Owens Corning Shingle Prices: Cheapest to Most Expensive Options

Jack Wisniewski
Mar 16, 2021
7 min read

Owens shingles installed on a roof

Source: Owens Corning

For materials only, Owen Corning shingles will run you from $80 to $120 on average per square but there are some shingles that can cost as much as $280.

Like most brands, this wide price range starts with their bargain 3-tab shingles and escalates as you approach the premium, designer lines.

To help you decide which Owens Corning roofing shingle best suits your budget, we listed their average in-store prices from cheapest to most expensive. We also touch on each shingle's attributes so you know what to expect after you buy.

Keep in mind that costs vary across the United States. Therefore, pricing at your local Lowe's, Menards, or other home improvement store may differ from our estimates.

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Supreme Shingle Prices

Supreme shingles on a residential home

Owens Corning Supreme shingles in Driftwood. Image source: Owens Corning

Average cost per square: $80

Why buy: The cheapest Owens Corning roof shingle

Warranty length: 25 years

Wind resistance warranty: 60 mph

At $80 per square (100 sq.ft.), Supreme shingles will cost you the least among the Owens Corning product lineup.

That is not to say Supreme shingles are strictly an economical choice. To complement your environment and preferences, Owens Corning offers 17 color options.

Although 3-tab asphalt shingles are typically a no-frills option, Supreme shingles can come equipped with Owens Corning's StreakGuard technology, which prevents algae growth via copper-lined granules.

Throw in the standard 25-year limited warranty into the mix, and Supreme proves itself as a serviceable shingle. Given that 3-tab shingles typically do not last more than 20 years, Owens Corning could argue they are overly generous with their warranty!

However, you will likely revel in greater peace of mind with a more durable, laminate shingle. Owens Corning only provides a 60-mph wind warranty, which does not inspire much confidence in coastal or hurricane-prone regions.

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Oakridge Shingle Prices

Oakridge shingles on a residential home

Owens Corning Oakridge shingles in Onyx Black. Image source: Owens Corning

Average cost per square: $90

Why buy: Affordable architectural shingle

Warranty length: Lifetime

Wind resistance warranty: 110 mph standard, 130 mph optional

For a more striking and enduring shingle than Supreme for not a whole lot more money, consider Oakridge shingles.

This $90 per square architectural shingle both adds depth to your roof and ushers in their TruDefinition color palette with unique blends that crank up the contrast. For algae-resistance, Owens Corning also offers StreakGuard with Oakridge.

On top of style, Oakridge promises better durability. These laminate shingles come with a limited lifetime warranty and a 110-mph wind-resistance rating.

Owens Corning bumps up the wind warranty to 130 mph when you install Oakridge shingles combined with their starter shingles and six nails instead of the standard four. This upgraded wind uplift rating is far more dependable than that of the Supreme or other 3-tab competitors.

In our opinion, Oakridge is worth the step up for the elevated durability alone.

Duration Shingle Prices

Weatherguard HP shingles on a residential home

Owens Corning Duration shingles in Teak. Image source: Owens Corning

Average cost per square: $100

Why buy: First-class architectural shingle, easy-to-install, many sub-lines

Warranty length: Lifetime

Wind resistance warranty: 130 mph

Experienced Owens Corning shoppers will likely know their trademark Duration line. Among competitors, this laminate shingle goes toe-to-toe with the likes of GAF Timberline and Certainteed Landmark shingles in terms of style, perks, and performance.

Owens Corning Duration shingles start around $100 per square. While TruDefinition Duration shingles look almost indistinguishable from their cheaper Oakridge brethren, they kick it up a notch in the durability department.

Most notably, Duration shingles come with Owens Corning's patented SureNail Technology. This wide fabric strip embedded in the shingle highlights the nailing zone, prevents overdriven nails, and improves delamination resistance. Ideally, SureNail reduces the likelihood of faulty installation – the primary reason shingle roofs fail.

Furthermore, Duration shingles net you a 130-mph wind warranty – the same as Oakridge without the need for in-brand starter shingles and six-nail installation.

High performance comes naturally with the product's name, but you can elevate your Duration shingles to another level by shopping for a specialty line, each of which has individual pricing.

Duration specialty shingle

Why buy?

Duration Designer

Multi-colored options

Duration COOL

Reduces cooling costs, meets cool roof ratings

Duration COOL Plus

Reduces cooling costs, meets California Building Energy Efficiency Standards

Duration FLEX

UL Class 4 Impact rating, SBS-modified asphalt

Duration Premium

Thicker shingle, adds depth

Duration MAX

Extra thick shingle, adds depth

Duration STORM

UL Class 4 Impact Rating, reinforced polymeric backing

Weatherguard HP Shingle Prices

Weatherguard HP shingles on a residential home

Owens Corning Weatherguard HP shingles in Estate Gray. Image source: Owens Corning

Average cost per square: $130

Why buy: The best impact-resistance rating in the industry

Warranty length: Lifetime

Wind resistance warranty: 110 mph standard, 130 mph optional

Worried about hail or wind-blown debris damaging your roof?

Weatherguard HP architectural shingles, which cost around $130 per square, come with the highest impact rating offered by the Underwriters Laboratory – Class 4 – thanks to its polymeric backing.

Of course, you will pay more for Weatherguard HP shingles than regular, non-impact resistant shingles. The additional protection could very well pay for itself if you live in a state like Texas, Kansas, or Colorado that sees hundreds of hailstorms per year.

In these regions, home insurance providers may offer discounts for impact-resistant shingles, which can further justify the added costs.

Still, we do not definitively recommend these shingles over the likes of Duration STORM and Duration FLEX. On top of their respective Class 4 impact ratings, these shingles eclipse Weatherguard HP with standard SureNail tech and 130-mph wind warranties.


Woodcrest shingles on a residential home

Owens Woodcrest Shingles in Chestnut. Image source: Owens Corning

Average cost per square: $210

Why buy: Mimics wood shake

Warranty length: Lifetime

Wind resistance warranty: 110 mph standard, 130 mph optional

At around $210 per square, Owens Corning Woodcrest shingles substantially bump up the unit price over the Duration line.

Owens Corning would argue they have a good reason. For that price, Woodcrest shingles reproduce the cherished look of wood shakes at a fraction of the cost. You also avoid the notorious maintenance needs and fire risk that comes with a genuine wood roof.

Add the lifetime defect warranty and a 110-mph wind warranty into the mix, and you get both a stylish and durable shingle.

As for downsides, Woodcrest and other designer lines drop the nifty SureNail strip featured in the Duration collection.

Berkshire Shingle Prices

Berkshire shingles on a residential home

Owens Corning Berkshire shingles in Colonial. Image source: Owens Corning

Average cost per square: $215

Why buy: Looks like slate

Warranty length: Lifetime

Wind resistance warranty: 130 mph

Berkshire, Owens Corning's slate roof alternative, costs around $215 per square.

This premium shingle posits a costly proposition, but it will run you far less than genuine slate tiles and not look too far off the mark from the revered roofing material.

As for durability, Owens Corning bumps up the algae-resistance warranty to 15 years, which is more than any other product in their lineup.

If you can afford it, Owens Corning Berkshire shingles set a lavish statement that could raise the value of your home.

Woodmoor Shingle Prices

Woodmoor shingles on a residential home

Owens Corning Woodmoor shingles in Timber. Image source: Owens Corning

Average cost per square: $280

Why buy: Looks like wood shake, thicker than Woodcrest

Warranty length: Lifetime

Wind resistance warranty: 110 mph

Woodmoor shingles offer a similar wood-shake style to Woodcrest but with additional thickness. Brawnier shingles endow your roof with deeper shadow lines to further rival the rustic look of hand-split shakes.

These cost substantially more than any other Owens Corning shingle, however, at $280 per square.

Which Owens Corning Shingle Should I Buy?

Whether you need a budget-friendly or an exquisite designer shingle, Owens Corning offers a compelling selection at competitive prices.

Buy Supreme if keeping costs down is your top concern. If you have the funds to spare, the step up to Oakridge will pay for itself with curb appeal and durability. Choose Duration shingles if you want even more assured strength, color options, or one of their many specialty products.

For homeowners seeking to turn heads on their street, Woodcrest, Woodmoor, and Berkshire will deliver handsomely, but prepare to pay a hefty sum.

Of course, note that a roof is so much more than just its shingles. An entirely new roof also requires underlayment, ice-and-water barriers, and other individual components that do not factor into shingle prices.

Owens Corning offers these extras through their Total Protection Roofing System that can upgrade you with a workmanship warranty when installed by their certified contractors. However, we suggest directing your efforts towards hiring a roofer experienced with Owens Corning roofing products to deliver a lasting installation.

Once you feel ready to get started on your Owens Corning shingle installation, allow us to put you in touch with the best-rated local roofing contractors near you.

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