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5 Popular Wood Floor Colors You'll See Everywhere in 2023

Written by Adam Graham

Published on May 18, 2023


5 Popular Wood Floor Colors You'll See Everywhere in 2023

We reveal the top 5 wood flooring colors that are trending in 2023.

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Wood floors can be found in many shades from wood species that have natural hues to lighter woods that can be stained or painted in other colors. This year's flooring trends are shifting towards a more organic look. The top choices for 2023 are neutral and natural wood floor colors that are not overly saturated or bright, and which resemble tones found in nature.

Because wood is so long-lasting, you’ll want to ensure that you choose a color that will complement your home’s style now and in the coming years. 

Below, you’ll find the top wood floor colors in 2023.

1. Whitewashed Wood Floors

Whitewashed wood has been growing in popularity in recent years. This versatile flooring choice complements various interior design styles. Whitewashed floors go great with light fixtures, beach themes, and rustic farmhouse design. “Whitewashed flooring can brighten up a room and provide a contemporary feel,” explains Artem Kropovinsky, Interior Designer and Founder of the design studio Arsight

Existing wood floors can be whitewashed, which can make this a more affordable trend than installing new floors. If you do this, however, keep in mind that the finish can scuff and chip over time. Otherwise, you may want to invest in engineered hardwood with a whitewash finish for durability.

2. Gray Wood Flooring

Despite declining to some degree in interior color trends overall, gray still has staying power for flooring, as it’s a cool neutral that can work with many home styles.

Gray floors are perfect for cool, modern homes, with darker hues adding some moody and interesting notes to your home design and lighter ones acting as the perfect canvas that can be accented with lighter-colored fixtures and furnishings. Gray floors look great anywhere, but you’ll want to be mindful of the shade that you use and the size of the space so you don’t create the illusion of less space.

3. Light Wood Floors

Light wood is expected to continue as a popular flooring trend in 2023. “Light wood flooring remains a perpetually fashionable option. Its versatility allows it to harmonize with numerous décor preferences,” explains Kropovinsky. Light wood floors can make a space look brighter and more open. Therefore they’re an excellent choice for smaller spaces and rooms without a lot of natural light. Some common choices are blonde, beige, and greige colors. Brad Smith, Interior Designer, and CEO of Omni Home Ideas, comments on the greige wood flooring trend, saying, “This versatile color is a blend of gray and beige and has gained popularity due to its ability to work well with various interior styles, from modern to traditional.”

Light wood has become a sought-after choice among homeowners who prefer boho, coastal, Scandinavian, or a casual style for their living spaces. These flooring options are easier to maintain and more budget-friendly compared to darker wood floors.

4. Dark Wood Flooring in Cool Tones 

Dark wood is still one of the top flooring choices for homeowners. “Dark wood floors with cool undertones, such as espresso and charcoal, continue to be a popular choice for those seeking a sophisticated and timeless look,” explains Smith.

Dark wood floors work well in bedrooms because they allow people to create a warmer, more calming space that reflects nature. These floors also work well in kitchens with contrasting colors like bright white cabinets and appliances, which creates some depth. Generally, woods with a naturally dark tone will be a bit more expensive than naturally light wood that is stained to be dark. Using naturally dark wood can also result in a more durable floor in the end because of its unique properties when compared to lighter wood. Dark wood tones are great choices for farmhouses and rustic homes. However, you should note that they can make the whole room feel darker as a result.

5. Honey Wood Floors

Honey is one of the warm tones that is popular this year because it adds that touch of cheerful lightness. Courtney Wollersheim, Interior Designer at FLOOR360 comments that, “Medium-tone wood floors in a warm honey or chestnut tone appeal to nostalgic decorating styles like traditional, transitional, or maximalist”.

Honey-colored wood floors go great with just about any look - you can add cool colors to the walls or stick with light walls to really open up the space. Perhaps you’ll choose darker or colored furniture for the space or even a colorful area rug to accent the beautiful honey-colored floors. One benefit of honey-colored flooring is that you can opt for a hardwood material like pine. Pine is relatively cheaper than some other hardwood materials, but it does tend to wear faster.

Wood Flooring on Any Budget

You can get a great wood look on any budget, thanks to the low prices of wood-like materials. Laminate costs just $6 to $14 per square foot, LVP cost can vary between $1.50 and $10 per square foot, while real hardwood floors cost between $14 and $32 per square foot, depending on the exact material and type of wood (engineered, solid hardwood, etc.) You’ll also spend more on darker woods and hardwoods than you might on a softer, lighter wood. If you are choosing a paint or stain to finish the floor, that won’t impact the cost as much as the material itself, but it should be something to keep in mind.

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