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Crown Molding Cost

Crown Molding Cost

National average
(stained mid-grade wood crown molding in a 16’ x 20’ living room plus 2 windows)
Low: $150

(low-grade wood crown molding)

High: $7,900

(painted high-end plaster crown molding with major upgrades)

Cost to install crown molding varies greatly by region (and even by zip code).
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Crown Molding Cost

National average
(stained mid-grade wood crown molding in a 16’ x 20’ living room plus 2 windows)
Low: $150

(low-grade wood crown molding)

High: $7,900

(painted high-end plaster crown molding with major upgrades)

Cost to install crown molding varies greatly by region (and even by zip code).
Get free estimates from Carpenters in your city.

The average cost of installing crown molding is ​$900.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Crown Molding?

Crown molding 1 is an architectural feature that is applied to the upper edges of walls where they meet the ceiling, creating a decorative border. Many homeowners opt to add crown molding 1 to their home interiors because it can refine the overall look, as well as add value to the home. Crown molding 1 also has practical functions, such as concealing unsightly cables. A DIY crown molding 1 installation is possible if you have intermediate skills, otherwise, professional installation services are recommended.

For this cost guide, we examine the cost of hiring professionals to install crown molding 1 in an average living room of 16’ x 20’ (72 linear feet), which averages $900.

Trim Styles

Unless they require unusual constructions, styles won’t influence the cost too much. In fact, what matters more is the materials used. The most common crown molding 1 styles are:

  • Classical: origins circa 1900-1930 and has remained popular since. It’s characterized by low-key minimalism and subtle details.
  • Colonial: origins circa 1725-1820. It features stacked lines of varying widths creating a textured, sophisticated look.
  • Greek: origins circa 1820-1840. This style has motifs recognizable in classic Greek architecture.
  • Three-Piece crown molding 1: available in a range of styles, three-piece crown molding 1 is made by connecting 3 slabs of material to create one piece. The result is usually a thick, detailed molding. The average cost for standard three-piece crown molding 1 is $9 per linear foot.


MaterialProsConsCost per linear foot

Beautiful natural patterns

Ornate and simple designs

Can be difficult to cut and install

Prone to warping and rot

PVCWarp- and rot-resistant

Limited design options

Shiny plastic texture




Easy to DIY

Can look cheap$1-$4
MDF compositeInexpensive wood alternative

Can be difficult to cut and install

Must be stained or painted

MetalUnique metallic lookCan be prone to tarnishing$2-$10
PolyurethaneComparable to wood but more resistant to insects and rot

Dents easily

Must be painted


FlexCan fit curved walls



Plaster 2

Can be intricately carved 


Only custom made-to-order


Hard to DIY


DIY crown molding 1 installations can be tricky for those who don’t have experience with it, and nearly impossible when you choose hard-to-work-with materials like plaster 2 and wood. We recommend hiring professional carpenters.

Professional crown molding 1 installation services have a variety of pricing conventions. The average costs are $70 per hour, $50 per corner, or $8-$12 per linear foot. It generally takes carpenters 1-2 hours to install crown molding 1 in an average living room of 16’x20’ (72 linear feet).

Carpenters start the installation process by measuring your walls and cutting lengths of moulding to fit both the wall lengths and angles. If you are having corner blocks installed, the angle-cutting can be skipped. Once the molding is nailed onto the walls, wood putty and caulk 3 are used to fill any holes and seams 4. The molding is then ready to be stained or painted, if you wish.

Additional Materials

  • Corner crown molding blocks: $3-$50
  • Caulk 3$1-$10
  • Caulk gun: $3.50-$100
  • Wood putty: $4-$7
  • Nails: $3.50 per pound
  • Miter saw: $70-$850
  • Coping saw: $4-$30
  • Measuring tape: $3-$35
  • Level: $16-$115
  • Hammer: $4-$250
  • Power drill: $25-$115
  • Stud-finder: $4-$180
  • Framing square: $5-$16

Professionals will typically provide most of the installation materials. You’ll only need to provide the crown moulding and corner blocks.

Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Painting and Staining

Professional painting/staining services for crown moulding cost an average of $30 per hour, and professionals can typically paint 50 linear feet per hour. A 1-gallon can of paint or stain covers an average of 1000 linear feet of crown moulding. One gallon of paint costs $30-$70, while stain costs $30-$60.

Lighted crown Molding 1

Adding lighting to your crown molding 1 is a great way to give a room ambiance and sophistication. Rope and strip lighting are best suited for crown moulding installations. Rope is priced at $1-$6 per linear foot, while strip lighting ranges from $12-$35. If you choose LED rail lights, you’ll find prices at the higher end of that spectrum. Hiring an electrician to install crown moulding lighting costs $65-$86 per hour.

Wiring Management

Incorporating a wiring management system into your crown moulding can conceal cables and make your device connections much neater. They are designed to bundle wires inside tracks that are hidden behind the moulding. Some are even built into ready-to-order crown moulding pieces. Typically, the moulding used to conceal these systems is hollow PVC crown moulding. Wire/cable management systems cost $1-$5 per linear foot, on average. DIY installation is relatively easy, and should be done prior to installation of crown moulding. An electrician or the moulding installation pros can also do the job.

Additional Considerations and Costs

Extra Moulding

If you choose a moulding material that dents easily, or are working with paints and stains, it’s highly recommended that you purchase some extra moulding. This will ensure you have replacement moulding on hand in case some pieces are damaged during the installation process. It’s generally recommended that you buy 10% more crown moulding than the total linear feet you’ll need to cover.

Doors and Windows

Installing crown moulding trim on doors and windows can give a more polished look to a room. Installation on doors usually runs $100-$300 per door. Window installations usually cost $100-$175 per window.


If you DIY your crown moulding installation, you’ll have to purchase the additional materials mentioned above if you don’t already have them. Feasibility depends on the type of crown moulding you install: different materials require different levels of skill. Also, some materials like solid wood and plaster 2 are heavy, making them hard to handle for some.

Drop Proportions

Keep in mind that the thickness, or “drop”, of your crown moulding should depend on your ceiling height. Especially thick crown mouldings can look overbearing in a room with low to average ceiling heights, and make it feel smaller. Too-thin crown moulding in rooms with high ceilings can also look disproportionate. Choosing thicker mouldings can increase prices by 25%-75%. Below is a table of drop proportion guidelines.

Ceiling HeightDrop Length




  • How do you cut crown molding with a miter saw?

Measure the molding and mark the area to be cut. Put the end of the molding into the miter box at the angle you wish to cut, turn on the saw, and cut along the angle.

  • How do you measure for crown molding?

Measure each wall from corner to corner in inches. Add up the measurements and divide by 12 to get the total number of linear feet of molding.

  • How do you cut crown molding corners?

Crown molding corners are usually both mitered and coped to meet. Begin by nailing one piece butt edged to the wall. Then, first mitre, then cope the joining piece by cutting away the back of the molding to fit neatly against the installed piece.

  • How do you cope crown molding?

Cope crown molding by installing the piece of molding it will meet first, and cutting the next piece to fit. Mitre it to the correct angle, then use the coping saw to cut away the back of the molding to expose its shape and fit neatly against the installed piece.

  • How much does it cost to install crown molding in a house?

Most people pay around $900 for stained, installed crown molding.

  • How much does it cost to install and paint crown molding?

The cost of installing stained crown molding is around $900, while installing and painting the molding costs slightly more at around $1,000.

  • How do you put up crown molding?

Crown molding is installed by measuring the walls, cutting the moldings to length, and beginning in one corner, nailing the pieces to the wall. Adjacent pieces are mitered and coped to meet the first installed piece.

  • How much does it cost to put new trim in a house?

The average cost of installing moldings in a house is around $900.

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Remodeling Terms Cheat Sheet

Definitions in laymen's terms, cost considerations, pictures and things you need to know.
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glossary term picture Crown Molding 1 Crown molding: A decorative finish that adds interest to the area where the top of a window meets the wall, or lines the area where the wall meets the ceiling
glossary term picture Plaster 2 Plaster: A paste composed of sand, water, and either lime, gypsum, or cement, which forms a smooth hard surface on walls, ceilings, and other structures upon drying
glossary term picture Caulking 3 Caulk: A chemical sealant used to fill in and seal gaps where two materials join, for example, the tub and tile, to create a watertight and airtight seal. The term "caulking" is also used to refer to the process of applying this type of sealant
4 Seams: A fold, line, or groove where two pieces of material join together

Cost to install crown molding varies greatly by region (and even by zip code). To get free estimates from local contractors, please indicate yours.

Classical plaster crown molding painted in yellow and green decorated with an intricate design


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Compared to national average
Athens, GA
Atlanta, GA
Baltimore, MD
Baton Rouge, LA
Beaumont, CA
Bradenton, FL
Chesapeake, VA
Chicago, IL
Chula Vista, CA
Cincinnati, OH
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Prosper, TX
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