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National average
(2 sets of silk drapes with hardware, off site)
Low: $85

(2 sets of cotton drapes, off site)

High: $400

(2 sets heavily soiled linen drapes with hardware, on-site)

Cost to hire a drape cleaning service varies greatly by region (and even by zip code).
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Off Site vs. on Site Cleaning
Types of Drapes
Enhancement and Improvement Costs
Additional Considerations and Costs

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Drape Cleaning Service?

Window drapes are the heavy fabric coverings you hang on your interiors to block light, insulate your home, and dress up a room. Drapes may be combined with other window treatments or installed on their own depending on your privacy and aesthetic needs. While it may take two to six years for your drapes to begin to look dirty, it’s actually recommended that you have them cleaned every two years to remove built up dust, smoke, odors, and accumulated grime. Doing so helps ensure that your drapes maintain their color longer, and prevents deterioration of the material.

Drapes are typically cleaned by the set, with costs determined by the type of material and how many sets you choose to have cleaned at once. Because most companies charge a minimum, it’s usually more cost effective to have multiple sets of drapes cleaned at one time.

The average cost of cleaning two sets of drapes is around $150. The type of material, the size, width, number of pleats, and whether or not you have hardware attached, however, can all affect the final cost.

Off Site vs. on Site Cleaning

Your drapes are a part of your home and a room's decor, which can make some homeowners hesitate to remove them in order to have them cleaned. Sometimes drapes are necessary for privacy or light blocking, while other times they are purely decorative and do not affect the function of the room.

Most drape cleaning services offer both off site and on site cleaning. In off site cleaning, your drapes are removed, usually by a professional, taken to the location where they will be cleaned, then returned and rehung. This is generally the least expensive way to have your drapes cleaned, costing around $65 on average for a single set of drapes, or around $84 for two sets.

If your drapes cannot be removed, however, some companies will clean them right in your home. This speeds up the process considerably; if your drapes must be taken off site, they can be gone for two to three days. Cleaned on site they are usually done in just one to three hours. Most companies do charge a premium for this service, however, with the average cost for two sets of drapes being around $100.

Types of Drapes

The type of material and drape that you have can greatly affect the final cost. Some materials are more difficult to clean than others, while some types of drapes may have other attributes that slow down the process.

Type of DrapesFactors Affecting CleaningAverage Cost per Set
PolyesterPolyester is fairly easy to clean, but cannot be pressed with heat, making pleats more difficult to maintain$65 - $90
CottonCotton drapes must be dry cleaned to avoid shrinking, as well as pressing after cleaning$65 - $95
LinenLinen is easily wrinkled, and must be dry cleaned and pressed$70 - $105
SilkSilk requires specialized cleaning and chemicals, as well as attention to detail and care$80 - $120
Drapes with Hardware AttachedHardware can complicate cleaning as it must be worked around, drapes with hardware are usually cleaned by hand$125 - $130


In the vast majority of cases, the exact cost of your drapes will be determined by the material, the size, and the location of the cleaning being done. Therefore, most companies will charge either per drape or per set of drapes, with most giving discounts for multiple sets of drapes being cleaned at one time. Because each type of curtain may require more or less time, it’s typical for companies to charge by the job, rather than by the hour.

In most cases, drapes are cleaned using a special process which forces a chemical cleanser into the drapes under pressure, then extracts it again along with the dirt. Drapes with pleats, drapes that are excessively soiled, or drapes that are extra wide may have additional costs with $115 being the average cost for most drapes needing additional care.

Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Heavily Soiled Drapes

If your drapes require more than just standard dust and odor removal, you may need to pay an additional charge. Most companies charge fees based on the soil you are having removed. For example, mildew removal will cost around $150 for a single set of drapes, while heavy stains will typically cost around $140 for a set.


Most companies will remove and rehang your drapes for you at no additional fee. If you are having the drapes dropped off at a company for removal, however, you may pay extra to have someone come out to rehang them at around $25 per set of drapes.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • While most drapes require dry cleaning, there are a few types, including polyester or cotton/poly blends that can be machined washed and ironed. Check the care tag on your drapes to find out if you can wash them yourself.
  • While most drapes require cleaning every two years, if your home is particularly damp, or if there are heavy smokers living there, you may need more frequent cleaning of up to once a year.
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Cost to hire a drape cleaning service varies greatly by region (and even by zip code). To get free estimates from local contractors, please indicate yours.

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