How much does it cost to repair a garbage disposal?

National Average Range:
$65 - $150

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Updated: August 19, 2022

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Garbage disposals are useful appliances that get rid of food waste, churning the scraps on your dinner plate into tiny pieces that can pass through pipes. This reduces the amount of food waste in landfills and keeps your kitchen clean. Unfortunately, issues arise with the garbage disposal like clogs, jams, and breaks. When this happens, you usually need to call in a professional.

The costs of garbage disposal repair vary based on the repair and garbage disposal brand. The national cost average for garbage disposal repair is between $65 and $150. Most homeowners pay $100 to replace the seal on a leaking garbage disposal. The project’s low cost is $50 to repair a worn seal. The high cost is $400 to replace a high-end motor.

Garbage Disposal Repair Cost

Cost to Fix Garbage Disposal
National average cost$100
Average range$65-$150

Garbage Disposal Repair Cost by Type of Repair

Many issues can arise with your garbage disposal, and different components may break or require repair. The price you pay for repairs is heavily influenced by the problem. The table below shows common parts of garbage disposals that might need fixing and average costs to repair each.

Cost to Repair Seal, Gasket, Impeller, or Motor in Garbage Disposal (mobile)

Type of RepairAverage Repair Costs
Seal$50 - $100
Gasket$50 - $100
Impeller$65 - $100
Motor$75 - $150

Garbage Disposal Seal Repair

Garbage disposal seal repairs cost between $50 and $100. The seal prevents the garbage disposal from leaking and traps water inside. Seals can wear down. When this happens, they often need to be replaced, but it might be possible to repair them with plumber’s putty around the damaged areas.

Garbage Disposal Gasket Repair

Garbage disposal gasket repairs cost $50 to $100. Gaskets play a crucial role in keeping the disposal unit from leaking, but the gasket is likely cracked or worn when drips start to appear around your disposal. Putty helps reseal and avoid further issues with drips and leaks.

Garbage Disposal Impeller Repair

Fixing garbage disposal impellers ranges from $65 to $100. The impellers are the garbage disposal unit’s “blades.” These two relatively blunt blades spin at very high speeds to push food waste to the sides and break the pieces into smaller chunks. Impellers might need occasional cleaning, or the screws might need tightening.

Garbage Disposal Motor Repair

Motor repairs for your garbage disposal cost between $75 and $150. The motor powers the unit. Sometimes, motors stop working, and your unit becomes inoperable. A repairman may need to reset the garbage disposal or make adjustments to the motor.

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Garbage Disposal Repair Cost by Type of Replacement

Sometimes, you cannot repair the existing parts of your garbage disposal unit. Instead, the damaged parts must be replaced. This is one of the best ways to deal with issues like leaks, cracks, and damages, and replacement parts extend your garbage disposal’s lifespan. The table below shows common garbage disposal parts and the costs to have them replaced.

Cost to Repair Garbage Disposal by Type of Replacement: Splash Guard, Seal, Knockout Plug, Blades, Flange, Flywheel, Motor... (mobile)

Type of ReplacementAverage Costs (Parts and Labor)
Stopper$10 - $40 (DIY)
Splash Guard$55 - $70
Seal$65 - $125
Knockout Plug$65 - $125
Blades$65 - $125
Button$65 - $140
Flange$75 - $125
Flywheel$100 - $200
Motor$175 - $400

Garbage Disposal Stopper Replacement

Replacing a garbage disposal stopper averages $10 to $40. Homeowners can perform this DIY task because the stopper can be removed and inserted by hand without specialized experience or training.

Garbage Disposal Splash Guard Replacement

Replacing a splash guard for the garbage disposal ranges from $55 to $70. The splash guard is a rubber gasket sitting in the sink above the garbage disposal unit that blocks splashback from the unit as it operates. Over time, splash guards crack or wear down, become brittle, and let water spray through, so they must be removed and replaced.

Garbage Disposal Seal Replacement

Replacing the seal on your garbage disposal costs between $65 and $125. Seals naturally wear, and a broken seal is one of the primary causes of a leaky garbage disposal unit. The old seal must be removed, and a new one fitted to prevent future leaks.

Garbage Disposal Knockout Plug Replacement

Replacing a knockout plug in the garbage disposal ranges from $65 to $125. The knockout plug is used in garbage disposals that are not connected to dishwashers, and it creates a watertight seal to prevent leaks. These plugs are designed to be sturdy and last for years, but they might wear down if your garbage disposal is old, so they may need replacing.

Garbage Disposal Blades Replacement

Replacing garbage disposal blades averages $65 to $125. In the traditional sense, garbage disposals do not have blades. The term “blades” refers to the impellers, which may need replacing if they get damaged or stop working correctly.

Garbage Disposal Button Replacement

Replacing a garbage disposal button or switch costs between $65 and $140, depending on the button type and whether additional wiring work is required. The button controls and operates your unit, but buttons get damaged and become unresponsive.

Garbage Disposal Flange Replacement

Replacing the garbage disposal flange costs $75 to $125. The flange is a ring joining the disposal unit and sink, letting water pass down the drain. It is a bracket holding the unit’s main body in place. The flange might get worn or cracked, which can cause stability problems, so it must be replaced.

Garbage Disposal Flywheel Replacement

Replacing a garbage disposal flywheel ranges from $100 to $200. The flywheel is a circular component holding the impellers. It can get jammed, become loose, or get damaged from improper use. The unit must be disassembled to remove the old wheel and fit the new one in.

Garbage Disposal Motor Replacement

Motor replacements for garbage disposal units cost between $175 and $400, and the final price depends on the motor horsepower. High-end motors with more power cost more, and the prices can get so high that sometimes it is better to replace the disposal than fit a new motor.

Garbage Disposal Repair Cost by Type of Problem

Numerous problems can arise with your garbage disposal, and you might not know which part is to blame. You may notice that the disposal is clogged or jammed, or you spot a leak coming from the unit when in use. The table below shows common problems that may occur and the average repair costs for each.

Cost to Repair Garbage Disposal by Type of Problem: Does Not Turn On, Clogged, Slow Draining, Humming, Loose Blades, Jammed, Leaking... (mobile)

Type of ProblemAverage Repair Costs
Not Grinding$50 - $150
Loose Mounting Screws$50 - $150
Does Not Turn On$50 - $400
Clogged$60 - $150
Slow Draining$60 - $150
Humming$60 - $400
Loose Blades$65 - $125
Jammed$75 - $150
Leaking$75 - $175

Garbage Disposal Not Grinding

Fixing a garbage disposal that does not grind ranges from $50 to $150. The impellers may have become jammed or blocked and need cleaning or tightening. It could also be an issue with a clog or jam farther down the unit, so a repairman might need to take it apart. You might also have an issue with the button and could need a new one, or the system might need to be reset.

Garbage Disposal with Loose Mounting Screws

Fixing a garbage disposal with loose mounting screws costs between $50 and $150. Usually, this problem can be solved by tightening and replacing the loose screws to secure the unit. However, it might also be that the flange is the wrong size or damaged, so it might need replacing.

Garbage Disposal Does Not Turn On

Fixing a garbage disposal that does not turn on costs $50 to $400, and there are numerous causes for this. Your garbage disposal may need to be reset, or the switch is broken and needs replacing. It could also be something is wrong with the motor, needing replacement, which can be very expensive.

Clogged Garbage Disposal

Fixing a clogged garbage disposal costs $60 to $150. Clogs have several common causes, and some foreign object is likely in the system causing the clog. Technicians might need to take the unit apart or use cleaning products and equipment to remove the blockage.

Garbage Disposal Drains Slowly

Fixing a slow-draining garbage disposal costs between $60 and $150. It is likely that a clog or blockage is present in the system or in the plumbing. A plumber must find the source and remove it, potentially disassembling the disposal unit and cleaning various components.

Garbage Disposal Repair Humming

Fixing a humming garbage disposal ranges from $60 to $400. All garbage disposals make some noise when working, but there is likely an issue with the motor or blades if your unit is humming. There may also be a jam in the system. A technician may need to look at the motor and repair or replace it, or they may need to clear the jam.

Garbage Disposal Loose Blades

Fixing a garbage disposal with loose blades averages $65 to $125. The impellers become loose if items get stuck or the unit is used improperly. To repair them, switch off the unit and screw the blades back into position, or the entire impeller plate might need replacing.

Jammed Garbage Disposal

Fixing a jammed garbage disposal costs between $75 and $150. Several things cause a jammed unit. It is highly likely a large piece of food waste or debris has become trapped in the grinder area or among the impellers, so a technician has to take it apart and remove the blockage.

Garbage Disposal Leaking

Repairing a leaking garbage disposal ranges from $75 to $175. There are several places where a garbage disposal can leak. You might notice water dripping out from the top, sides, or base, and various parts can be to blame. It is usually the case that a leaky unit is caused by issues with the seal or flange, but it might also be drain line connections or a knockout plug problem. A qualified technician must inspect the unit to find the source and make the appropriate repairs.

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Garbage Disposal Repair Cost by Brand

Another factor that might influence the cost is brand. Some units are more expensive, using higher standards of parts and materials, so they cost more. The table below shows popular garbage disposal brands and average repair costs for each.

Cost to Repair Whirlpool, GE, KitchenAid, Kenmore, Waste King, Moen, or InSinkErator Garbage Disposal (mobile)

BrandAverage Repair Costs
Whirlpool$55 - $140
GE$55 - $140
KitchenAid$65 - $150
Kenmore$70 - $160
Waste King$75 - $170
Moen$75 - $170
InSinkErator$80 - $180

Whirlpool Garbage Disposal Repair

Repairs for Whirlpool garbage disposals range from $55 to $140. Whirlpool is one of the more affordable garbage disposal brands, with many budget-friendly models like the GBC2000PE and GC1000XE. Parts for Whirlpool units are relatively affordable.

GE Garbage Disposal Repair

Repair costs for GE garbage disposals cost between $55 and $140. General Electric (GE) produces a wide range of budget-friendly garbage disposals like the GFC530N and GFC720N. Repairs for GE disposal units are cheap because the parts are not too expensive to replace.

KitchenAid Garbage Disposal Repair

Repairs for KitchenAid garbage disposals cost $65 to $150. This is one of the mid-range brands, with a wide selection of models to suit homes of different sizes. Parts have average to mid-range prices.

Kenmore Garbage Disposal Repair

The cost of repairs for Kenmore garbage disposals ranges from $70 to $160. Kenmore garbage disposals vary from mid-range offerings to higher-end models that may cost more than average to fix.

Waste King Garbage Disposal Repair

Repairs for Waste King garbage disposal units cost between $75 and $170. Waste King is a popular manufacturer of powerful and durable garbage disposal units at mid-range prices. Repairs for the lower-end Waste King units should not cost much, but you pay a premium if you invest in a high-powered Waste King model.

Moen Garbage Disposal Repair

Repairs for Moen garbage disposals range from $75 to $170. Moen offers a wide range of garbage disposals, including budget-friendly options with just ½ HP and more high-end alternatives like the GX and GX Pro series. The price you pay for Moen repairs depends on your unit’s specifications.

InSinkErator Garbage Disposal Repair

Repairs for InSinkErator garbage disposals average $80 to $180. This is one of the high-end brands of garbage disposals, with models like the Evolution and Badger. So, the cost of replacement parts can be higher than with other brands.

Plumber Cost to Repair a Garbage Disposal

Contact a plumber or garbage disposal repair company when issues arise with your disposal. Some plumbers have flat fees for each job, but many charge based on the time they spend doing the repairs. The usual hourly rate for plumbers to repair garbage disposals is between $50 and $75 per hour. They may also charge a call-out fee of around $30 to $50, but this can be waived if you hire them for the repairs. Some plumbers might charge extra if they have to travel a long distance to get to your property.

Garbage Disposal Maintenance

A good way to reduce the risk of issues arising with your garbage disposal in the first place is to make sure you look after it correctly and follow the recommended practices. Pay close attention to what you put in the garbage disposal, and many homeowners make the mistake of thinking they can throw all food waste into the disposal unit. In reality, some foods should be disposed of in other ways.

Do not pour fat, grease, or oil into the unit because this can cause clogs and blockages. Avoid celery and other fibrous vegetables because they may clog the blades. Fruit pits and cores should not be thrown into the unit, and excessive amounts of pasta and rice should also be avoided. Of course, foreign items should also not be placed in the disposal, so do not throw in other trash like paper or cigarettes.

Check your disposal regularly for signs of damage or needed repairs. You can also clean it with ice cubes, citrus juice, vinegar, and baking soda, or you can invest in specialty cleaning products. Use cold water too while grinding the disposal because hot water increases the risk of clogs. You can do most maintenance yourself or call a professional for annual checkups and basic cleaning for $50 to $75.

Plumber Under Sink Fixing Garbage Disposal

Repair vs Replace Garbage Disposal

Depending on the circumstances affecting your garbage disposal, you may hesitate between getting it repaired and replacing it. A simple way to make this decision is to weigh the costs. The cost to install a new garbage disposal is usually between $250 and $400, but prices can be higher for more expensive and high-powered units.

So if your repair quote is around the same value or higher, it might make sense to get a new disposal. It may also be wise to replace your disposal if you have recurring problems and multiple repairs in a year or if the unit is nearing the end of its estimated lifespan. Garbage disposals last 10 to 12 years on average.

However, replacements take longer, and you might have to wait for the new unit to arrive and get fitted, which can be inconvenient. It can also be wasteful to replace a damaged disposal with a new one, and you might have to pay a disposal fee of $30 to $50.

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Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Anti-Jamming Units

Many modern garbage disposals come with anti-jamming units and features to reduce the risk of jams and deal with them on their own, which saves money and inconvenience. You cannot buy these anti-jamming devices separately at the moment, so you need to pay an extra $30 to $75 for your unit when buying it to get one with anti-jamming capabilities.

Baffle Installation

The sink baffle is positioned between the garbage disposal and sink and is made from strong and sturdy rubber to prevent splashback and muffle sound. Individual baffles cost between $10 and $20, and you can have them installed professionally for around $55 to $70.

Flange Installation

Not all garbage disposals have a flange, but this part can hold the unit and reduce the risk of leaks. Fitting a new flange costs $75 to $125.


Garbage disposals make a lot of noise when running, but newer models come with insulation and padding to absorb some noise. You pay an extra $50 to $100 for this insulation.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • Removal. The cost to remove a garbage disposal is a factor to consider if you plan to replace the unit. Companies or plumbers may charge an extra $30 to $50 for discarding it.
  • Switching to a drain. You may want to have your garbage disposal removed and switch back to a regular drain system. The cost to change a garbage disposal to a regular drain is usually between $50 and $150.
  • DIY. You can carry out DIY garbage disposal repair if you have some plumbing experience. Still, most repairs are best left to the professionals because there are various complicated components in these systems. They can be dangerous to work with if you do not know exactly what you are doing.
  • Warranty. Check the warranty policy when purchasing your garbage disposal and use it when seeking repairs because it can save money. Many garbage disposals come with 2 to 7-year warranties.
  • Location. If you live far from the plumber who is coming to work on your garbage disposal, they might charge a travel fee. This may be a flat rate or could be calculated per mile that the worker has to drive.
  • License. Work with licensed and insured plumbers and plumbing companies when seeking professional garbage disposal repairs. This can preserve your warranty if something goes wrong and provides the best standards of service.
  • Age. Garbage disposals last around 10 to 12 years. If your unit is old and breaks down regularly, it might be best to replace it rather than paying for repairs.


  • How long does a garbage disposal last?

Garbage disposals usually last between 10 and 12 years. You may be able to extend the lifespan further by keeping your unit clean and well-maintained.

  • Who do you call to fix a garbage disposal?

Contact a plumber or garbage disposal repair company to work on these appliances.

  • Do plumbers fix garbage disposals?

Yes, plumbers are usually experienced and trained in garbage disposal repair, so they should handle any issues.

  • How do I know if my garbage disposal is broken?

There are many signs of a broken garbage disposal. It might stop working entirely or make strange sounds. It could also leak, drain slowly, or emit strong odors.

  • Where does the waste go from a garbage disposal?

Food waste processed by the garbage disposal travels through plumbing out of your home and transported via the sewer system to wastewater treatment plants.

  • What can I put down a garbage disposal to make it smell better?

Several methods can clear up bad smells from the garbage disposal. Ice cubes are one example. You can also use vinegar and baking soda, lemon or other citrus fruit pieces, or specialty cleaning products.

  • What is the best way to clean a garbage disposal?

The best way to clean a garbage disposal is with specialty cleaning products or simple kitchen items like ice cubes, bleach, baking soda, and vinegar. Many experts suggest placing ice cubes, lemon juice, and a little bleach in the unit and running it before flushing with cold water.