How Much Does It Cost to Install Gutters?

Average range: $900 - $5,000
Average Cost
(150 linear feet of seamless aluminum box gutters with 4 downspouts, installed)

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How Much Does It Cost to Install Gutters?

Average range: $900 - $5,000
Average Cost
(150 linear feet of seamless aluminum box gutters with 4 downspouts, installed)

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Rain gutters direct water away from your home’s foundation to avoid serious damage and soil erosion. Gutters come in a wide range of materials and styles, complementing your home’s appearance, matching specific details in your architecture, or investing in a low-maintenance material that is easy to install.

Because of this range in materials and style, there is a wide range of costs associated with new gutter installation. The national average range is $900 - $5,000, with most people paying around $1,409 for 150 linear feet of seamless aluminum box gutters with 4 downspouts.

Cost to Install Gutters

Gutter Installation Costs
National average cost$1,409
Average range$900-$5,000
Minimum cost$510
Maximum cost$6,917

Gutter Installation Cost by Project Range

100 linear feet of white PVC gutters with 3 downspouts, DIY
Average Cost
150 linear feet of seamless aluminum box gutters with 4 downspouts, installed
200 linear feet of K-style copper half-round gutters with 6 downspouts, installed

Gutter Cost Estimator

Gutter Cost Estimator

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Gutter Installation Cost per Linear Foot

Gutters are sold and installed by the linear foot. The exact cost is influenced by several factors, including the gutter material, type, and style, with some materials and shapes costing more than others. Gutters cost from $3 to $30 a linear foot installed, with vinyl being the least expensive and galvalume costing the most.

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Average Cost to Install Gutters by House Size

Because gutters are sold and installed by the linear foot, the larger your home, the more gutters you have to install. Keep in mind that gutters are not installed around the perimeter of your home, but only on those areas where rainwater needs to be directed away from your foundation. The exact number of feet your home needs varies based on your architectural style and home placement. Larger homes often have more stories, which also means needing longer downspouts. The pitch of your roof, the hips, gables, and other features also play a role in how much your gutters cost. Below is the average cost to install gutters based on varying house sizes:

Gutter Installation Cost

Gutter Installation Cost

House SizeCost to Install Gutters
800 sq.ft.$180 - $1,800
1,000 sq.ft.$240 - $2,400
1,500 sq.ft.$300 - $3,000
1,750 sq.ft.$450 - $4,500
2,000 sq.ft.$600 - $5,250

Costs of Gutter By Material

Gutters come in a range of different materials, each of which has its own cost to consider.

Gutter Installation Prices

Gutter Installation Prices

MaterialAverage Cost per Linear Foot (Installed)
Vinyl (PVC)$3 - $6
Aluminum$6 - $14
Galvanized steel$8 - $12
Copper$15 - $30
Wood$18 - $25
Zinc$20 - $25
Galvalume$20 - $30

Vinyl (PVC) Gutters Cost

Vinyl is an inexpensive gutter material that is easy to install, making it a good choice for DIY. It is also highly durable and requires little maintenance. However, it is more susceptible to weather, as the plastic can warp if exposed on a regular basis to high temperatures. It comes in many styles and sizes and works for many homes. It becomes brittle in cold temperatures and softens in hot temperatures, so it is best used in a moderate climate. Vinyl gutters cost $3 - $6 a linear foot installed.

Modern home with vinyl gutters

Aluminum Gutters Cost

Aluminum is one of the most popular materials for gutters. It is lightweight and inexpensive and installed seamlessly for better performance and fewer leaks. It is available with a factory finish in nearly any color, but it can also be painted. It comes in several sizes and styles and costs $6 - $14 a linear foot.

House with seamless aluminum gutters

Galvanized Steel Gutters Cost

Galvanized steel is a tough, durable material for gutters that holds up well over time. It resists dents and performs well in nearly all climates. It also comes in several sizes and styles and is seamed or seamless. Because it is heavier, it should always be professionally installed. It costs between $8 - $12 a linear foot installed.

Galvanized steel gutter installed on home roof

Copper Gutters Cost

Copper is a beautiful material for gutters that works well on homes to provide an accent at the roofline. Copper is a material that offers a unique color which develops a patina over time, making it low maintenance and able to last for decades. However, this material is more expensive and can be difficult to install. Nevertheless, due to its durability, it makes a good investment for many people. It costs $15 - $30 a linear foot installed.

Home roof with copper gutters

Wood Gutters Cost

Wood may not be the most common gutter material, but wooden gutters make a beautiful statement. Wood gutters come in several styles and species, such as cypress that resist moisture and insect activity. Wood gutters cost between $18 and $25 per linear foot on average.

Wooden gutter in a house with vegetation in the background

Zinc Gutters Cost

Zinc is a popular material for historic homes and any home where you want a low-maintenance option and an attractive gutter with a color that blends with your facade. Zinc gutters develop a variegated patina over time, protecting them from corrosion and damage, so they last for decades. They cost $20 - $25 a linear foot.

Roof with zinc gutters installed​​

Galvalume Gutters Cost

Galvalume is a coating made of zinc, aluminum, and silicone. It is similar to galvanizing but does a better job of protecting the metal from corrosion. Galvalume gutters do not rust, last longer, and perform better than galvanized steel or aluminum gutters. They are found in several styles and both seamed and seamless types. They cost between $20 and $30 a linear foot installed.

Modern galvalume gutters installed on roof

Gutter Prices by Type

Gutters come in essentially two types - segmental, also known as seamed, and seamless, also known as continuous. Seamed gutters come in set lengths, so if you need more than one piece, they are joined on site. Seamless gutters are constructed at your home and are one piece with no seam, meaning the gutters have fewer leaks.

Cost to Install Gutters

Gutter TypeAverage Cost per Linear Foot (Installed)
Sectional (seamed)$3 - $20
Seamless$4 - $30

Sectional Gutters Cost

Sectional gutters are less expensive and readily available for DIY installations. They do not last as long because the seams fail over time, causing clogs and leaks. They cost $3 to $20 a linear foot.

Seamless Gutters Cost

Seamless gutters are more expensive because they are formed specifically to the measurements of your home. Each piece is longer, and therefore more difficult to install. However, they last longer with fewer leaks, so they are often worth it in the long term. They cost $4 - $30 a linear foot.

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New Gutters Cost by Style

Gutters come in several styles as well, which accent your exterior. Some styles work better with specific types of architectures, while others work with nearly any. Not all materials are available in all styles, and each has its own cost range.

New Gutters Cost

New Gutters Cost Chart

Gutter StyleAverage Cost per Linear Foot (Installed)
K-style$3 - $23
U-style$4 - $25
Fascia$5 - $10
Victorian Ogee$8 - $15
V-style$9 - $25
European Seamless$12 - $25

K-Style Gutters

K-style gutters are one of the most common and popular types. They hold more water than most other types, making them very effective. They get their name because when they are sliced, the profile looks like the letter K. They cost between $3 - $23 a linear foot, depending on the material.

U-Style Gutters

U-style gutters are one of the earliest gutter styles. They are a half pipe attached to the underside of the soffit. The traditional style does not hold as much water as newer types, but some newer U-style gutters hold more. They average $4 - $25 per linear foot.


Fascia-style gutters are more decorative, with a slightly carved facial appearance. They have a smooth face, which acts as a fascia and hides the edges of the beams. This system does not require soffit installations, although it could be installed to add an aesthetic appeal. They do not come in as many materials as K-style or U-style gutters, so they are more difficult to find. Prices range from $5 - $10 a linear foot.

Victorian Ogee

The Victorian Ogee is another highly decorative gutter style with a frilled front edge. They come in several sizes but not in many materials, so they are less common and difficult to find. They cost between $8 - $15 a linear foot.


The V-style gets its name because the gutter is shaped like a V when looked at from the side. They do not hold as much water as other types, so they are not as common, only coming in a few materials. They average $9 - $25 per linear foot.

European Seamless

European seamless gutters are a type of U-style gutter but are larger and can accommodate more water. They are becoming more common and are available in most materials. They cost $12 - $25 a linear foot on average.

Gutter Sizes: How Much Guttering Do I Need?

Rain gutters come in several widths, starting at around 3 inches. A depth of 4 to 6 inches is considered standard, but it is also possible to purchase 7 or 8-inch deep gutters if you live in an area with high rainfall levels. These must be custom made, however.

For most homes, a depth of 4 to 6 inches is adequate. Your needs may differ based on the average amount of rainfall you get, the pitch or slope of your roof, and how many trees are around your property. Roofs with a high pitch dump water into the gutters faster, while having many trees leads to more clogs, necessitating a larger gutter.

If you are not sure, ask your installer to calculate the correct size based on your roof’s size and pitch and the average rainfall for your area.

Gutter Installation Cost

The exact cost to install your gutters depends on several factors, including whether they are seamed or seamless, the gutter material and size, and the number of stories your home has. The average cost to install gutters is between $1 and $7 a linear foot, including all labor and installation material.

Zinc Gutters Installed on roof

Cost Factors to Install Gutters

Many factors impact the total cost to install your rain gutters. The gutter material, size, and style are the biggest driving factors behind your costs. In addition, the number of gutters, how they are hung, number of stories - higher stories need longer downspouts - and the installation cost in your area also impact the installation.

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Garage Gutter Installation

If you have a separate garage, you may want to install gutters on it as well. Gutters move water away from the garage’s foundation, so it is more likely to last longer. Garage gutter installation is identical to gutter installation on the rest of your home. The only difference is that you need fewer gutters overall.

Cost to Install Gutters and Downspouts

Downspouts are usually factored into the project’s overall cost, with most homes needing 3 to 5. Downspouts have varying costs based on material. Most are either round or rectangular. They are seamed or seamless, with the seamless downspouts costing slightly more than the seamed variety. The downspout’s cost is in linear feet like the gutters, so the taller your home, the more the downspouts cost. Expect material costs between $3 and $30 a linear foot, with installation costing $30 - $50 per downspout.

Gutter Replacement Cost

To install new gutters on your home, the old ones need to be removed first. This is an easy but time-consuming job, which typically runs between $0.65 and $0.85 a linear foot to complete. This makes the average gutter replacement cost per linear foot around $3.65 - $30.85. If your old gutters are hard to remove or made of a material that is difficult to dispose of or recycle, your costs may be higher.

Man installing PVC gutters in home roof

How Much Slope Should a Gutter Have?

To effectively drain water, your gutters need to slope toward the downspout. While most gutters appear to be parallel to your roofline, they are tilting downward slightly at roughly ¼ inch per 10 feet of downspout.

This means that 20 feet of gutter will be ½-inch lower at the downspout than they are at the starting end. Not having this slope causes the water to pool, rather than drain, potentially causing leaks and damage to the gutter.

How to Maintain Gutters

Gutters are fairly easy to maintain, but some may need more care than others. All gutters should be cleaned regularly to remove leaves, pine needles, and other debris that could cause clogs. A gutter guard could also be installed to prevent debris from accumulating in the gutter. In addition, they should be inspected for corrosion and rust, sagging, or pulling away from the house. Some gutters also need to be painted periodically to look their best.

Gutter Repair Cost

Gutters develop problems over time that necessitate repair. If this is the case, it is important to deal with the issue in a timely way. Broken gutters not only detract from your home’s curb appeal and value. They also do not work properly, allowing water to build around your foundation, causing leaks, erosion, and other problems.

Below are some of the most common causes of gutter repair and the average costs.

Gutter Repair Cost

Gutter Repair Cost

ProblemAverage Repair Costs (Labor Included)
Clog in gutter or downspout$100 - $600
Leaking$500 - $600
Dented$550 - $650
Sagging$600 - $700
Water not draining$650 - $750
Hole or crack in gutter$700 - $800
Rotting gutter$1,000 - $1,200

Vinyl vs Aluminum Gutters

Vinyl and aluminum are two of the more popular gutter materials. Both are fairly inexpensive and low maintenance, particularly when compared with other gutters. Vinyl in particular is very easy to install and makes a good choice for DIY.

Aluminum needs professional installation but is lightweight and easier to install than some other types, so it tends to have lower costs. Both come in a variety of styles and types to suit your home.

Both also resist corrosion, insect activity, and do not require painting. However, aluminum dents easily, while vinyl cracks in cold weather or sags in hot weather, making vinyl a better choice for moderate climates.

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Enhancements and Improvements Costs

Gutter Guards

If you live in an area with a lot of trees, install gutter guards. These keep leaves and other debris out of your gutter, so they stay cleaner. They cost $1,352 to $1,702 on average.

Gutter Cleaning

It is important to have your gutters cleaned regularly to help prevent clogs, which shortens their lifespan and can cause a leaky roof or water damage to the house. Gutter cleaning costs around $188 on average.

Gutter Removal Cost

When installing new gutters, you need to remove the old gutters. This costs around $0.65 to $0.85 per linear foot.

Gutter Painting

Painting gutters is a cheap alternative to replacement. However, some gutters can be painted to improve their appearance. Not all gutters are painted, and if your gutters have a factory finish, this type is not usually meant to be painted. However, if you choose to have your gutters painted, the average cost is around $2 a linear foot, although many painters have a $500 minimum.

Wire Mesh Screens

Wire mesh screens are a type of gutter guard designed to keep leaves and debris out while letting water through. They cost between $2 and $3 a linear foot.

Heat Tape

If you live in an area that sees snow and ice, install heat tape to prevent your gutters from freezing in the winter. This is an electrical wire placed inside the gutters. It costs between $500 and $650 for most homes.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • Consider your gutters’ color and how they blend or contrast with the rest of your home. Many people choose neutral colors because they tend to work well with the most exteriors.
  • It is possible to find some types of gutters, such as aluminum, powder-coated in bright colors. This helps your gutters stand out and make a statement but make sure they follow any HOA guidelines.
  • Steel, aluminum, and vinyl gutters last around 20 years. Copper gutters last up to 60 years, and zinc lasts up to 80 when well-maintained.
  • Many recycling centers accept metal gutters. While some vinyl gutters are recyclable, not all centers accept them.
  • Gutters overflow if they are not maintained properly. Cleaning and repair usually solve the issue, but it is best to wait until they are dry to address the issue.
  • In most areas, you do not need a permit to install new gutters.
  • Fascia board is what the gutters are installed on. In some cases, you may need to have this replaced or repaired before installing new gutters. Check with your installer to find out if yours is salvageable.
  • Summer is the best time of the year to install new gutters because fall and winter tend to bring higher levels of rain and snow that need management.
  • Many gutters have a warranty with their purchase in case of structural failure. Speak to your installer about what that may cover.


  • How much do new gutters cost?

Gutters are priced by length, material, type, and style and cost $3 - $30 a linear foot.

  • How much does Lowes charge to install gutters?

Most Lowes use local installation professionals, who may charge between $1 and $7 a linear foot.

  • Do I need gutters around my entire house?

No, you do not usually need gutters around your entire house. This depends on your roof, pitch, and gables, so every home is different.

  • Should I get 5-inch or 6-inch gutters?

This depends on the pitch of your roof and how much rainfall you get. Gutters that are 6 inches hold more rain than 5 inches.

  • What is the cheapest gutter material?

Vinyl (PVC) is the least expensive material for gutters.

  • Are wider gutters better?

Deeper gutters handle more rainwater than more shallow gutters so that they may perform better in high-rain areas.

  • What can I use instead of gutters?

This depends on your location, rainfall, and the pitch of your roof. In most cases, gutters are the best drainage system, but consider French drains around your home’s perimeter instead.

  • What happens if you do not have gutters on your house?

Gutters direct rain away from your foundation. Without them, you might experience foundation problems and soil erosion.


Cost to install gutters varies greatly by region (and even by zip code). To get free estimates from local contractors, please indicate yours.

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Cost to install gutters varies greatly by region (and even by zip code). To get free estimates from local contractors, please indicate yours.

The information provided by our cost guides comes from a great variety of sources, including specialized publications and websites, cost studies, U.S. associations, reports from the U.S. government, contractors and subcontractors, material suppliers, material price services, and other vendor websites. For more information, read our Methodology and sources