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8 Top Bathroom Trends to Inspire You in 2023

Written by Adam Graham

Published on January 25, 2023


8 Top Bathroom Trends to Inspire You in 2023

Here is an insight into some of the biggest trends we expect to see dominating bathroom design in 2023.

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A huge majority of 71% of experts believe that homeowners are willing to spend more on a bathroom remodel than before. A bathroom remodel costs an average of $6,250. Interestingly, however, 73% say that the cost of materials will most deter people from undertaking bathroom renovation projects. As inexpensive materials become more important, ceramic tiles are the stand-out in-demand material to cut costs. We explore what other key top trends experts share in Fixr.com’s Bathroom Trends Report 2023

1. Wood-Look and Natural Materials Is the Top Bathroom Trend in 2023

Since the pandemic, interior design has seen a shift in popularity towards including natural materials in the home. And according to 50% of top industry experts surveyed, this trend is here to stay in 2023. Bringing outdoor elements inside the home allows for a touch of originality, as many natural materials, such as wood, have unique variations. Interior designs like Japandi and Wabi-sabi are set to be popular among homeowners this year too, and these looks include natural design elements.

2. Backlit Mirrors Will Outshine Hollywood-Style Lighting

A top bathroom trend we’ll see in 2023 is backlit mirrors. While 47% of experts predict backlit mirrors will be sought-after by homeowners, another 56% say that Hollywood-style lighting will fall out of favor. A backlit mirror works two-fold; it offers ambient lighting to the room, which is perfect for a relaxing feel when wanting to unwind but also serves as task lighting. 

3. Patterned Tiles Bring Boldness to Bathrooms

Patterned tiles are set to be one trend that will really bring life and dynamism to bathroom design in 2023. In Fixr.com’s Bathroom Trends Report, 36% of experts said that this would be the biggest trend this year. This just goes to show that homeowners are willing to experiment with bolder choices for their floors or walls. 

4. Textured Tiles / Wall Coverings 

Similarly to patterned tiles, textured tiles and wall coverings were chosen by 36% of top design experts when asked which bathroom trend would be the biggest in 2023. You can add depth and dimension to a space with these features, livening up the walls as opposed to them being simple and flat. 

Color can have a huge impact on a room. When it comes to incorporating color in a bathroom, there are a few different ways to achieve it. In 2023, 59% of industry professionals say that shower tiles will be the most popular way to add a new color to the space. The shower area can be a great design focal point, and allows people to go bold with color without having to commit to it throughout the entire room. 

In fact, 58% of experts said that most homeowners will opt for neutral colors with pops of bold when deciding on a new color palette in their homes this year. 41% of experts also said that cabinets or wallpapering the whole bathroom will be popular among homeowners when looking to add color. Cabinets can be either a subtle or prominent feature of bathrooms, while wallpaper continues its increase in popularity in interior design. 

6. Wallpaper Is Still Gaining Popularity 

Image by: Kristie Barnett

Over recent years we have seen an ever-growing interest in homeowners incorporating wallpaper into their homes. This year, 63% of design professionals believe that wallpaper will be more popular than ever. To highlight its steady rise in popularity, 26% of experts say that it will be the biggest trend in bathrooms in 2023, as opposed to only 3% who believed metallic wallpaper would be a top feature back in 2021. 

7. Ceramic Tiles Most In-Demand Affordable Material

The rise in the cost of living has affected many homeowners over the last year or so, and it makes sense that people will look to more affordable materials when deciding to remodel their bathrooms. According to a massive majority of 71% of industry professionals, the most in-demand cost-effective material will be ceramic tiles in 2023. On average, homeowners can pay as little as around $4.25 per square foot to install ceramic tile to their shower walls. 

8. Showers Are the Biggest Upgrade Priority 

Not everyone decides to renovate their whole bathroom. Some homeowners decide to prioritize upgrading certain features. One of the main uses of bathrooms is the shower, as well as it being a major design feature. It takes up a lot of space, dominates the overall color scheme, and plays a big part in the functionality of the room. That’s why 65% of experts say that it will be homeowners’ top priority in their bathroom remodel this year.


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