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Pressure Wash Driveway Cost

Pressure Wash Driveway Cost

National average
(90 sq.ft. driveway - 1 hour plus solvents)
Low: $60

(1 hour pressure washing)

High: $130

(1 hour plus solvents and stain)

Cost to pressure wash a driveway varies greatly by region (and even by zip code).
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The average cost to pressure wash a driveway is around $100.

How much does it cost to pressure wash a driveway?

One way to clean the fuel emissions and grime from a driveway is pressure washing. Pressure washing uses cold water and sometimes chemicals to remove filth from outside surfaces.

For our cost analysis below, we are working on the typical American double car driveway that are, on average, 50-90 sq.ft. The average cost for a driveway of this size is $100.

Cost breakdown

  • Labor: armed with an arsenal of safe, fuel emission solvents to remove the oil stains and black haze, professional pressure washers are ideal for pressure washing a driveway. Professional pressure washing will cost between $60-$100 per hr. An area of less than 100 sq.ft. will take about 1 hour for a total cost of between $60-$100.
  • Equipment rental: pressure washing a driveway is possible to do as a DIY style project. Rent a pressure washer from most hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowes with a $100-$150 deposit for $76-$99 per day.
  • Water: according to the American Water Works Association, 1000 gallons of water costs $1.50. A professional pressure washer of 1500 PSI uses approximately 10-15 gallons per minute, as indicated by Elements. This places the water cost as a minimal $1 to pressure wash a typical driveway.
  • Material: surface repair products may be necessary to revitalize the concrete. Fuel emissions solvents, weed removal, and mold and mildew remover may be needed. Typically these materials cost between $10-$30 at any big box hardware store.

Enhancement and improvement costs

  • Concrete stain: overhaul the appearance of your driveway with a concrete stain. Fill cracks and add color through a simple stain and sealant application. Stain will cost $2 -$4 per sq.ft. with a 2-3 hour labor cost ($120-$300).
  • Landscaping: add color in the form of nature with a landscaping facelift. Plant a few colorful flowers for around $10-$35​.

Additional considerations and costs

  • Pressure washing is not ideal for a gravel driveway.
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Cost to pressure wash a driveway varies greatly by region (and even by zip code). To get free estimates from local contractors, please indicate yours.

Pressure washing a driveway

Labor cost by city and zip code

Compared to national average
Alexandria, VA
Allentown, PA
Ames, IA
Antioch, CA
Asheville, NC
Athens, GA
Bothell, WA
Bronx, NY
Burlington, NC
Cary, NC
Cheraw, SC
Columbia, MD
Conyers, GA
Coulee Dam, WA
Daniels, WV
Dickinson, TX
Fairview, OR
Foley, AL
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Green Bay, WI
High Point, NC
Houston, TX
Irmo, SC
Ladson, SC
League City, TX
Livermore, CA
Mansfield, TX
Meridian, MS
Miami, FL
New Orleans, LA
Newark, DE
Newburgh, IN
Oak Hill, OH
Port Saint Lucie, FL
Rosharon, TX
Ruskin, FL
Saint Johns, FL
San Antonio, TX
Smyrna, GA
Spotsylvania, VA
Tampa, FL
Urbandale, IA
Warwick, RI
Woodstock, GA
Zebulon, NC
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