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Kitchen and Bathroom Trends Report 2024

Written by Adam Graham

Published on January 30, 2024


Kitchen and Bathroom Trends Report 2024

Interior design experts share how homeowners are redefining priorities in kitchens and bathrooms in 2024 with these top trends.

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When it comes to home renovation, look no further than the kitchen and bathroom as the most common spaces to upgrade. In 2024, homeowners are looking to perfect these vital areas of the home to make them work for their needs; prioritizing comfort, functionality, and interesting design. This year, kitchen and bathroom trends cater to those who value their home as a place to express themselves, maximize their potential, and escape from life’s stresses. 

To understand the biggest kitchen and bathroom trends in 2024, Fixr.com surveyed over 70 top interior design experts and home staging professionals. They shared with us what their clients are seeking most, their industry knowledge, and design insights about what to expect this year. 

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Key Findings:

  • 62% of experts say that mixing materials is the biggest kitchen trend in 2024.
  • Wood is the most popular cabinetry material, say 73% of pros.
  • Homeowners prioritize storage in kitchens, according to 83%
  • 56% of experts say spa-like design is the top bathroom trend in 2024.
  • 86% of pros claim mindfulness is what homeowners prioritize in their bathrooms. 

Mixing Materials Is the Top Kitchen Trend in 2024

According to top experts, homeowners prefer more dynamic, interesting, and versatile kitchen designs in 2024 as 62% say mixing materials is the top trend. Mixing materials can be either striking or subtle, depending on your taste. It could include having a different material for the outer countertop compared to the island or using metallic hardware on wooden cabinets. Mixing materials means you can blend styles to create a visually exciting space, however, it can also be practical in terms of cleaning and maintenance. Some materials work better than others in certain areas. 

As Kerrie Kelly, Owner of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab, points out “In 2024, kitchens are embracing a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary elements, with a focus on functional elegance. Matte black fixtures and appliances add a touch of sophistication, while sustainable materials and smart storage solutions cater to the demands of modern lifestyles, creating a space that's both stylish and efficient.”

Another top trend that 34% of pros say is the biggest in 2024 is multi-functional islands. A multi-functional island incorporates different aspects, usually including things such as a sink, cooktop, and storage, as well as having space for stools to use as a bar. Other elements you could also see include wineracks, a dishwasher, and open shelving. These make them far more useful than standard islands.  

Stone slab backsplashes will be the hottest kitchen trend this year, according to 30% of design experts. A stone slab backsplash has many benefits including being easy to clean, durable, and heat resistant. They are also timeless in appearance, adding elegance to any kitchen style. 

Statement lighting has been a big trend for years now and 28% of pros believe it will continue to be one of the biggest in 2024. Open-plan layouts allow for more dramatic lighting fixtures, to draw the eye to key design elements such as kitchen islands or tables while also serving as task lighting. 

Other notable trends that design experts believe will be popular among homeowners this year include statement range hoods (23%), layered lighting (21%), and rounded kitchen islands (17%). 

Wood Is the Most On-Trend in Cabinetry

Incorporating natural materials and looks into the kitchen is set to be popular this year. 73% of design experts state that wood is the most on-trend cabinetry style in 2024. Wood is versatile, meaning its color and style can adapt to almost any kitchen design. 67% of pros believe natural finishes will be the most sought-after. Natural finishes bring out the wood’s natural color and finish, giving the most authentic look to the material. 

Two-toned cabinets are a design trend that has been around for a few years now. Experts believe that it will continue, with 49% saying they think it’ll be the most popular cabinet trend this year. Two-toned refers to having one style of cabinetry for the upper cabinets and another for the lower cabinets. Or one style for the outer cabinets, while having another for the island cabinets. It’s a great way of combining different colors and materials to add a bit of depth to your kitchen design. 

Open shelving has seen a drop in popularity recently. Laura Medicus, Owner of Laura Medicus Interiors, says “Open shelves are not as popular as they were in years past.” However, 17% of experts say it will be a big trend this year. As Chelise Butler, Executive Editor of Kitchen & Bath Business Magazine, points out “Open shelving is not for everyone, but it isn't going anywhere.” Open shelving can make a kitchen look more open by having fewer cabinets and allowing you to showcase certain items, giving a kitchen a more personalized look. 

14% of design professionals believe the color taupe will be trending for kitchen cabinetry in 2024, while 13% say the color blue. Only 6% say glass front or stained glass will be a top trend.

Most People Are Prioritizing Kitchen Storage

Being one of the most-used spaces in the home, kitchens need to balance style with practicality. The top trending aspects that people consider important in their kitchens are just that; making the space as easy to use as possible. 

83% of experts say storage is what most people want from their kitchen in 2024. Storage is essential, and this percentage underscores that. Whether it is pull-out trays on runners within cabinets or a pantry cupboard, a well-organized kitchen makes it more functional. Having enough storage space also leaves the kitchen looking tidier while freeing up countertop space. 

This is also important to homeowners as 59% of pros agree that countertop space is what homeowners seek most from their kitchens this year. Countertop space makes for easier organization when cooking, as well as having a nicer-presented, clutter-free kitchen. It also leaves room for those who use their kitchen for various reasons. 

Having the kitchen as a multi-use space is what 57% of design experts agree will be the most sought-after by homeowners in 2024. Since the pandemic, an emphasis has been put on using rooms for more than only what they were originally designed for. For example, a kitchen island can double down as a homework desk for kids or a work-from-home space as well as an area to cook and entertain. As Ariana Lovato, Owner & Principal Designer of Honeycomb Home Design, adequately sums up “Multi-use islands will continue to be a huge part of kitchen design! People are craving ease, storage, function, and beauty all in one.” 

Other features experts say homeowners seek are quiet appliances (21%), sustainable materials (21%), and eat-in kitchens (20%). 

Gray Loses Popularity in Kitchens

Similarly to what we see in paint and color trends in 2024, gray tones are losing popularity. 63% of design professionals say gray kitchens are on the decline. Anna Gibson, Owner & Chief Designer at AKG Design Studio, confirms this by saying “We are finally moving away from the all-white and gray hues in the kitchen. We will see more warm and dark woods and mixed metals creating quiet and understated luxury in the space.” 

Another design feature that is falling out of favor is subway tiles, according to 59% of pros. With homeowners seeking more functionality in the kitchen, subway tiles can be tricky to clean due to the amount of grout lines. 

31% of experts believe that homeowners will be less likely to install waterfall counters in 2024. As visually impressive as they are, the craftsmanship is not easy and therefore fairly expensive which could put homeowners off. 

Other aspects that pros say are on their way out this year are open concept (14%), vintage features (11%), big kitchen islands (3%), and brass fixtures (3%). 

Smart Kitchens in 2024

According to a vast majority of 93% of experts, homeowners want the most smart appliances in the kitchen. Nowadays, smart appliances are easy to come by and plentiful. There are many options of gadgets and systems that can make life easier, more hygienic, and even save you money by being more energy efficient

The kitchen allows for many types of smart technology, from traditional appliances such as fridges, microwave ovens, and coffee machines to more modern additions like air fryers, touchless faucets, and water purifiers. As Jackie Santos, Owner and Interior Designer at Scottsdale Interior Design Group points out “Technology and the use of motion sensor functions continue to top our list of the most requested kitchen trends for 2024.” 

Having a functional kitchen for various uses is a top priority for people, and home automation will only make this more easily achievable. This huge percentage also highlights how important homeowners consider investing in the kitchen compared to other areas of the home. 

Smart Fridges Are the Most In Demand 

Of all the appliances available to choose from to fully convert your kitchen into a smart one, smart fridges are set to be the most popular in 2024, according to 62% of experts. Smart fridges have a range of features such as ‘knock-on’ windows to light up to see inside, temperature control, and Wi-Fi connectivity to look up recipes. This all adds to making the kitchen more energy-efficient and functional. 

44% of pros say both smart coffee makers and smart ovens will be the most popular appliance upgrade this year. This makes sense if you consider the huge coffee culture in the U.S. and the fact that, aside from the fridge, electric ovens use more energy than other appliances in the kitchen.

There are many things that homeowners want to achieve through bathroom design, from a relaxing space to unwind to a functional area to get ready. We asked experts what are the biggest bathroom design trends in 2024 and 56% say spa-like design. Christopher Evans, Owner and Principal Designer at ChristopherCharles Interiors, points out that “Bathrooms that provide a spa-like look and feel will continue to dominate trends for 2024. Bathrooms, sometimes being the only exclusive respite for individuals, demand that they provide elevated aesthetics and superb functionality.” Creating a bathroom that evokes a feeling of a spa gives people a sense of escapism. Designers advise incorporating certain materials, colors, and features. For example, Dahlia Mahmood, Owner of Dahlia Design, explains “In 2024, we are creating a spa oasis in our bathroom spaces. With self-care amenities, like towel warmers, and open shelving for displaying rolled towels and accessories, we are now stepping into our own luxurious hotel-like bathroom.”

Spa-like design can also tie in other elements, such as organic design, which 49% of pros say is the biggest bathroom trend this year. Amanda Jacobs, Founder and Principal Designer at Amanda Jacobs Design, says “Bathroom trends in 2024 usher in a spa-like retreat with organic materials, serene color palettes, and innovative fixtures.” Organic materials include wood and linen, and cream and beige colors complete the aesthetic. Gail Dunnett, Owner of studio D agrees, saying that “Bathrooms are a space for wellness and a retreat-like experience, so we love a soothing palette, organic materials, and earthy textures.” 

38% of experienced designers believe creative tiles are set to trend in bathroom design in 2024. Creative tiles are versatile, allowing homeowners to add as much or as little emphasis on this design element as they wish. They can include mosaic tiles, patterned ceramic tiles, or textured tiles in various shapes and sizes. Jill Seidner, Owner of Jill Seidner Interior Design, comments on this trend by saying she is “Definitely seeing more textures in tiles and color mixes - and I think this is great!”

Freestanding bathtubs are another trend that remains strong in 2024 with 31% of experts agreeing it will be top. Textures, Japandi design, backlit mirrors, and minimalism are among other trends we are likely to see this year. 

People Most Seek A Relaxing Atmosphere in Their Bathroom 

Michelle Minch, Owner of Moving Mountains Design Home Staging, points out that “Lots of storage and spa-like tranquility are the 2 most requested attributes.” And her fellow design industry professionals agree. 

A massive 86% of experts say that homeowners most want a relaxing atmosphere and mindfulness in their bathrooms in 2024. This closely ties in with the spa-like design trend, highlighting even more its popularity. The bathroom has always been the place to wash and get ready. But in 2024, it is so much more. It is the area of the home to fully indulge in self-care. This can be achieved in a variety of ways, including adding ambient lighting and installing luxury features and fixtures. 

Along with having an area to disconnect, it’s also important that the bathroom works well for you. 59% of design professionals say that functionality is what homeowners want most in 2024. As well as unwinding after a long day, the bathroom needs to cater to the whole family when getting ready in the morning. This includes an optimized layout, adequate storage, good task lighting, and easy-to-clean surfaces. As Wanda Suitt-Horton, Owner of Wanda S. Horton Interior Design points out “Thoughtful design with handcrafted materials, beautiful lighting, and any features that enhance the user's experience will be a key reason bathroom remodels will continue to gain popularity.”

Natural light (30%), storage (28%), and high-tech features (23%) are all trends that individually are set to prove popular but add to the overall desire for mindfulness and functionality. Accessibility (21%) and sustainability (17%) are also trending in 2024.  

When it comes to materials, 56% of interior design pros say that natural materials are most sought after in bathrooms in 2024. Natural materials tie into the popular trend of creating spa-like retreats in bathrooms. Materials such as wood and stone invite the tranquility of nature into the space. As CEO & Principal Designer of G. Lebron Interiors, Gloribell Lebron, says “Regardless of size, bathrooms hold significance as a sanctuary, providing a respite from the demands of everyday life. Because of this material selection is of grand importance to accomplish an atmosphere of relaxation and peace.” 

This may also go someway in explaining why 47% of experts believe statement stone is the biggest material trend this year. Statement stone is just that: a statement. It blends interior design with art, whether it be on the wall, floor, or vanity. Statement stone dominates the overall feel of a bathroom’s design, giving it a visual appeal. 

Bathrooms don’t need to be all one tile and color. 44% of pros say that homeowners seek mixed tile styles in 2024. Tiles are easy to clean and maintain, but having a mix of styles also carries the benefit of being able to express yourself through design. Karina Marshall, Owner & Principal Interior Designer at Marshall Interiors agrees by saying “​​I think people will take more risks in bathroom design”. Artem Kropovinsky, Founder at Arsight echoes this; “Minimalist designs are being juxtaposed with bold, graphic tiles for an unexpected visual impact.”

Top design experts also say that fluted tiles (37%) and zellige tiles (27%) will be trending materials in bathrooms in 2024. 

Smart kitchens are not just about gadgets but integrating technology for a more intuitive cooking experience. 

Artem Kropovinsky, Arsight

Beverage Stations and Eat-In Kitchens are definitely staying on top of kitchen design trends in 2024. Functionality and fostering family time will continue to be the focal points while designing kitchens. 

Minol ShamreenStudio M Designs

Exiting the all-white kitchen trend, we are heading towards warmer tones and dark color schemes. We are also seeing requests for large windows, allowing a flood of natural light.  

Dahlia MahmoodDahlia Design

Infusing rustic charm with cutting-edge technology, bathroom design in 2024 seamlessly marries the warmth of tradition with innovation, creating spaces that captivate. 

Kerrie ReidElite Design & Home Staging

When selecting materials for a bathroom, it's very important to understand the way you live in terms of use and cleaning.  Be upfront with your designer and they will steer you towards the most appropriate materials for you. 

Bethany Adams, Bethany Adams Interiors

Bathrooms in 2024 will be brighter and smarter than ever. Better lighting, integrated smart technology, and bidets will enhance the comfort and convenience of the bathroom experience. 

Garrison HullingerStudio Garrison


The statistics featured in this report are based on the results of a survey completed by 71 top interior design and home staging experts in December 2023. These professionals were asked a mix of multiple-choice and open-ended questions. Most multiple-choice questions allowed for more than one answer to be selected. All percentages were rounded to the nearest whole number.

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