How much does it cost to have windows cleaned?

National Average Range:
$190 - $460

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Updated: August 17, 2022

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Because of the exposure to the elements and outdoor particles, dust, and debris, windows get dirty. If they are not cleaned regularly, it becomes difficult to see outside clearly. Cleaning them changes the whole appearance of a house and involves washing the panes, sills, and even skylights and screens. A deep clean should be done once a year unless something dramatic happens.

The national average price for cleaning windows is between $190 and $460. Most homeowners spend $310 to clean a house with a total of 22 standard double-hung windows and full screens. On the low end of the spectrum, most people pay around $40 to have about 5 standard sliding ones cleaned. At the high end, you can pay up to $600 for all exterior and interior panes, skylights, and screens in a 4,200 sq.ft., four-story house.

Window Cleaning Service Prices

Window Cleaning Cost
National average cost$310
Average range$190-$460

Window Cleaning Cost per Hour

If the company charges per hour, you can expect to pay from $40 to $75 per hour for washing. High-rise building panes can cost up to $85 per hour to clean. Because a two-person crew is required for safety reasons, your costs would be $170 per hour. It typically takes about four hours to clean an average house which adds up to about $120 to $300 total costs at an hourly rate.

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Window Cleaning Prices per Window

The washing price per window varies from $8 to $40, depending on the type and size. Those on the third and fourth floors cost $3 to $5 more to clean than ones on lower floors. The higher price for upper floors is because the cleaners would have to use ladders or lifts to reach and clean them. Complex designs and patterns will also cost more to clean because of the additional work the cleaners would have to do to clean them thoroughly.

Window Cleaning Cost per Pane

If a contractor charges per pane, you can expect to pay an average price of $4 to $8 per pane. Most commonly, they have two panes, so the price to clean ranges between $8 to $16. If you have storm options, which usually have four panes, the price will go up to $40 for the entire thing since most cleaners circle down the price. Some cleaners charge per small pane ($1 to $3 per pane). The price per pane total is approximately the same as the total cost that you would pay if you were charged per hour or window.

Window Cleaning Price by Type

Cleaning may vary by the type you have, ranging from $8 for sliding options up to $40 for storm options. The type you have affects the price because some simply take longer to clean than others. Many houses have standard single-hung options with two panes. Options with small panes, complex patterns, or designs like bay designs take more time to clean. The table below explains more in-depth about the price to clean them based on the type.

Cost of Cleaning Sliding, Single-Hung, Double-Hung, Casement, Skylights, Sunburst, and Storm Windows (mobile)

TypeCost per Unit (Labor Included)
Sliding$8 - $10
Single-Hung$8 - $16
Double-Hung$8 - $16
Casement$15 - $30
Skylights$25 - $35
Sunbursts$30 - $40
Storm$30 - $40

Clean Siding Windows

If you need your sliding windows cleaned, the price could be $4 to $5 per pane for a total range of $8 to $10 for two panes in an entire unit. This type has many parts which may also need washing. Typically, the tracks and sills are included in the basic rate, while screens are charged extra. If there is a screen involved, expect to add another $0.50 to $5 to the price per unit.

Clean Single-Hung Windows

If you have single-hung options that need washing, it is priced $8 to $16 per window. Single-hung options are one of the most common type. One sash of the glass is stationary, while the other sash can move up and down. Some models can be opened by tilting them inwards. Washing up-and-down options costs $8 to $12. Washing tilting options costs up to $16, depending on the design. A cleaner usually cleans the sills and jambs for this type, but if there is a screen this will be an additional cost.

Double-Hung Window Cleaning

Double-hung options washing costs between $8 and $16 to clean. Both single and double-hung options have two panes. The only difference with double-hung options is that both portions of the window are not stationary and can move up and down or be tilted inwards or outwards. The price may increase if additional parts of the structure need washing, like the interior and the screen.

Casement Window Cleaning

Casement windows can have as few as two panes and up to four panes, costing between $15 to $30 per unit. This type is different from a single or double-hung one. It opens outward using a crank system or by pushing it outward with the hinge typically located on the right or left. A cleaner will clean the casement and the sills. If there are screens that are attached that need washing, this will be an additional price.

Skylight Cleaning

If you need skylights cleaned, expect to pay between $25 and $35 per window. This range can include inside and outside costs. Skylights are located on the roof of a house. Because of where they are located, there is some level of difficulty involved in washing them. Even though this type is usually single-paned, difficulty accessing them is one of the reasons why this type is much pricier than others. Cleaners need to use additional tools to clean them, including a ladder or a long squeegee.

Sunburst Window Cleaning

Sunbursts units consist of a smaller and larger section of glass, with an average washing price of $30 to $40 per window. They have a pane at the top, which is a semi-circle, and can have a rectangular bottom portion that is a single-hung, double-hung, or casement. Sunbursts may also be covered by shutters on the inside. A cleaner charges to clean the glass and sills. However, if inside shutters need to be cleaned, there will be an additional charge.

Storm Window Cleaning

Storm window washing can be priced between $30 and $40. They are fixed on the outside of an existing, primary-house window. They can be made of glass or a strong type of plastic. Storm units provide extra insulation, soundproofing, and protection for your main glass from the elements. Like screens, a cleaner may remove them and replace them once they clean them.

Residential Window Cleaning Prices by Home Size

The price to clean a window varies widely by the square footage of the home, starting at $170 to $220 for 1,000 sq.ft. upwards of $500 to $600 for about 4,200 sq. ft. This price may increase if the home has several stories. This is because the cleaners will have to use different equipment, including a ladder, a squeegee with an extension, harnesses, cherry pickers, or scissor lifts. The per square footage price is not usually charged for residential homes, but for washing in office buildings and apartment complexes. Here is how much you can expect to pay for cleaning based on the size of the area.

Residential Window Cleaning Cost on a 1,000, 1,500, 2,400, 3,200, and 4,200 Sq.Ft. House (mobile)

Home SizeWindow Cleaning Cost (Labor Included)
1,000 sq.ft.$170 - $220
1,500 sq.ft.$220 - $280
2,400 sq.ft.$300 - $400
3,200 sq.ft.$400 - $500
4,200 sq.ft.$500 - $600

Labor Cost to Wash Windows

For an average-sized residential home, most cleaners charge a flat rate per window of $8 to $16. Most of this cost, or around 90%, is labor, so you spend $7 to $14 for labor and only around $1 to $2 for materials. Some cleaners charge an hourly rate ranging between $40 to $75 per hour. Cleaners include washing the track and sills in the price; however, screens are normally an extra charge starting at $0.50 to $5 for regular and up to $10 for solar screens.

Depending on the type you have, your costs will increase. For example, those with many panes will take longer to clean than a single-pane option. Likewise, larger ones will take more time to clean than the standard double-pane optiins that you see in many houses. Windows and skylights above ground level take additional time, as will exceptionally dirty ones. You will have to factor in additional time to clean screens and sills if desired.

When washing, the worker starts by applying a cleaning solution to the glass. They use a towel and a squeegee to clean any dirt and grime stuck on the glass. The cleaner removes the stains, mineral deposits, or paint splatters as part of the price. Washing these parts takes more time, so expect to spend more if you are charged an hourly rate. Some companies offer discounts for scheduled weekly or monthly cleans or repeat appointments on a regular monthly, semiannual, or annual basis. Cleaners supply their own tools and materials, including ladders for accessing higher places.

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Benefits of Window Cleaning

Professional washing can be a great service, especially if you aren’t able to reach certain windows or skylights. The pros have the right tools to efficiently clean your glass and screens without you having to deal with ladders and washing supplies. The downside to hiring professional cleaners is that you will have workers at your house for at least a few hours while they get the job done, which doesn’t feel very private, but if you’re able to deal with those inconveniences, a professional crew can complete in hours what would take the DIYer a whole weekend to finish.

Man Using a Squeegee to Clean Windows

How Much To Clean Windows Inside and Out?

The majority of the price comes from the exterior washing, ranging between $6.40 and $12.80. The interior washing price is $1.60 to $3.20 per window. It is rare to have an interior washing only, and many companies will not recommend or provide interior-only washing. Exterior washing is usually about 80% of the in-and-out price. Here is how much you can expect to spend to clean a one on the outside and the inside separately:

Cost per Window to Clean Inside vs Outside Windows (mobile)

LocationCost per Unit (Labor Included)
Inside$1.60 - $3.20
Outside$6.40 - $12.80

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Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Clean Window Screens

If you would like to have your screens cleaned, then expect to pay $0.50 to $5 per regular screen in addition to the washing. Washing advanced or sophisticated models requires specialized methods and takes more time, costing around $10 per screen. It is a good idea to pay the additional costs to have your screens and tracks cleaned because screens can have dirt, mold, mildew, and bacteria growing on them. When your windows are open, the wind can blow these allergens around, making the air quality unsafe for those with respiratory illnesses.

House Exterior Cleaning

The average price to clean the exterior of a house is $450 to $1,000, with siding alone averaging between $300 and $600. While most companies only offer washing services, pressure washing companies include both exterior and washing among their services. A pressure washing company has various exterior surfaces that they may clean, including the driveway, sidewalks, patios, roofs, and more. However, the most important service they offer is house cleaning. If you are getting your them cleaned, it may also be a good idea to get the exterior of your house cleaned, especially if it shows signs of dirt buildup.

Glass Door Cleaning

If you want to have your glass doors cleaned, this will be priced around $3 to $8 for a sliding door and $6 to $12 for a French door (half or full). Each door is considered one piece. Most companies offer glass door washing services as well, so you can get both clean at the same time. Doors tend to be high-traffic areas, so they get dirty fast and more than regular windows in most cases. While you may be able to get them cleaned twice a year, glass doors will need washing much more regularly.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • DIY. If you’re not interested in hiring a professional and want to do it yourself, you’ll need the right tools. Beginner kits start around $75 and have equipment such as brushes, squeegees, and towels.
  • Robotic cleaners. Robotic cleaners are another option for washing. They suction to the pane and clean the them, similar to a self-powered vacuum. Robotic cleaners cost $150 to $450.
  • Estimates. Many companies are willing to give you a free estimate upon visiting your house to assess the condition of your glass.
  • Compare pros. There are many services out there. You will want to check reviews to compare pros. Contact several companies to get estimates and references.
  • Extra services. Professionals live for their business and may try to encourage you to spend more. This is known as upselling. Unless you really need extra services, don’t feel obligated to hire beyond cleaning. You will also want to avoid gimmicky products, which often don’t do anything for your home.
  • Neighbor buy-in. Some companies will actually charge reduced rates for washing houses in the same neighborhood. Talk to your neighbors about buying into a washing service together. You could get a 10% to 20% rate reduction. Alternatively, you may get a discounted rate if you agree to a regular contract.
  • Liability insurance. Any professional you hire should carry liability insurance. This will protect you in case the cleaners sustain any injuries or damage your house in any way.
  • Remove mineral deposits. Some may develop mineral deposits of calcium or lime on them. This is a white film on the glass that is difficult to get off with detergent. Some cleaners charge between $10 and $30 per unit to remove these hard water stains.
  • Winter cleaning. Although residential washing in colder months is rare, it happens, and a cleaner may charge a higher rate to clean during this time.


  • How much does it cost to get outside windows cleaned?

For a house with 22 windows, washing the exteriors could cost approximately $190 to $460.

  • Is window cleaning worth it?

Yes. If you do not have them cleaned regularly, dirt and grime can discolor and damage them, leading to premature replacement. It is also worth it to clean them because it enhances the curb appeal of your home.

  • What is included in window cleaning?

Most jobs include washing the exterior and interior panes. Beyond this, you will have to seek clarity from the contractor on what else is included. For instance, you will want to know if the tracks, sills, and screens are cleaned. If they are not, then it's a good idea to find out the additional price of cleaning them.

  • What is the best product for cleaning windows?

The best product for washing them is actually a small amount of dishwashing soap and warm water. Use a squeegee to wipe clean.

  • How do you clean inside windows?

The method is similar for outside windows. Use a soft brush with soapy water to scrub the dirt away, then use a squeegee to draw the water away. Use a towel to wipe away excess water.

  • How much does a window cleaner make per year?

The national average salary for a cleaner of this kind is about $29,000.

  • What is the best way to clean windows without streaking?

The best way to clean them without streaking is to use a brush and squeegee.

  • How much should I pay for window cleaning?

The price of washing them ranges from $190 to $460 on average.

  • How much does it cost to start a window cleaning business?

To start a washing business, you need the right tools. This means you need at minimum a brush, squeegee, towels, a scraper, and a ladder. Kits start at $75 and extension ladders start around $110.

  • What should I clean my windows with?

The best DIY method is to use warm water with a small amount of dishwashing soap.

  • How long does it take to clean windows?

It depends on the number and complexity of your structure. Most cleaners will charge for a minimum of one hour, but an average-sized house will take approximately 3 hours. A more complex house will take up to six.