How much does it cost to deep clean a house?

National Average Range:
$200 - $400

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Updated: January 11, 2023

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Regular house cleaning helps your home maintain its current condition, whether you clean it yourself or have it professionally cleaned. But when you want a more thorough cleaning, reaching all the deep crevices and getting into and behind appliances, you need a deep clean. Deep cleans are performed once or twice a year or before you begin regular, weekly professional cleanings. They vary depending on the size and layout of your home and what types of materials and appliances you have.

Deep cleans have a range of costs, depending on the service and level of grime in your home. In 2023, the costs of deep cleaning a house may increase by 5% to reflect the rising cost of living. Costs of a deep clean for a 2,000 sq. ft. home range from $200 to $400, with most homeowners paying around $300 for a deep clean of a three-bedroom and two-bathroom home. At a minimum, homeowners will pay $60 for a deep clean of a studio apartment. At the higher end, a deep clean of a 6,000 sq.ft. home with five or more bedrooms and three or more bathrooms using green cleaning supplies and multiple cleaners costs around $1,800.

Deep Cleaning House Cost

Average Cost of Deep Cleaning House
National average cost$300
Average range$200-$400

Deep Cleaning Cost per Hour

Deep cleans are generally done by a team of cleaners rather than a single cleaner. This way, they can spread out through the home and tackle more spaces at once. This is partly why costs of a deep clean are higher than a standard clean. More workers are needed for the job, and the rate is usually calculated by the hour for each cleaner. The normal hourly rate is $25 to $60 an hour. If you have two cleaners, it will be $50 to $120 an hour, but two cleaners will get the job done more quickly than one cleaner.

To give you an appropriate price, companies provide a free of charge estimate before the appointment. At the estimate, the cleaners look at the overall size of the home and determine the amount of time the space will take to clean. For instance, a neglected home will be at the higher end of the pricing spectrum. For a 2,000 square foot home, you will usually have 2 to 3 cleaners for a cost of between $200 and $600 on average.

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Deep Cleaning Price per Square Foot​

Cleaning companies use different methods to determine the cost of a deep clean. Some charge by the hour, per cleaner, while others charge per square foot. Some start with the basic cost of a general clean, then add on specific costs for individual deep cleaning services. On average, the deep clean price per sq.ft. is $0.10 to $0.30 per square foot to deep clean your home. In general, you can get an idea of your deep cleaning service cost by the size of your home. In the table below, you will find some of the average measurements for a house. For larger homes, companies may send several people to clean so that it takes less time. This will still have a higher cost, however, because each person is paid by the hour.

Time and cost to deep clean a 800, 1,000, 1,500, 2,000, 2,500, 3,000, 3,500, 4,000, 4,500, 5,000, and 6,000 sq.ft. house (mobile)

SizeTime to CleanAverage Cost
800 sq.ft.1.5 - 3 hours$80 - $240
1,000 sq.ft.2 - 3 hours$100 - $300
1,500 sq.ft.2.5 - 3.5 hours$150 - $450
2,000 sq.ft3.5 - 4.5 hours$200 - $600
2,500 sq.ft.4 - 5 hours$250 - $750
3,000 sq.ft.4.5 - 5.5 hours$300 - $900
3,500 sq.ft.5 - 6 hours$350 - $1,050
4,000 sq.ft.6.5 - 7.5 hours$400 - $1,200
4,500 sq.ft.7 - 8 hours$450 - $1,350
5,000 sq.ft.7.5 - 8.5 hours$500 - $1,500
6,000 sq.ft.8.5 - 9.5 hours$600 - $1,800

Deep Cleaning Prices by Type of House

Because deep cleaning only happens once or twice a year, it takes a bit more time and costs more than a basic cleaning. They dust, wash windows, scrub floors, and clean counters, carpets, furniture, and upholstery. Deep cleaning also involves polishing baseboards, cabinets, and wood accents, washing walls, and cleaning curtains, among other tasks. It can be set up so that it happens in a specific season, such as spring cleaning or before a special event. Because most cottages are vacation homes in rural areas, on lakes, and near beaches, special attention is usually given to floors. Deep cleaning a vacation home can be less time intensive because a family is not living there full time. The table below explains the cost range per visit for a wide range of house styles, including the average cost to deep clean a condo or apartment. Keep in mind that the larger your home, the more expensive it will be to deep clean, with prices ranging from $60 to $600 per visit.

Cost per visit to deep clean a house by type: condo, tiny house, cottage, duplex, apartment, townhouse, villa, chalet… (mobile)

Type of HouseCost per Visit
Condo$60 - $200
Tiny House$60 - $300
Cottage$60 - $350
Duplex$70 - $200
Apartment$70 - $360
Townhouse$70 - $600
Villa$100 - $300
Chalet$100 - $600
Loft$100 - $600
Mobile Home$120 - $360
Bungalow$150 - $450

House Deep Cleaning Prices per Room

The type of home you own factors the most into how much you’ll pay to deep clean from top to bottom. Most properties can be deep cleaned at a cost from $60 to $340 per visit. Companies can estimate how long workers will take to clean the house based on total bedrooms and bathrooms. For example, a company may be able to deep clean a studio apartment within two hours, while a larger home may need a full eight hours to clean with a team of two or more housekeepers. This means the three-bedroom house deep cleaning price differs from the two-bedroom apartment cost and so on. The following are the averages you’ll pay when you hire a company for a deep cleaning of a home.

Cost per visit to deep clean a house by home size: studio,1 bed 1 bath, 2 beds 1 bath, 2 beds 2 baths… (mobile)

Home SizeCost per Visit
Studio$60 - $200
1 Bed 1 Bath$100 - $220
2 Beds 1 Bath$110 - $230
2 Beds 2 Baths$130 - $260
3 Beds 1 Bath$150 - $270
3 Beds 2 Baths$170 - $310
4 Beds 3 Baths$180 - $340
Additional Rooms+$25 - $35

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Average Cost to Deep Clean a House by Location

The rooms you need to have a housekeeper tackle in the home affect the cost of the job. Bathrooms and kitchens take longer than other rooms because they are more frequently used and require additional disinfecting. Before receiving a quote from the company, they want to know the total number of certain rooms such as bathrooms and bedrooms. On average, each room will cost between $25 and $500 to deep clean. The following are the average cost by room that a housekeeper charges.

Cost per visit to deep clean a house by room: laundry room, home office, bedroom, living room, garage, kitchen… (mobile)

RoomCost per Visit
Laundry Room$25 - $40
Home Office$30 - $50
Bedroom$35 - $60
Living Room$50 - $100
Garage$65 - $120
Kitchen$70 - $130
Bathroom$75 - $150
Basement$120 - $400
Attic$160 - $500

Deep Clean Laundry Room

Laundry rooms tend to be one of the messier rooms in the home. However, since the room is usually compact, deep clean pricing starts at $25 to $40. The laundry room may have doubled as a mudroom, causing caked dirt to collect on the flooring and walls. During the process, the flooring and walls would be cleaned. The appliances may be pulled out to get rid of dirt and debris behind the machines, and the inside of the washer and dryer should also be cleaned. The company also cleans baseboards and corners in the laundry room during the visit.

Deep Clean Home Office

Typically, it costs between $30 and $50 to deep clean a home office. Much like deep cleaning a regular bedroom, it involves moving furniture around and thoroughly removing dirt and debris from floors and carpets. Cleaners pay close attention to baseboards, windowsills, curtains, and anything else in the room that collects dust and dirt over time.

Bedroom Deep Cleaning

Each bedroom costs around $35 to $60 each to clean, with the final price determined by the size of the room and how many pieces of furniture are located in the space. It involves the housekeeper moving furniture pieces around to get rid of dust bunnies. For general cleaning of a bedroom, only visible surfaces are cleaned by the service provider. With a deep cleaning, the professional moves furniture pieces around to vacuum and mop the area. The cleaner vacuums under the bed to remove any dirt and debris. Also, cobwebs will be removed from corners, and the edge of carpets will be cleaned. Blinds and ceiling fans are dusted during the visit. Vents may be cleaned to remove dust buildup.

Deep Clean Living Room

A deep cleaning of a living room is moderately priced between $50 and $100. With living rooms and dens, the housekeepers rearrange furniture to clean under couches and chairs. Television stands may be pulled away from the wall to clean any debris behind. Upholstery can be vacuumed and scrubbed. Cobwebs in the corners will be dusted away, and the cleaners will focus on removing dirt from molding and baseboards. Extra dusting will be done during a deep clean of a living room. Lampshades are dusted as well as any vents. Any picture frames and knick-knacks will be individually cleaned. Window treatments like blinds are cleaned during the visit.

Garage Deep Cleaning

A garage deep cleaning is a specialized task that costs around $65 to $120. Depending on what you want to be done, reach out to the company to discuss potential service options. Hiring a company to clean the garage could be the perfect opportunity for a homeowner to take clutter out of the garage and to ask themselves if they need something or if it can be thrown out. For instance, you may want to hire a junk removal company for approximately $250 instead of a typical housekeeping service. However, if you opt for a traditional deep cleaning, a professional removes any clutter and helps you organize items. Contractors may be hired to seal cracks or make small repairs to the walls and flooring. For a traditional deep cleaning, a professional removes any clutter and helps you organize items. The floor may be swept and scrubbed to remove dirt and debris. If you have any appliances in the garage, such as freezers or refrigerators, they may also be cleaned.

Kitchen Deep Clean

Deep cleaning the kitchen in a home is costly since it requires a housekeeper to scrub multiple appliances. The cost ranges between $70 and $130. Refrigerators are notorious for taking a significant amount of time to clean due to hidden cracks and crevices. Removing grease and grime from ovens and range tops are part of a deep kitchen clean. One of the most expensive parts involves accessing areas behind your appliances. Housekeepers pull out your refrigerator and oven as a way to get to the area behind it and remove all dirt and dust collected there. Surface areas are wiped down during a general kitchen cleaning. Housekeepers deep clean kitchen floor and cabinets. The company cleans any dirt and stains from the backsplash and walls.

Bathroom Deep Cleaning

Bathrooms are typically one of the more expensive rooms to clean and range around $75 to $150 each. The reason is because of the number of fixtures that need to be deep cleaned and sanitized. During the process, special attention is paid to toilets, sinks, showers, and tubs. Shower doors may be descaled, and the grout scrubbed to remove grime and mildew. Caulk around the tub and toilet may also be cleaned to remove any mildew stains. During the deep clean, neglected areas will be targeted, such as light fixtures and vent fans. All permanent and non-permanent fixtures will be disinfected in the bathroom, including toilets, wastebaskets, and countertops. Hard to reach areas will be cleaned during the visit, including behind the toilet and around any vanities.

Deep Clean Basement

A basement deep cleaning is customizable to the type of basement you have in the home but will usually range between $120 to $400. The price to deep clean this space varies since it is usually large with a wider variety of tasks that can be done based on how yours is set up. For example, a finished basement may be deep cleaned in a similar way to a living room. For a finished basement deep cleaning, all flooring would be scrubbed or vacuumed with extra attention paid to corners. Furnishings in the room may be vacuumed. Surfaces would be wiped down and sanitized. Furniture may be moved if needed. An unfinished basement deep cleaning will be similar to a deep cleaning in the garage. Storage solutions may be considered. You may want to hire a company that handles junk removal at an extra cost of around $250. Flooring can be swept and mopped. Windows in the basement may be cleaned.

Deep Clean Attic

On average, it costs between $160 and $500 to deep clean an attic. Like with basements, this project varies greatly due to the size and variety of tasks. Even though most attic spaces are used for storage and are often not seen by guests, you should still keep them as clean as possible. Dust and mold in your attic can negatively impact the air quality of your entire home by seeping through attic doors, HVAC systems, and recessed lighting. You should regularly clean your attic every season and a deep clean at least once every year. This deep clean should include basic dusting, vacuuming, decluttering, wiping down surfaces with cleaner and a rag, checking insulation, and cleaning any windows or hard to reach spaces.

Deep Cleaning House Cost by Frequency

Another way to look at deep cleaning house cost is by the frequency of service. One-time deep cleaning cost will always be at a higher price point than other visits. That’s why you can expect to pay around $200 to $600 for a one-time deep clean, depending on how many cleaners you have. Since the cleaner is only visiting one time, the expectation is that the professional will spend more time getting rid of any dirt and dust buildup. A monthly, bi-monthly, or seasonal service contract will be discounted since you agree to use the company regularly. The more often you have deep cleaners come, the cheaper each visit will be. Below is the average cost per year with a contract for deep cleaning, based on the frequency of visits with two cleaners coming to your home.

Cost of a yearly, seasonal, bi-monthly, and monthly annual contract to deep clean a house (mobile)

Frequency of VisitsCost per Year With Contract
Yearly$200 - $600
Seasonal$600 - $1,000
Bi-Monthly$1,440 - $3,600
Monthly$2,880 - $7,200

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Deep Cleaning Home Cost by Company

Franchise companies typically have set rates for deep cleaning, ranging from $40 to $150 per hour. The benefit of using a franchise is that all staff are insured and bonded. Another benefit of using a franchise is that the housekeepers stick to a strict task checklist to confirm that your home is thoroughly cleaned. Depending on where you live, you should have several deep cleaning companies to choose from, so you can pick the best cleaner and package for your budget. For example, The Cleaning Authority prices are middle of the range, focused on select areas of the home, including bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. Merry Maids deep cleaning cost and The Maids cleaning service prices are on the higher end due to their extensive cleaning checklists and protocols. The table below gives you an idea of the prices charged by different deep home cleaning companies.

Cost per hour of MaidPro, Tidy, Molly Maid, The Cleaning Authority, ecomaids, Merry Maids, The Maids, and Maid Brigade deep cleaning services (mobile)

CompanyCost per Hour
MaidPro$40 - $70
Tidy$40 - $80
Molly Maid$65 - $100
The Cleaning Authority$70 - $90
Ecomaids$70 - $100
Merry Maids$80 - $120
The Maids$90 - $125
Maid Brigade$100 - $150

Move-In and Move-Out Deep Cleaning Cost

Move-in and move-out deep cleaning projects start at rates between $100 and $200 for an apartment and go up to $200 to $500 for a larger single-family home. The cost to deep clean an empty house will be less than a deep clean of a fully-furnished residence. A move in deep cleaning cost is similar since the space should be empty too. During a move out and move in deep cleaning, all surface areas will be wiped down and sanitized. Walls and baseboards are scrubbed to remove any stains and smudges. Light fixtures will be dusted. The inside of appliances, including ovens and refrigerators, will be deep cleaned. Cobwebs in the corners of the rooms will be dusted away.

When you move, it is generally recommended to get a deep clean done on the property, particularly if you rent, to receive your full deposit back. Tenants should check the lease before moving out to check any information on cleaning, in case it says what needs to be cleaned or paid for to be cleaned before the move. This may also be part of your real estate contract. Most home purchases require that the home be cleaned before vacancy and before the new buyers perform a walkthrough. Also, you may want to hire someone to deep clean a house before moving in. Some sellers may have just done basic cleaning without tackling heavy-duty projects such as appliance cleaning and bathroom sanitation.

Deep Cleaning and Sanitizing Services

Deep cleaning and sanitizing cost almost double the price of a traditional deep cleaning. Deep cleaning normally costs between $150 and $310 for a three-bedroom home, while one for sanitation purposes costs upwards of $800. The average cost per square foot for deep cleaning disinfection ranges from $0.40 to $0.60. The extra costs are related to the need for PPE (personal protection equipment) and specialized products and equipment.

A recent service that is being requested is coronavirus deep cleaning. You must use a qualified company for this service, especially if your home or business has been exposed to the disease. Speak to a specialist to confirm the contractor uses the right products to effectively disinfect for diseases like the coronavirus. Furthermore, only use companies that are familiar with the right PPE to use while disinfecting a home.

Do I Need a Deep Cleaning?

Even if you have your home cleaned regularly, there may be times when a deep clean is needed. If you, your family, or your guests experience frequent allergy symptoms, this could be a sign that you need a deep clean. Dust and grime often lurk in cracks and crevices that can trigger allergies.

If someone in your home has been ill or become immunocompromised, then having your home deep cleaned helps kill viruses and other germs so that your home can be healthier for those living in it.

Other signs you may need a deep clean include cobwebs in corners, large amounts of dirt or dust behind appliances and under furnishings, and a large number of fingerprints on doors and door frames.

If people in your home are having trouble sleeping and they feel tired throughout the day but function better once they are out of the house, that could be an indicator that your home is in need of a deep cleaning. There may be dust, mold, and other irritants in your home that make it difficult for people to get a good night’s sleep or to operate with their optimum energy levels.

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Deep Cleaning Checklist

Before the cleaners arrive to deep clean your home, it is best to ensure that the areas you want to be cleaned are ready and accessible. Making sure your home is as neat and tidy as possible frees up the cleaner’s time to get right to work on deep scrubbing and cleaning all the surfaces in your home. Keep in mind that some deep cleaning companies may charge extra if they need to move your furniture or use special supplies, so the more you know ahead of time, the better you can prepare. Here are the key items that belong on your to-do list before the cleaners arrive.

  • Consider moving furniture to make cleaning easier, especially if this is not included in the company’s estimate.
  • Check with your cleaners on required supplies vs. what they bring.
  • Identify priority areas for cleaning service and any areas where you want to restrict access. Communicate with your housekeeper about any off-limit bedrooms or closets.
  • For peace of mind, store any expensive jewelry or valuables in a locked safe.
  • Clear clutter off countertops and pick items up off the floor.
  • Wash dirty dishes and put them away.
  • Take care of laundry and linens.
  • Have a plan for young children and pets to keep them out of the way.
  • Decide whether you will be home or gone while the cleaners are at your house, and make sure you arrange access with your security system/keys.
  • Talk to the cleaners about your expectations and anything they should know about your house, such as parking or alarm systems.

Professionals wiping the floor with mops

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Green Cleaning Service

Some companies offer green cleaning as a service with an additional fee of around $5 to $15 per visit. If you or your family are bothered by traditional cleaning chemicals, you can sometimes request a green clean where the cleaners use green, lower toxic, and healthier cleaners that are often made of natural products. While traditional cleaners are designed to cut quickly through dirt and grime, individuals who are sensitive to chemicals may be bothered by them, with irritations to the eyes and lungs. Green cleaners are usually less harsh and may be a good alternative. These products may come standard with some companies, especially niche businesses that advertise all-natural cleaning products. Keep in mind that companies can’t advertise green products if they are not using them. If marketing materials claim the products are non-toxic but don’t meet regulations, the company is in violation of the FTC. The FTC provides free guides to consumers interested in using green cleaning products and can be found here.

Add-On Costs

Depending on the deep house cleaning company you hire, you should have a selection of optional add-ons to consider. At the time of hire, the company provides you with a list of included tasks. The following jobs may come standard with a deep cleaning job. However, you should always confirm with the company beforehand to ensure you won’t be subject to a higher bill. The following are the approximate costs of add-on services for a deep cleaning job, ranging in price from $5 to $1,000.

Cost of deep cleaning add-on services: laundry, window cleaning, wood polishing, cabinet organization… (mobile)

Add-On ServiceAverage Cost
Laundry$5 - $25/project
Window Cleaning (Exterior)$6 - $15/project
Window Cleaning (Interior)$8 - $40/project
Linen Changing$10 - $15/project
Fridge Cleaning$10 - $50/project
Oven Cleaning$15 - $40/project
Blinds Dusting$100 - $200/project
Chimney Sweep$100 - $500/project
Baseboard Cleaning75 - $125/visit
Carpet Cleaning$75 - $300/visit
Gutter Cleaning$200 - $400/visit
Air Duct Cleaning$350 - $1,000/visit
Pet Odor Removal$500 - $800/visit
Wood Polishing​$30 - $75/room
Cabinet Organization$50 - $60/room

Regular Cleaning vs Deep Cleaning House

General house cleaning is a service that maintains the level of cleanliness in your home. Depending on whether you do it yourself or hire someone, general cleaning may be done daily or weekly and covers most surfaces in the house, with a focus on countertops and floors.

When hiring professional cleaners for a basic clean, they will typically take care of items you normally clean weekly. It is intended to keep your home clean and healthy on a surface level. There are different methods, like vacuuming, organizing, disinfecting and cleaning bathrooms, and cleaning appliances and all surfaces in the kitchen. They will also get rid of any trash throughout your house.

While regular cleaning can be done once a week or once a month, deep cleaning is less frequent. Both services usually cover every room in the house, but deep cleaning targets the deep grime and dirt in the home and is usually done once every six months to once a year. Since deep cleaning is more in-depth and labor-intensive than general cleaning, it is also more expensive. Here is a closer look at regular vs deep cleaning prices per visit.

Comparison of the cost per visit of regular and deep cleaning (mobile)

TypeCost per Visit (Labor Included)
Regular$150 - $250
Deep$200 - $400

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Additional Considerations and Costs

  • Double-check work. Always ask for a checklist of areas that your cleaner will cover with a deep clean. You want to compare the scope of work they did with it to ensure it was done to your satisfaction.
  • Transportation costs. Some companies have a transportation fee as part of their costs, particularly if they transport equipment.
  • Saving money. Ask the professionals if they offer discounts or bundles on deep cleaning packages so that you can maximize savings on the project. Some may also agree to lower the overall cost if you provide the supplies for them.
  • Minimum fees. Some companies may offer a minimum fee that you must pay regardless of the project. This covers costs for labor, transportation, and equipment. Even if your average price per sq.ft. is lower, you may have to pay more depending on that fee.
  • Pets and kids. Some companies may raise the cost to deep clean your home if you have pets or young children. This is to offset what is assumed to be more labor-intensive work with more messes.
  • Customized packages. You may be able to talk with your cleaners about only selecting certain services out of a deep cleaning package instead of all of them so that you can lower the project’s overall cost.
  • After event cleaning. If you host a large gathering or party at your home, you may want to invest in after event cleaning. This specialized, one-off service includes a deep cleaning of floors and counters, dirty dish clean-up, and trash removal, just to name a few. The cost depends on the level of cleaning required and the size of your space.
  • Deep cleaning for new clients. When you start a weekly cleaning service, most companies require you to have a deep clean first. This is because the weekly service will be more effective at maintaining a clean home if you begin with a cleaner home. So when you contract with a cleaning company, you will usually start with a one-time, longer deep clean at a higher rate, and then move to a shorter, weekly clean at the standard rate.


  • What is included in a deep house cleaning?

Deep house cleaners wipe soap scum and scale from sinks, bathtubs, toilets, and floor tiles. They clean behind large appliances and dust doors, baseboards, and trim. They may also clean the window and door interiors and the inside of appliances like microwaves, refrigerators, ovens, and more.

  • How long does it take to deep clean a house?

This depends on the size of the home and number of cleaners, but expect it to take anywhere from 2 to 5 hours.

  • What is the fastest way to deep clean a house?​

Hiring a team of two to three people helps complete the process more quickly than by a single person.

  • What do you need to deep clean your house?

Depending on where you focus the deep cleaning efforts, your cleaners will use a wide range of tools and equipment, including steam mops, scrub brushes, buckets for water, microfiber dusters, carpet extractors, vacuums, floor cleaning machines, steam cleaning equipment, brushes, pads, a variety of cleaning chemicals and solutions, and more.

  • Where to start when cleaning a house?

The general rule is to start from the top and work down in each room. Remove clutter first, then clean surfaces starting with shelves and cabinets and work down to the floor.

  • How do professionals deep clean a house?

Professionals deep clean by starting in the dirtiest rooms of the home, usually the kitchen and bathroom. The crew tackles tough jobs such as toilet scrubbing, tile cleaning, interior appliance cleaning, and dust removal from vents and corners. Before the job, you will be given a checklist to know what tasks will be handled as part of the deep clean visit.

  • How often should you deep clean your house?

Generally, you should always do a deep clean before starting any regular schedule for your home. This ensures you have a completely clean slate to work with instead of trying to mitigate messes that are already deeply set into different spots around the home. Plan to deep clean once or twice each year to keep your home in the best possible condition.