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10 Tips and Tricks for Effective Spring Cleaning

Written by Cameron Bates

Published on April 3, 2023


10 Tips and Tricks for Effective Spring Cleaning

We have compiled some of the most valuable tips and tricks to help you get a jumpstart on your spring cleaning.

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Whether it's scrubbing the grout with an old toothbrush, reorganizing the medicine cabinet, or cleaning light fixtures, plenty of jobs are begging to be tackled during spring cleaning.

But, with what seems like a mountain of jobs, sprucing up your home for spring can be quite daunting. Check out our top 10 tips and tricks to jumpstart this year's spring cleaning.

Make a list

Before you put the gloves on and get to work, write precisely what you want done during spring cleaning. Making a list can keep you focused on the task at hand and give you a better idea of the work you have in front of you. It will also allow you to keep track of your progress.

Try to think of tasks that are not part of your regular cleaning routine, as these areas often need the most attention.


To make things easier for yourself, try as hard as you can to reduce the clutter in your home before you start your spring cleaning. Whether it's clothes you never wear, toys that no longer get played with, food that is way beyond its expiration date, or just general junk, getting rid of clutter is the first step in organizing and tidying up your home.

A great way to declutter your home is by sorting your belongings into three categories: give away, throw away, or put away. Remember that while you may no longer have a use for it, one man's trash is another man's treasure, so utilize your local donation center when possible.

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Take it room by room

Instead of just cleaning here, there, and everywhere with no system or strategy, try and approach your spring cleaning by taking on one room at a time. This allows you to focus on the living room one day and the kitchen the next, ensuring you take advantage of everything.

Cleaning room by room also means creating individual spring cleaning checklists, which can help keep you organized and on track. This systematic approach is a great way to ensure that every nook and crevice in your home has been cleaned and looks better than ever.

Pay attention to the hard-to-reach places

If you think about your usual cleaning routine, there are often several spots that need work because they are difficult to get to. Spring cleaning is just the time to hit these pesky spots, whether under area rugs, behind the washing machine, or on the tops of ceiling fans.

So, before you start with your mundane regular cleaning routine, get someone to give you a hand with moving some furniture or lifting the rug so you can finally clean those hard-to-reach places.

Deep clean your kitchen appliances

Other than just the standard wipe-down, your kitchen appliances can often be left for extended periods without a proper deep clean. During spring cleaning, take the opportunity to freshen up appliances like your fridge, oven, and microwave.

When you clean up the fridge, remove all the shelves and trays and wash them in warm soapy water to eliminate any bacteria or spillage stains. As for your oven, you will need an oven cleaner, a roll of paper towels, hot water, and some elbow grease to remove the buildup of grime and gunk. Your microwave should get the same treatment!

Minimize the use of cleaning products

Before spring cleaning, you will often see homeowners go crazy for cleaning products and buy absolutely everything and anything they can use to clean their homes. Most of these products are then found to be unnecessary and left to take up space in your laundry room. There is also the option of using a few natural cleaning recipes to DIY your cleaning products.

When it comes to cleaning solutions, the less you need to use, the better. An all-purpose cleaner, dish soap, baking soda, white vinegar, and some microfiber cloths are always good to have on hand. You can always purchase other specialty cleaning supplies when truly required.

Give your windows some attention

With so much focus on organizing your interior and cleaning your floors, looking after your windows can often become an afterthought. But, as those who regularly clean their windows would know, squeaky clean windows can make a world of difference.

Not only does cleaning your windows and window treatments increase curb appeal, but it also improves your home's air quality and heating efficiency. Giving your window a good clean with a squeegee will also prevent any window or frame degradation.

Many hands make light work

Like any job around your home, spring cleaning is easier and more enjoyable with some help. Whether it is just you and a partner or you're lucky enough to have a few little helpers, make spring cleaning something the whole family enjoys.

If you are getting the kids involved, assign them some appropriate jobs they can work on. Putting away their clothes and reorganizing their toy chests are great places to start!

Organize your storage spaces

Trying to find things in your home can be difficult, and it can be impossible if your storage spaces are a mess. Whether it's your garage, basement, or outdoor shed, spring cleaning is the perfect time to get your storage spaces in check.

Just as you would when decluttering the rest of the house, sort everything in your storage spaces into throw-away, give-away, and put-away piles. Once that's done, you can organize your belongings by product type and store them accordingly. You can also go an extra step by labeling your shelving or storage boxes.

Wipe down the walls

Don't worry if cleaning your walls is not in your regular cleaning routine – you're not alone! Lucky for you, there is no better time to get rid of the fingerprints and smudges that have built up over time.

To clean most walls, all you'll need is a duster and a damp microfiber cloth. For walls with wallpaper, forgo the water and use a dry cleaning cloth. Make sure that you're working your way from top to bottom, including the baseboards.

Start your spring cleaning project today

Spring cleaning can often sound like a chore, especially when disinfecting the toilet or cleaning the gutters. But, when you approach it with the right attitude and have a clear idea of what you need to get done, it can be incredibly beneficial for both you and your home

So, whether you're starting on the first or last day of spring, make time in your schedule and see the difference a successful spring cleaning can make.

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