How Much Does It Cost to Install Downspouts?

Average range: $300 - $600
Average Cost
(Four 12-foot galvanized steel downspouts, installed)

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Downspouts are an important part of any gutter system. These vertical sections drain water and direct it away from your foundation. While the gutters collect the water, the downspout directs it to where it needs to go.

Downspouts come in several materials, styles, and lengths. You may need varying amounts, depending on your home’s size and how many gutters you have. All these variations lead to a wide range of costs.

The national average cost range for downspout drainage systems is between $300 and $600. Homeowners pay around $480 for four 12-foot galvanized steel rectangle downspouts, installed. This project’s low cost is $100 for four 12-foot vinyl downspouts, while the high cost is $1,800 for four 12-foot copper downspouts.

Downspouts Prices

Downspouts Installation Costs
National average cost$480
Average range$300 - $600
Minimum cost$100
Maximum cost$1,800

Downspout Installation Cost by Project Range

Four 12-foot vinyl downspouts, installed
Average Cost
Four 12-foot galvanized steel downspouts, installed
Four 12-foot copper downspouts, installed

Downspout Price by Type

Like gutters, downspouts come in several shapes and styles and cost $10 to $200. The type or style of your downspout should match your gutters, but you can also mix and match some styles. Costs fluctuate depending on the style and material.

Downspout Price by Type

Downspout Price by Type

TypeAverage Costs (Material Only)
Rectangular$10 - $30
Bi-Feed$15 - $25
Flexible$20 - $30
Rain Chain$40 - $100
Round$65 - $200

Rectangular Downspouts

Rectangular downspouts are the most common. They cost $10 to $30 each on average. This downspout works with k-style gutters, some of the most popular and common types. They come in every material and a full range of colors. Most rectangular downspouts have a slightly crimped exterior, but a few have a smooth finish. They can be readymade and sold in 10-foot lengths or have be made seamless on-site.

Bi-Feed Downspouts

The bi-feed downspout is not very common, but a bi-feed downspout helps when you have a gutter intersection. If two gutters are close, you can have two downspouts next to each other or a more attractive bi-feed. This is a single downspout with a top that goes off at two angles and connects to two gutters. The bi-feed is not long, and you need the connecting section, which directs the water. Expect to pay $15 to $25 for the top bi-feed section.

Flexible Downspout

Most downspouts are rigid and fixed. They run vertically, from the gutter to the ground and extend away, offering more versatility in directing the water. You can move it farther up so that the water runs to both sides rather than straight down. The flexibility lets you position it differently to extend it farther. Sometimes, these downspouts are added onto existing downspouts for extra reach. They cost between $20 and $30 on average.

Rain Chains

The downspout does not have to be an enclosure or pipe for the water. It can be a more decorative feature on your home’s exterior but still function well. Rain chains are sculptural elements rather than a standard downspout. They may be a literal chain, or they may be a series of cups or shapes for the water to spill through. They are usually made of metal and are designed to be attractive. Prices range from $40 to $100 on average.

Round Downspouts

You need to pair a round or half-round-style gutter with a round downspout if you have it. Round downspouts are smooth, crimped, or corrugated. They cost between $65 and $200 on average. Typically, the smooth versions are more expensive than the crimped versions, even in the same material. Round styles are more likely to be found in higher-end materials like copper than rectangular downspouts.

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Downspout Cost by Material

Downspouts are available in many materials. Match your downspout material to your gutter for the best appearance. Like gutters, downspouts have a range of costs based on the material. Costs range from $1.20 to $20 per linear foot:

Downspout Cost by Material

Downspout Cost by Material

MaterialAverage Costs per Linear Foot
Vinyl/PVC$1.20 - $5
Aluminum$1.50 - $12
Galvanized Steel$2.50 - $15
Copper$12 - $20

PVC Downspout Cost

PVC or vinyl downspouts are a common material to match with vinyl gutters and cost between $1.20 and $5 a linear foot, depending on the shape. These are low-cost downspouts that typically come in white. They are most commonly rectangular but are also available in a flexible style. Vinyl works best in moderate climates because it can crack in cold climates and soften and warp in heat. However, it does not require much maintenance and is easy to clean.

Aluminum Downspout Cost

Aluminum is the most common material for downspouts and gutters. These gutters range from $1.50 to $12 a linear foot, depending on the style. Aluminum downspouts come in both rectangular and round styles and are available in many colors. This helps blend your downspout in with your home’s siding, making it less noticeable. Aluminum is easy to maintain, but it dents easily, so it may not be the best choice if you live in an area prone to hail storms.

Galvanized Steel Downspout Cost

Galvanized steel downspouts are less common than aluminum but are good for more durability. They cost between $2.50 and $15 a linear foot. Galvanized steel is tougher and more durable than aluminum, so it is less likely to dent. It is also less likely to rust than traditional steel, making it a good option for stormy areas. These gutters are rectangular or round and typically white.

Copper Downspout Cost

If you have copper gutters on your home, consider matching copper downspouts. Copper is a unique metal with a living finish. It does not corrode like other metals and can last for centuries. Expect to pay $12 to $20 a linear foot on average for copper downspouts. The finish slowly darkens over time from a bright copper to a dull brown before finally becoming a light blue/green. This patina develops evenly across all surfaces if your gutters and downspouts match.

Brown plastic drain pipe on brown wooden roof boards

Cost to Install Downspouts

In most cases, your downspouts are installed with a full gutter system. Depending on the style of downspout you have, they can usually be installed for $1 to $5 a linear foot. Seamed downspouts cost slightly more to install than seamless because of the extra connections. It costs more if you need a simple installation than if your downspouts need special hangers or extensions to direct the water.

The typical home has 4 downspouts. The average cost for downspout installation is around $48 to $240 out of the $480 total, depending on the style.

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Cost to Bury Downspouts

Your downspouts could be directing large amounts of water, depending on how much rain you get. The water’s force could erode or wash grass, landscaping, or mulch away. One method of dealing with this is to bury your downspout. The entire downspout is not buried, just an extension. The downspout must be buried below the frost line, which varies, so speak to your landscaper. In most cases, your downspout can be buried for around $25 a linear foot. This cost can be lower in warm areas where the downspout only has to go down a few inches or higher in cold climates if it needs to go down a few feet.

Downspout Replacement Cost

The cost of replacing downspouts is not usually much higher than purchasing new ones. Aluminum, copper, and galvanized steel downspouts can be recycled, so your installer likely only charges a labor fee to remove them, about $0.50 to $1 a linear foot. There is generally no disposal fee. PVC or vinyl gutters do not have as many recycling options, so you may have to pay an additional charge for disposal of $1 a linear foot.

After the old downspouts are removed, the costs to install new downspouts are identical - about $480 for 4 new steel downspouts.

House with seamless aluminum gutters

Installation Requirements

Install a downspout every 20 feet. Some install a downspout every 30-35 feet. Spacing depends on local weather conditions, the gutter system design, and the drainage area. A downspout is positioned vertically and extends to the ground level. Most downspouts have a 70-degree bend at the bottom. The downspout’s shape and position ensure that water is directed away to prevent damage. The water is piped to a sewage system or flows onto the ground. If the gutter system or downspouts are not installed correctly, rainwater can pool at the home’s base and cause flooding or foundation damage.

Downspouts Maintenance

Regularly inspect and clean your downspouts and gutter system to make sure it has not become clogged with debris. If you have metal downspouts and notice rust, sand off the rust and use metal paint to prevent the problem from worsening. Watch for small holes or cracks and promptly repair the damaged areas. You might have to replace the downspout if it is too damaged. Clean the downspouts and gutter system at the same time to prevent the downspout from becoming re-clogged by the debris in the gutters. A basic gutter cleaning for 150 linear feet of gutters averages $188.

Downspout Repair Cost

Downspouts are generally low maintenance and last for years. However, they may have small issues to address. One of the most common is with seamed downspouts coming loose from one another. This can result in a lower section pulling away from the upper section. Repairing this is usually simple and requires a new sleeve and a few minutes of work. It costs around $30 on average to repair.

Another common issue is a downspout pulling away from the home. This requires a new anchor strap and can usually be handled for $20 or less by most handymen.

Other issues usually necessitate removing and replacing the downspouts with new materials.

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Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Downspout Screens

A downspout screen is usually fashioned from aluminum and fits into the downspout. The device prevents downspout clogging. A downspout screen averages $2 to $3 per piece.

Downspout Extension

A downspout extension diverts the runoff and directs it to where you want it to go. The device is typically constructed from flexible plastic and slides onto the downspout’s end. You can also use the downspout extension to connect it to underground drain pipes to prevent a basement from flooding or avoid soggy grass. Downspout extension prices average $8 to $9 per unit.

Gutter Guard

A gutter guard goes across the gutter system to prevent debris from filling the gutters and downspouts. The gutter guard varies in material and design. Gutter guard prices are $2.60 to $18.50 per linear foot.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • Downspout colors. Many people choose downspouts to match their gutter system. Aluminum gutters and downspouts are available in many colors. Some metal downspouts and gutter systems are painted, but most are not. Copper downspouts are always left natural so that the beauty of the copper shows.
  • Can this be a DIY project? Yes, downspout installation can be a DIY project. You need to purchase downspouts that match your gutter system, but they are relatively easy to put together. Once assembled, the downspout is affixed to the home’s side with fasteners and to the gutters with a flange. However, it is recommended to hire a skilled handyman.
  • Rainwater collection system. People collect rainwater in many areas of the country. You can easily install a rainwater collection system that depends on the downspout to funnel water into a reservoir.


  • How much does it cost to install a downspout?

The average cost to install a downspout varies by material, but most cost between $3 and $15 a linear foot. The average downspout is around 12-feet long, making the average cost to install one downspout between $36 and $180. Costs vary due to material, shape, size, and installation type.

  • How do I install a new downspout?

Assemble the downspout’s length, hook it to the home’s side with fasteners, and fix it to the gutter with a flange.

  • Is it okay to bury downspouts?

Yes, you can bury the end of a downspout. This is often necessary for certain areas of the snow belt to prevent freezing. The downspout is buried below the frost line by 32” to 48” in some areas where the weather is especially fierce during the winter months. You can also extend the downspout into a dry well or drain line.

  • Where should gutter downspouts be placed?

Downspouts are usually placed every 20 feet. However, they can also be placed every 30 to 35 feet.

  • How much does it cost to install gutters and downspouts?

Installing 100 linear feet of PVC gutters with downspouts costs around $911 on average.

Cost to install downspouts varies greatly by region (and even by zip code). To get free estimates from local contractors, please indicate yours.

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