘color of the year’ which sets the tone for where trends will be heading. You can see them below.  

Earthy Tones and Warm Neutrals Set to Dominate 

Earthy tones have been gaining popularity in recent years as a favored color palette for home interiors, and are finally set to take center stage in 2024. As Minol Shamreen, Founder of Studio M Designs, points out “Nature-inspired color palettes, like deep moody shades of green, and warm buttery whites will remain a top design trend in 2024.” 46% of experts say that earthy tones are one of the most popular color palettes, closely followed by 41% who say warm neutrals. 

Garrison Hullinger, Principal at Studio Garrison, says “In 2024, we will see a shift towards a more warm and cozy aesthetic in home interiors. Neutral colors with warm tones, such as beige, taupe, cream, and ivory, will create a sense of comfort and harmony in our spaces. These colors will also complement natural materials, such as wood, stone, and leather, that add texture and character to our homes.”

Tying in with the overall desire for these hues, 36% of experts say that shades of green will be most popular, while 29% say shades of blue. Helen Bartlett, Home Stager at Refined, favors these, saying “Blues and greens will continue to dominate interior finishes along with patterns and texture. People want color and vibrancy back in their homes!”

17% selected neutrals with pops of bold as the most popular palette in 2024. In Fixr.com’s 2023 report, neutrals with pops of bold were the most popular, with 58% of experts agreeing, highlighting its dramatic drop out of favor this year compared to other color palettes.  

Fixr Top Experts’ Color of the Year 2024: Warm White

The individual colors of the year chosen by Fixr.com's top experts match the most favorable color palettes accordingly. 48% opt for the neutral color of warm white as the most popular interior paint color in 2024. This is followed by the earthy tone of deep olive green with 32%. 

As Kerrie Kelly, Owner of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab explains “In 2024, we're witnessing a shift towards soothing and earthy tones, with soft, serene blues and calming sage greens taking center stage. These colors evoke a sense of tranquility and connection with nature, creating a harmonious and timeless backdrop for modern interior design.”

Taupe is another warm neutral color, often described as a brownish warm gray, that 28% of designers believe will be the color of the year for many homes. This is followed by 20% who say blue-violet. Linda Merril, Interior Designer at Linda Merrill Decorative Surroundings, says “While I think the gray and white trend is holding on there is a return to more color with dark blue cabinets and more natural stained woods coming back.” 

15% of experts believe that light terracotta/clay will be one of the most popular colors for interiors in 2024. Whereas 13% say black and plum. 10% choose either creamy gray, earthy orange, or light blue, tying into the overall color theme for interiors in 2024.

Top Paint Companies’ Color of the Year 2024

Every year major paint companies also release their color of the year. This year’s colors match those chosen by Fixr’s top experts with an overall theme of warm neutrals and earthy colors. As Shivani Vyas, Owner and Founder of Studio Vyas rightly points out “Expect to see deep moody hues, cozy earth tones, and tonal blues. Blues especially will continue to be a top contender in paint color schemes as it's a hue that boosts serenity and tranquility.”

Both PPG’s and Glidden’s joint color of the year choice is Limitless, a honey-beige hue. Many others have opted for more nature-inspired green or blue shades. For example, Valspar’s Renew Blue is blue with a hint of green, while Dunn Edwards’ Skipping Stones is another example of a nature-inspired hue. Dutch Boy, Benjamin Moore, and Behr have all chosen slightly darker tones, highlighting people’s desire for more color in their homes. 

Neutrals and natural textures have been the trend for the last few years (evolving from the gray trends), and I think they will continue to be despite "color of the year" announcements.

Jill Seidner, Jill Seidner Interior Design

Home design involves many different aspects. Color works when taking into consideration other elements. Below we asked experts to weigh in on various other key design features such as texture, wallpaper, and furniture. 

Choosing a color for your home is only one step in the design process. The type of texture or finish you decide upon will also impact the final look. 60% of design pros say that natural or raw finishes will gain the most popularity in 2024. Natural or raw finishes usually refer to a type of paint finish that is made from natural ingredients. They are more environmentally friendly and carry less toxic chemicals. 

Matte finishes are another popular choice, with 51% of experts saying that most homeowners will desire the look over any other this year. Matte is non-reflective and has a very low shine or gloss to it. Homeowners looking for a soft or muted look will want to opt for this. 

Texture will be slightly less popular in 2024 according to home design professionals. 27% say textured wallpaper will gain popularity, while 24% believe a textured paint finish will be in demand. 

Gaining less popularity than others will be glossy paint finishes, say 16% of experts. While useful if wanting to reflect light, glossy finishes come with their drawbacks, such as easily showing fingerprints and scuff marks, glare, and highlighting wall imperfections. 

Best Location for Wallpaper: Powder Room

The wallpaper trend seems to be hanging on into 2024. Whether you are looking to become more daring with patterns or seek a more simplistic design, wallpaper options are vast. But where will be the most sought-after area of the home for wallpaper in 2024?

81% of experts believe that the powder room will be the most popular place for wallpaper this year. The powder room allows homeowners to express themselves with more exciting design choices than other areas. While you may enjoy an animal print or tropical pattern, it may not be what you want for the spaces you spend most of your time in, such as the living room. 

49% of pros say that most homeowners will opt for wallpaper in the dining room. The dining area is another space that allows for a more dramatic design. 36% believe that the bedroom will be most popular for wallpaper. This makes sense for those who wish to express a more personal design touch to this intimate space. 

Other areas that design experts believe will be most popular for wallpaper are the entryway (26%), ceiling (20%), home office (17%), and the hallway (13%). 

Furniture adds greatly to the overall color and feel of a room. Furniture trends are forever evolving, partly due to how easy it is to replace certain items. In 2024, 71% of top experts say that natural materials are the most popular trend. This is followed by 63% who say sustainable materials. Both show a desire to have a more eco-friendly home. Yet, natural materials also allow for home design to welcome outdoor elements inside. This shows how the indoor/outdoor blend is still top and the desire for the presence of the calmness of nature in the home. 

61% of pros believe soft curves will be the biggest furniture trend this year. 27% say that warm neutral-colored furniture will dominate, while 16% claim that most people seek bold and bright colored furniture. 

Colors for Selling a Home in 2024

If selling a home in 2024 stick with warm neutrals, whites and taupes in the main spaces so buyers can easily transition into the home. Using bold colors in secondary bedrooms, bathrooms or an office is a safe and welcome choice should you want to explore that trend for 2024!

Karen Otto, Home Star Staging

First impressions among home buyers are crucial. Setting the tone for the home to be both inviting and homely, yet enough of a blank canvas for buyers to imagine themselves living there is a tough balance. Below are the responses of top home staging and design experts to know the top trending colors to sell a home in 2024. 

Interior Colors to Increase Home Value: Warm Neutrals and Whites

The impact a color has on a home’s interior cannot be understated. Choosing the right interior color can increase the value of the property by transforming the home’s appearance. 81% of experts recommend warm neutrals to increase home value when selling. Warm neutrals create an inviting feel to the home, while not being overbearing. If you have strong, bright colors in your home and are looking to sell, painting over them with a warm neutral could see you receive higher offers. 

As Karen Otto points out, “If selling a home in 2024 stick with warm neutrals, whites, and taupes in the main spaces so buyers can easily transition into the home.” 

69% of pros also recommend whites to increase home value. While they may not create as much of a warm, homely atmosphere as warm neutrals, they do create a fresh feel. The crisp freshness of white gives a sense of newness that homebuyers seek. 

Only 30% of experts recommend neutrals with deep color accents. While from a design viewpoint, an accent wall can add a lot to a room, knowing where and which color works best is probably best left to professionals. 29% advise using cool neutral colors to increase home value, and only 3% say to paint the home rich/deep colors. 

Exterior Colors to Increase Home Value: White and Wood

Curb appeal is a major factor in real estate and the exterior color of a home can affect home value. 49% of home staging and design experts recommend whites for home exteriors to increase value. White works with pretty much all home styles, types, and ages. It is not off-putting, gives a fresh, clean look, and can match well with all front door, trim, and window colors. 

48% of pros recommend natural wood stains as the top trending exterior color to increase home value. Bringing out the natural wood material of your siding can give an authentic look to it. It’s a timeless style, nature-inspired, and very on-trend which could go a long way to increasing home value. 

36% of experts recommend cream, while 32% say tan or beige. Both are neutral colors that will blend seamlessly with a similar interior color. This cohesion in the color story of a home can help buyers visualize adding their own personal touches while already feeling homely. 

Other colors can also work, depending on the style of the home. 19% recommend grays and greens, 16% say blues, 12% recommend dark tones and only 1% say yellow. 

Colors to Avoid When Selling: Red and Lime Green

Knowing which colors will put off homebuyers is essential if you are looking to sell. 59% of home staging and design professionals say that red is most off-putting to homebuyers. Red is an extremely strong color and may not be to everybody’s taste.

53% of experts state that lime green is the most off-putting to homebuyers. A garish color that impacts greatly on a space can be overwhelming for a potential buyer who is looking around a home. Similarly, 40% say bright yellow will make potential buyers look elsewhere. 

However, as Bethany Adams, Principal at Bethany Adams Interiors, points out “It's important to consider trends if you are thinking of selling your home in the near term, but if resale isn't an issue, I say go with what you love.”

Other colors that experts believe will be detrimental to selling a home are mustard yellow (19%), pink (10%), despite the recent Barbiecore trend, turquoise (9%), and black (4%). 

Colors to Make Rooms Seem Larger: Warm Neutrals

Using color strategically to give the sense of more space is useful for homeowners and home sellers alike. 61% of experts recommend warm neutrals to make small spaces appear larger. Warm neutrals can reflect light, and visually recede, and their calmness can make a space feel less overwhelming. 

60% of pros claim whites are the best color to make a space seem bigger. Whites can create the illusion of higher and wider ceilings and walls, removing the boundaries to create a seamless, open space. The freshness of white also reflects natural light, giving the sense of more room. 

34% say dark hues can help make spaces appear larger. While this may seem counterintuitive when compared to whites, dark hues can add depth to a space. Darker colors can work well with certain lighter features, highlighting them to give the illusion of more dimension and space. 

Other colors experts recommend include cool neutrals (29%), shades of green (17%), cool blues (16%), pale yellows (3%), and grays and pinks (both with 1%). 

Expect to see deep moody hues, cozy earth tones, and tonal blues. Blues especially will continue to be a top contender in paint color schemes as it's a hue that boosts serenity and tranquility.

Shivani Vyas, Studio Vyas

Paint is the quickest and easiest way to change or update the look of your home. Color is back again for 2024 so have fun with it and use it as little or as much as you like. You can always change it later.

Tamra Pfeifer, Set the Stage Interiors

Warm colors are making a comeback in natural materials and interior paint colors tend to follow, as they should.

Wanda Suitt-Horton, Wanda S. Horton Interior Design

In 2024, expect a canvas of sophisticated hues to dominate interiors, blending serene neutrals with bold, expressive tones, including jewel tones and creamy yellow taking the spotlight—creating a tapestry of timeless elegance and modern vibrancy.

Amanda Jacobs, Amanda Jacobs Design

Homeowners are tired of the sameness they’re seeing in home design and want to take bigger risks with their own space. They’re creating statement-making moments to bring them joy every day. Using color, interesting shapes and a mix of materials can create a wow-factor moment to reflect the individuals who live there.

Amy Vroom, The Residency Bureau

When selling a house, paint and color trends need to be used in a softened way. A trend today is not necessarily the trend that buyers are yet ready to embrace. They need to have certain exposure to a new trend before they fall in love with the new trend. While these trends are great for interior design, they need to be used in a more moderate way when selling a property.

Birgit Anich, BA Staging & Interiors


The statistics featured in this report are based on the results of a survey completed by 71 top interior design and home staging experts in December 2023. These professionals were asked a mix of multiple-choice and open-ended questions. Most multiple-choice questions allowed for more than one answer to be selected. All percentages were rounded to the nearest whole number.

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