Average Cost for Handymen

Sometimes when you have a small project at home or need minor repairs, it is easier and less expensive to call in a handyman for the job rather than another professional. Handymen are generally experienced in various areas, including appliance installation, minor repairs, and small projects that do not require licensing or permits.

They often charge less than other professionals, sometimes charging a flat fee based on the job or by the hour for larger projects. Because they offer varying skills and handle so many different projects, the costs vary tremendously from one project to the next. In most cases, if a handyman charges by the hour for their labor, expect to pay between $60 and $90 an hour.

$100 - $400
$150 - $200
$150 - $600
$100 - $300
$350 - $500
$100 - $300
$100 - $300


Installations and Replacements