How much does it cost to repair a shower?

National Average Range:
$100 - $700

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Updated: August 17, 2022

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Showers are important features in many homes, and in modern times, most prefer the speed and convenience of taking a shower rather than a bath. Showers are easy to use and require less space than traditional bathtubs. Plus, they come in many styles and designs for every user. However, various problems can arise with your shower, from clogged drains to faulty heads and valves. When this happens, you need to call a professional to make the necessary repairs.

The national cost average for shower repairs is between $100 and $700, with most homeowners paying $350 to fix a leaky shower. Prices can be higher or lower, depending on the problem. This project’s low cost is $50 to have rust stains cleaned off your shower faucets. The high cost is $3,000 to retile a shower with expensive decorative tiles.

Cost to Repair Shower

Shower Repair Prices
National average cost$350
Average range$100-$700

Shower Repair Cost by Type of Shower

Various shower types are available, from walk-in to electric. The cost of shower repairs is influenced by the type you have because certain types are more difficult to repair or may be more prone to certain problems. The table below shows common shower types and the associated average repair costs.

Cost to repair a shower by type: steam, tub-shower combo, electric, wet room, neo-angle enclosure… (mobile)

TypeAverage Repair Costs
Square / Rectangle Enclosure$100 - $600
Wet Room$100 - $600
Neo-Angle Enclosure$100 - $650
Tub-Shower Combo$100 - $650
Walk-In$100 - $700
Curved Enclosure$100 - $700
Electric$100 - $700
Steam$150 - $700

Square or Rectangular Shower Enclosure Repair

Homeowners spend between $100 and $600 on shower repairs for square or rectangular shower enclosures. Enclosures are some of the most common shower types in family homes worldwide. However, since they have doors, cracks and issues can occur with the door and the shower. Other common issues include head and valve problems.

Wet Room Repair

Expect to pay between $100 and $600 to repair a wet room shower. Wet rooms typically require less maintenance and fewer repairs than traditional bathrooms. Wet rooms are designed to provide the best possible drainage so that there is less chance of moisture building up. Also, fewer parts in these areas are susceptible to damage because wet rooms do not need pans or doors. However, issues can still arise with the shower handles, faucets, and drains.

Neo-Angle Shower Enclosure Repair

The average cost to repair a neo-angle shower enclosure is between $100 and $650. These enclosures are much like standard square or rectangular enclosures, except with more glass, formed in a distinctive angular shape. The extra glass means a bigger risk of cracks and other glass problems that may need fixing, as well as problems with common shower components like heads, valves, and drains.

Tub-Shower Repair

Homeowners pay between $100 and $650 for tub shower repairs. This is one of the most common and simplest shower types, offering all the benefits of baths and showers in one package. The main issue to worry about with tub-showers is diverter problems because diverters can easily be damaged and prevent homeowners from taking showers. Tub-showers can also become stained and moldy easily, requiring regular cleaning.

Walk-In Shower Repair

The average cost to repair a walk-in shower is between $100 and $700. Walk-in showers are found in many homes across the globe and are great for saving space, so they are useful in small bathrooms. They also provide a modern and minimalistic look for your bathroom, but they are usually enclosed with glass panels and doors that may get damaged. Issues may also occur with the pan and other parts of the shower, such as the head, diverter valve, and drain pipe.

Curved Shower Enclosure Repair

Homeowners spend between $100 and $700 on repairs for curved shower enclosures. This is another type of shower enclosure with a curved glass panel around the outside. The glass is the main unique feature of this shower type, and it can be very expensive to repair if it cracks or suffers any other damage. Apart from the glass, curved enclosures can have all the usual common shower repair issues like faulty heads and blocked drains.

Electric Shower Repair

Electric shower repair costs between $100 and $700. Electric showers are a popular choice for efficiency and ease of use, but issues may arise with the electrical components. So, you may need to call an electrician to deal with wiring problems or low pressure issues if the shower is not running correctly. These showers are also prone to other issues, such as mold growth, shower head damage, and valve problems.

Steam Shower Repair

The cost of steam shower repairs averages $150 to $700. Steam showers are one of the most luxurious and expensive options for your home shower. They have steam generators producing water vapor like a mini steam room in your bathroom. They must be enclosed with walls and doors to prevent moisture damage around the room. Damages can occur to tiles, drywall, and floors if gaps or cracks appear. Issues may also arise with the steam generator and other components.

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Shower Repair Price by Material

Showers are made of different materials. There may be various materials throughout your shower’s design, and some are more expensive to repair or replace than others. The table below shows common materials used in shower construction and the average repair costs for each.

Cost to repair an acrylic, tile, porcelain slab, fiberglass, solid surface, stone slab, and cultured marble shower (mobile)

MaterialAverage Repair Costs
Acrylic$100 - $550
Tile$100 - $600
Porcelain Slab$100 - $600
Fiberglass$100 - $700
Solid Surface$100 - $700
Stone Slab$150 - $1,000
Cultured Marble$200 - $1,000


Homeowners pay between $100 and $550 for acrylic shower repairs. Acrylic is one of the cheapest materials for your shower, and it is also one of the least expensive to fix. It is a relatively durable and hard-wearing material that withstands water and different temperatures, but it is prone to staining, cracking, and discoloration. It may require patching, cleaning, and refinishing.


The average price to professionally repair a tile shower is $100 to $600. Tile is present in many showers located against walls, and tiles stand up well to water and moisture. However, they can crack and wear. Plus, it is easy for dirt and mold to accumulate in the grout, so these showers may need retiling, regrouting, and cleaning. There is also a risk of other common issues like faulty heads and handles.


The average cost of repairing a porcelain shower is between $100 and $600. Porcelain is a material found in some custom shower units, and it is popular for its clean look and high levels of strength. However, porcelain can chip or crack, or the color may be affected by exposure to certain products. So, this shower may need patching or cleaning to remove surface marks and restore its original beauty.


The average price for professional fiberglass shower repairs averages $100 to $700. Fiberglass is a popular and reliable material for your shower. It is tough and resistant, but fiberglass may still crack, chip, and need patching when accidents happen. It requires careful attention to detail when filling and patching so that it blends in smoothly with the rest of the unit. Like other shower types, fiberglass showers are prone to stains, mold, and other issues, including damaged heads and blocked drains.

Solid Surface

Homeowners spend between $100 and $700 on repairs for solid surface showers. Solid surface is a unique material that is not found in many showers but can appear in some custom units. It is a strong and attractive material, but if damage occurs to the solid surface itself, much time and attention needs to be put into filling holes and cracks to repair the problem cleanly and neatly. These showers can also suffer other issues like broken heads and faulty valves.

Stone Slab

The average cost to repair a stone slab shower is between $150 and $1,000, and the price you pay depends on the issue and how much damage has been done. Stone slab showers may be made of different stones, including marble, granite, and quartz, which are all strong, resistant materials. If cracks or chips appear in these materials, they need to be patched with care, and this often leads to higher costs than equivalent repairs in other materials.

Cultured Marble

Expect to pay between $200 and $1,000 to repair a cultured marble shower. This is one of the most elegant and expensive materials to consider for your shower. It can be highly decorative and add value, but damaged parts are costly to fix because the damage must be patched with care and painted to blend. Fortunately, marble is very strong, so the odds of chips occurring are relatively low, but these showers can still suffer from other common issues like pressure problems and broken valves.

Shower Repair Cost by Type of Repair

Many components make up the average shower, including the shower head, hose, shower door, and tiles. Issues can arise with these parts, and the repair cost mostly depends on which parts are damaged and what repair is required. The table below shows common shower repair jobs and the average costs for each.

Cost to repair a shower by type of repair: tile, door, pan, grout, faucet, pipe, diverter valve… (mobile)

Type of RepairAverage Repair Costs
Grout$50 - $150
Head$50 - $150
Handle$50 - $200
Faucet$50 - $200
Tile$50 - $200
Diverter Valve$75 - $200
Spout$75 - $200
Hose$75 - $200
Valve$75 - $250
Curb$100 - $400
Drain Pipe$150 - $400
Door$150 - $500
Pan$150 - $500
Pipe$200 - $600

Shower Grout Repair

Homeowners spend $50 to $150 on basic grout repairs, although costs may be higher if the problem is extensive. Grout is the material found in between tiles in a tiled shower. It can get dirty over time, and bits of grout can also become crumbly or flake away. To fix this, a repairman may need to clean up your shower’s grout and apply a new layer of grout over the damaged areas.

Homeowners pay between $50 and $150 for professional shower head repairs. Shower heads may get damaged, clogged with mineral buildups, or start to leak. They may require cleaning around the outside or internally, readjustments, or other repairs like new seals or Teflon tape, depending on the problem. You can usually spot a faulty shower head if water is not flowing out of certain nozzles, is spraying in random directions, or is dripping out around the neck of the head.


The average cost for professional shower handle repair is between $50 and $200. This can be one of the cheapest shower repairs because handles are simple components that are usually easy to fix. Often, the main issue is it becomes too loose or stiff. A plumber can make adjustments to get your handle working again. The handle might also crack and need patching with epoxy.

Shower Faucet Repair

To repair your shower faucet professionally, expect to pay between $50 and $200. Faucets may need repairs if they are loose, stiff, cracked, or damaged. To repair them, a plumber might make some simple adjustments to the faucet’s positioning or apply Teflon tape for minor leaks, or they might patch cracked or damaged areas.

Shower Tile Repair

Homeowners pay between $50 and $200 for professional shower tile repairs. Many showers have tiles along the walls, and tiles are a good option for showers because they are strong and water-resistant. However, tiles might become cracked or damaged in other ways. If the damage is light, a repairman can patch the cracks without replacing the tiles.

Fix a Shower Diverter

Repairing a shower diverter valve averages $75 to $200. The diverter controls where the water comes out in shower-tub combos. You can move the diverter lever or pull a knob to reroute water out of the bathroom faucet or showerhead. When the diverter breaks, water only comes out of the bath faucet rather than the showerhead. The valve may need refastening or adjustment to work.


Shower spout repairs range from $75 to $200. The spout is found in shower and tub combination units. It is usually fitted with a diverter valve, allowing the user to control where the water flows. Like other parts of the shower, the spout can become damaged or may have been improperly installed, so it could require some readjustment.


Repairing a shower hose costs between $75 and $200. The hose transports water from the main unit to the shower head. Hoses get damaged or dirty, which can interfere with the flow of water up to the head. So, the hose might need adjusting if there are any leaks present, patching with Teflon tape to cover minor cracks and holes, or cleaning to improve the water flow if deposits are present inside the hose.

Repair a Shower Valve

Shower valve repairs average $75 to $250. Several shower valve types control the flow of hot and cold water to the showerhead. These valves usually have internal components like cartridges and o-rings that may require replacement or adjustment to repair the valve system. A valve may also simply need taping over if it has any very minor cracks or leaks, but it will probably need replacing eventually in this case.


Homeowners pay between $100 and $400 for shower curb repairs. The shower curb is the border section between the flower of the shower pan;and the bathroom floor. It can be found in shower cubicles and prevents water from flooding the bathroom floor. Cracks and other damages can occur to the curb, making it less effective, so it might need patching or relining.

Shower Drain Pipe Repair

The average cost for professional shower drain pipe repair is between $150 and $400. Drain pipes get clogged with hair, mineral buildups, and other items going down the drain when you take a shower, causing water to build up around the pan. A repairman or plumber must remove the drain cap and use special tools or products to clear the clogged area to fix this issue.

Shower Door Repair

Expect to pay between $150 and $500 to repair your shower door. Many shower cubicles have glass doors that crack or become damaged from sudden impacts. For example, if someone slips in the shower, they might hit the door and damage it. Doors can also suffer from broken seals or loose fittings, so they might need to be readjusted to prevent leaks.

Shower Pan Repair

A professional shower pan repair averages $150 to $500. The shower pan is the part at the base of the shower that collects the water and diverts it to the drain. They are usually made from acrylic or fiberglass. They can crack, so they need to be patched with repair materials to avoid leaks, or they might move or flex. They could need readjustment or special fittings to become more solid and secure.


The average cost for professional shower pipe repair is between $200 and $600. Pipes are an essential part of the shower system because they feed water to the shower, but problems arise with your pipes like corrosion, holes, dents, and leaks. A plumber can patch the area of broken pipe for a low fee if the damage is only minor, but the costs are higher if the pipe is more seriously damaged or in a hard-to-access area.

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Shower Repair Cost by Type of Replacement

In some cases, the parts of your shower may be damaged beyond repair. It might also be more efficient and cost-effective to replace rather than repair. It is common for showers to need replacement parts when they get damaged or wear from old age. The costs of shower replacement parts vary depending on the part required. See the table below for common shower component replacements and average replacement costs.

Cost to repair a shower by type of replacement: valve, cartridge, faucet, tile, glass, head, drain… (mobile)

Type of ReplacementAverage Replacement Costs
Gasket$50 - $80
Tile$75 - $300
Cartridge$100 - $300
Head$100 - $300
Handle$100 - $350
Spout$150 - $275
Faucet$150 - $500
Valve$200 - $650
Drain$250 - $400
Fan$250 - $500
Pump$400 - $800
Screen$450 - $2,000
Glass$500 - $2,000
Drain Pipe$600 - $2,000


Shower gasket replacements cost between $50 and $80. The gasket is found in the showerhead. It separates the neck from the flow control and is made from rubber to seal water and prevent leaks. If you notice your shower head is leaky and dripping, the gasket might need replacing because gaskets can become brittle and cracked over time, allowing water to pass through.

Shower Tile Replacement

On average, homeowners pay $75 to $300 for shower tile replacements. This is because some tiles are simple and basic and do not cost much, but others are more detailed or made from fancier materials, resulting in a higher cost. You pay more if you need many tiles replaced, but repair workers usually work out a discounted rate for larger jobs rather than charging you per tile. You will need replacement tiles if they are cracked or broken.

Shower Cartridge Replacement

Homeowners pay between $100 and $300 for shower cartridge replacements. Cartridges are found inside shower faucets. If you find it hard to turn the faucet on or off or control the temperature, the cartridge may need replacing. In some cases, damaged cartridges may simply be blocked by mineral deposits, which can be cleaned for a lower price than a replacement. Your plumber can assess the cartridges and decide the best course.

Shower Head Replacement

Professionally replacing a shower head costs $100 to $300. Labor costs for replacing shower heads are usually similar, but the material costs can vary because some shower heads are fancier and more elaborate, leading to a wide range of prices. You can find simple and basic shower heads for low prices, but the prices are higher for a modern head made of good-quality materials or a rain shower head.

Replace a Shower Handle

Replacing a shower handle averages $100 to $350. A replacement is necessary if your shower’s handle is damaged beyond repair. Sometimes, homeowners choose to fit a new handle to upgrade the aesthetics. You can choose different models, styles, and materials when looking for new shower handles. Labor costs are usually relatively low, but material costs vary depending on the material and handle style.


Shower spout replacements cost between $150 and $275. The spout usually needs replacing if it is damaged beyond repair or water is leaking out of the bath faucet and does not flow to the showerhead. Spouts may also corrode over time or be affected by mineral deposits that are difficult to remove, so a replacement may be necessary.

Shower Faucet Replacement

The average cost to replace a shower faucet is between $150 and $500. The main factors affecting the cost are the material and faucet style because some are much fancier and more costly. Shower faucets may become cracked or damaged from accidents or suffer from corrosion or mineral buildups when not properly maintained. When this happens, it is usually best to remove and replace the old faucets.

Shower Valve Replacement

The average cost for shower valve replacement is between $200 and $650. This includes the cost for various types of shower valves, such as shower valve diverter replacement. Valves may become damaged, corroded, or worn in other ways and stop working. When this happens, a replacement is needed to prevent further issues like leaks or pressure problems.

Replace a Shower Drain

The average cost for shower drain replacements is between $250 and $400. The shower drain can last for a long time without replacing, but it must be replaced when it is cracked or damaged from a heavy impact or other accident. The old unit must be removed and a new one fitted and sealed.


The average cost for shower fan replacement averages $250 to $500. Bathroom fans are required by building codes in many areas because they circulate air in the bathroom and prevent mold. They eventually break down from general wear and tear or technical failures. Fans vary in size and style, and it is important to find one that fits your bathroom.

Shower Pump Replacement

The average cost of shower pump replacement is between $400 and $800. A shower pump is a device that boosts your shower’s power, pushing water through the pipes at greater speeds to increase the water pressure. You may notice when your shower pump has broken if the pressure of your shower suddenly becomes much lower or weaker.

Shower Screen Replacement

The average cost of shower screen replacement ranges from $450 to $2,000. This wide price range is due to the different sizes and screen styles because some are more elaborate and expensive. A shower screen prevents water from escaping when taking a shower, protecting the bathroom floors and walls. It also provides privacy, but screens can become damaged and broken. You can choose between budget-friendly screens and expensive luxury options for replacement.

Shower Glass Replacement

The average cost for shower glass replacement is between $500 and $2,000. The price depends on the amount of glass and glass type because curved or angular glass costs much more to replace than a simple flat pane. The glass in your shower door or the walls of your shower cubicle may need replacing if it is cracked or broken from accidents in and around the shower. The price you pay mostly depends on the amount of glass that needs replacing.

Drain Pipe

Shower drain pipe replacements range from $600 to $2,000. The drain pipe is an important part of the shower because it takes wastewater away from the shower or tub and transports it out. This pipe, like other pipes throughout your home, can become damaged from corrosion and other issues. Replacing it can be very costly, depending on the shower design and layout because it can be difficult to access. In some cases, the price might be so high that a plumber recommends a total shower or tub replacement instead.

Shower Repair Price by Problem

Many problems may arise with your shower. It could become clogged, or you might find you suddenly have no hot water coming from the showerhead. Valves break, leaks appear, and water pressure randomly changes. The repair costs for these issues vary depending on which parts have been affected, whether replacement parts are required, and how much labor is needed. The table below shows common shower problems and the average repair costs.

Cost to repair a shower by type of problem: black mold, toilet backing up into the shower, no hot water, low pressure… (mobile)

Type of ProblemAverage Repair Costs
Rust Stains$50 - $150
Calcium Buildup$50 - $150
Hole in a Wall$75 - $400
Diverter Not Diverting$75 - $500
No Hot Water$75 - $650
Temperature Problems$75 - $650
Clogged$100 - $300
Leak$100 - $750
Low Pressure$100 - $800
Rusty Water$100 - $800
Crack on the Floor$150 - $500
Water-Damaged Wall$200 - $600
High Pressure$200 - $700
Toilet Backing Up Into the Shower$200 - $800
Leak Behind a Wall$200 - $1,000
Black Mold$250 - $1,000

Rust Stains

Homeowners pay between $50 and $150 to remove rust stains. Rust stains may appear around the faucets and handles or around other metal areas exposed to water, ruining the shower’s aesthetic and degrading the affected components. Professional plumbers or even professional bathroom cleaners can scrub these stains away using professional cleaning solutions. But if the rust is too deep, you may have to have the affected parts replaced.

Calcium Buildup

Calcium buildup costs $50 to $150 to professionally clean. Calcium buildup occurs in homes that have hard water with minerals. Mineral deposits form on parts of the shower like the head, tiles, and faucets. Plumbers and bathroom cleaning specialists use commercial cleaning products or homemade solutions with ingredients like vinegar to clear these deposits.

Hole in a Shower Wall Repair

It costs between $75 and $400 to repair a hole in the shower wall. Holes can appear in the shower wall from accidents and impacts. Repair them rapidly because water may enter the hall and cause additional damage if it remains open. To repair it, professionals usually use resin compounds to patch the hole and sand or paint it to match the wall. The price will be higher if the shower wall is made of more expensive or detailed materials.

Shower Diverter Not Fully Diverting

If your shower diverter does not divert correctly, expect to pay between $75 and $500 to fix it. It is easy to spot when the diverter valve is broken because your water mostly or entirely comes out through the bath faucet and does not flow properly or at all through the shower head. To fix this issue, the valve might require minor repairs or a full replacement.

No Hot Water

If you have no hot water in the shower, costs average $75 to $650 to have it professionally fixed. Usually, if you have hot water elsewhere around the home but not in the shower, this means there is a specific problem with one of your shower’s components. It is often an issue with one of the valves, so you may need the problematic valve inspected and either repaired or replaced.

Water Temperature Problems

Homeowners spend between $75 and $650 to fix shower water temperature problems. There are a few possible causes if your shower randomly changes between hot and cold, and it could be an issue with the valves or cartridges. These parts may need repairing or replacing to resolve the issue. It is worth noting that this could also be an issue with your water heater, which is a completely different repair.

Unclog a Shower

If you have a clogged shower head or drain, expect to pay between $100 and $300. A clogged shower drain is a common problem due to hair and other items entering the drain. Heads can also clog with mineral deposits, and this leads to water building up in the base of the shower and being slow to drain. Usually, a plumber cleans the head to get rid of the clogs and flush blockages out of the drain.

Shower Leak Repair

The cost to fix a leaky shower faucet or repair a leaking shower valve is between $100 and $750. Various parts of the shower can leak, and the precise cost depends on the cause of the shower leak. The average shower pan leak repair cost may be higher than the cost for a leaky faucet because it requires more work. Leaky faucets can usually be fixed for between $150 and $350, but pans or other leaking sections may be more expensive. Leaks are typically treated by patching up the damaged areas, replacing the leaky parts, or replacing broken seals.


Costs to repair a low-pressure shower average $100 to $800. Dealing with low pressure can be a big problem for many people because it can be uncomfortable or inconvenient to wash your hair and body with a slow trickle of water. Your shower’s pressure can be improved in many ways. A plumber may be able to make simple and cheap adjustments like removing the flow restrictor. Or, they might recommend a pump installation, which is more expensive but boosts your pressure.


If you notice rusty water in your shower, expect to pay between $100 and $800 for repairs. Brown or rusty water is not pleasant to see, and it is often caused by excessive amounts of iron in your pipes. A plumber may fix this problem by flushing the rust from the system or replacing the rusty pipes. It is much less expensive to flush the system instead of replacing pipes, resulting in a wide price range.

Floor Crack

A crack in the shower floor can be professionally repaired for between $150 and $500. Pan and floor repairs in the shower are hard to do, but plumbers and repair specialists can usually use resin repair kits to patch cracks in usual acrylic or fiberglass floor sections and prevent further damage. The price is influenced by the crack size and material used in your shower floor.

Repair Water-Damaged Drywall Around a Shower

Homeowners pay between $200 and $600 for professional repairs to damaged drywall around the shower area. Drywall can be easily damaged from excessive exposure to water splashes and moisture, so take your showers with care and use fans to reduce the moisture. A repairman will usually patch the damaged areas if they are relatively small, but they may need to cut out large damaged sections and replace them entirely, leading to higher costs.


The average repair costs for high-pressure showers are between $200 and $700. A shower might have too high pressure for several reasons. It could be an issue with the valves, which may need repair or replacement. It might also be a problem with too much pressure in the water heater or heater’s valves, and water heaters may be more expensive to fix than simple shower valves.

Toilet Backing Up Into a Shower

If the toilet backs up into the shower, repair costs average $200 to $800. It can be a worrying sight to see water backing up into the shower when you flush the toilet. It usually means that your pipes are clogged, and these pipes can be hard to access, leading to costly repairs. A plumber must inspect the problem, find the cause, and fix it.

Repair a Leak Behind a Shower Wall

The average cost to fix a shower leak behind the wall is between $200 and $1,000. This wide price range is because some leaks are easy to fix if you spot them early. Others may cause more damage and are in hard-to-access areas, leading to high costs to access the area and deal with any water damage. Leaks behind the wall may be caused by valve problems or pipe issues.

Black Mold in a Shower

If you notice the appearance of black mold patches in your shower, it ranges from $250 to $1,000 to have them removed. Black mold may build up due to various issues, and it commonly happens because of poor ventilation in the shower or a lack of cleaning. This mold is not just unsightly. It can also be dangerous and may release harmful spores into the air, so it is important to remove it. A professional usually uses bleach or other cleaning solutions to carefully kill and remove mold stains without damaging other parts. They might also recommend the installation of a new fan.

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Shower Repair Cost by Solution

Professional shower repair specialists and plumbers use various methods when repairing a shower. They might reseal it if the seals are broken or leaks occur or regrout the tiles on the wall. Resurfacing may also be required for damaged showers. The table below shows common repair methods and the average costs for each.

Cost to reseal, regrout, refinish, resurface, and retile a shower (mobile)

SolutionAverage Costs
Reseal$350 - $750
Regrout$500 - $2,000
Refinish$500 - $1,000
Resurface$600 - $1,500
Retile$700 - $3,000

Resealing a Shower

The average cost to reseal a shower ranges from $350 to $750. Resealing is an important process if your shower leaks because this usually means the seals are broken or damaged. Seals prevent water from getting into areas it should not, so resealing can be an effective way to waterproof your shower. The cost to reseal is the same as the cost of a waterproof shower.

Regrout a Shower

To regrout your shower, expect to pay between $500 and $2,000. Grout is the material between the tiles in your shower, and it prevents water damage on the walls and protects the tiles. Over time, grout can become dirty and discolored. It might become yellowish or black, or it might crack. When this happens, regrouting is necessary.

Shower Refinishing

Homeowners pay between $500 and $1,000 for professional shower refinishing services. Refinishing is a great way to breathe new life into old showers without replacing them. It can cover chips, cracks, rust, stains, and discoloration around the shower and tub. Moldy grout also must be cleared away during this process, and the shower should look much cleaner.

Shower Resurfacing

The average cost for professional shower resurfacing is between $600 and $1,500. Like refinishing, resurfacing is another useful process if you want to give your old shower a fresh look and save money by avoiding a total replacement. During this process, an acrylic resin coating is applied around the existing walls, paint, and grout, making the shower look good as new. Refinishing and resurfacing are often connected and provided as one package by plumbers and shower repair companies.

Retile a Shower

Retiling a shower area ranges from $700 to $3,000. Tiles are used in many shower cubicles and spaces because they are strong, water-resistant, and decorative. Tiles can become cracked, dirty, or go out of style. Retiling the shower can be a good way to bring it back to life. The total price depends on the job size, number of tiles needed, and tile type and style.

Labor Costs to Repair a Shower

The average labor costs for shower repairs range from $50 to $200 per hour. Most plumbers and shower repair specialists charge by the hour, and rates vary based on the location and plumber’s experience and skills. High-end plumbers with extensive shower experience may charge more than those new to the profession. It is also worth noting that if you have an electric shower, you may need to call in an electrician to deal with wiring problems and other electrical issues, and electricians can have different rates, usually charging $40 and $120 per hour for most jobs.

Many plumbers also have call-out and minimum repair fees of around $50 to $100. This covers the cost of the plumber visiting your home and inspecting the shower to see what is wrong. Repairmen usually need to inspect showers to know what needs fixing before they begin any repairs, but the initial inspection and call-out fee is usually waived if you hire the plumber to repair your shower. You may also have to pay extra if the plumber has to travel a long distance.

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Emergency Shower Repair Cost

Sometimes, you may need to call a plumber to your home to fix an emergency shower problem. For example, if your shower has a bad leak behind the wall, you may want to get this fixed rapidly because it could damage the drywall and surrounding areas. Or, if the drain is completely blocked or the shower will not run properly, you may need urgent repairs. Many plumbing companies offer 24/7 service, but they may charge an extra $100 to $200 if you need them to come out to your property immediately for same-day or next-day service.

Mobile Home Shower Repair Cost

The average cost for mobile home shower repair is between $100 and $500. Many modern mobile homes have showers, and they work in much the same way as regular household showers. However, mobile home showers tend to have simpler designs without fancy glass panels or expensive components. So, they are usually easier and cheaper to fix. With mobile home showers, you also do not need to worry about lots of pipes hidden away in hard-to-access places in the walls and floors. This results in drainage issues that are also easier to fix, with less labor required and cheaper repair costs overall. Like other showers, mobile home showers can suffer from a range of common problems, including clogged drains, blocked heads, low water pressure, and mold growth.


After your shower has been repaired, it is important to look after it properly to reduce the risks of further issues. One of the simplest ways to maintain your shower is to keep it clean. Homeowners are encouraged to rinse off the shower doors and screens after each shower and carry out a deep clean of the shower each week, cleaning areas like tiles, the pan, the shower head, and handles. Also, check the drain for any buildup of hair or other items and clear it out.

Take care as you step in and out of the shower to avoid slipping and falling, which could cause injuries and serious damage to the shower door and glass. You may consider installing a mat on the floor for extra grip if you worry about slipping. In addition, run your bathroom fan or open a window for a while after a shower to remove excess moisture in the air, reducing the risk of mold.

Cost to Repair vs Replace a Shower

You may find yourself hesitating between repairing or replacing your shower. Weigh the pros and cons and consider different factors to make the right decision. Usually, a repair is the best option for most people and costs less because the average cost of replacing a shower is between $8,500 to $9,000. However, some situations favor a replacement.

If your shower is old and has been repaired many times, it might be nearing the end of its life. Showers can last decades with regular maintenance and occasional repairs, but in some cases, they cause problems when they get older. In these situations, a replacement might be the easier option. Or, you might replace the shower when upgrading or remodeling your bathroom.

You might also want to replace the shower if extensive damage occurs and the repair costs are high. If a plumber quotes $3,000 for a large shower repair, it might be more efficient to replace it. In most situations, repairs are much cheaper and simpler. With repairs, you can usually have the shower up and running within a few hours. Replacements usually take longer, so it is usually best to opt for a repair.

Comparison of the cost to repair and replace a shower (mobile)

ServiceAverage Cost
Repair$100 - $700
Replace$8,500 - $9,000

Hire a local pro to repair your shower

Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Hair Stopper

Expect to pay between $10 and $25 for a hair stopper for a shower, and there is no need to have a professional install these stoppers. They can simply be placed over the existing drain. They are specially designed to catch hair and prevent strands from going down the drain and causing blockages. This can be very useful for people who regularly find the drain clogged with hair.

Pressure Balancing a Valve Shower

You can upgrade your shower with a pressure balance shower valve for between $350 and $650. This valve helps keep the temperature of your shower water balanced and constant, without sudden changes or unexpected bursts of hot or cold water. So, it is a useful valve for people who want to have comfortable showers, especially those with large families.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • Warranty. If your shower is still under warranty and has a fault or failure, you may be able to make a claim and have the repair costs paid for on your behalf. Shower warranty policies usually last for 5 years, but they can vary in length and coverage, so check the details of your warranty to learn more.
  • Permit. You do not usually need a permit for shower repairs. However, rules vary from state to state. If the repair is big, with piping replacements and repairs behind drywall, a permit might be needed. Speak to your plumber and building authority to learn more.
  • DIY. It is possible to carry out some basic shower repairs yourself. Homeowners should be able to clean a drain that is clogged with hair. If you have DIY experience, you might also be able to deal with leaky valves or loose shower doors. However, it is often best to let professionals handle the more complex repairs.
  • License. Work with licensed plumbers for shower repairs. You need expert workers to carry out the repairs efficiently, so always check the plumber’s license. If you choose to work with a handyman, make sure they have experience and skills in shower repairs.


  • How much would a plumber charge to replace a shower valve?

It usually costs between $200 and $650 to replace a shower valve, and the price you pay depends on the valve type and how accessible it is.

  • Why is my shower not working?

There are many reasons why your shower might not be working. There could be leaks, pipe blockages, shower head problems, or issues with the diverter. Call a plumber and have them inspect the shower to find out what is wrong.

  • Can you replace a shower cartridge without turning off the water?

It is not recommended to replace cartridges without turning off the water because water will spray everywhere and could damage your home.

  • How do I stop my shower head from leaking?

A leaky shower head may require readjustment, cleaning, or taping with Teflon tape to prevent water from leaking out.

  • How do I make my shower pressure stronger?

There are several ways you can boost shower pressure. Cleaning the shower head is a good start, and you may also need to get the flow restrictor removed. You should also have the valves and pipes checked for any blockages or problems or get a pump.

  • How long do shower valves last?

Shower valves usually last between 20 and 30 years. After this, they require replacement.

  • What can you pour down a shower drain to unclog it?

You can use professional products to get rid of a clog or blockage in the drain or a homemade blend of baking soda and vinegar. Boiling water may also be used.