How Much Does It Cost to Install Plumbing in a Kitchen Remodel?

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Kitchen remodels transform the busiest room in your home. And while most people planning a remodel focus on things like the cabinets, countertops, or how things will look, there is one piece of the remodel that is arguably more important than all those things - the plumbing.

Your kitchen plumbing is what makes your sink and faucet functional and allows you to run your dishwasher. If you want instant hot water or an ice maker in your refrigerator, then plumbing is required for each. In addition, if you want a gas stove or oven, then a gas line will also be necessary. All these things are roughed in or installed by plumbers early in the remodel, with the finish work happening near the very end.

Since there are numerous appliances and features a kitchen can have, there is a wide range of costs for plumbing a kitchen. The national average ranges from $4,000 to $8,000, with most people paying around $5,500 for the plumbing in a full kitchen remodel, assuming 2 sinks and faucets, dishwasher, instant hot water tap, disposal, and ice maker. A partial remodel with the installation of 1 drop-in sink, faucet, and new dishwasher averages $1,600. The highest cost full remodel, with 2 sinks and faucets, pot filler, dishwasher installed in an island, a new gas line running to separate cooktops and ovens, an ice maker, and a hot water tap can top $10,000.

Kitchen Remodel Plumbing Costs

Kitchen plumbing installation prices
National average cost$5,500
Average range$4,000-$8,000

Plumbing for a Kitchen Remodel Cost by Project Range

1 drop-in sink, faucet, and dishwasher in a partial remodel
Average Cost
2 sinks and faucets, dishwasher, instant hot water tap, disposal, and plumbing for an ice maker
2 sinks and faucets, pot filler, dishwasher in an island, new gas lines feeding 2 appliances, ice maker, and hot water tap

Cost to Plumb a Kitchen by Type of Installation

Many different parts of a kitchen remodel require additional plumbing. Beyond the main sink and faucet, you could have a bar or entertainment sinks, pot fillers, dishwashers, ice makers in your refrigerator door, and appliances that use natural gas. All these installations require a plumber to install them and make sure that they are functioning and up to code:

Cost to Plumb a Kitchen by Type of Installation

Cost to Plumb a Kitchen by Type of Installation

FixtureMaterial CostsMaterial + Installation Cost
Gas line$1 - $10/linear foot$15 - $25/linear foot
Plumbing under sink$25 - $100$100 - $350
Faucet$100 - $3,000$150 - $3,050
Ice maker hook up$25 - $250$200 - $550
Disposal$75 - $1,100$225 - $1,250
Instant hot tap$120 - $500$270 - $700
Sink$200 - $2,000$350 - $2,200
Dishwasher$350 - $3,000$450 - $3,300
Pot filler$200 - $1,000$500 - $1,500
Gas range$400 - $1,000$550 - $1,150

Cost to Run a Gas Line to a Kitchen

If you have natural gas in your home and want to change from an electric range or oven to a gas version, you need to run a gas line to your kitchen. The cost for this service mostly depends on the length that the line needs to run. The farther your kitchen is from your gas meter, the longer the line needs to be and the higher the overall costs. There are also some cost variations for the pipe type used, although there may be restrictions in your area. Always ask your plumber what type of piping they recommend. The average cost to run a line to the kitchen is between $15 and $25 a linear foot.

Cost to Replace Pipes Under a Kitchen Sink

Beneath your sink, you will find a few different pipes, depending on your particular setup. There is the plumbing feeding your faucets and also a trap, which is a P-trap or an S-trap, depending on the state you live in. This is one of the most important parts of your sink installation. If it needs replacing because of age or the material no longer meets code, expect costs of between $100 and $350. When installing a dishwasher, you need a special drain hookup for it. In addition, adding a disposal or another faucet hookup increases costs.

Kitchen Faucet Installation Cost

Your kitchen faucet is a big part of your remodel. Faucets get a lot of use every day, from filling pots to washing up. You have many choices for your kitchen faucet, from simple styles to touchless or toe-activated models. With all these choices comes a range of associated costs. Installing a kitchen faucet ranges between $150 and $3,050, depending on the faucet type.

Plumbing for an Ice Maker Installation Cost

When installing a new refrigerator with water and an ice maker in the door, you also need new plumbing. In addition, once your refrigerator is in place, the plumber needs to do the actual water hook up to get it running properly. Plumbing for refrigerator hookups costs between $200 to $550. Costs vary depending on the placement of your refrigerator and also the brand. Prices are higher when installing the refrigerator in an area where no plumbing exists.

Cost to Install a Garbage Disposal

Many people choose to have a garbage disposal added to their kitchen sink. Disposals cut down on food waste going out in the trash and make cleanup quick and easy. Garbage disposals come in many types and sizes. They can be installed at the same time as your sink and faucet, or they can be put in later. They have an average cost to install of between $225 and $1,250.

Cost to Install an Instant Hot Water Dispenser

If you like having cups of hot tea or coffee regularly throughout the day, you may want to add a hot water dispenser to your kitchen remodel. Hot water taps are installed at your sink beside your regular faucet. They are usually much smaller in size than your main faucet, and some can also be plumbed to deliver filtered water as well as instant hot. Most are designed to give you water that is just slightly cooler than boiling for safety reasons. They cost between $270 and $700 installed.

Kitchen Sink Installation Cost

You have probably put a lot of thought into the type of sink for your new kitchen. Kitchen sinks play a big role in not only how your kitchen looks, but also how it functions. Sinks come in several installation styles, from drop-in to farmhouse style, and they each have pros and cons. Your sink installation depends at least partly on your countertop installation and sometimes on your cabinet installation as well. Sinks usually cost between $350 and $2,200 to install.

Dishwasher Installation Cost

Most kitchens today have a dishwasher beneath the countertop, next to the sink. This arrangement makes cleanup fast and easy. Dishwashers come in many different types and sizes, with the undercounter version being the most common. While they do not necessarily need a plumber to install if you have the plumbing already in place from a previous one, it is common to have your dishwasher installed along with your new sink plumbing. This costs between $450 and $3,300, depending on the model.

Pot Filler Installation Cost

If you do a lot of cooking, you may want to save yourself the trouble of carrying heavy pots from the sink to the stove. A pot filler is a faucet installed in the area behind your cooktop. Its sole use is to provide water for cooking where you need it. While the cost of the filler itself can be low, additional plumbing needs to be run to this area for the installation. This raises costs, depending on how far the line needs to run. The average cost to install a pot filler is between $500 and $1,500, depending on the model and how far the water line needs to run.

Gas Range Installation Cost

Gas ranges are very popular for cooking in homes that have natural gas available. They heat up quickly and cook food evenly. They also come in a range of different sizes and finishes, so you can match both your family’s needs and your kitchen’s appearance. A gas range needs a gas line installed to work. If you need a new line installed, this increases your costs by $15 to $25 a linear foot. Installing the range itself costs around $550 to $1,150, depending on the model and location.

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Cost of Moving Kitchen Plumbing

It is very common during a full kitchen remodel to want to rearrange your appliances and the location of your sink and faucet. When you move an appliance, however, you also need to move its plumbing connections. In general, most plumbing can be moved up to 3 feet away for no additional cost beyond the installation of the new appliance or faucet. When moving things farther, you have additional costs.

Your costs can also be impacted by your home and its layout. For example, if you have a slab foundation, your costs are much higher than average if the pipes run through the slab. Cutting the slab to reach and change them dramatically increases costs. Plumbing that runs inside the walls or from a full basement is generally less expensive to move.

Cost of Moving Kitchen Plumbing

Cost of Moving Kitchen Plumbing

Fixture to MoveCost to MoveTotal Cost of Material and Installation
Gas line$15 - $25/linear foot$15 - $25/linear foot
Sink$240 - $600$440 - $2,600
Dishwasher$550 - $800$900 - $3,800

Cost to Move a Stove Gas Line

If you have a gas stove in your kitchen and want to move it, you need to relocate your gas line. This usually means disassembling the line from its current location. The line is then reassembled, running to the new location. If the line is very old, it may need to be replaced entirely. This has an average cost of between $15 and $25 a linear foot.

Cost to Move a Sink in a Kitchen

If you have always wanted your sink in a new location, a remodel is the best time to make the move. It is not always possible to simply move the sink on its own if your cabinets remain the same because you need a specific sink base cabinet for the sink and the plumbing. During a remodel, you can arrange your cabinets to fit the new sink. Moving the sink means running both the faucet lines and the new drain line to the new location. This has an average cost range of $440 to $2,600.

Cost to Move a Dishwasher

If you plan on moving your sink, you may also want to move your dishwasher. Likewise, when installing a new island, you may want to relocate your dishwasher to the island to open up more space. Moving the dishwasher means moving the water lines to a new location. It also means making sure it can either drain to the sink drain, or that it has its own dedicated drain line. Moving a dishwasher during a remodel usually means replacing it. So, the cost to move a dishwasher to a new location costs between $900 and $3,800, depending on the dishwasher you choose and whether it requires its own drain line. To move the dishwasher, you also need to relocate your sink or give the dishwasher a dedicated drainline. Also, the dishwasher will need a new cabinet.

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Cost to Remove Plumbing Fixtures in a Kitchen

When completely remodeling a kitchen, it likely means you will replace your appliances and plumbing fixtures. This can include your sink and faucet, dishwasher, and refrigerator if it has a water hookup. The cost to remove plumbing fixtures and appliances varies greatly, depending on the project scope and fixture type.

If you are having a full tear out done, the cost of removing the fixtures is included in the tear out, which is around $1,000 total. For a partial remodel that does not change the basic layout or remove cabinets, simply updating fixtures and appliances, your costs will likely be on a fixture-by-fixture basis. Expect removal costs to start at around $50 for the sink and faucets and up to $200 for large appliances. Removal costs are influenced by disposal, with anything that can be recycled or repurposed costing less to remove than items that must be thrown away.

Dishwasher Removal Cost

When replacing a dishwasher with a new one, removal is usually included in the cost of the installation. However, some appliance installers charge a fee of $25 to $200 for the removal. This varies depending on things like the appliance age and how difficult it is to get out of the house. For example, kitchens on an upper story take more labor to remove a dishwasher than a kitchen on the ground floor. Once again, if the dishwasher is being removed as part of a full tear out, there are generally no additional costs per appliance. Instead, they charge a flat fee for the entire kitchen.

Types of Plumbing Material for Your Kitchen Renovation

While you may not see a lot of the plumbing that supplies and drains the water in your kitchen, there are several different materials in use. Plastics, such as PVC, have been popular for the last several years because they are inexpensive and easy to work with. PEX and flexible cable supplies are also very popular materials for plumbing. Older homes may also have copper, galvanized steel, and other materials already installed.

Not all plumbing materials meet plumbing codes in every state. Some states have additional regulations on the pipe and drain sizes and the trap types beneath your sink. Your plumber can explain which materials and pieces meet local code, and your plumber may have a preference for what they work with. If you have older plumbing in your kitchen, you may need to have it removed or updated if it is no longer up to code.

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Enhancements and Improvement Costs

Cost of a Kitchen Island with a Sink

Kitchen islands are one of the most popular additions to kitchens today. They add storage and countertop space and can also be used to hold additional sinks for prep or entertaining. Kitchen islands come in a wide range of sizes and materials, as well as different countertop choices. This means a wide range of costs associated with the installation. The average cost for a kitchen island with a bar sink and faucet installed is around $5,500.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • Any type of kitchen remodel requires a permit. Your contractor should submit all plans for the remodel, including the plumbing, before starting the project.
  • Your contractor usually coordinates all the professionals on the job during a remodel. By using the plumber they recommend, you may be able to get discounted prices.
  • Wherever there is plumbing in your kitchen, you have the potential for water damage and/or mold. If these are present, you may have additional costs for mold remediation ($500+) and water damage repairs ($1,000+).
  • Schedule your plumber ahead of the project. Make sure that all fixtures and appliances are on hand for the day they arrive. This ensures the fastest and least expensive installation.
  • While moving a sink a short distance is a simple job, it is still best to hire a professional. Sinks need to be vented properly by tying to the stack line in order to drain. The stack line allows air to escape upwards so that the water can drain more easily. Not venting or installing the drain properly can mean a sink that no longer functions like it should.


  • How much is plumbing for a kitchen?

The cost of plumbing for a kitchen varies, depending on the location, kitchen design, and what work you are having done. The national average range is between $4,000 and $8,000.

  • How difficult is it to move plumbing in a kitchen?

If you are moving the plumbing less than 3 feet, this can be done DIY. Anything more than that increases the difficulty of the project. Other factors also influence the difficulty, which is why it is always best to speak to a plumber to get the most accurate idea.

  • In what order should a kitchen be remodeled?

This depends on the level of remodeling. In a full remodel, the design is first, followed by the tear out. Then, the rough plumbing and electrical, which are followed by the flooring, cabinets, countertops, appliances, final plumbing and lighting finish work. The backsplash goes in last.

  • Is it possible to move a kitchen to another room?

It is possible, but it can be more expensive than simply remodeling it in place. Moving the plumbing from one room to another greatly increases the cost of the project.

  • How much does it cost to move a kitchen?

The exact cost depends on the distance, kitchen size, style, layout, and whether you have plumbing in the new area or not. The cost to build a new kitchen starts at around $250 a square foot but can go higher, depending on the state of the plumbing.


Cost to install plumbing in a kitchen remodel varies greatly by region (and even by zip code). To get free estimates from local contractors, please indicate yours.

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