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Stucco Painting Cost

Stucco Painting Cost

National average
$4,800 - $6,500
(painting stucco siding on a 2,000 square foot exterior with minor repairs and pressure washing)
Low: $4,000 - $4,500

(new exterior)

High: $6,800 - $9,250

(extensive repairs, trim and exterior door paint)

Cost to paint exterior stucco varies greatly by region (and even by zip code).
Get free estimates from painters in your city.

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Stucco Painting Cost

National average
$4,800 - $6,500
(painting stucco siding on a 2,000 square foot exterior with minor repairs and pressure washing)
Low: $4,000 - $4,500

(new exterior)

High: $6,800 - $9,250

(extensive repairs, trim and exterior door paint)

Cost to paint exterior stucco varies greatly by region (and even by zip code).
Get free estimates from painters in your city.

The average cost of painting strucco is $4,800 - $6,500​.

How Much Does It Cost to Paint Exterior Stucco?

Stucco 1 is a great material for wall finishing and, while it looks great on its own, it can be enhanced by painting it. Paint is not required, but it allows you to put your personal touch on your home. Stucco needs to be repainted every 5-10 years, depending on your environment.

While painting stucco can be a DIY job, there’s a lot more work involved than just picking out paint colors and finding a brush. Professionals can repair stucco, clean the surface area, and paint the walls and trim more efficiently than most homeowners.

The cost to paint stucco on a 2,000 square foot two-story home exterior requiring cleaning and minor repairs will cost approximately $4,800-$5,800.

Pros and Cons

Stucco 1 is a popular material for both interior and exterior walls, and painting stucco is a great way to create a different look for your house. As with all home improvement projects, there are pros and cons to painting stucco.


Allows for customization

Has a more “finished” look

Added expense

Requires repainting every 5-10 years

Painting New Stucco vs Already Installed Stucco

New stucco 1 takes about 6 weeks to set, so you can’t paint right away. However, new stucco means it doesn’t need to be cleaned beforehand. Stucco that has already been installed may need to be cleaned or even repaired, which can add to your painting cost. Pressure washing costs $60-$100 per hour.

Prep Work

If stucco 1 is not new, it will need to be cleaned first. This is usually done via pressure washing and is an added expense separate from painting ($60-$100 per hour). If the stucco is new, painters and contractors recommend waiting about 6 weeks before painting to allow to stucco to set.

Repairs are also not included in the price and will vary in cost based on the amount of damage. Stucco repairs can add an additional $250-$2,000 to your painting costs. If your stucco is in need of repair this is a step you cannot ignore, damaged stucco can worsen with time and eventually cause even more expensive repairs and even wall replacement. Painters should wait 7-10 days after repairs before painting. The materials used to repair stucco need time to cure, and the paint may not adhere as well to material that hasn’t set.

Taping is an important part of the painting process, particularly if you are using accent colors or working near trim or windows. The tape protects the areas that do not require paint, and the tape produces clean lines that look professional.

Stucco Textures

One of the charms of stucco 1 is that you can have a variety of textures, but this will also affect the painting process. Rougher textures, for example, will require more paint than walls with smoother textures. Additionally, the painter will need to use different tools depending on the texture. Rougher walls require a thicker nap on the paint roller, while smoother walls use a roller with a smaller nap.

Installation of Textured Stucco

Primer, Paint, and Sheen

While some contractors who charge by the job may say primer 2 is unnecessary, it actually creates a better end-product if you do use a primer. Primer is the base layer of paint that helps the finish coat adhere to the surface better and enhances the true color of the paint. Primer also helps you avoid using too much paint, stucco 1 without primer sucks up more paint than without.

Stucco is considered a masonry product and there is paint designed specifically for masonry. You’ll want to use either elastomeric or acrylic paint. Avoid oil-based paints, as they do not flex with the stucco as it responds to moisture and other environmental factors. Oil-based paints can possibly cause damage to the stucco over time. Paint for stucco ranges from $20-$50 per gallon.

You’ll have a few options to choose from in terms of sheen: flat, satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss. The glossier the sheen, the more durable the paint, but glossier paints also highlight inconsistencies and flaws in the stucco. There is not typically a price markup based on the paint’s sheen.


Stucco 1 must be cleaned before it can be painted, and there are several painting methods that may be used. After the stucco is cleaned, the painters will tape off the areas that don’t require painting. For stucco, painters will usually use a spray or roll technique, with brushwork saved for small touch-up areas. Painters typically charge either by the hour ($50 per hour) or by the square foot ($2-$4 per square foot). Some contractors may charge by the project, but this is more unusual.

Fog Coat vs Painting

While painting stucco 1 is a popular option, you may also want to consider a fog coat as an alternative. A fog coat is composed of Portland cement, lime, and pigment. It is less expensive than painting and lasts longer, but you don’t have nearly the same amount of color choices as you do with paint. Fog coat costs $1-$3 per square foot.

Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Trim Painting

You may also want the interior or exterior trim to be painted. This may include baseboards and window trim. Expect to pay an additional $300-$400 to cover the labor of painting the trim.

Exterior Door Painting

While you’re sprucing up the house, why not give your home an additional boost and paint the door? Your choice of door paint color is an opportunity to provide an interesting accent color to create a focal point for the house. The type of paint you choose will vary based on the material of the door, but choose one that is appropriate for exterior use. The cost to paint exterior doors is $50 per hour.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • It is possible to paint stucco 1 yourself, but it will take more time than it would with a professional crew. You’ll need to make sure you have the right amount of paint for your project, and you’ll also need to make sure you have the right rollers, painter’s tape, and ladders to get the job done. If you have a very tall house, you may need to hire outside help, as they will likely have commercial ladders and equipment for getting the job done. If you’re not comfortable with repairing stucco, you may also want to consider outsourcing that step and then doing the painting yourself.
  • Choose a contractor who is experienced in painting and repairing stucco. They should have the right tools, including power washing equipment and masonry repair materials. A good contractor will be able to provide you with references from completed projects, and they should have insurance to back up any work that they do, in addition to protecting their workers and your property.
  • While you may end up hiring the first crew you speak to, it’s best to get multiple quotes before making a decision. The lowest quote is not always going to guarantee the best work, which is why you should also request references in addition to price quotes. Speaking to multiple contractors will give you a better idea of the services they provide and what will work best for your home.


  • What kind of paint do you use on stucco?

The best kind of paint for stucco 1 is acrylic paint designed for masonry. Avoid oil-based paints.

  • Is painting stucco a good idea?

You don’t have to paint stucco, but it can provide a level of customization and personality that you can’t get from stucco alone.

  • Do I need to prime stucco before painting?

Priming the area allows your color to “pop” better and also helps the final coats adhere better to the surface.

  • Do I need special paint for stucco?

Paint designed for masonry work is best for stucco. Avoid oil-based paints.

  • How much does it cost to paint a stucco house?

To paint the stucco exterior of a house, it will cost $2-$4 per square foot.

  • How much does it cost to paint a 1,600 sq.ft. house?

It will cost approximately $3,200-$6,400.

  • How often do you have to paint a stucco house?

It will depend on your environmental conditions, but you will generally need to repaint every 5-10 years.

  • What is the best paint to use on a stucco house?

Elastomeric or acrylic paint for masonry is the best paint to use for stucco.

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glossary term picture Stucco 1 Stucco: A type of durable plaster finish made of aggregates, a binder, and water (traditionally Portland cement, sand, and water) used on masonry, walls, ceilings, and decorative moldings
glossary term picture Primer 2 Primer: Preparatory coat applied to materials (drywall, wood, metal, etc.) before painting to ensure paint adhesion, extend paint durability, and help seal and protect the surface to be painted

Cost to paint exterior stucco varies greatly by region (and even by zip code). To get free estimates from local contractors, please indicate yours.

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