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Smart Home Technology Trends Report 2024

Written by Adam Graham

Published on April 4, 2024


Smart Home Technology Trends Report 2024

We reveal the results of a survey to experts who share which are the top trends in smart home technology this year.

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Our homes are evolving in a world where technology becomes ever more integrated with our daily lives. You cannot escape the rise of smart technology in recent years and the advancements making our homes work better for us. Each year, more options become available to make our living spaces 21st-century smart homes. But what are the latest smart tech trends? 

We surveyed top home design professionals to gauge what U.S. homeowners most want in their homes based on what their clients tell them. The results reflect that modern gadgets and smart appliances are important, with the kitchen as the most on-trend area to be smart in 2024. 

Check out below what experts agree are the latest smart technology home trends this year.


80% of experts agree that the biggest smart home tech trend in 2024 is automation. Having the power to control appliances at your fingertips makes life much more convenient. And it’s not only domestic appliances that are automated. From a design perspective, you can also control interior and exterior lighting. Automated homes also mean more control over entertainment such as music throughout the home. In terms of comfort, you can easily control temperature, resulting in better energy efficiency as you optimize your home so as not to waste heat or cool air. Dahlia Mahmood, Owner of Dahlia Design, says “Smart tech in homes has become incredibly useful in our homes, not only for tracking usage but for total home integration. This trend from large mobile display screens to controlling appliances from miles away, smart technology is becoming an essential design element for years to come.” 

73% of pros agree that another top trend in home smart tech is security. Smart security can include an array of different features including smart locks, cameras, alarms, lighting, doorbells, and sensors. Security at home gives you peace of mind but it can also be convenient to work for you. As Shivani Vyas, Owner and Founder of Studio Vyas, points out “Homeowners are seeking to automate their everyday tasks to save time”. She continues to explain that homeowners are “using smart tech to design a bedtime routine that performs multiple tasks at once; shutting off lights, locking doors, and setting an alarm for the next day.” 

56% of design experts say that smart appliances are the biggest home design trend in 2024. Appliances with smart features are more widely available than ever, and later in this report, we’ll delve into where and which are the most popular. 

The vast majority of experts agree that smart tech is important to homeowners

54% of experts say that smart technology is important to homeowners. A further 29% go a step further claiming that it is very important. 17% of pros believe homeowners are neutral, while not a single expert we spoke to believes homeowners find smart tech unimportant. This goes to prove how much technology has become part of home design, and integral to how we use our homes. Furthermore, it begs the question as to why homeowners consider it important, and what the driving force is behind this sentiment. 

Most people are installing smart tech for convenience 

A massive majority of 79% of home design experts say that homeowners want smart technology in their homes for convenience. Automation and convenience go hand in hand. While there are other reasons to automate your home, convenience seems to be the one that stands out. Making life easier and making your house work for you is a priority in 2024. As Vyas says “Smart tech is paving a pathway for safer, more convenient and accessible luxury at home.” Convenience comes in different forms, such as being able to set the thermostat so the heating/cooling switches on before you arrive home, or setting ‘scenes’ such as morning routines whereby the blinds open, lights turn on, and the coffee machine gets to work. 

Along with convenience comes a more modern home, which 52% of professionals believe is the main reason people want smart technology. Modernizing your home means having the latest in trends and gadgets to impress your guests and give you the sense that you are living at the forefront of cutting-edge technology. 

47% of experts say that homeowners install tech features for security reasons and 38% claim people are most interested in having smart technology for energy savings, entertainment and media. 

The kitchen is the most popular space to install smart technology, according to 93% of home design professionals. The vast majority of experts agree that among the different spaces at home, the heart of the home is where homeowners can get the most out of appliances and features. It makes sense as there is an abundance of appliances we use in the kitchen of which there are now smart options. Below we will explore the most sought-after smart tech in the kitchen. 

Another popular space to optimize for smart living is the living room, according to 39% of pros. A place to enjoy entertainment and relax, there are many smart tech options available to enhance your experience. With convenience being more of a priority than modernizing and having media gadgets, this probably explains the living room not being as popular as the kitchen for smart tech. 

Elsewhere, 30% of experts believe home offices are where most homeowners would like smart technology, while only 25% say the bathroom. 

Smart fridges top homeowners’ kitchen smart tech wishlist

In the kitchen, most homeowners want smart fridges above other appliances, according to 62% of experts. Smart fridges offer convenience by allowing users to remotely monitor and control their refrigerator's settings, such as temperature and inventory, through mobile apps. They can also automate grocery lists and track expiration dates, enhancing food management and reducing waste. 

44% of pros say smart coffee makers and ovens are set to be the most popular smart items in kitchens in 2024. Smart coffee makers let you set when to brew your coffee and how strong you want it, while smart ovens allow you to control cooking settings from your phone and get alerts, making cooking easier and more convenient.

Smart lighting outshines other home office tech this year

70% of pros agree that smart lighting is the biggest tech priority for a home workspace. Home offices have taken on more precedence over recent years ever since the pandemic forced remote work upon many of us. Smart lighting in a home office lets you adjust brightness and color temperature using your phone, helping create a comfortable and productive workspace. With automated schedules and remote control, it offers convenience and energy savings by ensuring lights are only on when needed. 57% of experts say voice assistants are the most popular trend, while 46% say smart display. Both features help focus and make working a more comfortable experience. 


The statistics featured in this report are based on the results of a survey completed by 71 top interior design and home staging experts in December 2023. These professionals were asked a mix of multiple-choice and open-ended questions. Most multiple-choice questions allowed for more than one answer to be selected. All percentages were rounded to the nearest whole number. 

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