How Much Does It Cost to Repair an Ice Maker?

Average range: $150 - $250
Average Cost
(Fixing a leaking freestanding ice maker)

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Ice makers are convenient appliances that provide instant ice, and they come in many forms, from simple freezer ice makers to freestanding units. They rely on a range of components to operate, and issues arise, causing your ice maker to stop functioning. When this happens, call in a professional to deal with leaks, blockages, or system breakdowns.

The national cost average for ice maker repair is $150 to $250, with most homeowners paying around $200 to fix a leaky freestanding ice maker. This project’s low cost is $75 to fix a valve on a portable ice maker. The high cost is $400 to replace the motor on a high-end built-in ice maker.

Ice Maker Repair Costs

Cost to Fix Ice Maker
National average cost$200
Average range$150-$250
Minimum cost$75
Maximum cost$400

Ice Maker Repair Cost by Project Range

Valve repair on a portable ice maker
Average Cost
Fixing a leaking freestanding ice maker
Motor replacement on a built-in ice maker

Ice Maker Repair Cost by Type of Machine

The ice maker type is one of the biggest factors affecting the ice maker repair cost. You might have a freestanding ice maker, which is different from built-in 1 ice makers on refrigerators and freezers. The table below shows common ice maker types, complete with average repair costs for each:

Cost to Repair a Portable, Freezer, Freestanding, or Built-In Ice Maker

Cost to Repair a Portable, Freezer, Freestanding, or Built-In Ice Maker

Type of Ice MakerAverage Repair Costs
Portable$75 - $150
Freezer$75 - $200
Freestanding$100 - $300
Built-In$100 - $350

Portable Ice Maker Repair Cost

Fixing a portable ice maker costs between $75 and $150. Portable ice makers are compact, lightweight, and do not need permanent installation. You can take them with you to parties or on vacation. However, issues arise like clogs, blockages, or situations where the maker does not produce ice or enough for your needs and must be cleaned or taken apart.

Freezer Ice Maker Repair Cost

The average cost for freezer ice maker repair averages $75 to $200. Many modern freezers come with built-in ice makers, allowing the user to get their ice straight from the freezer. However, these units can clog or stop producing ice if there is an issue with the water line. They are more complex to fix than portable models, hence the higher average costs.

Freestanding Ice Maker Repair Cost

Freestanding ice maker repair ranges from $100 to $300. Freestanding ice makers come in a range of sizes and styles. Many are positioned under the kitchen counters and connected to water lines, so you have to worry about possible issues with the machine and potential problems with the line. They may need new parts, or the line might need to be descaled or repaired if it clogs.

Built-In Ice Maker Repair Cost

Repairing a built-in ice maker costs between $100 and $350. Built-in ice makers are efficient and stylish modern appliances to feature in the kitchen with other machines like the dishwasher and oven. They are built in the kitchen cabinetry and connected to a water line. Issues may arise with the water line or machine components, and it can be hard to access certain parts of built-in ice makers, leading to higher-than-average repair costs.

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Ice Maker Repair Cost by Type of Repair

The repair type also affects the ice maker repair cost. Various issues arise with ice makers. The motor might get damaged or stop working, or the water line might get clogged or blocked. Depending on the repair, different levels of work and pricing may be required. The table below shows a few common forms of repair and their average costs.

Cost to Repair Valve, Line, or Motor in an Ice Maker

Cost to Repair Valve, Line, or Motor in an Ice Maker

Type of RepairAverage Repair Costs
Valve$75 - $125
Line$100 - $200
Motor$100 - $350

Ice Maker Valve Repair Cost

Fixing an ice maker valve costs between $75 and $125. The water inlet valve occasionally encounters issues, preventing your ice maker from functioning. It might get restricted or clogged, spring a leak, or encounter an electrical failure. A professional technician checks and tests the ice maker to determine the issue with the valve. It may require tightening, patching, or adjusting.

Ice Maker Line Repair Cost

Fixing your ice maker line costs $100 to $200. The line feeds water into the ice maker, and problems happen if it gets clogged, blocked, or damaged. The maker may not make much or any ice, or it could start leaking water in your cabinets and on the kitchen floor, causing damage if left unchecked. Repairmen may need to patch, clean, or adjust the line to fix these common problems.

Ice Maker Motor Repair Cost

Repairing the motor of your ice maker ranges from $100 to $350. This is one of the biggest issues that might affect your ice maker, especially if you have a freestanding or built-in model. The motor might need rewiring or require extensive repairs to get it working again, and your ice maker could overheat, burn out, or die if the motor is not functioning correctly.

Ice Maker Repair Cost by Type of Replacement

It can be impossible or counterintuitive to repair your ice maker in some cases. Instead, damaged or broken parts must be replaced with new ones. This can be a good way to breathe new life into old ice makers and get them working reliably. The costs depend on the replacement parts and how easy they are to replace. The table below shows common costs.

Cost to Replace Fill Tube, Drive Blade, Water Valve, Solenoid, Filter, or Motor in an Ice Maker

Cost to Replace Fill Tube, Drive Blade, Water Valve, Solenoid, Filter, or Motor in an Ice Maker

Type of ReplacementAverage Costs (Labor Included)
Fill Tube$85 - $125
Drive Blade$85 - $150
Water Valve$85 - $175
Solenoid$85 - $175
Filter$85 - $250
Motor$200 - $400

Ice Maker Fill Tube Replacement Cost

Replacing the fill tube in your ice maker costs between $85 and $125. The fill tube transfers water from the supply line to the ice maker’s interior. It can get cracked or damaged, leading to leaks and preventing the ice maker from functioning normally. Fortunately, fill tubes are easy to replace for a professional. They unscrew the old tube and fit the new one with a gasket 2.

Ice Maker Drive Blade Replacement Cost

Replacing a drive blade in your ice maker ranges from $85 to $150. The drive blade pushes the ice out of the dispenser. Blades corrode and dull, making them less effective and causing blockages or unpleasant smells and discoloration. To replace the drive blade, a repairman removes the housing, unscrews the section holding the blade, takes the old blade off, and reassembles everything with the new blade.

Ice Maker Water Valve Replacement Cost

Replacing a water valve for your ice maker costs $85 to $175. The valve might crack or break, leading to water line issues and possible leaks. Replacement valves are cheap and easy, but you might have to pay extra, depending on how easy it is to access. Reaching the valve is harder with a built-in ice maker.

Ice Maker Solenoid Valve Replacement Cost

Replacing a solenoid valve in your water filter costs between $85 and $175. The solenoid valve is a special water inlet valve with an electrical control system to operate more reliably. However, the solenoid coils can get damaged or wear down, so the valve might need replacing. Common symptoms of this issue are leaks, unresponsiveness, or slow performance.

Ice Maker Filter Replacement Cost

Replacing a water filter for your ice maker costs $85 to $250, depending on the filter type. Some filters are cheap and simple, while others are high-end and offer deeper filtration levels, last longer, output higher volume, and remove a wider range of contaminants. Filters come with instructions on changing, and you may notice the ice has a strange smell or taste if you wait too long between changes.

Ice Maker Motor Replacement Cost

Replacing a motor in an ice maker ranges from $200 to $400. This is one of the most expensive ice maker repair jobs. Consider getting a new motor if the quoted costs are high. The entire system stops working if the motor breaks down. Replace broken motors as soon as possible.

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Ice Maker Repair Cost by Type of Problem

Many issues arise with ice makers, and you do not always know what needs repairing or replacing. You might notice a strange smell coming from the ice maker, or your ice maker is slow. The repair costs vary depending on the cause and how much work is required to fix it. The table below covers common ice maker issues, complete with average costs to repair each.

Cost to Repair an Ice Maker by Type of Problem: Noise, Leak, Mold, Water Pressure Too High, Water Line Frozen, Clog, No Ice Production…

Cost to Repair an Ice Maker by Type of Problem: Noise, Leak, Mold, Water Pressure Too High, Water Line Frozen, Clog, No Ice Production…

Type of ProblemAverage Repair Costs
Flooding$75 - $175
Noise$75 - $200
Leak$75 - $250
Bad Odor$75 - $250
Mold$75 - $250
No Ice Ejection$75 - $350
Water Pressure Too High$85 - $175
Not Enough Ice Production$85 - $200
Water Line Frozen$85 - $200
Clog$85 - $200
No Ice Production$100 - $350

Ice Maker Flooding the Freezer

Fixing an ice maker that is flooding the freezer costs $75 to $175. Several things may cause this, and each requires a professional and experienced repairman. It could be an issue with the solenoid valve or circuit board. You might need a new valve, but in many cases, repairmen recommend getting a new ice maker when these issues arise.

Noisy Ice Maker

Repairing a noisy ice maker costs between $75 and $200. There are a few possible causes when the ice maker starts making loud noises. It might be an issue with the fan motor, drain pump, or compressor. These parts most likely need replacing if they are broken or damaged. Issues with the water supply and valve can cause excessive noise, so you need a professional to diagnose the issue.

Ice Maker Leaking

Fixing a leaky ice maker averages $75 to $250. The repair depends on the leak’s location and nature. In some cases, it might be the valve leaking or a leak coming from the line, which could need patching or replacing. You might also have a leak coming from the front or back of the unit because of issues with components like the fill tube or defrost drain.

Ice Maker Smells Bad

Fixing an ice maker that smells bad ranges from $75 to $250. Usually, your ice maker needs cleaning if it emits an unpleasant odor. There may be corrosion or grime, or the smell of your food might be interfering with a refrigerator/freezer ice maker. You can hire a professional to clean your system. Algae or chemicals could also be building in the line, or the filter might need replacing.

Mold in Ice Maker

Fixing an ice maker with mold inside costs around $75 to $250. This is usually a simple fix because the machine usually just needs to be cleaned. A new filter may also be needed because the old one might have worn out or clogged. A good quality filter reduces the risk of future mold.

Ice Maker Does Not Eject Ice

Fixing an ice maker that does not eject ice costs $75 to $350. Several things might cause this. It could be an ice clump in the bin, causing a blockage preventing fresh ice from falling. The raker or drive blade might also need replacing, the motor might have a problem, or there could be a deeper issue, and the maker might not be making ice from issues with the valve, line, or other components.

Water Pressure Too High for the Ice Maker

Fixing water pressure that is too high ranges from $85 to $175. The pressure needs to be between 40 and 120 pounds per square inch (PSI) for the ice maker to function. If it is too high, additional filters or pressure regulating valves may need to be installed to lower the pressure and improve the ice maker’s performance.

Ice Maker Not Producing Enough Ice

Fixing an ice maker that is not producing enough ice costs between $85 and $200. Several reasons explain why the ice maker’s output might not be sufficient. It could be an issue with the drive blade or a kink in the line. It might be a more costly repair if you have issues with the valve or if your ice maker is difficult to access.

Ice Maker Water Line Frozen

Fixing a frozen water line for your ice maker costs $85 to $200. There are several causes, and it is common in ice makers built-in with fridges and freezers. The unit needs to be disconnected from electricity to fix it, and the frozen tube is thawed. Valve and line repairs may also be required, which can increase the cost.

Ice Maker Clogged

Fixing a clogged ice maker ranges from $85 to $200. This is a common problem in many ice maker types, including freezer units and portable ice makers. Often, the clog is an ice clump preventing ice cubes from flowing out of the dispenser unit. The maker has to be disassembled to break up the clog and free the passage. The machine might also need cleaning.

Ice Maker Not Producing Ice

Fixing an ice maker not producing ice costs $100 to $350, and there are several possible causes. It might be caused by something relatively minor, such as a faulty valve that needs replacing or a broken switch on the ice maker, or it could be a more serious issue like a blockage in the line or a problem with the motor, which might need to be replaced.

Cost to Repair an Ice Maker by Brand

Another factor that may affect the price of repairs for your ice maker is the brand. Some brands produce high-end ice makers with more expensive parts, increasing costs. Other brands offer cheaper and simpler models that might break down more often but cost less to fix. The table below shows popular ice maker brands and the average repair costs for each.

Cost to Repair Ice Maker by Brand: Frigidaire, Whirlpool, Kenmore, KitchenAid,  Maytag, Samsung, Scotsman…

Cost to Repair Ice Maker by Brand: Frigidaire, Whirlpool, Kenmore, KitchenAid,  Maytag, Samsung, Scotsman…

BrandAverage Repair Costs
Frigidaire$75 - $200
Whirlpool$100 - $200
Kenmore$100 - $250
KitchenAid$100 - $300
Maytag$115 - $250
Samsung$115 - $300
Sub-Zero$125 - $300
Viking$125 - $350
Scotsman$125 - $350

Repair Frigidaire Ice Maker Cost

The average repair costs for Frigidaire ice makers range from $75 to $200. Frigidaire is a U.S. company selling budget-friendly kitchen appliances, including some inexpensive but reliable ice makers and fridges with built-in ice makers. Repairing these models is relatively inexpensive because the parts are cheap.

Repair Whirlpool Ice Maker Cost

The cost to repair Whirlpool ice makers ranges from $100 to $200. Whirlpool is a popular global appliance provider, including ice makers. This is one of the more budget-friendly ice maker brands. Most Whirlpool ice makers are cheap to fix because the individual replacement parts are not very expensive.

Repair Kenmore Ice Maker Cost

Repairs for Kenmore ice makers cost between $100 and $250. Kenmore is a Sears-exclusive brand focusing on freezer and refrigerator-based ice makers. The replacement parts are not expensive for these ice makers, but you may have to pay on the higher end of the range for big issues like water line and valve problems.

Repair KitchenAid Ice Maker Cost

Homeowners pay $100 to $300 to have KitchenAid ice makers repaired professionally. KitchenAid is a popular and widely-trusted brand producing a range of ice makers, including portable, freestanding, and built-in units. You usually have to pay more to repair a built-in KitchenAid ice maker than a freezer unit.

Repair Maytag Ice Maker Cost

Repairs for Maytag ice makers range from $115 to $250. Maytag is a mid-range provider of ice makers, offering a range of built-in and freestanding units and simple freezer ice makers. Replacement parts are not usually expensive, but you might have to pay extra if your unit is built-in and difficult to access.

Repair Samsung Ice Maker Cost

Repairs for Samsung ice makers average $115 to $300. Samsung is a renowned electronics and appliance company and offers freezer and fridge-based ice makers and freestanding models. Replacement parts for Samsung appliances are pricey, hence the high range.

Repair Sub-Zero Ice Maker Cost

To repair a Sub-Zero ice maker, expect to pay $125 to $300. Sub-Zero is a high-end brand, producing some of the most expensive and advanced ice maker models. They mostly focus on built-in and freestanding units but also offer freezer ice makers. Replacement parts like motors and fill tubes are more expensive with this brand than others.

Viking Ice Maker Repair Cost

Homeowners pay between $125 and $350 for Viking ice maker repair. Viking is one of the top-end brands for ice maker quality and price. They make a great range of built-in and freestanding ice makers for installation in contemporary kitchens. The repair costs are high if parts need replacing.

Scotsman Ice Maker Repair Cost

Repairing a Scotsman ice maker costs from $125 to $350. Scotsman is a high-end manufacturer of ice makers and produces some commercial ice makers and advanced ice makers for home use. These models are well-made and long-lasting, but you pay a premium to replace the parts.

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Labor Costs to Repair an Ice Maker

Appliance repair agencies assist customers who need to fix or repair an ice maker, and you can also call a plumber or handyman experienced with ice makers. Professional repair is preferred to DIY repair for several reasons. First, ice makers have complex mechanisms that are challenging to take apart and fix. And, certain precautions must be taken when working on an ice maker, including turning off the water and electricity.

Hourly rates are between $75 and $125 for most technicians. Other companies use a flat rate model of pricing for ice maker repairs and charge around $150 to $250 for each repair. They may also charge a call-out fee of $50 to $100, which may be waived if you hire them to carry out the repairs. You may have to pay extra if you live in an isolated location and the repairman has to drive far.

Person Opening an Ice Maker Tray in Freezer

Emergency Ice Maker Repair

Typically, unless the unit is causing water to flood into the home, an emergency repair call is not needed. However, an emergency service call should be considered if there is a flooding or leaking issue. Companies normally have a surcharge of 10-20% more for emergency service calls. Expect to pay an average of $150 per hour for emergency ice maker repairs.

Additional surcharges may also be applicable if the customer lives outside the company’s designated service area. Usually, technicians work within 50 miles of their location. Residences outside that area may be charged 10% more per hour on top of the normal rate.

Ice Machine Maintenance

Performing basic maintenance extends your ice maker’s lifespan and reduces the need for repairs. Plenty of simple tasks can keep the ice maker working. Turn the unit’s power off if you tend not to use the ice maker often. Luxury refrigerator models may have a control panel with a push button halting ice production.

Keep the ice maker clean, inside and out. Wipe over the exterior with a gentle cleaning solution to clean dust, dirt, and marks. You can clean the inside in different ways, depending on the ice maker.

If you have a portable ice maker, you can descale it with a water and vinegar solution or professional descaling products. The manufacturer should provide cleaning and maintenance tips with freestanding and built-in 1 units, so read it and follow the advice to keep your unit clean and fresh.

Turn off the ice maker and empty the bin every couple of months. Wipe down all surface areas with mild soap and water. Dry the surface area completely before restoring power. Vinegar can also be used to clean an ice maker in place of soap because it has descaling qualities. Emptying the bin and cleaning out the unit may also resolve clogs.

You can also call a professional for maintenance. Professional ice maker repair and maintenance companies perform general checkups, ensure everything is working smoothly, deal with issues before they mature, and clean the machine. Expect to pay between $75 and $125 for a general maintenance checkup.

Water quality can also impact how well an ice maker runs. The water fed into your ice maker might contain a wide range of contaminants, including chlorine 3 and heavy metals, which could impact the ice’s quality. Many experts recommend installing a filter and changing it regularly.

Monitor your freezer’s temperature if you have a freezer ice maker. If the freezer is not cold enough, the ice maker does not function properly. For optimal performance and food safety purposes, freezers should be kept at 0º Fahrenheit.

Another maintenance task is to confirm your refrigerator is level. Parts of the appliance may not work properly when not on level ground, including the ice maker. To confirm a refrigerator is level, place a level on top of the unit and adjust the leveling legs found at each corner. The legs are easily adjusted with a screwdriver. When a refrigerator is installed, a professional service company confirms the appliance is level.

Cost to Replace an Ice Maker

In some cases, it might be better to replace your ice maker altogether if it is broken and the repair costs are high. The costs of replacing an ice maker varies, depending on the type and brand. Expect to pay from $100 to $2,500 for a replacement ice maker. Weigh the repair and replacement costs and decide what is right for you. The table below shows ice maker types and replacement costs for each.

Cost to Replace a Portable, Freezer, Freestanding, or Built-In Ice Maker

Cost to Replace a Portable, Freezer, Freestanding, or Built-In Ice Maker

Type of Ice MakerAverage Replacement Costs
Portable$100 - $750
Freezer$350 - $500
Freestanding$400 - $1,500
Built-In$500 - $2,500

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Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Energy-Efficient Ice Makers

Expect to pay between $100 and $250 more for an energy-efficient ice maker. These models may cost more upfront but save in the long term because they use less energy and are Energy Star certified. This can be very beneficial if you constantly use the ice maker.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • Permits. Most municipalities do not require a permit to repair or install a new ice maker. Plumbing permits are only needed in the rare case new piping is required.
  • Professional organizations. When selecting an appliance repair agency, look for professional certifications through organizations like the International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians and the Institute of Appliance Service Technicians. These professional organizations confirm the repair technicians have met the training requirements to work on refrigeration parts, including an ice maker.
  • DIY. Although most ice maker repairs require a professional, minor issues like food spills affecting quality can be handled at home. Cleaning a spill costs around $5 to cover the price of cleaning supplies. Changing the filter may also be another DIY repair and costs $20 to $40, depending on the model.
  • Choose the correct professional. Interview each service professional before agreeing to work orders. Read the repair terms and confirm the technician has experience working on your brand of ice maker. Provide detailed information on the age, make, and model before calling for service.
  • Refrigerator warranty. Check the warranty before making repairs on an ice maker. Many refrigerator manufacturers include ice maker repair costs under a standard one-year limited warranty. Extended warranty plans may also cover ice maker replacements and repairs. Contact the warranty company before service calls because unauthorized repairs may void coverage.
  • Off-brand parts. Ask for quotes with off-brand parts to reduce the cost of ice maker repairs. Generic replacement parts may cost as much as 50% less than branded versions. Factory refurbished parts may be another option to lower repair costs. However, warranty coverage may be voided if these parts are installed on the ice maker.
  • Wait 24 hours after repairs. An ice maker is not likely to work properly immediately after the repair. You may need to wait up to 24 hours for full operation to return. Another service call is required if the ice maker is not working after 24 hours.
  • Warranty for ice maker repairs. Check with the technician about the warranty for repairs made to the ice maker. For example, many appliance repair technicians guarantee their work up to 90 days after the service call.


  • What causes an ice maker to stop working?

Ice makers may stop working due to problems with the water source, such as a damaged water inlet valve or clogged water line. Malfunctions inside the mechanism can also lead to issues. These problems include faulty sensors, broken control arms, and damaged control boards. The simplest fixes related to ice maker repairs include clogged filters, improper freezer temperatures, and spilled food or drinks.

  • How long do ice makers last?

Ice makers have the same lifespan as refrigerators and should last up to 10 years with proper maintenance. Never cleaning the ice maker or failing to change the filter regularly may cause it to fail prematurely.

  • How much does it cost to fix an ice maker?

Expect to pay between $150 and $250 to fix a broken ice maker. The most common repair is fixing a broken water valve. The valve comes equipped with a screen to block sediment from entering the ice maker. Over time, minerals and sediment build and cause blockages.

  • How do I fix my ice maker?

Simple fixes like a jammed ice maker can be a DIY option for the homeowner. Remove the bin and break the ice apart. Another way to fix an ice maker is to check the chute and remove blockages preventing the ice from dispensing. Repair technicians are needed for mechanical failures requiring a replacement.

  • How do I reset my ice maker?

This depends on the ice maker’s make and model. Most ice makers have a reset button on the side you need to press and hold to begin the reset process. Consult your user manual for precise instructions.

  • Why is my ice maker taking so long to make ice?

Several things can cause this. Your model might just be slow, or it could be a sign of an issue. The motor might have problems, or there could be a blockage in the maker or line.

  • How long before a new ice maker fills with water?

After installation, a new ice maker should fill with water and start producing ice within 6 to 12 hours, but the exact time varies, depending on the ice maker make and model.

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