How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Freezer?

Average range: $100 - $300
Average Cost
(Repairing the seal on an upright freezer)

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Freezers are essential appliances in many homes, used to preserve meals and ingredients for days, weeks, and even months. They allow us to buy food and store it for long periods, reducing waste and letting us store meats and other perishable items more safely and conveniently. Unfortunately, like other appliances, freezers develop faults and problems and need to be repaired to get them up and running again.

The cost of freezer repairs depends on various factors, such as the problem and freezer size, make, and model. The national cost average for freezer repair is between $100 and $300, with most people paying $200 for repairing a broken seal on an upright freezer. Replacing a light bulb in a simple chest freezer is about $50, but fitting a built-in drawer freezer with a new compressor can cost up to $650.

Cost to Repair Freezer

Freezer Repair Costs
National average cost$200
Average range$100-$300
Minimum cost$50
Maximum cost$650

Freezer Repair Cost by Project Range

Replacing a light bulb in a chest freezer
Average Cost
Repairing the seal on an upright freezer
Compressor replacement in a built-in drawer freezer

Freezer Repair Cost by Type

Freezers come in various sizes and styles, from affordable portable freezers to display freezers best-suited for commercial use. The freezer type directly influences the cost of repairs because some freezers are more costly to fix. Also, some have additional components. The table below shows common freezer types and average repair costs:

Freezer Repair Cost by Type

Freezer Repair Cost by Type

Type of FreezerAverage Costs
Portable$50 - $300
Chest$50 - $400
Upright$50 - $500
Drawer$75 - $500
Display$75 - $650

Portable Freezer Repair Cost

Portable freezer repairs cost between $50 and $300 on average. These freezers are famed for their compact, portable nature, ideal for taking on picnics and camping trips. Since they tend to be small and affordable, repairs are usually cheap for these models.

Chest Freezer Repair Cost

Repairs for a chest freezer average $50 to $400, depending on the problem and amount of repair work required. Chest freezers are a popular choice for basements and garages. They are affordable to own and maintain since they have relatively basic designs and fewer components.

Upright Freezer Repair Cost

Upright freezer repairs cost between $50 and $500, depending on the level of work required. These freezers are the most common, offering easy access to your frozen goods and standing upright in kitchens. They come in a wide range of sizes and styles, often with more advanced components and features than chest freezers.

Drawer Freezer Repair Cost

Drawer freezer repairs range from $75 to $500. These freezers have individual drawers that open and close and offer easy access to foods. They can be designed to blend in with the existing cabinetry and are often found in premium and commercial kitchens.

Display Freezer Repair Cost

Display freezer repairs cost between $75 and $650. These freezers have clear doors or windows, allowing people to view the goods without opening the door. This makes them a good choice in commercial settings like grocery stores and restaurant kitchens where ingredients must be found quickly. Repairs can be more expensive on these models if the glass panels break and need fixing or replacing.

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Freezer Repair Cost by Type of Repair

Freezers consist of several parts and components that work together to keep frozen goods stored at the correct temperature. Over time, these parts can break or suffer general wear and tear, leading to a need for repair. The repair costs for a freezer are heavily influenced by the part that needs fixing and what repair work needs to be done. The table below shows common repair types and average costs for each.

Freezer Repair Cost by Type of Repair

Freezer Repair Cost by Type of Repair

Type of RepairAverage Costs
Thermostat$75 - $200
Door$100 - $300
Seal$100 - $400
Regassing$200 - $500
Floor$250 - $650

Freezer Thermostat Repair

Freezer thermostat repair costs between $75 and $200. Since the thermostat controls the temperature inside your freezer, a broken thermostat can cause many problems. It may lead to your freezer being too warm, too cold, or fluctuating in temperature abnormally. A repairman may need to power down your freezer, access the thermostat to identify the issue, and then adjust it to get it working again.

Repair Freezer Door

Freezer door repairs range from $100 to $300. These doors are very strong and sturdy, so they should not crack or split because they can withstand heavy impacts. However, you might find that your freezer door stops closing properly or does not stay shut. This could be an issue with the fridge not being level or a hinge problem. The repairman should be able to fix it with some adjustments.

Freezer Seal Repair

Freezer seal repairs cost between $100 and $400, depending on the size and freezer type. Freezer seals, also known as gaskets, preserve the interior temperature of the freezer by trapping cold air inside and keeping warm air out. It can get frayed, cracked, or damaged over time and usually needs to be replaced. However, a skilled repairman might be able to repair minor damage and leave the existing seal in place.

Regassing a Fridge Freezer Cost

Regassing a fridge freezer ranges from $200 to $500 on average. Most modern freezers and fridge freezers do not need regassing, and your freezer should be able to reuse the same gas unless the pipes or connections get damaged or broken. In some situations, the cause of a gas leak might be too costly to repair, so it may be more cost-effective to have the freezer replaced entirely.

Freezer Floor Repair

Freezer floor repair costs between $250 and $650. This only applies to walk-in freezers and coolers that have concrete floors exposed to freezing temperatures, which may crack or corrode over time. Usually, floor patches and resin compounds are applied to the damaged areas to fix them.

Freezer Repair Cost by Type of Replacement

When something goes wrong with your freezer, it is likely that the damaged or faulty part cannot be repaired and instead needs replacing. Fortunately, the material costs of many replacement parts are relatively low, but it can require one to three hours of labor to dismantle the freezer, remove the damaged part, and fit the new part in place. The table below shows common parts that might need replacing and the average costs, including parts and labor, to replace them:

Freezer Repair Cost by Type of Replacement

Freezer Repair Cost by Type of Replacement

Replacement PartAverage Costs
Light Bulb$50 - $100
Tray$50 - $100
Defrost Sensor$75 - $200
Thermostat$75 - $300
Relay$75 - $300
Fan$100 - $300
Seal$150 - $500
Compressor$250 - $650
Door$250 - $650
Control Board$300 - $650

Freezer Light Bulb Replacement

Light bulb replacement for your freezer costs between $50 and $100, and this is one of the simplest and cheapest freezer repairs. Many freezers come with a light that activates when the door is opened to illuminate the space and make it easier for you to find what you are looking for, but the bulb can burn out eventually.

Freezer Tray Replacement

Freezer tray replacement ranges from $50 to $100, depending on the freezer make and model. Many upright freezers come with individual drawers and trays that hold your food, but those trays can crack or break. You may not need to hire a professional for tray replacement because spare trays can be purchased and slid into the freezer on your own.

Defrost Sensor Replacement

Defrost sensor replacement in a freezer averages $75 to $200. The defrost sensor, also known as the defrost thermostat, prevents frost from forming on the evaporator and allows the freezer or fridge freezer to run as efficiently as possible.

Freezer Thermostat Replacement

Freezer thermostat replacements cost between $75 and $300. Often when a freezer’s temperature gets too cold, too hot, or changes unpredictably, the thermostat is to blame. And, a broken thermostat often cannot be repaired, so it is better to replace it. The material costs for replacement thermostats are relatively low, so you mainly pay for the labor of dismantling the freezer and fitting the new thermostat in place.

Freezer Relay Replacement

Freezer relay replacement ranges from $75 to $300, depending on the make and model. The relay is a part of the compressor and keeps the cooling cycle flowing smoothly. So, a broken relay can cause a range of issues like the freezer not cooling down properly or a noisy clicking sound that keeps repeating. Replacing the relay should solve these issues.

Freezer Fan Replacement

Fan replacements for freezers cost between $100 and $300. Fans are usually found in fridge freezers, rather than simple freezers, and they are used to circulate the cold air from the freezer section to the refrigerator section. If the fan fails, the temperatures in both sections can start to rise, and the fan and fan motor may need to be replaced.

Freezer Seal Replacement Cost

Freezer seal replacements range from $150 to $500, depending on the freezer size and seal type needed. If a freezer does not stay cool or you can feel cold air passing through gaps in the door when closed, it is likely that the seal is damaged and needs to be removed. A new seal will trap the cold air inside and save on energy bills because your freezer does not have to work extra hard to compensate for the shifting temperature.

Freezer Compressor Replacement Cost

Freezer compressor replacement costs between $250 and $650. The compressor is responsible for moving the freezer gases or coolant throughout the fridge and keeping the temperature even and balanced in the unit. If it stops working, the freezer may be unable to achieve the desired temperatures or have uneven temperatures in different sections.

Freezer Door Replacement

Replacing a freezer door averages $250 to $650, and this can be one of the most expensive freezer repair jobs. Most freezer doors are strong and resistant, but accidents happen that lead to damage, especially for a display freezer that has glass panels that might crack or shatter. Replacement doors are relatively easy to fit in place, but the material costs can be high.

Freezer Control Board Replacement

Freezer control board replacement costs between $300 and $650. The control board is one of the more expensive components of your freezer. It is found in many modern models and is responsible for controlling various freezer components and functions. It is the nerve center of your freezer, and if it breaks, the unit might shut down entirely and be impossible to turn back on.

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Freezer Repair Cost by Problem

Without being an expert in freezers or an experienced repairman, you might not know which part of your freezer is faulty. Instead, you might simply notice a recurring or sudden problem, such as the freezer not getting cold enough or a pool of water forming on the floor around the freezer. The causes and fixes for these problems vary, and the table below shows general freezer complaints, along with the most common solutions and costs for each:

Freezer Repair Cost by Problem

Freezer Repair Cost by Problem

ProblemAverage Repair Costs
Broken light$50-$150
Freezer does not defrost$50-$250
Too cold$50-$300
Not cold enough$50-$500
Runs continuously$75-$300
Water on the floor$75-$650
Starts and stops frequently$150-$650
Does not run, but the light works$250-$650

Light Does Not Work

Repairing a broken light in a freezer costs between $50 and $150. The most common cause of this issue is simply a broken bulb that can be replaced cheaply. However, it might also be a wiring issue or a problem with the door switch that may need repairing or replacing.

Freezer Does Not Defrost Automatically

Fixing a freezer that will not defrost averages $50 to $250. It may simply be a case that your freezer does not have a built-in defrost function and needs to be defrosted manually, which can be done cheaply. Or, it might be that the defrost motor needs replacing or repairing.

Freezer Too Cold

Fixing a freezer that is too cold ranges from $50 to $300. Usually, the cause of this problem is that the thermostat is faulty and needs fixing or replacing. It might also be that the temperature controls are not set correctly, in which case a professional can make the necessary adjustments and show you how to set the controls in the future.

Freezer Not Cold Enough

Fixing a freezer that is not cold enough costs between $50 and $500, depending on the problem source. This issue may simply be caused by a misunderstanding of the freezer’s controls, and a repairman can adjust the interior temperature and show you how to get your freezer to the correct temperature. However, it could be more serious, such as an issue with the gasket, which could need repairing or replacing.

Freezer Runs Continuously

A freezer that runs continuously can be fixed for between $75 and $300. This issue is often due to the thermostat, which has developed a fault or failed completely and needs replacing. Fortunately, thermostat replacement is relatively easy, and the job can be done within an hour or two.

Freezer Making Noise

Fixing a noisy freezer costs from $75 to $650, and there are many possible causes. It might be a problem with something blocking the fan or a fault with the fan making it noisy. Or, it could be an issue with the relay if you keep hearing a clicking noise. It could also be a general compressor problem, leading to a full compressor replacement.

Water on the Floor Outside of the Freezer

Fixing a freezer that causes pools of water to form on the floor around it ranges from $75 to $650 because there are many possible causes. It might be a drain line issue, or it could be a problem with the thermostat. It may also be a control board problem or issue with the door seal, so the repair costs depend on the issue.

Freezer Starts and Stops Frequently

Repairing a freezer that stops and starts over and over again costs between $150 and $650. This is likely a problem with the defrost sensor interfering with the freezer’s functioning, but it might also be an issue with the control board. In either case, a repairman needs to open up the freezer and diagnose the problem before making the necessary repairs.

Freezer Does Not Run, But the Light Works

If your freezer does not run correctly, but the light still works, it can be repaired for between $250 and $650. This problem usually indicates an issue either with the evaporative fan motor or the compressor. A repairman usually needs to take a closer look at the inner components to identify the problem.

Labor Costs to Repair a Freezer

While there are a few simple repairs that you might take on yourself, freezers are complicated, and most repairs require a certified technician. Specifically, a freezer with a problem in its coolant system or a freon leak needs to be handled by a person with a special license in most areas. Under Section 608 of the Clean Air Act, the United States EPA requires that “technicians who maintain, service, repair, or dispose of equipment that could release ozone depleting refrigerants into the atmosphere must be certified.” To pass this exam, technicians need to have received a solid education and hands-on experience in HVACR. Additionally, local environmental regulations vary state-to-state and even county-by-county, meaning that in addition to the EPA 608 exam, your state or county may also require technicians to have local certifications.

More regulation and certification requirements generally mean that a technician charges more for services rendered. In most areas, a service call from a qualified technician costs from $45 to $165. On average, an additional diagnostic fee may run $50 to $100. However, in most cases, service call fees and diagnostic fees are deducted from the final bill when you have the repair done. Expect most common freezer repairs, once the parts are available, to take one to two hours, and professionals charge $50 to $200 per hour for labor.

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Factors Affecting the Cost to Repair a Freezer

It is generally accepted that freezers are the most expensive appliance to fix. First, where you live has an impact on the price of freezer repair. Labor costs vary greatly across the country, and your proximity to qualified technicians affect your costs. Additionally, you will find that freezer repairs can be more costly if you have an older model where parts may be harder to find.

A few manufacturers’ freezers have more complicated designs than others. Sub-Zero and Liebherr are brands that technicians take longer to work on because of the complex design. Regardless of the brand or age, the number one factor affecting freezer repair cost is the issue. Freezer problems range from simple door gasket replacement to a complex compressor replacement, and some issues are cheaper to fix than others. For example, replacing a bulb is a lot easier than repairing a complicated control board or fitting a new compressor.

Freezer Maintenance

Freezer repairs cost more than other appliance repairs. The good news is that many costly repairs can be avoided, and you can extend the life of your appliance by following a maintenance schedule.

  • Freezer coils located behind or beneath your freezer should be cleaned of dust four times per year, or as often as once a month if you have pets.
  • Most freezers today have built-in auto-defrost systems. However, some older models and chest freezers should be manually defrosted twice a year, or anytime you notice more than a half-inch of buildup inside the freezer.
  • A defrosted freezer can be cleaned with hot water and liquid dish soap. If the freezer has odors after cleaning, place a tray of activated charcoal in the freezer, and let it run while empty for a day or two.
  • Mineral deposits can build up in your drain hole and pan, and they should be cleaned every three months.
  • To keep your freezer from working overtime and creating excessive frost buildup, a tight door seal is essential. Once a month, clean the gasket with mild soapy water and inspect for any tears or cracks in the rubber.
  • To ensure your door gasket performs well, put a piece of paper between the freezer and the gasket and close the door. If you can easily pull the paper out when the door is closed, replace your gasket.
  • Keeping your freezer stocked helps it maintain the proper temperature without working too hard. But it is equally important to ensure that it is not overpacked to limit airflow.

Repair vs Replace a Freezer

According to the National Association of Home Builders, the average lifespan of a home freezer is 11 years. Whether you properly maintain your freezer, the age, and the brand are all factors that influence how long your freezer may work. In addition, various factors should be taken into consideration when deciding to repair or replace your freezer.

If you are within the warranty phase, repair probably makes the most sense. However, if the freezer is nearing the decade mark, with its max life expectancy drawing near, consider a replacement. While 11 years is the average life of a freezer, some brands and models last significantly longer with proper maintenance and care.

Before making a decision, check out consumer reviews for your freezer brand and model to find out more about how long it can be expected to last. You may also want to ask a professional technician or repairman to diagnose the problem and give you a quote on how much it would be to fix. If the costs are too high, you may be better purchasing a new freezer rather than running the risk of having to pay more and more repair costs.

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Additional Costs and Considerations

  • Qualified professionals. When seeking help with any appliance, it is essential to ensure that a technician has experience with your appliance, and they have certifications to back up their experience, such as SCET or IAST. During a phone consultation, let them know whether it is a stand-alone, integrated into a refrigerator, drawer, chest, upright, gas, or electric unit, as well as the make, model, and year.
  • DIY. When dealing with refrigeration and freezers beyond basic maintenance, it is always best to consult with a certified technician. Whether your appliance is powered by gas or electric and taking into account the dangers and environmental impact of coolants, safety is a factor.
  • Freezer’s warranty. Is your freezer still under warranty? Most retailers cover repairs or replacements within 30 days of purchase. Additionally, manufacturers’ standard warranties are generally good for two or more years after the date of purchase. If you purchase your appliance with a credit card, your credit card company may offer an additional warranty, up to 24 months, after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.
  • Home warranties. They may cover repair or replacement costs for freezers. If you purchased a home warranty, check with your provider and be aware of your benefits before you have an issue with an appliance.


    • How do you prevent freezer burn?

    Freezer burn often occurs due to food being exposed to air. A good way to prevent it is by wrapping items like meat and bread in plastic wrap, aluminum foil, or wax paper or placing them in plastic containers or freezer bags.

    • How long should a freezer compressor run?

    Freezer compressors usually run for about four to eight hours before shutting down, but the exact times vary from model to model. Many newer freezers have compressors that run up to 90% of the time.

    • How much does it cost to replace a compressor in a freezer

    Depending on the appliance age and brand and your location, replacing the compressor costs between $250 and $650.

    • How much does it cost to repair a freezer?

    Freezers are complex, with an equal number of simple, easily-repaired components and complex, costly components. Basic repairs run from $50 to $150, while more complex problems range from $350 to $650.

    • Is it worth repairing a fridge freezer?

    If the appliance is less than ten years old and the repair cost is less than half the cost of a new one, then repair the refrigerator.

    • Is it worth repairing a 10-year-old refrigerator?

    If you performed the suggested regular maintenance on your freezer and the proposed repairs cost less than half of what it would cost to replace, then discuss repairs with a technician.

    • How many years does a freezer last?

    The life expectancy of freezers varies, depending on how well it is maintained and the quality of the brand. On average, a freezer should function properly for 11 years.

    • How do you troubleshoot a freezer?

    Is the appliance unplugged or have you tripped a breaker or an outlet GFI? Check for appropriate temperature settings and effective door seal. Ensure that the drain line is clear, and the catch pan is intact. Remove all food, unplug, allow it to defrost for at least two hours, restart it, and wait an hour or two to see if it works properly.

    Cost to repair a freezer varies greatly by region (and even by zip code). To get free estimates from local contractors, please indicate yours.

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