How much does it cost to install plumbing in a bathroom remodel?

National Average Range:
$2,000 - $10,000

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Updated: August 19, 2022

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Remodeling a bathroom is an exciting project, giving these important spaces a new look and better function. And while a bathroom remodel has many components and parts from the layout to the flooring, the plumbing is one of the most important pieces. The plumbing for a bathroom remodel includes not only running the lines to the various water outlets and drains, but also installing the fixtures that you use each day like toilets, sinks, and faucets. Each of these items comes in many varieties and styles, and some bathrooms use more or fewer fixtures than others. For this reason, there is an enormous range of costs when it comes to the plumbing for a bathroom. The national average range is $2,000 to $10,000, with most homeowners paying around $5,302 to install a new toilet, sink, faucet, two-piece tub and shower system. On the lowest end of the spectrum, the plumbing for a small half bath costs as low as $751. At the highest, a deluxe bathroom remodel with two designer sinks, maple vanity cabinet, medicine cabinet, toilet, whirlpool bathtub, and neo-angle shower stall costs as much as $15,914.

Cost to Plumb a Bathroom

Plumbing Cost for Bathroom Remodel
National average cost$5,302
Average range$2,000-$10,000

Cost to Plumb a Bathroom by Type of Fixture

A large part of a bathroom remodel is the installation of new fixtures. Larger bathrooms tend to have more fixtures than smaller ones, which accounts for a large bathroom remodel’s higher cost.

Because there is a wide range of fixtures, including material, style, and quality, there is also a wide range of costs associated with installing them:

Cost to Plumb a Bathroom Chart (mobile)

FixtureMaterial CostMaterial + Installation Cost
Faucet$50 - $250 $225 - $475
Sink$200 - $5,000$300 - $5,500
Toilet$250 - $3,000$350 - $3,500
Bidet$350 - $2,000$500 - $2,750
Tub$250 - $1,250$1,500 - $2,900
Shower$150 - $1,500$1,500 - $3,500

Replace Bathroom Faucet

Bathroom faucets come in many sizes, styles, and configurations, from small center-set faucets to elaborate waterfall fixtures with LED lights. Some plumbers sell faucets, but most expect you to provide your own. The total cost range for the faucet and installation is $225 to $475 on average.

Sink Installation

When it comes to bathroom sinks, you have many choices. This includes sinks installed in a vanity, wall-hung sinks, pedestal sinks, and consoles. And even among these, different materials and style options produce a range of costs. The total cost of the sink and installation ranges from $300 to $5,500 on average. Drop-in sinks in a vanity cost the least, while console sinks that need legs to be assembled on-site cost the most.

Toilet Installation

Every bathroom needs a toilet, and you have many choices when it comes to this fixture. Toilets can be one-piece or two-piece, round-front or elongated, pressure-assisted for flushing or water-saving. Some of them even clean themselves. They have a wide range of associated costs, depending on the make, model, material, and even color. The average cost range for a toilet and installation is $350 - $3,500.

Bidet Installation

Bidets have been gaining in popularity, with many people choosing to add them to their new bathrooms. They allow you to replace toilet paper, keeping you clean, and reducing the environmental impact. Bidets have a few models to choose from, including floor and wall-mounted, and different faucet configurations. They cost between $500 and $2,750 for materials and installation.

Bathtub Installation

Depending on the bathroom size and your preferences, you also have many choices for bathtubs. Tubs can be small, alcove installations that include a shower or stand-alone models with an air bath and chromatherapy. They have a wide range of associated costs, with the average being $1,500 to $2,900 for most bathroom remodels.

Shower Installation

Showers are very common in most bathrooms, and their total cost varies depending on the shower type. For example, acrylic showers have a different cost than if you tile with ceramic or porcelain. From a plumbing standpoint, you have a single valve, showerhead, and drain at a minimum. Your plumber can also install body sprays, enclosures, and performance shower features. Other professionals handle the tile, waterproofing, and flooring. The cost of a shower enclosure installed by the plumber is between $1,500 and $3,500 on average.

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Cost of Moving Bathroom Plumbing

It is very common during a bathroom remodel to change the footprint of the room. Doing so opens new space or makes the layout work better for your family. If this is the case, you need to pay to have the various plumbing lines and drains moved and the installation of the various fixtures:

Cost of Moving a Bathroom (mobile)

Fixture/MoveCost to MoveTotal Cost w/ Material and Installation
Washing machine$160 - $400$170 - $500
Stack$200 - $400$250 - $450
Bathroom sink$240 - $600$540 - $6,100
Plumbing line in concrete$500 - $1,000$550 - $1,500
Toilet$200 - $400$550 - $3,900
Shower plumbing$240 - $600$1,740 - $4,100

Relocating Washing Machine Plumbing

If your washing machine is in the bathroom and you want to relocate it, you need to have a new line run to where it eventually goes. This is $160 to $400, with parts making it $170 to $500. Most plumbers do not install or handle the actual washing machine, so these costs are just for the plumbing.

Move a Plumbing Stack

Your stack line is how your plumbing system vents. Most low-flow toilets use this line to vent air ahead of the flush, creating a vacuum to pull the waste through without much water. Moving the stack costs between $200 and $400 for each stack and costs more if you have a very steep roof. With parts, this project comes to $250 to $450 on average.

Move Bathroom Sink Plumbing

If you are moving your bathroom sink or adding a second sink to an existing wall, you need to have a new line installed. The cost to add a line is between $80 and $200 on average, and each sink needs three lines. The total cost of installing the new sink in its new location is $540 - $6,100, depending on the sink and style.

Move Plumbing in a Concrete Slab

This project is expensive because the concrete needs to be broken up to reach the plumbing before it can be located. So in addition to the cost of running the new line, you have added labor costs for however long it takes to reach the plumbing. This project’s total cost with materials is between $550 and $1,500, depending on how thick the slab is, how buried the plumbing is, and the plumbing type.

Move a Toilet

When you relocate a toilet, you need a new water line and also a new waste line. This makes two separate lines, with two different sizes and installation types per toilet that you move. The cost to move a toilet ranges from $200 to $400 just for the moving, with a total installation range of a new toilet in a new location of $550 - $3,900.

Moving Shower Plumbing to Another Wall

If you decide to change your shower’s layout or move your shower entirely, you need to move three lines - the hot and cold water and the drain. Moving one line is $80 to $200, so the total cost of moving and installing a new shower is between $1,740 - $4,100 on average.

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Plumbing for Bathroom Conversions

Often during a remodel, you take an existing area and turn it into something else. For example, you may convert an alcove tub into a walk-in shower or a former closet into a dedicated toilet room. Each conversion has its own set of plumbing costs, although it is important to keep in mind that most bathrooms are torn down to the studs during a remodel. That makes things like tub and shower conversions about the same cost as installing a new version of what was already there.

A tub-to-shower conversion cost is identical to the cost of a new shower enclosure. And, the cost to convert a tub into a walk-in shower is similar to that of a new walk-in shower. It matters less what was there than what will be done. A sink-to-shower conversion is not possible, but a sink and shower can both be moved to new locations. From a plumbing perspective, the cost for that and the cost of converting a cupboard into a toilet are the same as moving and installing a new toilet.

Man Calling Plumber In Front Of Water Leaking From Sink Pipe

Cost to Remove Plumbing Fixtures in a Bathroom

Part of a renovation is the tear-out - or the removal of what is already there. For most bathrooms, the demo is not going to be priced by the fixture. It is one cost for removing everything from the bathroom down to the studs and is based on the bathroom location, its size, and the home’s age.

When doing a partial remodel, you may need to pay a fee to remove a fixture before replacing it with a new one. Some plumbers waive this cost and roll it into the project’s cost since they can recycle the parts. Others charge a removal fee, particularly if the item is large, heavy, or difficult to dispose of.

Cost to Remove Plumbing Fixtures

RemovalAverage Cost
Toilet$25 - $100
Bathtub$100 - $500

Toilet Removal

Most plumbers remove a toilet at no cost. If the toilet is difficult to remove, such as when the bolts have rusted and need to be cut off or is wall-mounted and they need to open the wall to remove the carrier, there could be additional costs. On average, if you are charged for toilet removal, it is usually between $25 and $100, assuming you are installing a new toilet.

Bathtub Removal

Bathtubs have a wide range of removal costs. Some acrylic tubs are lightweight, so they pull right out. Cast iron tubs are hard to remove but are often recycled or re-sold, so they may be removed at no cost. The average cost to remove a tub is between $100 and $500, assuming you have a new tub or shower installed.

Cast Iron Tub Removal Cost

Many cast iron tubs are removed at no cost. But they are heavy, so if it is located on an upper story, there may be a carrying charge of around $100 to remove it from your home. This is because special equipment is often required for the job.

Jetted Tub Removal Cost

Jetted tubs can be very easy or difficult to remove, depending on age, features, material, and size. They often cannot be recycled or re-sold because of the way they need to be dismantled. Therefore, they have some costs associated with removal, from $100 to $500, depending on how difficult the job is.

Luxurious bathroom with two piece toilet

PEX vs Copper Pipes

When you have a new plumbing line installed, your plumber usually uses either copper or PEX pipes. Copper is expensive and increases your installation costs, depending on how much you need. PEX is a flexible, plastic pipe, which is much less expensive. PEX costs remain stable while copper fluctuates.

While labor remains the same, you can save by asking your plumber to use PEX. Many plumbers have already made the switch and use PEX for most projects unless otherwise specified. Always ask what your plumber is using and if they can use PEX to help save on costs.

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Enhancements and Improvement Costs

Retile a Shower

It is common during a bathroom renovation to have your shower tiled. While this is not plumbing, it is part of the project. The average cost to tile a shower is $2,400, and you need to contract separately with a tile installer.

Removal of Old Fixtures

Most of the old fixtures removed during a bathroom remodel are taken out as part of the tear out or demo. Replacing individual fixtures does not usually have a removal cost unless the fixture is overly large or complicated.

Hot Tub Installation

When remodeling your bathroom, you may also contract with the plumber to put in a hot tub outside at the same time. Once the plumber is on-site, it is cheaper to group projects. The cost of a hot tub installation is around $6,925.

Sauna Installation

Your plumber can install the steam generator as part of the sauna at the same time as the bathroom remodel. The entire sauna installation has an average cost of $4,500, including the plumbing.

Wet Room Installation

The plumbing for a wet room is not different from the plumbing for a standard bathroom, but it has other costs. For this, you need to speak with a general contractor and a tiler. The average cost of a wet room is $21,600 altogether.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • While the plumbing for a bathroom remodel is fairly straightforward, other issues impact your total costs, such as mold remediation ($500+) and water damage ($2,700).
  • The plumbing for the remodel is covered under the permit pulled for the rest of the project.
  • Toilets must be installed in a minimum of 30 inches of space from side to side, with a minimum of 20 inches of space in front of the bowl to meet code.
  • Always schedule your plumbing contractor ahead of the project. This saves money as opposed to calling a plumber in at the last minute to install your fixtures.
  • Plumbers may need to remove drywall to access pipes and other small non-plumbing-related tasks. However, the longer they take on these, the higher your costs. Whenever possible, try to minimize these tasks to reduce your bill.


  • How much does it cost to move plumbing in a bathroom remodel?

The cost to move plumbing is between $80 and $200 per line, with most fixtures requiring at least three. This does not include the cost of the installation of the new fixture.

  • Is it expensive to move plumbing in a bathroom?

It costs roughly $80 to $200 per line to move the plumbing, and most fixtures require at least three lines. This is in addition to the cost of installing the fixture.

  • How much does it cost to remove a tub and install a shower?

The average shower installation is around $930 to $2,000 for a basic shower, but tiled showers cost more. The tub removal is part of the tear-out, with starting costs of $500.