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Wallpaper Trends 2022

Written by Cristina Miguelez

Published on January 21, 2022


Wallpaper Trends 2022

This article explores the biggest wallpaper trends in 2022 according to 64 interior design experts, along with some tips on how to incorporate them into your home design.

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Wallpaper has begun to emerge as one of the most popular design choices due to its lower costs and easier installation than tile, wall boards, or other materials. Wallpaper can really liven up rooms. It can create a design focal point, add character to a space, and set the tone for the entire room. Whereas some people may be hesitant to commit to a certain pattern, people are becoming more daring with design choices in parts of their homes, hence the rise in popularity.  

This article explores the biggest predicted wallpaper trends in 2022, depicting some of the findings from Fixr.com’s Paint & Color Trends Report 2022, along with some tips on how to incorporate them into your home design. For this year, expect to see a lot of biophilic patterns and colors and some throwbacks to the past, with art deco and retro prints gaining popularity. As well as this, wallpaper will be installed not only in bedrooms or dining rooms, but also in powder rooms and even on ceilings.

If you want to renew your space, don’t hesitate to read on and get a sneak peak at what 64 interior design experts predict will be the biggest wallpaper trends in 2022.

Green and Nature Inspired Wallpaper

Green and nature inspired wallpaper patterns were by far and away the top choice for designers when asked which patterns they thought would be the most popular in 2022. 56% responded that they felt this pattern would be the top choice for most.

Green and nature-inspired wallpaper patterns dovetail nicely with other interior trends of the moment. This includes paint colors in a wide range of shades of green, as well as the inclusion of more natural materials and plants in the interiors. This may be a way for people to “bring nature indoors” during a time when people may want the benefits that nature can bring, such as decreased stress and blood pressure. By lining your walls with nature-inspired patterns, you could help to capture some of these benefits for yourself.

Nature-inspired patterns can work well anywhere in the home. If you choose a pattern with a very large print, consider making it an accent wall behind your living room furniture. If you choose a pattern with a smaller, more subtle design, you could use it everywhere in a space, such as a dining room or kitchen. The idea is to bring in the pattern in a way that won’t overwhelm the space, while still allowing you to get the benefits from its inclusion in your design.

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Chinoiserie Wallpaper

Chinoiserie-inspired patterns are expected to be popular in 2022. 28% of designers chose this as a top trend prediction. Chinoiserie is an interesting type of pattern. It was once the most coveted fashion of aristocrats in the 17th and 18th centuries before falling out of favor. This unique style is derived from European impressions of what they thought was Chinese art. Chinoiserie may include nature, architecture, people, and even whimsical designs. It can have a repeating pattern to it, or it can be used to create a single, large mural or overarching design. 

Chinoiserie may be popular for its nature-inspired and outdoor themes, as well as for its elegance. Many of the smaller, repeating patterns are light and flowing, such as individual blossoms or leaves that appear to float on the wind. These patterns can be used everywhere in a space to help create an overall theme. If you choose a larger pattern or a pattern that can create a mural scene, such as a mountain or building, consider making it an accent wall in your dining room or a backdrop to another formal space. 

Chinoiserie is a good choice for areas where you want to create a theme or set a tone in your overall design. 

Geometric Wallpaper

Geometric patterns are one of the top wallpaper trends for 2022. 28% of experts agree by choosing it as one of their biggest predicted trend. Geometric patterns come in a wide range of different designs. These can include large, bold patterns with clean lines and bright colors, or softer, muted repeating patterns. Because there are so many different styles, this is one trend that can fit in anywhere.

Choose a dark wallpaper with a subtle, repeating design that is outlined in gold for a study or formal dining room. Alternatively, opt for something in a 3D repeating design in bright colors for a modern living room. Geometric designs don’t need to be anything but triangles, squares, and rhombuses to meet the trend; there are many delicate, curving designs as well. Anyone who wants to add some interest, but doesn’t want to commit to a theme will find that geometric designs can often be what they’re looking for. 


27% of designers agree that murals will be the most popular wallpaper design this year. Murals can easily fit into many other categories that will be popular as well. For example, there are many chinoiserie murals available that showcase landscapes, architecture, or crowds. There are also many nature-inspired mural wallpapers as well, showing off forests, fields, and vines. 

Murals work best when they are confined to a single wall. This can make it a popular design for anyone that wants a big feature to become a focal point in the room. For example, it’s common to include a mural in a dining room to create a backdrop to the table, as well as a focus for the space. 

Murals may be popular in 2022 simply because it’s possible to capture a window into another place. Whether that’s a nature scene or a cityscape, a mural can give you a glimpse into someplace new.

Art Deco Wallpaper

According to 23% of designers, art deco wallpaper designs will be one of the most popular this year. Art deco is another style of wallpaper that ties in well with other trends that are predicted to be hot in 2022. This includes geometric designs, which art deco is definitely famous for.

It’s the 20s once again, and many people are looking back to the 1920s for inspiration and ideas. The Dada art movement has been surging again in art circles, and art deco is on the rise for jewelry and interior design. Many art deco wallpapers include repeating patterns including geometric designs, fans, and chinoiserie-inspired cranes. You’ll also see a lot of earthy colors, browns, golds, and oranges which are predicted to be popular as well. 

Art deco patterns work well anywhere. Expect to see them in foyers, powder rooms, and as accent walls in living and dining rooms. 

Earthy Brown and Orange Wallpaper

19% of experts say that earthy brown and orange colors will be popular in wallpaper this year. These colors and shades are seen very frequently in both art deco and geometric patterns. 

You’ll also find that many earthy brown tones work well with and complement nature-themed patterns as well. For this reason, you may see a lot of wallpaper with these colors simply because it’s prevalent in other areas. Those who want to add some depth to a design that features a lot of nature and green may turn to these shades. And anyone that is looking at other popular wallpaper patterns right now will definitely be seeing these colors come up frequently. From that standpoint alone, exposure will certainly play a role in how often they get used.

These colors work well in a number of spaces in the home as well. Powder rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms are all spaces you can expect to find these shades. 

Playful Wallpaper Patterns

Playful wallpaper patterns are also expected to be a big wallpaper trend in 2022, according to 17% of experts. Playful patterns can also run a very wide gamut of designs including many geometric patterns, abstract patterns, and even some chinoiserie-inspired designs.

What one person may consider to be playful, another may think is whimsical, and another may find bold or contemporary. This can make it difficult to define the trend. For example, many geometric designs may be considered playful when done in bright colors, which could make them popular in contemporary spaces. Other playful designs, however, may include animals, cartoon characters, or abstract shapes that may work best in a children’s playroom.

Those designs that are more popular this year may match up best with geometric designs, as well as some whimsical patterns that may have a lighthearted feel to them. 

Playful wallpaper is often best used in communal spaces, including rec rooms, playrooms, and family rooms. 

Retro Wallpaper

Retro wallpaper is also expected to be a wallpaper trend in 2022, with another 17% believing it will be one of the most popular. Designs and colors inspired by the mid-century and the 70s and 80s are expected to gain popularity in 2022. This category can have a large number of designs to choose from, from playful retro prints and murals to geometric designs, and not all are going to have the same popularity across the board. 

However, as previously seen, art deco is making a big comeback right now, which means that other retro and vintage designs may be following as well. This could lead to a wider popularity amongst the category as a whole.

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Wallpaper can be hung in any room of the home. New materials and technologies mean that wallpaper is now easier to install and remove than ever before. It’s also more resistant to things like moisture and humidity than previous generations.

If you’re wondering where the most popular areas to hang wallpaper will be in 2022, more than 88% of experts agree that the powder room will be the best choice, followed by dining rooms in a distant second place, and ceilings, bedrooms, and foyers rounding out the list.

Wallpaper in Powder Rooms

Powder rooms are an ideal spot for wallpaper for many reasons. The space is small, so the risk of the wallpaper competing with other design elements is very low. Powder rooms often tend to be more formal and decorative than other bathrooms or spaces in the home, so anyone who wants to use a luxury-inspired pattern will find a home for it here. Finally, as powder rooms are used and seen less frequently than other areas, the novelty and excitement of a wallpaper pattern will last much longer. You may even feel more comfortable to try out bolder patterns in a room which isn't on such permanent display.

Wallpaper in Ceilings

Ceilings are a newer place to hang this material, yet 28% of experts felt that it will be the most popular spot to add wallpaper in 2022! The ceiling has become more of the “fifth wall” in recent years, with many homeowners choosing to paint it in bolder colors and patterns. This does make wallpaper the next logical step for those looking to up their interior design game.

Wallpaper in Dining Rooms

Dining rooms were chosen by 28% of experts as the most popular room to add wallpaper in 2022. When it comes to other spaces, dining rooms have many of the same attributes as powder rooms in terms of when it comes to wallpaper; they are often more formal, have fewer design elements, and get used less frequently than other spaces. This makes them another ideal space for going bold with a wallpaper pattern if you aren’t sure how you’ll like wallpaper overall. Foyers also often fall into the same category, and are another place you’ll see wallpaper used often.

Wallpaper in Bedrooms

The bedroom was chosen by 22% of experts as a popular area to include wallpaper. Bedrooms are more personal spaces than living rooms or dining rooms, so this is one place where people may want to include a design that fits their personal style, rather than one that fits the space. This means you may be more likely to want to use something bold or eye-catching here, rather than in other rooms. 

The wall behind a bed is a great place to use as an accent for wallpaper in the bedroom, as the bed is the main focus of the room; by papering that wall you can help bring it into even more focus. 

Wallpaper a Whole Room vs an Accent Wall 

In our recently published report about Paint and Color Trends for 2022, experts were asked about the most popular ways to introduce new colors in a home and regarding wallpaper. The answers were fairly evenly split between papering the entire room or keeping the wallpaper to an accent wall. Slightly more respondents felt that papering the entire room would be more popular than keeping it as an accent, both choices have their positive attributes.

By papering the entire room, you actually take less focus off of the pattern. It becomes the background for the entire space. If you use a subtle pattern, it lends depth to the room, without overwhelming it. However, if you are thinking of a bold or big pattern, an accent wall could be the best way to show it off. With an accent wall, it becomes the focus of the room, rather than the backdrop. And while a big pattern everywhere could get busy or overwhelm other accents in the room, when used sparingly it complements the rest of the room, rather than taking it over. 

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Wallpaper designs are as varied as people’s personal taste and style. No matter what your preferences, you are likely to find a wallpaper that can suit you and your home. We hope you enjoyed the wallpaper trends for 2022 and that it helped you get some inspiration to freshen up your spaces this year.