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Bottled Water Delivery Cost

Bottled Water Delivery Cost

National average
(five 5-gallon jugs of spring water delivered monthly with equipment rental)
Low: $15

(two 3-gallon jugs of spring water delivered monthly with no equipment rental)

High: $60

(five 5-gallon jugs of steam distilled water delivered monthly with equipment rental)

Cost to hire bottled water delivery services varies greatly by region (and even by zip code).
Get free estimates from local contractors in your city.

The average cost of having bottled water delivered is $45.

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Pros and Cons of Bottled Water Delivery
Types of Water
Water Cooler Dispenser
Amount of Water
Water and Delivery Costs
Most Popular Brands
Enhancement and Improvement Costs
Additional Considerations and Costs

How Much Does It Cost to Have Bottled Water Delivered to Your Home?

If your water quality is not great or you do not like the taste, it is possible to have bottled water delivered directly to your home. Available in several sizes from single-servings to 5-gallon jugs, bottled water offers you more options for taste and quality than what may come out of your tap. There are several different types of bottled water to consider, which can impact the cost of your delivery, along with size, frequency, and how it is dispensed. The average homeowner can expect to spend around $45 a month on regular water delivery of 5-gallon jugs, along with an in-home dispenser.

Pros and Cons of Bottled Water Delivery

Like any purchase, bottled water delivery services have both pros and cons. Having bottled water delivered to your home is convenient. You can choose the amount of water and the method of serving that best fits your family’s needs. If your tap water is contaminated, undrinkable, or has a bad taste, then bottled water delivery services can provide fresh water for cooking and drinking. This water meets rigorous testing standards. You also have many more options for where your water comes from and how it has been treated.

Bottled water delivery services are more costly over time than filtering your own water at home. They also use more plastics, particularly the single-serving delivery service. If you use a dispenser that keeps the water cold or gives you the option for hot water, you will need to pay for the energy that the dispenser uses. If you opt for a dispenser that merely gives you water, then it will be room temperature unless you heat or cool it yourself. Water delivery services can sometimes be interrupted by things like inclement weather. And if you use more water than anticipated, you may need to pay a premium to have extra water delivered.

Types of Water

One of the benefits of having water delivered is that you can choose what kind of water you want. There are several options to choose from. Keep in mind that all water must be free of impurities, and each water type is limited in what it can claim. Spring water must come from springs, while purified water must undergo testing to ensure its purity. Beyond that, it is largely a matter of preference and taste.

Type of waterDescriptionCost
Purified/Distilled water

Water that has been purified through reverse osmosis, distilling 1, filtering, or another process

Can come from any source

$7 - $8

(per 5-gallon bottle)

Mineral water

Water with naturally occurring minerals present

May contain calcium, magnesium, or sodium

Will not have minerals added later

$8 - $10

(per 5-gallon bottle)

Spring water

Water that comes from a natural spring source

Not purified or changed in any way

$8 - $10

(per 5-gallon bottle)

Artesian water

Water that comes from an artesian well

May contain minerals

May be considered naturally purified

$8 - $10

(per 5-gallon bottle)

Water Cooler Dispenser

If you opt for a 3-gallon or 5-gallon jug of water, you will need a way to dispense it. These jugs are the most cost-effective way of ordering water, and because the bottles can be reused, they are also the best for the environment.

There are several methods for dispensing this water. It is possible to purchase your own dispenser or use one from the company.

Some companies provide the dispenser free of charge once you establish a regular water schedule. Others may have a one-time purchase fee or an ongoing monthly rental fee. This is largely dependent on the company you order from and what services they offer.

If you rent the dispenser from the company, you will likely pay between $3 and $5 each billing cycle. This service usually includes maintenance, and they may replace the dispenser if it breaks. You can also purchase it outright either from the company or a third party for between $80 and $300, depending on which features you opt for. If you buy from the company, they may also offer warranties and service or maintenance packages.

Dispensers come with many different features. Most keep the water cold at a minimum. But some also dispense instant hot water, make coffee, or have a bottom-loading feature that makes it easier to put the water in. The more features the dispenser has, the more it costs.

Amount of Water

If you have water delivered, it will likely be on a schedule, so it is best to figure out how much you will need. Large families may need two or three 5-gallon jugs delivered a week, while a single person will likely need less.

To this end, most companies sell water in both 3-gallon and 5-gallon quantities. The 3-gallon jug is easier to lift and move, so if you struggle with the 5-gallon jug, the 3-gallon one may be an easier option. Most dispensers are designed to hold either size.

Water and Delivery Costs

Your total costs vary tremendously. The price depends on multiple factors including how much water, whether you rent a dispenser, how often you have water delivered, the company you get the water from, and how far they need to travel to reach you. 

It is common to have water delivered roughly once a month. A family of four may go through five 5-gallon jugs during this time. Assuming a standard cooler rental, monthly costs will be approximately $45, assuming a $7 jug for spring water, $4 rental fee, and $6 delivery fee.

A single person, who has a dispenser and uses two 3-gallon jugs of water, may pay $15, assuming $5 per jug of purified water and delivery fee.

Several companies deliver water to your door. Some offer several brands, while others only carry their own. A few of the more popular brands include:

BrandProductAverage cost
Poland Springs

Spring water

3 or 5-gallon jugs

Bulk bottled water

$5 for 3-gallon jug

$7 for 5-gallon jug
Crystal Rock

Purified water

Spring water

Fluoridated water

3 or 5-gallon jugs

Bulk bottled water

$7 - $8 for 3 or 5-gallon jug
Diamond Springs

Spring water

3 or 5-gallon jugs

Free delivery

$7 - $8 for 3 or 5-gallon jug

Purified water

Spring water

Fluoridated 2 water

3 or 5-gallon jugs

Bulk bottled water

$7 - $8 for 3 or 5-gallon jug

Spring water

Purified water

Steam distilled 1 water

3 or 5-gallon jugs

$7 - $10 for 5-gallon jug

Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Bottleless Water Dispenser

If you want purified water in your home but do not want to deal with plastic or jugs, you can purchase bottleless dispensers that filter water with no jugs. They start at around $300 on average.

Bottom-loading Water Dispenser

Some companies offer the choice of renting or purchasing a bottom-loading dispenser, which is easier to load. Slide the jug into the bottom, instead of lifting it to the top. Rentals start at $5 a month, or you can purchase one starting at $150.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • Some companies deliver for no charge, some have a flat delivery fee, and others charge by distance. In the latter case, you pay more for delivery the farther you are from the service.
  • You do not need to be at home when water is delivered. Simply leave your empty bottles in an area that is easy for the company to find and pick up.
  • Some water delivery companies also delivery coffee, individual bottles of water, and cans of sparkling water.


  • How much does bottled water delivery cost?

The average household will spend between $30 and $50 a month on water delivery services.

  • What is the best pH water to drink?

Water is considered a pH-neutral liquid, neither alkaline nor acidic. It, therefore, has a pH of 7 when pure but may range from 6.5 to 8.5. Any of these are considered fine to consume.​​

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1 Distilling: A method to remove the impurities in water by boiling the water and then recondensing the steam
2 Fluoridated: A mineral that protects against tooth decay by strengthening tooth enamel

Cost to hire bottled water delivery services varies greatly by region (and even by zip code). To get free estimates from local contractors, please indicate yours.

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