How Much Does It Cost to Build a Barn?

Average Cost
(1,600 sq.ft. pole barn with wood walls, gable roof, and 4 inside stalls)

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How Much Does It Cost to Build a Barn?

Average Cost
(1,600 sq.ft. pole barn with wood walls, gable roof, and 4 inside stalls)

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Whether you need extra storage on your property or to house livestock, having a barn can be a great asset to many people. Barns come in many shapes, sizes, and styles from small shed barns to massive steel indoor arenas. They can even be finished like houses.

The national average cost to build a barn is $10,000 - $200,000, with most homeowners spending around $72,000 on a 1,600 sq.ft. pole barn with wooden walls, gable roof, and 4 inside stalls.

Cost to Build a Barn

Barn Building Costs
National average cost$72,000
Average range$10,000-$200,000
Minimum cost$5,000
Maximum cost$350,000

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Build a Barn Cost by Project Range

2-stall prefab shedrow with 10-foot wide stalls
Average Cost
1,600 sq.ft. pole barn with wood walls, gable roof, and 4 inside stalls
3,000 sq.ft. round barn with a timber roof

Barn Costs by Type

Barns can be constructed in a few ways, which dictates some of their costs. The average cost per square foot varies by type:

Cost to Build a Barn

Cost to Build a Barn

Barn TypeAverage Cost per Square Foot
Modular/Prefab$4 - $20
Pole barn$7 - $60
Shedrow$9 - $60
Post and Beam$60 - $100

Modular Barn Prices

Modular or prefab barns are the least expensive way to build. They come in two variations, a kit that can be easily assembled on-site or finished structures that are transported to the site. They can be pole barn, shedrow, or post and beam and typically cost between $4 and $20 a square foot, depending on the type and materials.

Pole Barn Cost

Pole barns are the most common type of custom-built barn. They do not use a foundation, so they can be built more cheaply than other structures. At their simplest, they can be open with only a roof or a fully enclosed property that can be converted into a house. They are made of poles or pressure-treated timbers that are inserted into the ground, which is where it gets its name. They range in costs from $7 to $60 a square foot because they can be finished in so many ways.

Pole Barn Prices by Size

Pole barns can be constructed in nearly any size, from small single-stall buildings to massive arenas, although they cannot be larger than 90 feet in width due to the construction style. The following is the average cost, based on some of the most common sizes:

Build a Barn Price Chart

Build a Barn Price Chart

Barn SizeAverage Cost
20’ x 40’ (800 sq.ft.)$36,000
24’ x 36’ (864 sq.ft.)$38,880
30’ x 40’ (1,200 sq.ft.)$54,000
30’ x 50’ (1,500 sq.ft.)$67,500
40’ x 60’ (2,400 sq.ft.)$108,000
50’ x 60’ (3,000 sq.ft.)$135,000
50’ x 90’ (4,500 sq.ft.)$202,000
90’ x 90’ (8,100 sq.ft.)$364,500

Shedrow Barn Prices

A shedrow is a very simple barn made for livestock like horses. It is essentially a row of stalls, with or without additional storage. They are fully enclosed and can be found in prefab kits or be custom-built. They cost between $9 and $60 a square foot, depending on the material.

Post and Beam Barn Cost

Post and beam is a traditional building method that uses large, heavy timbers instead of dimensional lumber. Less material is needed because the material used is heavier and more substantial. These barns have a very distinct appearance, but it can be difficult to find knowledgeable workers to build because this construction style is not common. Some prefab models can lower the cost. They range from $60 to $100 a square foot on average.

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Barn Prices by Use

Barns can be used for many things. For example, you can use them to store equipment or hay, house animals, or even as living or work spaces. The general use can influence its total cost, although those costs may not vary tremendously. Size, material, and building style are the biggest factors in the final project cost:

Barn Prices Chart

Barn Prices Chart

Type of Barn by UseAverage Costs
Hay Barn$4 - $7 per sq.ft.
Horse Barn$9 - $60 per sq.ft.
Hog Barn$9 - $60 per sq.ft.
Corn Barn$20 - $45 per sq.ft.
Barn Gym$45+/sq.ft. (barn only)
Cow-Calf Hoop Barn$400 - $500/per head of cattle

Horse Barn Cost

Many people choose to keep horses in their barn, which can technically be done in any barn style, provided modifications are made like adding stalls. Many people adapt pole barns to include stalls on each side, with a riding ring in the center. It is also common for people to construct simple shedrows of stalls, with some storage for tack, hay, and grain. For this reason, there is a wide range of costs associated with building a horse barn. Costs range from $9 a square foot for a prefab shedrow to over $60 a square foot for a modified pole barn.

Horse Barn Prices per Stall

It can be difficult to price out a barn based solely on the number of stalls because stalls come in different sizes. They can also be made in different styles and varying materials, all of which impact the total cost. However, 10-foot wide stalls generally start at around $3,000 fully constructed, while 12-foot wide stalls start at $3,300 fully constructed. The more stalls and features you add, the higher the total project costs.

Hay Barn Prices

Many people construct barns for storing hay, with livestock housed separately. In this case, the pole barn is the most common build because at its simplest, it can be constructed for $4 - $7 a square foot with a simple roof that is adequate for storing hay. Because storage is the only use, the interior can be left empty, essentially constructing just a shell for the building with an open interior, so costs can be low.

Hog Barn Prices

Many different barn types can be modified to house hogs. Typically, they can be kept in stalls, so a shedrow or modified pole barn may be adequate. Like horse barns, expect costs per stall to start at around $3,000 or be between $9 and $60 a square foot to build and modify a shedrow or pole barn. Stalls range in size depending on hog sizes and how many you keep in one area. Since many people choose to keep their hogs outdoors, barns may also be open so that the hogs can enter and leave at will.

Cow-Calf Hoop Barn Cost

Hoop barns are the most common structure for holding cattle. They are sized and priced by the number of cattle you intend to keep. This is a very simple structure with a rounded, or hooped roof, which is open on the interior, although you can adjust for stalls. The cost of a hoop barn is around $400 - $500 per head of cattle housed.

Corn Barn

Corn barns or corn cribs are small structures with a cupola on top, designed for holding corn. They have costs of around $20 - $45 a square foot to construct on average, depending mostly on the material and whether any additional modifications are done for storing other items.

Barn Gym Cost

Many people who want to build a large gym find that a pole barn or modular barn makes an excellent space for this use. Pole barns and modular barns can be open inside, allowing for the installation of any gym equipment from CrossFit to gymnastics. The cost to build the structure averages $45 a square foot, plus any equipment. Because these gyms can be used in so many ways, there is a wide range of equipment costs. Many people spend an average of $20,000 to $100,000 equipping the gym once constructed.

Barn Prices by Material

Barns can be constructed from wood or metal. Wood barns can be either dimensional lumber or timber, depending on the construction type. Each material has its own cost range:

Barn Prices by Material

MaterialCost to Build per Square Foot
Metal$7 - $25/sq.ft.
Wood (Dimensional lumber)$20 - $40/sq.ft.
Timber$60 - $100/sq.ft.

Metal Barns Prices

Metal barns are usually prefab or modular construction, either supplied as an entire unit or built on-site from a kit. A metal barn is typically designed to be a shell. You can design and modify the interiors as needed so that they can be used as open storage barns or have stalls added. They can even be converted into living quarters. Depending on the design complexity, they cost $7 - $25 a square foot.

Wood Barn Costs

Wood or dimensional lumber barns can be constructed in a few ways, including prefab or modular. They can also be shedrow and pole barns, so there is a wide cost range. Prices also vary depending on the wood and how you finish the barn. Costs range on average between $20 - $40 a square foot but can be much higher or lower, depending on the project complexity.

Timber Frame Barn Cost

Timber or post and beam barns can be more expensive to construct, not necessarily for the material costs but because of the labor involved. Timber barns are heavier and more substantial and require specialized knowledge. They can be found in some prefab and modular designs to help keep costs down, but most are custom. They cost $60 to $100 a square foot on average, but some very complex designs cost more.

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Barn Pricing by Style

The majority of the costs for building a barn are based on size, type, and material. There are some minor fluctuations in cost depending on the style, with some very complex styles costing more than simple structures:

Building a Barn Pricing

Building a Barn Pricing

Barn StyleAverage Cost per Square Foot
Gable$7 - $45/sq.ft.
Iron Horse Barn$8 - $17/sq.ft.
Homestead Barn$25 - $100/sq.ft.
Gambrel$30 - $40/sq.ft.
Bank Barn$30 - $45/sq.ft.
Monitor Barn$30 - $50/sq.ft.
Round Barn$100 - $250/sq.ft.

Gable Barn

Gable barns refer to the roofing style, or a roof with gables, like many traditional homes. Gable barns can be made from many materials and may be prefab or custom, so they have a wide range of costs, from $7 to $45 a square foot.

Iron Horse Barn

Iron frame barns are uncommon but can be found in some prefab kits. These are ideal for housing horses because they are weatherproof and can have a ring in the center for riding. They cost $8 to $17 a square foot for an I-beam construction.

Homestead Barn

Homestead barns have become very popular in recent years. This is a style of barn that can be used on farms or residential properties for offices, garages, storage, or any purpose. They are stylish, but not overly large, and are usually made of wood or timber. They cost $25 to $100 a square foot, depending on the type and material.

Gambrel Barns

The gambrel barn is popular in the Northeast where the gambrel roof is also frequently seen. This barn style has a raised center section with lower sides. They can be used for livestock because stalls are easy to install on either side. They cost $30 to $40 a square foot on average and can be found in many materials and as custom or prefab builds.

Bank Barn Cost

A bank or banked barn is built partially into the side of a hill. It has a lower construction cost in some areas but requires specialized knowledge and engineers to build properly. The builder needs to adjust for the soil type, which requires testing. In addition, the exact shape and size of the barn can be influenced by the hill, its size and shape, and how far into the hill you place it. They cost $30 - $45 a square foot on average.

Monitor Barn Cost

Monitor barns or raised center aisle barns resemble the gambrel in shape. The center portion of the barn is raised, while the sides angle downward. They also always have stalls below these wings, raising the cost slightly. Costs are typically $30 - $50 a square foot.

Round Barn

Round barns are very stylish, being built in a circle rather than a more traditional shape. They can be used as riding rings but are difficult for storing animals in due to their shape. They are also costly to build, at $100 to $250 a square foot.

Modern white barn built on field

Cost to Build a Barn

Many different labor costs are involved in building a barn. Varying materials, styles, and building types all influence the cost of labor and the professionals required. Prefab barns may not have separate labor and material costs, while custom barns built on-site need to be priced out separately.

When paying a professional to assemble a kit for you, expect labor costs of $4 to $5 a square foot. When having a barn built, expect labor costs to range from $5 to $10 a square foot on average for pole barns and $50 - $70 a square foot for timber or post and beam barns.

In most cases, barns can be constructed by a general contractor at a rate of $85 - $150 an hour. Carpenters ($70/sq.ft.), roofers ($1.00 - $1.50/sq.ft.), and siding professionals ($40 - $50/hour) may also be part of the project, but this will vary from job to job, depending on what the barn is made from. Metal barns have the siding and roofing as part of the structure and do not require additional contractors. Timber or post and beam barns both need a carpenter and structural engineer to build.

Some barns may also need electricity or running water. These require an electrician ($40-$100/hour) and/or a plumber ($45 - $200/hour). These costs are dramatically lower than for a home because things like visible pipes and wires are not usually a concern as long as safety codes are met.

Cost to Build a Pole Barn per Square Foot

Pole barns are one of the most common and popular building styles. They can be prefab for as low as $4 a square foot or custom-made for more than $50 a square foot. Most people find, however, that they pay around $45 a square foot for a pole barn with enclosed walls.

Barn Kit Prices

Many people choose to use barn kits, rather than have a custom-barn built. The reason being barn kits cost considerably less, starting at just $4 a square foot, with many shedrow barns only costing $3,000. Expect to pay anywhere from $4 to $20 a square foot on average for the kit, with many including installation or assembly in the cost. Some do not, so you need to factor in labor or build it yourself.

Rustic red barn in rural environment

Cost to Build a Barn House

The cost to build a barn house depends on whether you build a house from scratch with the look and style of a barn or convert an existing structure. It also varies depending on the building style. For example, pole barns can be used as houses, and they have a very low building cost because there is no foundation.

The average cost range to build a barn house is $100 - $250 a square foot, with all the finish work included. But some custom builds can be as high as $400 a square foot, depending on the features added. You will need additional professionals for this job, such as flooring installers, painters, and other finish work, which are not required for ordinary barns.

Converting a Barn into a House Cost

It is possible to convert a barn into a house, but this has a wide range of costs. The material the barn was built from, barn style, layout, and how finished the structure was all play a role in how much it costs to convert. Prices have a similar range to building a barn house, around $100 - $250 a square foot on average.

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Cost to Build a Barndominium

Barndominiums are a new trend in home styles. This is inspired by the lofts that were frequently installed in barns as a sleeping area for barn hands and farm workers. Today’s barndominiums are usually a very simple exterior metal shell, like a prefab metal barn, with a finished interior. They are less costly than a house to build because the shell only costs $8 - $20 a square foot on average. The entire finished structure is typically between $50 and $100 a square foot, depending on the features and how much work you want to put into it.

Trail leading to the open doors of a big red barn

How Much Does it Cost to Move a Barn?

The cost to move a barn depends on many things. Pole barns, which do not have foundations, are easier to move than bank barns that are built into a hill. In addition, larger barns and complex buildings cost more to move than simple structures. Jacking and transporting a barn has an average cost of $5,000. However, your project may have additional costs, including land clearing at the new site and finishing and securing, raising the total.

Shed vs Barn

If you want to use your barn for storage, you may also want to consider using a shed. Sheds are smaller and less costly to build, but they offer many storage options. Sheds are not designed for livestock, however, and they are typically much smaller. So if you want to store tractors and hay, then a barn is a better option. Storing gardening tools and a lawnmower, however, may be better stored in a shed.

Enhancements and Improvement Costs

Cost of Building a Barn with a Loft

Many barns have lofts either for storing hay above animals or for rudimentary living areas. The cost of building a barn with a loft varies depending on how finished the loft will be but averages $45 - $60 a square foot in total.

Gutter Installation

Many barns do not have foundations, but they may need water management around the perimeter. While not required for many barns, you can have gutters installed if you have a lot of rainfall and want to protect the perimeter. The cost to install gutters is $3 - $25 a linear foot.

Storage Installation

Most barns are either used for storage or include storage in the plan. Adding a storage room adds about $3,000 to the project.


It is very rare to insulate a barn, unless it is being converted into a home. Insulation costs $0.12 to $7 a square foot, depending on the type. While you would not insulate a barn unless it includes living quarters, barns can be insulated in all areas like homes. Inside wall cavities and beneath the exterior siding are two of the most common areas.

Bulk Feed Tanks

If you have a lot of livestock on your property, you can add a bulk feed tank outside the barn. These generally cost between $1,000 and $3,000, depending on size.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • You will likely need a permit to construct a barn because most barns are over 200 square feet. Visit your town or city hall for more information.
  • Like any structure, barns require some maintenance. Metal barns need lower maintenance than wood and tend to do better in adverse weather. Wooden barns have many of the same maintenance and repair requirements as houses.
  • Any well-kept structure on your property can add value. This is true even of pole barns, which do not have a foundation. The key is to make sure the barn fits the property, is in good condition, and has a style and function that fits in with the rest of the area.


  • How much do pole barns cost?

Pole barns cost between $7 and $60 a square foot, depending on the material, style, and type.

  • How much does it cost to build a barndominium?

Barndominiums cost between $50 and $100 a square foot, depending on the level of finishing.

  • Can you build a pole barn with 4x4 posts?

Pole barns can be built from any dimensional lumber, from kits or metal posts.

  • Can you get a loan to build a barn?

This depends on many factors, including the barn use, area, location, and type, as well as credit, equity, and collateral in some cases.

Cost to build a barn varies greatly by region (and even by zip code). To get free estimates from local contractors, please indicate yours.

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The information provided by our cost guides comes from a great variety of sources, including specialized publications and websites, cost studies, U.S. associations, reports from the U.S. government, contractors and subcontractors, material suppliers, material price services, and other vendor websites. For more information, read our Methodology and sources
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Cost to build a barn varies greatly by region (and even by zip code). To get free estimates from local contractors, please indicate yours.

The information provided by our cost guides comes from a great variety of sources, including specialized publications and websites, cost studies, U.S. associations, reports from the U.S. government, contractors and subcontractors, material suppliers, material price services, and other vendor websites. For more information, read our Methodology and sources