How much does it cost to hire a house cleaning service?

National Average Range:
$150 - $250

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Updated: January 10, 2023

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With many people leading busier lives than ever before, finding time for traditional chores like house cleaning can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are plenty of professional house cleaners who will be happy to come into your home and take care of it for you. They handle everything from vacuuming the rooms and doing laundry to washing the windows. House cleaning costs vary depending on numerous factors like the home size and the level of cleaning required. In 2023, home cleaning costs will likely increase by about 5% to reflect the higher cost of living.

The national average is between $150 and $250 for this service, with most homeowners paying $221 for a standard one-time clean of a four-bedroom, three-bathroom home. On the low end, most people pay $99 for hand-cleaning services for a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment. On the high end, having a large five-bedroom, four-bathroom house cleaned costs $418.

House Cleaning Cost

House Cleaning Service Costs
National average cost$221
Average range$150-$250

House Cleaning Cost by Type of Service

Every home is unique, and house cleaning services are often designed to your specific needs. You can choose from many different levels, from a light service on a regular basis to a deep clean for special occasions. A professional cleaner helps you determine your needs based on your goals. In general, the deeper the cleaning and the more time required, the more the service will cost. The costs below are based on the average size home of 2,300 square feet. The cost could go up or down depending on your area, the size of your home, and the level of cleaning necessary.

Cost per visit of basic, spring or deep, and move-in/move-out house cleaning services for a 2,300 sq.ft. house (mobile)

Type of ServiceCost per Visit
Basic$75 - $175
Deep Cleaning$200 - $400
Move-In / Move-Out Cleaning$200 - $400

Basic House Cleaning

Basic services usually cost between $75 and $175 per visit. This is the simplest and cheapest form of service you can request. This is a standard clean-up where a worker comes into your home to do general tasks. The tasks most often performed are simple jobs, such as light dusting, cleaning counters and floors, and bathrooms. Think of these tasks as the ones that are performed several times a month to keep your home tidy.

Deep Cleaning a House

Deep or spring cleaning is more in-depth than a basic one and usually costs between $200 and $400 per visit. Although usually referred to as spring cleaning due to the popularity of this cleaning service as the seasons change, a deep cleaning can happen at any time. Many homeowners time these to take place before having family in for the holidays. A deep clean takes longer and is more intense, involving scrubbing floors and toilets, polishing wooden surfaces, and getting to those hard-to-reach places like behind kitchen appliances. These are the tasks usually performed once or twice a year. However, you can schedule a whole deep clean or specific tasks at any time they are needed.

A one-time deep clean can cost over 2x as much as a standard house clean. Homeowners needing a one-time deep clean typically have not had as much ongoing upkeep as a recurring house cleaning customer and the soil level is higher. In addition, your house cleaning service must be sure to touch every part of your home from hand wiping light fixtures, all the way down to your baseboards. There is a lot of detail work that goes into a deep clean. Think scrubbing on your hands and knees vs an ongoing service where we are picking up from where we left off two weeks ago.

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Move-In / Move-Out Cleaning

Costing between $200 and $400 per visit, move-in/move-out services prepare a home for the next homeowner. If you are moving into a new home or out of one, you can request this specialized service. Similar to a deep clean in many ways, this kind of clean covers the entire property, including the spots that might usually be covered up by furniture or appliances. Depending on the home, it can include carpet cleaning, washing walls and baseboards, and other unique requests.

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House Cleaning Cost per Hour by Number of Cleaners

Many companies charge an hourly rate. The more time they spend in your home, the more you pay. This allows you to design the service that you are hiring to fit your specific needs. Perhaps you do not care to have your couch vacuumed, but you do want to make sure your windows are cleaned. You can pick and choose your services with a company that charges an hourly rate.

With an hourly rate, you minimize the costs by keeping your home cleaner to reduce the workload. Most companies that charge by the hour give an estimate of how long they expect to spend in your home so that you know an approximate cost. The average cost of house cleaning per hour depends on many factors. If more than one cleaner is working on your home, you will be given an overall hourly rate or a rate per cleaner. The number of cleaners assigned to your home depends on your needs, the company’s policies, and the size of your home. Keep in mind that a basic cleaning normally requires just one or two cleaners. However, deep and moving cleaning services may require two to three cleaners.

Cost per hour of basic, deep, and moving cleaning services with one, two, and three cleaners (mobile)

PeopleAverage Cost (Basic)Average Cost (Deep)Average Cost (Moving)
One Cleaner$25 - $45$60 - $100$35 - $70
Two Cleaners$50 - $90$90 - $120$70 - $140
Three Cleaners$75 - $135$100 - $400$110 - $210

House Cleaning Cost per Square Foot

Companies typically charge per hour or provide a total quote based on the number of rooms they need to clean in your home. However, some cleaners charge by the square foot. The more square footage there is to clean, the higher the overall cost. The average cost of house cleaning per square foot depends on the cleaner, and the level of involvement your home requires. In general, basic services cost between $0.08 and $0.10 per square foot. A deep one is more expensive, ranging from $0.10 to $0.30 per square foot. Moving services cost between $0.20 and $0.45 per square foot.

Cost of basic, deep, and moving cleaning services by square footage: 800 sq.ft., 1,000 sq.ft., 1,500 sq.ft., 2,000 sq.ft., 2,500 sq.ft., 3,000 sq.ft... (mobile)

Square FootageAverage Cost (Basic)Average Cost (Deep)Average Cost (Moving)
800 sq.ft.$64 - $80$80 - $240$160 - $360
1,000 sq.ft.$80 - $100$100 - $300$200 - $450
1,500 sq.ft.$120 - $150$150 - $450$300 - $675
2,000 sq.ft.$160 - $200$200 - $600$400 - $900
2,500 sq.ft.$200 - $250$250 - $750$500 - $1,125
3,000 sq.ft.$240 - $300$300 - $900$600 - $1,350
3,500 sq.ft.$280 - $350$350 - $1,050$700 - $1,575
4,000 sq.ft.$320 - $400$400 - $1,200$800 - $1,800
4,500 sq.ft.$360 - $450$450 - $1,350$900 - $2,925
5,000 sq.ft.$400 - $500$500 - $1,500$1,000 - $2,250
6,000 sq.ft.$480 - $600$600 - $1,800$1,200 - $2,700

Average House Cleaning Cost by Frequency

The price you pay to have your house cleaned depends on how often you hire those services. If you have not had a house cleaner before and want to try it out or just need a one-off clean, expect the one-time house cleaning cost to be between $100 and $420. The final price for both one-time and regular house cleans depends on the size of your home and your cleaning preferences. One-time services often involve special occasions and are usually based on specific needs, such as scrubbing floors or disinfecting bathrooms. Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaners tend to charge a bit less per visit with a yearly contract because the more they clean, the less time they will need to spend removing dust, dirt, and grime. Below is the average annual cost for house cleaning, calculated using the frequency of visits by two residential cleaners.

Cost of an annual house cleaning contract by frequency of visits (mobile)

FrequencyCost per Year With Contract
Quarterly$350 - $1,600
Monthly$840 - $4,080
Bi-Weekly$1,560 - $8,320
Weekly$2,600 - $15,600

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House Cleaning Prices per Room

Perhaps you do not need your entire home cleaned but simply need a specific room cleaned. Different rooms require different steps depending on the purpose of the room. Breaking down the cost per room you determine where to best focus your budget. Choosing which rooms and tasks are most important for the cleaner helps you set a time limit for hourly services. For example, the average bathroom cleaning cost is cheaper than the kitchen cleaning cost, as bathrooms are smaller with fewer surfaces to clean. Expect to pay more to cover the basement or attic cleaning services cost, which is at the high end of the price range. Remember that the level of cleanness, basic, deep, or moving, also plays a role in the final cost per location, as outlined in the table below.

Cost of basic, deep, and moving cleaning services per room: laundry room, home office, bedroom, living room, garage, kitchen, bathroom... (mobile)

LocationAverage Cost (Basic)Average Cost (Deep)Average Cost (Moving)
Laundry Room$20 - $30$25 - $40$30 - $60
Home Office$25 - $35$30 - $50$35 - $70
Bedroom$30 - $40$35 - $60$40 - $80
Living Room$45 - $55$50 - $100$55 - $120
Garage$60 - $70$65 - $120$70 - $140
Kitchen$65 - $85$70 - $130$75 - $150
Bathroom$70 - $80$75 - $150$80 - $170
Basement$110 - $130$120 - $400$125 - $420
Attic$150 - $170$160 - $500$155 - $500

Laundry Room

The rate for a laundry room ranges between $20 and $60 per visit. The average laundry room is 54 square feet in size, which means your cost could be higher or lower depending on the size of your room. The depth increases the overall cost, as does the time required, with most cleaners needing at least 30 minutes to clean a laundry room. Light services include wiping down the washer and dryer, cleaning the sink, and the floor. A deep cleaning includes cleaning behind and under appliances, the sink, light fixtures, and scrubbing the floor.

Home Office

The average rate to clean a home office ranges between $25 and $70. For the average 100 to 150 sq.ft. home office, it will take around 30 to 40 minutes to clean. Light tasks include dusting bookshelves, wiping surfaces, emptying wastebaskets, shining windows, and vacuuming. Deep cleaning includes removing all books from shelves for deep dusting, cleaning light fixtures, floors, and polishing wood. To reduce the cost, organizing your desk and work area speeds up the process.


Companies charge $30 to $80 to clean each bedroom averaging about 220 sq.ft. Bedrooms are frequently given a light service and require little time, around 10 to 20 minutes. Light tasks consist of light dusting, emptying wastebaskets, cleaning windows, and the floor. Deeper tasks include cleaning light fixtures, dusting baseboards, polishing wood, removing stains from carpet, and cleaning under furniture.

Living Room

The price for cleaning a 340 sq.ft. living room usually averages between $45 and $120, reflecting the 30 minutes to one hour required for the job. As a high-traffic area, most living rooms require dusting, cleaning floors, and shining windows. Deep cleaning involves cleaning a front door, under furniture, fireplace hearths, washing curtains, vacuuming upholstery, and dusting ceiling fans and light fixtures. To minimize costs, straighten the living room prior to the arrival of the cleaners.

Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen services generally cost between $65 and $150, depending on the depth required. An average 175 sq.ft. kitchen takes around 40 minutes to an hour to clean thoroughly. General tasks include wiping off appliances, wiping counters, polishing sinks, cleaning windows, and sweeping and mopping floors. Deep cleaning involves taking care of backsplashes, appliances, cleaning and polishing cabinets, around and under appliances, and scrubbing the floor.

Bathroom Cleaning

Bathrooms are another high-priority room, costing $75 to $150 per bathroom. Bathroom cleaning can be as simple as cleaning the surfaces, including the mirror, counters, toilet, and floor. A 50 sq.ft. bathroom takes around 20 minutes to clean. Labor time increases for bigger bathrooms like the master bath. Mid-level services include the shower and the bathtub. Deep cleans include scrubbing grout 2 and tile, washing walls and ceiling, cleaning light fixtures, and the floor.

Basement Cleaning Services

Basement cleaning costs vary widely from $110 to $420 for a one-time clean. The overall cost for a basement depends on the type of basement and the size. Average basements range from 500 sq.ft. to 1,500 sq.ft. Light services may involve having the stairway cleaned, the floors, polishing windows, and lightly dusting surfaces. Deep cleans include carpets, light fixtures, polishing wood accents, washing curtains, vacuuming furniture, light fixtures, and other tasks. Cleaners need around 30 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on the requirements for a basement clean.

Attic Cleaning Services

Attic cleaning costs are similar to basements, ranging from $150 to $500. The overall cost depends on the style of the attic and the size. Most 1,000 sq.ft. attics need at least 45 minutes to clean, if not a few hours. General tasks include light dusting, polishing windows, and cleaning floors. Deeper cleaning tasks involve removing cobwebs, deep cleaning floors, vacuuming upholstered furniture, and polishing wood accents. Many attics spaces are converted into traditional rooms, such as offices and bedrooms.

House Cleaning Prices by Type of House

Different types of houses have different requirements. In general, the final cost depends upon the size of the house, the frequency of the service, and the level of detail required. Certain homes may have unique features that require special techniques or additional time. For example, tiny house and condo cleaning prices are on the lower end due to the smaller square footage. However, tight spaces may present unique challenges at times. The average apartment cleaning cost is a bit higher. Even though they are not stand-alone houses, the process on the interior is the same as a traditional home. Overall, the larger the space, the more you can expect to pay. The table below showcases the average cost range per visit for different styles of homes.

Cost per visit of basic, deep, and moving cleaning services by type of house: tiny house, condo, cottage, duplex, apartment... (mobile)

Type of HouseCost per Visit (Basic)Cost per Visit (Deep)Cost per Visit (Moving)
Tiny House$50 - $60$60 - $300$130 - $260
Condo$50 - $70$60 - $200$130 - $270
Cottage$50 - $110$60 - $350$130 - $520
Duplex$60 - $70$70 - $200$140 - $270
Apartment$60 - $120$70 - $360$140 - $530
Townhouse$60 - $170$70 - $600$140 - $880
Villa$80 - $100$100 - $300$220 - $440
Chalet$80 - $170$100 - $600$220 - $880
Loft$80 - $170$100 - $600$220 - $880
Mobile Home$100 - $120$120 - $360$260 - $530
Bungalow$110 - $140$150 - $450$330 - $660

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House Cleaning Services Prices by House Size

Most house cleaners base their prices on the time it takes to clean your home. The overall size of your home and the number of rooms are big factors in the cost of the project. The bigger the home, the greater the cost. For example, the cost to clean a 3,000 square foot home is more than the cost for a small apartment. Also, the more bathrooms a home has, the more expensive it will be to clean due to the products and labor required to sanitize each bathroom properly. The table below shows average prices for houses of varying sizes. The prices are based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in the home.

Cost of basic, deep, and moving cleaning services by home size: studio, 1 bed 1 bath, 2 beds 1 bath, 2 beds 2 baths, 3 beds 1 bath... (mobile)

Home SizeAverage Cost (Basic)Average Cost (Deep)Average Cost (Moving)
Studio$65 - $90$60 - $200$100 - $210
1 Bed 1 Bath$70 - $100$100 - $220$110 - $230
2 Beds 1 Bath$75 - $110$110 - $230$120 - $240
2 Beds 2 Baths$85 - $140$130 - $260$140 - $270
3 Beds 1 Bath$90 - $150$150 - $270$160 - $280
3 Beds 2 Baths$110 - $180$170 - $310$180 - $320
4 Beds 3 Baths$130 - $220$180 - $340$200 - $350
Additional Rooms+$20 - $30/room+$25 - $35/room+$30 - $50/room

Cleaning Home Cost by Company

When looking for a company to clean your home, there are several companies to choose from at an hourly rate of $30 to $250 an hour, depending on the type of service requested. For example, the highly detailed cleans with premium products put the average Molly Maid costs and Merry Maids costs at the high end of the range, while The Cleaning Authority prices are more in the middle. If you want a more budget-friendly clean, The Maids Cleaning Service and similar companies have lower hourly rates but may not be as detailed. Although they are large companies, most feature locally owned services. When you use a company, you know that they have proven methods, that they monitor quality, and that their employees experience ongoing training. In the table below you will see the average cleaning cost per hour depending on the company.

Cost per hour of house cleaning services by company: Tidy, Ecomaids, MaidPro, The Maids, The Cleaning Authority... (mobile)

CompanyCost per Hour
Tidy$30 - $80
Ecomaids$30 - $100
MaidPro$35 - $70
The Maids$60 - $125
The Cleaning Authority$75 - $95
Maid Brigade$75 - $150
Molly Maid$75 - $200
Merry Maids$80 - $250

​Benefits Professional Cleaning Services

There are many benefits to hiring a professional service to take care of your cleaning tasks for you. Hiring a professional service allows you to enjoy a clean home without investing your time on these tasks. By hiring a house cleaner only to provide the services you need, you can delegate the tasks you do not enjoy, such as scrubbing toilets or mopping floors. They can handle major cleaning situations to prepare for special events. Because most services use professional quality products, your home is cleaner and safer after professional cleaning. You do not need to worry about damaging your furniture or belongings by using the wrong cleaning solution if you were to do it yourself. Even with a busy work and home life, you can maintain a nice, clean home with the help of local house cleaners.

How to Save Money on House Cleaning?

Hiring a house cleaning service does not have to cost you a small fortune. In fact, there are several ways you can save money on your project.

You can focus your services in a way that maximizes the effort and minimizes your cost. Start by straightening areas to be cleaned before the personnel arrive. A space free of clutter will be easier to clean and take less time. This can be especially important when paying by the hour. You can also take advantage of packages, discounts for recurring services, and holiday specials. Recurrent services on a regular basis can result in a lower cost for seasonal deep cleanings or special services. Many companies reward their clients for their consistent business and loyalty.

In addition, you can choose to buy your own supplies and ask your cleaner to use them instead of their own. If you shop around and select affordable products, this can save you about $5 to $10 per session. This gives you the ability to choose the products that work best for your family.

Three young professional cleaners in uniforms cleaning a spacious living room

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Add-On Prices

Many companies allow you to choose your services a la carte. You can pick and choose what specific tasks you need. As well as standard services like vacuuming the carpets and cleaning the bathroom, many companies also offer additional add-on options, such as appliance and window cleaning (both inside and outside), or even organizing your kitchen cabinets. Laundry, wood polishing, and gutter cleaning are some other add-ons that make life a little easier for busy families. The table below shows some popular add-on service examples with prices.

House cleaning add-on costs by type: windows (inside), windows (outside), changing the bedsheets, fridge, oven, drape, rug... (mobile)

Add-OnsAverage Cost
Windows (Inside)$1.60 - $3.20/unit
Windows (Outside)$6.40 - $12.80/unit
Changing the Bedsheets$10 - $18/unit
Fridge$10 - $50/unit
Oven$15 - $40/unit
Drape$120 - $300/unit
Rug$170 - $530/unit
Wood Polishing$30 - $75/project
Organizing Cabinets$50 - $60/project
Carpet$75 - $300/project
Gutter$200 - $400/project
Tile and Grout$250 - $700/project
Laundry$10 - $20/load

Should I Hire a Company or an Individual Cleaner?

When hiring someone to have your house cleaned, you have two options: an individual or a company. Both individuals and companies offer one-time and recurring services. Solo cleaners often offer slightly cheaper rates than companies. For example, while a company may charge an hourly rate of $40 to $50 for basic services, an individual may do the same work for around $25 to $40. Not only can individual cleaners be cost-effective, but you also know who is entering your home. You can build a connection and set expectations in terms of quality and consistency. On the other hand, companies can usually offer more add-ons and provide peace of mind through employee-vetting policies and customer support options. If you are not happy with a service, you can call the company manager. You are also ensured that the cleaners who enter your home are fully trained and qualified. Companies are usually licensed and insured, giving you and the workers more protection.

Comparison of the hourly rate per cleaner of an individual and a house cleaning company (mobile)

Type of ServiceBasic Hourly Rate per Cleaner
Individual$25 - $40
Company$40 - $50

Other Cleaning Services Prices

In addition to standard house cleaning, other services exist to meet homeowners’ specific cleaning needs. There are plenty of professionals who specialize specifically in cleaning key features or structures around your property, such as fences, carpets, furniture, and roofs. Furniture, ceiling, air ducts, and outdoor cleaning are also offered by many local cleaning companies. Pressure washing, sandblasting, and biohazard cleanup may also be available from different professionals in your local area. The table below shows the average cost for each unique situation.

Cost of other house cleaning services: acoustic ceiling, dryer vent, furniture upholstery, yard cleanup, pressure washing a home... (mobile)

Cleaning ServiceAverage Cost
Acoustic Ceiling$70 - $130
Dryer Vent$100 - $200
Furniture Upholstery$100 - $250
Sewer Line$200 - $600
Yard Cleanup$200 - $500
Pressure Washing a Home$300 - $600
Air Duct$350 - $1,000
Roof$450 - $700
Pet Odor Removal$500 - $800
Post Construction$500 - $800
Wall$550 - $900
Sandblasting$3,000 - $7,500
Biohazard Cleanup$3,000 - $5,000

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Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Organic House Cleaning

If you like to live green and minimize your impact on the environment, ask your cleaner to use eco-friendly products made with natural and safe ingredients. In many cases, you can ask a house cleaner to use the organic products you provide. Not only is this better for the planet, but it also results in fewer chemicals and toxins in and around your home. Some companies specialize in using only organic methods and products. If the house cleaner provides the organic products, expect to pay an extra $50 to $100 for these products.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • Disinfecting services. The outbreak of COVID-19 has made house cleaning even more important, according to the American House Cleaners Association. The quality of air in your home is essential to maintaining strong health and minimizing your chances of suffering from the virus.
  • Discounts for loyalty. If you opt for a recurring weekly or biweekly service, ask for a discount from your provider. A weekly service cost is often quite a bit lower than other types of cleaning.
  • Be specific. Clearly state to your cleaner or company what tasks you want to be performed before they start work, and specifically mention any add-ons you do or do not want. This way, you will not be charged for things you did not need, such as window cleaning.
  • Tipping. Tipping house cleaners is not clear cut. Individual cleaners should usually be tipped up to 15%. However, with companies, tipping is less common. Begin by asking the company what their position is with tipping. It is then up to you to weigh the quality of work provided and make the decision.
  • Find the perfect schedule. If you want to reduce your housekeeping costs while still getting professional care, consider spacing out the cleans. Also, keep in mind that housekeepers may automatically charge higher prices if pets or young children are in the home because they expect higher workloads and more messes to clean up.
  • Minimum fee. Many services have a minimum fee. For example, they may charge at least two hours as a minimum fee. This helps them balance the cost of their transportation, products, and time spent managing your account.
  • After-event cleanup. Cleaning services for after special events are quoted based on the specific service needed. In general, you can expect to pay an hourly rate for each cleaner sent to your home. Typical services include trash pickup, cleaning of flooring, and straightening the party area.
  • Pets. Have a plan for your pets when the cleaners come, such as keeping them in an outdoor kennel or downstairs/upstairs away from the cleaners. Tell the cleaning company that you have pets so they are not caught off guard.


  • Do house cleaners bring their own supplies?

Yes, unless otherwise stated, cleaners bring their own supplies. You can, however, choose to buy your own supplies and ask the cleaner to use them instead.

  • What can a cleaner do in two hours?

Within two hours, a cleaner can provide a standard clean of most apartments and family homes or a deep clean of a small home.

  • How long does it take to clean an empty house?

This depends on the size of the house, but most jobs can be completed within two to three hours. The more often you have your house cleaned, the faster the process will be because there should be less dirt and grime to get through.

  • How often should a cleaner come?

This depends on the amount of mess that accumulates in your home and how much you clean on your own. Very busy people with children and pets may want a cleaner every week, but those who are less busy and keep their homes tidy should only need a monthly clean.

  • What is reasonable to ask a cleaner to do?

House cleaners are primarily responsible for dusting and cleaning surface areas throughout your home. You can ask them about extra services like linens and appliance cleaning, but keep in mind not all cleaners offer the same range of services.

  • What is extreme cleaning?

Extreme cleaning is a step above deep cleaning, with professionals using specialist equipment and heavy-duty cleaning products to sanitize the home.

  • How long does it take to deep clean a house?

Deep house cleaning takes 2 to 5 hours, depending on the size of the home and the number of cleaners on the job.