Electrical and Wiring

Average Cost for Electrical and Wiring

Every home contains some degree of electrical and wiring work regardless of style, age, or size. Add in home automation, backup generators, internet and ethernet cabling, and phone services, and it is likely that your home will contain more types of wiring systems than you initially thought.

Electrical and wiring systems are integral to all parts and rooms of your home, powering your electronics and illuminating rooms. This means that there is a wide range of associated projects you may undertake from installing new recessed lighting to putting in new smart door locks. As home automation becomes more commonplace, you may also find yourself installing other new electrical systems, which can add to an already extensive range of associated costs.

While there are many different types of electrical and wiring systems, it is most likely that you will contract with an electrician for the majority of these projects. Electricians typically charge between $65 and $85/hour for most services, including the wiring of a home.

Repairs and Maintenance