How much does it cost to repair an appliance?

National Average Range:
$100 - $300

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Updated: August 18, 2022

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When an appliance breaks down, homeowners have to decide whether to repair the appliance or replace it. Repairing a product can be the ideal choice when considering cost, warranty, and life expectancy. On average, modern appliances last six to nine years, compared to eight to twelve years three decades ago. Newer appliance models now include more expensive parts, resulting in higher average repair costs.

The overall costs for labor and parts to repair your appliance depend on the type of appliance, the problem you are experiencing, and the power source that feeds your appliance. Most appliance repairs fall in the range of $100 to $300, with most homeowners paying $200 for thermostat issues, damaged belts, or faulty switches on washers or dryers. Repair prices can run as low as $70 to fix a microwave fuse or repair a jam on a garbage disposal to as high as $500 for replacing the control panel on a refrigerator.

Average Appliance Repair Cost

Appliance Repair Prices
National average cost$200
Average range$100-$300

Appliance Repair Cost by Type

The cost for appliance repair will mostly depend on the type of appliance being repaired. Repair costs can range anywhere between $70 and $500 depending on the appliance and type of repairs needed. Prices for repairs will be higher when the appliances are more complicated or more difficult to work on due to their location. Below is a list of the average repair costs based on the most common appliance types.

Cost to Repair Garbage Disposal, Dryer, Microwave, Dishwasher, Freezer, Stove, Ice Maker... (mobile)

Appliance TypeAverage Repair Costs
Garbage Disposal$70 - $200
Dryer$100 - $200
Microwave$100 - $200
Dishwasher$100 - $300
Freezer$100 - $300
Stove$100 - $400
Ice Maker$150 - $250
Washing Machine$150 - $300
Oven$150 - $400
Refrigerator$200 - $500

Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage disposal repair costs vary widely. Sometimes disposals are not worth having them repaired. On average, you can expect to pay between $70 and $200 for repairs, though most units will only cost between $100 and $150 to replace. Jams are the least expensive problem to repair, while leaking requires seal replacement and will be the most expensive repair. Other problems you may encounter are a garbage disposal that makes grinding noises or overheats.

Dryer Repair

Repairs for your dryer can cost between $100 and $200. With dryers, belts break, motors fail, and drums come off the track. The price you pay for your repairs depends on the type of repair and if you have an electric or gas dryer. Some of the most common and less costly repairs are repairs made to the door or bearings, while more expensive repairs include a heating element or motor failure.

Microwave Repair

You can expect to pay $100 to $100 when your microwave requires repairs. Microwaves mounted over the range will be the most expensive to repair due to their more complicated location and additional parts. Countertop versions will be the least expensive for repairs. The cost also depends on the repair type, with simple fuse repairs being the least expensive and door repairs costing the most. Common problems you may experience with your microwave include a failure to heat, stopping in the middle of warming, sparking, and issues with the control panel.

Dishwasher Repair

The average range for dishwasher repairs is $100 to $300. Some of the minor repairs, such as damaged seals and springs, will be inexpensive to repair, while issues like a failed motor or control panel run toward the higher range of repairs. Many dishwasher parts are less expensive, but sometimes repairs require multiple parts to be replaced. Some of the main problems that homeowners experience with dishwashers include poor cleaning, noises, failure of water to drain, and leaking.

Freezer Repair

Freezer repairs range from thermostat problems to regassing and run anywhere between $100 and $300. There are a few different varieties of freezers. The type you have will determine the cost of repairs since parts costs are different for each. The least expensive type of freezer to repair is a portable one. Drawer and display freezers are the most expensive. Common problems encountered with freezers are they stop running, have ice buildup, or are noisy.

Stove Repair

You might expect to pay $100 to $400 when you need to have your stove repaired. The cost for repairs depends on the type of repair being made and whether the stove is electric, gas, or has a cooktop surface. Some lesser expensive repairs include a faulty switch on a burner or indicator light, while the most expensive repair cost includes broken burners requiring replacement.

Ice Maker Repair

Some of the most common problems associated with ice makers include failing to make ice, leaking, or failing to drop ice. Repairs to an ice maker can run between $150 and $250. Leaking, poor ice ejection, and frozen thermostats cost the most to repair, while clogged filters, broken arms, and sensor problems will be the least expensive to fix. Another factor that plays a role in the cost of an ice maker repair is the icemaker brand and its location in the refrigerator.

Washing Machine Repair

Issues with washing machines cost between $150 and $300 when repaired by a professional. The cost of the repairs depends on the type of problem and the parts required to make the repairs. The type of washing machine you need repairs for will also play a role in the cost of repairs. Portable washers cost the least to fix, and integrated washers cost the most. You may need to call for repairs if your washing machine stops mid-cycle, the water does not drain, or the agitator fails to operate.

Oven Repair

The repair costs for ovens range widely from $150 to $400, depending on the type of repairs needed. Minor repairs include problems with the thermostat, while the most costly repairs include problems with the control board. The type of oven needing repair plays a role in the total repair costs. Electric ovens are cheaper to repair than gas and specialty ovens.

Refrigerator Repair

You can expect to pay between $200 and $500 for refrigerator repair, depending on the type of problem you may be experiencing. In some cases, multiple repairs will be necessary to get your refrigerator functioning again. Less expensive repairs include cleaning the condenser coils or fan replacement, while control panel and compressor replacement will cost much more.

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Average Appliance Repair Cost by Energy Source

If you are looking to repair a natural gas-powered appliance, you are looking at a higher repair cost. Gas appliances cost more to repair than electric because working on them carries more risk. If gas appliances are not properly repaired, this could lead to a fire or even a carbon monoxide leak.

But even more expensive than the repair of a gas appliance is the repair of solar appliances. Solar appliances are less common and typically used by homeowners not close to major utilities or those looking to minimize their carbon footprint. These appliances are more costly to purchase and significantly more costly to repair for two primary reasons. The parts are more expensive and harder to come by, and the second reason is that few technicians are trained in solar repair. Because of the lack of experience with most technicians, you will likely have to hire a technician specializing in solar repair, which comes with a higher cost per hour.

Below you will see the average repair cost range you can expect depending on which energy source you use to power your appliances.

Cost to Repair Electric, Gas, or Solar Appliances (mobile)

Energy SourceAverage Repair Costs
Electricity$100 - $375
Gas$150 - $450
Solar$250 - $600

Electric Appliance Repair Pricing

Electric-powered appliances are the least expensive appliances to repair, costing between $100 and $375. Electric appliances are the most common types of appliances found in the household and have slightly cheaper parts than gas-powered ones. All repair technicians have extensive knowledge in electrical appliance repair, and repairs carry little risk. Additionally, parts for electrical appliances tend to be less expensive.

Gas Appliance Repair

Repairing gas appliances costs 10% to 20% more to repair than electric appliances, with an average price range of $150 to $450. The reason for the inflated cost not only has to do with the slightly higher cost in parts but also a higher labor rate. Labor can be more expensive because handling gas appliances carries more risk and requires more specialization to ensure that everything is still connected safely.

Solar Appliance Repair Pricing

Solar repair costs are the highest, ranging between $250 and $600. The main reason solar appliances are so much more expensive to repair is that they are not as common as other appliance types. Since they are rarer, fewer appliance technicians have the knowledge and experience to repair them. You will often have to find a technician specializing in solar repair. They will charge a higher hourly rate, sometimes as high as $200 to $300 per hour.

Appliance Repair Cost per Hour

An appliance repair technician is typically the one in charge of completing an appliance repair project. Most appliance repair technicians charge by the hour and charge a small fee ($50 to $100) for coming out to assess the appliance. All technicians charge differently, whether it is a flat rate or by the hour. Different technicians may only service certain brands, so it is important to ask them before coming out.

When you call for the repair, you should ask for the hourly rate, service fee cost, and travel costs. These expenses range from $25 to $100, depending on the distance. Getting this information before agreeing to have them come out is a good idea. Once they have looked at the appliance, they should provide you with a final quote that will include both the cost of the parts and the labor for repair.

In many cases, they will be able to make repairs immediately. In other cases, they may need to order parts and return to make the repair. You should not have to pay a second service fee if they have to come back after ordering parts. It is important to note that you will typically have to pay the service and travel fee even if you decide not to have repairs completed.

Labor rates typically fall anywhere between $50 and $150 per hour, depending on the type of repair job they have to complete. Typically, smaller appliance repairs fall on the lower spectrum of the scale, and major repair projects are on the higher end.

On average, you can expect to pay around $275 for a repair call, including the parts and service. The final cost depends on the type of appliance being repaired and the problem occurring with the appliance.

Flat Rate Appliance Repair

In some instances, you may be charged a flat fee for smaller appliance repair services (defrosting, changing connectors, or filters) as the jobs take less than an hour to complete. This flat fee can range from $50 to $200.

Some technicians charge a flat service and labor rate, which will be a straight rate you will pay for any covered repair types, plus the cost of parts to complete the repair. It is always important to ask about exceptions to the flat-rate policy as some companies may exclude specific brands or model types from the rate.

Emergency Appliance Repair

In some cases, the repair of your appliance may be urgent. If you need an emergency appliance repair visit, you can expect to pay $25 to $75 more for the service call. Most repair calls are deemed an emergency call if they require service after hours or on weekends or holidays. Typically, after-hours calls will be the least expensive, and service on holidays will be the most costly. After-hours calls cost about 50% more, running between $40 and $110, while holiday service calls can sometimes be double, running between $50 and $150. However, many technicians offer a flat emergency rate, between $50 and $200 for any service call that occurs after hours. In some cases, homeowners request emergency repair if the downed appliance causes a major inconvenience, while others are made because of an unsafe appliance situation.

Professional Fixing an Oven in a Kitchen

Appliance Maintenance Service

Regular professional cleaning and maintenance of your appliances extend their life and lower the risk of repairs. These plans can range from $100 to $300 per year, depending on the appliances covered under the agreement. Most often, the available packages include laundry appliances, kitchen appliances, or a combination. Maintenance and cleaning plans are available from many places that sell appliances and even some that offer repairs.

Appliance Repair vs Replacement

You may find that it is more cost-effective to replace an appliance than to have it repaired in some situations. Some repairs, such as major ones made to garbage disposals, often cost more than installing a new disposal, making it more prudent to replace it than repair it. It may be more beneficial to replace your appliance than repair it if it is older, typically ten years or more. Since the appliance may be nearing the end of its longevity, you may end up spending money for repairs that may only keep it running for a couple of years. In this case, you might want to consider a replacement.

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Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Appliance Refinishing

Appliance refinishing is a project that can be completed to help restore the cosmetic appearance of any appliance. A few reasons to complete an appliance refinishing project include: bringing appliances up to date with your decor, making a well-worn and used appliance look brand new, and refinishing all appliances in your home to look the same. Some homeowners also choose to finish their appliances to be more eco-friendly, opting to extend the life of their appliances as much as possible instead of replacing them.

The cost for appliance refinishing varies greatly, anywhere from $150 to $2,000. Many factors influence the cost, including the appliance type, the paint used, the type of surface on the appliance, and whether the appliance needs to be removed for the project to be completed. These projects can often be completed in a day, depending on the scope of the project.

You will only want to consider refinishing your appliances if they are still efficient, early on in their expected longevity, and free of major problems or defects. If you have older appliances that need repeated repairs or have significant cosmetic damage, replacement may be the better option.

Smart Appliances

If you have determined that repairing your appliance may not be the most cost-effective option and are considering replacement, upgrading to a smart appliance can save you both time and energy. Smart appliances cost between $300 and $5,000 depending on the type of appliance you are buying.

Smart appliances work with voice automation and apps on your smart devices, allowing you to control them when you are not home. Almost all appliances are available as smart appliances, including washers and dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens, and microwaves. Smart appliances are popular options when you are looking for added convenience and better energy efficiency.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • If you hire a repairman to come out and do some repair work on an appliance, it is important to question the guarantee and insurance on their work. Most often, repairmen will guarantee a successful repair of the appliance. If something goes wrong after they fix it, that means they will come out and diagnose and repair the same issue again, free of charge.
  • To spare yourself from any surprises or extra cost, make sure to ask multiple questions regarding the issue and what exactly needs to be done. You want to make sure you know any additional costs that may arise before they start the work.
  • When you call a repair company for service, make sure to provide them with the make and model number of your appliance. Give them a detailed report of what is wrong and include any symptoms you may have noticed before the appliance broke down.
  • Some companies offer a repair service plan that can be added when purchasing a new appliance. Repair service plans include discounted prices for repairs and cover defects, material, and workmanship. These repair service plans range from $60 to $135 depending on the number of years of protection plan and appliance type.
  • Home warranties protect sellers and new homeowners from repair and/or replacement costs not covered by their homeowners’ insurance.
  • Appliances now tend to fail at a higher rate than they used to. Buying an extended warranty for high-risk and costly appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, wall ovens, and front-loading laundry machines is an ideal choice. Unfortunately, these appliances experience issues within the first five years. To save yourself from spending a lot of extra money on repair costs in the future, you should consider the extended warranty option when you purchase the appliance.


  • How much does an appliance repair service call cost?

The average cost of an appliance repair service call is around $275, though the final price will depend on the type of repair, the appliance being repaired, and the fees charged by the repair technician.

  • Is it worth it to get an extended warranty on appliances?

If you have purchased a more expensive appliance, such as a smart appliance, it may be in your best interest to purchase the extended warranty. Extended warranties typically are not too costly, and with appliances with more expensive parts, it can save you a significant amount of money.

  • Do appliance warranties transfer to new owners?

Unfortunately, appliance warranties expire when a new owner acquires the appliance unless the warranty is designated as transferable, though this is rare. If you are concerned about appliances you have acquired from someone else, you can have them covered through various home warranties.