How much does it cost to install a hog wire fence?

National Average Range:
$1,200 - $2,800

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Updated: August 18, 2022

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If you have a garden, rustic landscaping, or keep livestock, you may need a hog wire fence to be part of your yard. They are a unique wire and panel fence made of welded wire and typically spaced closer at the bottom. While traditionally made for hogs, these welded wire fences can be used for several purposes. Because they are installed in panels, many homeowners use them for garden and gate fences because they are lower cost than other fences and look nicer than some wire fencing.

The average cost to install hog wire fencing is $1,200 to $2,800, with most people spending around $2,000 to fence in a ¼-acre garden with 5’ high hog wire fences with cedar frames. This project’s low cost is $600 for fencing in a ¼-acre garden with 4’ high unframed hog wire stapled to wooden posts. The high cost is $4,000 to fence in a ¼-acre garden with 6’ high hog wire fences with painted wood frames and a matching gate.

Hog Wire Fence Cost

Cost to Install a Hog Wire Fence
National average cost$2,000
Average range$1,200-$2,800

What Is a Hog Wire Fence?

Hog wire fences were created to make a pen for hogs. It is made of panels ranging from 8’ to 16’ long and 4’ to 6’ tall. The panels are typically made of a frame with a wire interior, but you can use only wire and staple it to a series of wood or metal posts to keep the shape.

The wire is a type of welded wire, meaning it makes a pattern of rectangles or squares, with the places where they meet being welded together. True hog wire has spacing that becomes more narrow at the bottom. This was done to prevent hogs from pushing out the fence’s bottom. Today, they can be created using any welded wire, either inside a panel, hung on a metal post, or stapled to a wood post. The frame can be painted to create a decorative, inexpensive fence to surround a garden. It can also be left plain and used for its original purpose - to enclose an animal pen.

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Hog Wire Fence Cost per Foot

They have a range of costs depending on how they are installed, height, and material. They have an average cost range of between $3 and $10 a linear foot installed. Shorter fences are less costly than taller ones. Fences made with a thicker wire (heavier gauge wire) cost more than those made with a thinner option. The height and gauge range depending on what you use it for. Decorative fences may cost less than those meant to keep animals in a pen or out of a garden.

Cost to Install a 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 300, or 400-Linear Feet Hog Wire Fence (mobile)

Number of Linear FeetAverage Costs (Installed)
25 Linear Feet$75 - $250
50 Linear Feet$150 - $500
75 Linear Feet$225 - $750
100 Linear Feet$300 - $1,000
150 Linear Feet$450 - $1,500
200 Linear Feet$600 - $2,000
300 Linear Feet$900 - $3,000
400 Linear Feet$1,200 - $4,000

Hog Wire Fence Price per Acre

Hog wire fencing is mostly used to encase gardens, yards, and animal pens. However, it is less expensive than some other fencing types and may be an attractive option for fencing in larger tracts of land. You can use the hog wire without a frame to accomplish this at a lower cost, but you can also use a true hog wire fence with a frame to surround a property of one or more acres. Below are the average costs to install a true framed hog wire fence per acre. One acre equals 836 linear feet.

Cost to Install a 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5-Acres Hog Wire Fence (mobile)

Number of AcresAverage Cost (Installed)
1 Acre$2,508 - $8,360
2 Acres$5,016 - $16,720
3 Acres$7,524 - $25,080
4 Acres$10,032 - $33,440
5 Acres$12,540 - $41,800

Hog Wire Fence Cost by Type

You can create a hog wire fence in several ways. It is usually found in large rolls of readymade welded wire. It can be stretched around an enclosure. You can hang it on metal posts or staple it to wood posts to create a temporary and inexpensive garden.

However, you can also stretch the material onto a frame made of wood. These frames are usually made into panels ranging from 4’ to 16’ in length, with 8’ and 16’ being the most common. A frameless hog wire fence is usually less expensive than a framed one, with cost variations coming from the height, gauge, and frame type. Below are the average costs of frameless and framed hog wire fences per linear foot installed.

Cost per Linear Foot to Install a Frameless or Framed Hog Wire Fence (mobile)

Type of FrameAverage Costs per Linear Foot (Installed)
Frameless$2 - $3
Framed$3 - $10

Hog Wire Fence Costs for Readymade Panels

Readymade hog wire fence panels provide instant results around a garden or small area. Adding a small fence with readymade panels, which come in lengths up to 16’, create fast results. These panels are great for fencing in a small raised bed garden because you can staple the frames directly to the raised bed containers rather than posts.

Readymade panels are more expensive than the traditional method of making a hog wire fence. Depending on the style and materials, your costs could range from $5 to $50 a linear foot for the panels. A readymade stiff, heavy gauge frameless panel costs $5 a foot, and framed panels with decorative posts and exotic woods cost $50 a foot. Due to these high costs, most readymade panels are sold in small sets of 4 to 8 panels. The fence should be traditionally made for larger projects.

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Hog Wire Fence Cost by Size

They can be constructed in different sizes, impacting the cost. You can purchase readymade panels up to 16’ in length and heights of 3’, 4’, 5’, or 6’. You can also purchase panels that are 8’ in length with varying heights.

Many people build their hog wire fence using their own frame or posts with no frame and only wire.

If you purchase readymade frames, your costs may also be higher than if you have your frames made for you by the installer. Readymade panels come frameless, meaning you get a very stiff metal wire section meant to be stapled to a frame for about $5 a foot. You can also find already framed sections of fencing that are ready to be installed for as much as $20 a foot. These are generally only used in very small sections because a hog wire fence is much less expensive.

You can purchase rolls of hog wire reaching 100 linear feet and ranging in height from 3’ to nearly 8’ for just over $1 a linear foot. This can be used alone, with posts, or framed using lumber to create any size you need. This results in a total range of $3 to $10 a linear foot for most installations.

Hog Wire Fence Post Price by Material

Hog wire fences are generally attached to posts if you use a framed or frameless style. The posts can be made of wood or metal. Wooden posts are preferred for most permanent installations, and metal posts are most commonly used in temporary fences. However, you can use metal posts in permanent installations.

Generally, if the frame is made of wood, wood posts are used for continuity and to create a cohesive design. Frameless panels may be fixed onto metal posts, or the rolled wire may be stretched across wood or metal posts, depending on the installation. Below are the average costs of the post materials installed, including temporary and permanent metal posts and permanent wooden posts.

Cost per Post to Install a Metal or Wood Hog Wire Fence Post (mobile)

MaterialAverage Costs per Post (Installed)
Metal$5 - $60
Wood$20 - $50

Labor Cost to Install a Hog Wire Fence

Labor costs to install a hog wire fence generally vary depending on the type. They start at around $1 to $2 a linear foot for unframed fences stretched across posts. For framed ones where the frame is created on-site, labor costs begin at $3 to $4 a linear foot. For the average installation of ¼-acre (209 feet), the labor costs range from $627 to $836 out of the $1,200 to $2,800.

Which Plants Grow Well on a Hog Wire Fence?

They are popular for gardens and some sections of landscaping. This is because the wire used to create animal pens can also act as a trellis. Any type of climbing or vining plant grows on hog wire, including green beans, squash, potatoes, jasmine, clematis, and hardenbergia. Plant your climbing vines along the base of the fence, and they can easily climb up and along the wire.

Pros and Cons

Hog wire fences have many good uses, depending on the wire strength, height, and if it is framed. You can use them to keep animals out of a garden, hold animals in a pen, or create a trellis-style fence for plant growth.

They can be a low-cost option for decorative fences if you choose it framed. They can also be a quick-and-easy option to put up around gardens without detracting from the landscaping.

They are not as attractive as some other materials, however. If you opt for more decorative options, including readymade panels with exotic wood frames, you could find the cost becomes much higher than conventionally attractive fences.

Many people put up these fences temporarily around gardens. This can mean they are not always the most stable or longest-lasting option. This is particularly true when using softwoods for the frame because these do not last as long and may not be as durable. At the same time, they are one of the more expensive types of wire fences. Enclosing a large property with this type can be more costly than other types.


The maintenance for your hog wire fence depends on the materials. If yours is framed, you may want to paint or stain the wood to prevent rot. If the frame is cedar or redwood, prime the wood before painting it to avoid cedar bleed.

Otherwise, inspect it regularly to ensure it is not corroding or coming off the frame. If you find loose areas, you may need to reattach or replace sections to maintain integrity.

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Enhancement and Improvement Costs


Install a gate if you fence in a garden or other area you may want to access. The gate is usually a smaller panel of the same type. They cost around $20 to $30 to install.

Painting a Fence Frame

If you have a wood frame made of a material other than cedar, you may want to paint or stain it. The average cost to paint a fence is around $2 to $3 a linear foot. The more paintable material you have, the higher the average costs may be.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • Resale value. They do not have the same resale value as other fences. They can be attractive and functional but are not often considered upgrades.
  • Permits. You typically do not need a permit to put up a hog wire fence. However, this can vary by area, so speak to your local municipality first.
  • Warranties. The fence may have a warranty against defects. Your installer may also give you a warranty on the installation and labor. Check with your installer to find out more.
  • Homeowner’s association. Some HOA’s may not allow hog wire fences where they can be seen from the road. If your home is in an HOA, you may want to check if this is allowed before installing one.


  • How long do hog wire fences last?

If it is properly installed and maintained, it can last from 25 to 50 years. This includes ensuring the material is designed for your climate and protecting the wood from the elements.

  • How much does a hog wire fence cost?

The average costs for a hog wire fence are $3 to $10 a linear foot. However, some readymade panels may cost $50 a linear foot installed.

  • What size does hog wire come in?

Hog wire comes in lengths up to 100 linear feet, with heights between 3’ and 8’.