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What Are the Best Entry Door Brands?

Written by Joe Roberts

Published on September 7, 2023


What Are the Best Entry Door Brands?

Do you need a new exterior door for your home? Before requesting quotes from contractors, read our guide to find out which door manufacturers are best.

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Your home’s front door is one of its most important fixtures. Not only does a high-end exterior door increase your home’s curb appeal, but it can also raise your home’s defense, weather resistance, and energy efficiency. No wonder homeowners are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on their front doors.

If you’re in the market for a new front entrance door, our list of brands can help you find a manufacturer known for quality, style, and affordability. Keep reading to learn which brand you should get your dream door from.

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Pella: Best overall

Pella offers a broad assortment of stylish, high-quality doors in various materials. Many Pella doors also come with elegant glass options like windows and sidelights (also known as sidelites). Image source: Pella

The brand

Founded in 1925, Pella is one of the country's most well-established window and door companies. The manufacturer carries various fixtures in all materials and styles, including fiberglass, patio, and premium solid wood doors. The company has also won an impressive lineup of awards and recognitions for the quality of its doors. Lastly, many of its products are Energy Star certified for superior insulation, which can reduce your home’s energy consumption.  

What we love

Whatever you want from a front entry door, you can find it at Pella. The company’s broad array of products means you can find a door or window that matches any look—from rustic cottage to stately manor—and any set of priorities—from security to energy efficiency. And while the company’s prices skew a little high, many Pella products come with limited lifetime warranties, so your investment in a Pella product is protected long-term.

Pella also has a long track record of pleasing customers and exceeding their expectations. In addition to gushing about the quality of Pella’s doors, customers also praise Pella's representatives for their efficiency, professionalism, and friendliness. 

Unique Home Designs: Best security doors

Who says safety can’t be stylish? Many of Unique Home Designs’ door systems perfectly balance beauty and security. Image source: Unique Home Designs

The brand

Unique Home Designs is much younger than other companies on this list. It was founded in 2003. Despite its relative youth, the company still has a competitive assortment of screen doors, window guards, and sidelights. Best of all, the company has an immense selection of stylishly crafted security doors and windows. 

What we love

While the security-focused steel doors of most other exterior door brands can be very bland, Unique Home Designs’ security doors are designed with your home’s curb appeal in mind. The brand’s steel doors and screens feature artistically crafted lattices of metal that will add a unique flair to your home.

In glowing reviews for Unique Home Designs’ doors, customers applaud their sturdiness and the peace of mind having a steel door can bring. And yes, many customers also highlight the elegant style of their Unique Home Designs purchase as part of why they chose to buy from the brand. 

Therma-Tru: Most energy-efficient doors

Keep your home’s emissions low and your energy savings high with an eco-friendly door from Therma-Tru. Image source: Therma-Tru

The brand

Therma-Tru made a name for itself as the first manufacturer to put a fiberglass door on the market. Today, Therma-Tru remains one of the country’s most prominent makers of high-end fiberglass entry doors, and it has manufactured over 70 million doors since its founding in 1962. 

What we love

Fiberglass is one of the most insulating door materials, and nobody does fiberglass doors better than Therma-Tru. The company’s fiberglass door systems feature polyurethane foam cores, weatherstripping, and triple-pane Low-E glass for superior insulation. Considering the company’s intense focus on energy efficiency, it’s no wonder that 85% of its doors and windows are Energy Star certified.

If you want to reduce your home’s emissions and save money on your energy bills, installing a fiberglass front door from Therma-Tru is a no-brainer. As an added bonus, fiberglass doors are exceptionally low-maintenance and don’t warp, rust, rot, or crack like any other type of door. 

Andersen: Best storm doors

A storm door, like this one from Andersen Windows, is a great way to protect your front door from bad weather while still displaying the beauty of its paint job or wood grain. Image source: Andersen Windows

The brand

Having been founded in 1903, Andersen Windows is by far the oldest company on this list. While it’s best known for its high-end windows (hence the name), it’s also one of the country’s leading manufacturers of glass doors, especially storm doors

What we love

Andersen offers a wide selection of finely crafted storm doors with versatile features, such as removable glass panels for ventilation, insect screens, and various color options. Anderson’s doors are also available with glass panels of different sizes ranging from half-door glazing to full-view panels. This diversity allows you to pick a protective storm door that perfectly matches your home’s exterior.

In reviews for their Anderson storm doors, customers frequently applaud their beauty, durability, and weather resistance. They especially appreciate the convenience of models with detachable glass panels allowing ventilation when big storms aren’t a concern. 

Jeld-Wen: Best budget doors

Jeld-Wen’s selection of affordable exterior doors offers plenty of stylish, durable options that won’t break your budget. Image source: Jeld-Wen

The brand

Jeld-Wen was founded in 1960, and today it operates in over 20 countries as an industry-leading manufacturer of windows and doors. Jeld-Wen offers exterior doors of all varieties ranging from vault-like steel doors to exquisitely crafted french doors, so whatever you hope to outfit your home with, you can find it at Jeld-Wen. 

What we love

Jeld-Wen doesn’t compromise on style or variety, but it still manages to be one of the most affordable manufacturers of high-end entry doors on the market. On average, doors from Jeld-Wen retail for hundreds of dollars less than comparable doors from the other brands we’ve mentioned.

And while the company’s relative affordability can sometimes come at the cost of material quality, “Great door for the price” is a common sentiment among Jeld-Wen’s customer reviews.

Honorable mentions

If somehow none of the brands we’ve listed offer doors that tickle your fancy, one of the retailers on this list of runners-up is sure to have what you’re looking for:

Picking your entryway door

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