How Much Does It Cost to Install Downspouts?

National Average Range:
$1,099 - $2,000

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Updated: January 22, 2024

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Downspouts are part of the gutter system that diverts rainwater from the home. When properly installed, they protect your home and landscaping from water damage. Unfortunately, that damage can look like an annoying pool that’s killing the grass to cracks in the foundation and flooding in the basement. So, keeping your downspouts in tip-top shape is essential to proper home maintenance.

Typically, downspouts are installed during a whole-house gutter replacement. Over time, however, downspouts can suffer unsightly dents, leaks, and clogs. But, if your gutter system is still in good shape, you may want to replace the downspouts alone. The installation costs depend on the type, material, and length of downspouts you need, including accessories like hangers and elbows.

The national average cost range to install downspouts is between $15 and $28 per linear foot. So homeowners pay around $768 for four 12-foot painted aluminum downspouts installed. On the low end, they’ll pay about $103 to self-install four 12-foot vinyl downspouts, and the high cost for this project is a professional installation of 12 12-foot copper downspouts for $9,464. In this cost guide, we’ll look at all the factors that affect the cost of installing downspouts and what it will mean for your total project cost.

Costs to install downspouts

National average cost


Average range

$1,099 to $2,000





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Downspout installation cost factors

Size of home and number of stories

You may be accustomed to receiving home improvement cost estimates based on the square foot, but downspouts are priced by linear foot. So, your home’s square footage isn’t a factor as much as how many downspouts you need for its layout. Experts agree you need one downspout for every 20 to 30 feet of gutters. The height of the home is a factor, as well. For instance, you may need more linear feet of material for a two-story home than a single-story one. 


Downspouts come in several different materials. And, professionals recommend matching replacement downspouts to the existing type of gutter material for the best curb appeal. The following chart displays the most common downspout materials and the average cost range to install them by the linear foot, depending on their width.

Cost of downspout by material


Installation cost range by linear foot


$7.52 to $31.79


$6.31 to $24.51


$5.79 to $10.53


$20.56 to $62.63

Seamed vs. seamless

Some gutters and downspouts come in sections that fit together and are secured with screws. Seamed downspouts cost less and are simple to install. On the other hand, seamless gutters and downspouts are extruded on-site from large sheets of metal with minimal joints. Since they require special equipment and metal-working knowledge, seamless gutters cost more and take longer to install.

Replacement vs. repair

Sometimes, a leaking downspout needs a missing screw inserted or caulking around a joint. If you see eroded landscaping, overflowing gutters, or a downspout swinging in the breeze, look closer to see if a quick fix is in order. You’ll spend much less on gutter repair costs than on replacement.


In most cases, downspouts are included with a complete gutter system installed by a professional gutter company. Therefore, their cost would be included in the total gutter installation cost. But, if you don’t need new gutters and just want to replace a downspout or two, you’ll need to add the labor charge to the material cost. There are a few things that will add to that labor charge. Special hangers, extensions, and buried drainage lines are a few. Also, seamless downspouts cost more to install because of the on-site fabrication. And multi-story homes incur higher labor costs as well.

To hire a handyperson to repair a leaking or swinging downspout, expect to pay $37 to $68 per hour for the labor, depending on where you live.


In addition to downspouts, you may include some extras with your gutter system. Here are a few to consider.

  • Bi-feed – To direct water from two intersecting gutters, install a bi-feed attachment. It includes a single downspout with a y-shaped top that connects the two gutters. It’s also called a Y downspout funnel or Y diverter. Expect to pay $11 to $176 per diverter, plus installation.
  • Screen – You may include a screen at the top to block sticks and leaves from clogging the downspout. If you have a lot of trees, the screen will save you hours of cleaning. The average price of a downspout screen is from $3 to $27.
  • Buried drainage pipe – To divert water where you want it to go, like into a cistern or French drain, a downspout extension slides onto the end of the downspout and connects to underground drain pipes. Average downspout extensions cost $2 to $17. The cost of the 4-inch perforated drain pipe is from $1.28 to $1.50 per linear foot.
  • Splash blocks – Typically concrete or plastic, a splash block sits under a downspout or outdoor spigot to channel water away from your foundation. Splash block prices start at around $6 for plastic and go as high as $85 for high-end bronze.

The cost to install downspouts on your home

No matter how you budget, sometimes the cost of a home improvement project surprises you. Therefore, we’ve broken down the cost of replacing a downspout to match existing gutters into three pricing tiers.

Budget-friendly downspout pricing

The budget-friendly cost of a downspout installation is from $103 to $187.

Homeowners on a budget have a couple of options. First, they can afford to install a vinyl downspout on their own. Depending on how many need replacing, this is the most budget-friendly option. The total cost for four 12-foot vinyl downspouts ranges from $103 to $187. Then, of course, the fasteners and any other accessories will add to the cost of this DIY project.

Mid-range downspout pricing

The mid-range pricing tier for a downspout installation is from $454 to $2,289.

With more money in the budget, a homeowner can afford to match their metal gutters like aluminum or galvanized steel. They can also hire a professional gutter company to do the work. For a slightly larger home or a second story, they have an increase of linear feet of gutters that demand more than four downspouts. The total cost to have a professional replace six 12-foot galvanized downspouts ranges from $454 to $1,765, and the cost to replace six 12-foot aluminum downspouts ranges from $541 to $2,289.

High-end downspout pricing

A downspout installation on a luxury home could range from $3,206 to $9,464.

You’ll likely see custom-designed copper downspouts on a large luxury home. The multiple stories, complex roofline, multi-car garage, covered lanai, and substantial footprint require twice the number of downspouts as the average home. This pricing tier could include cleaning costs because while the pros are there, they may as well remove the gutter guards and clean them as well.

The total cost for a professional service to replace 12 12-foot copper downspouts ranges from $2,961 to $9,019, depending on the home’s layout and the size of the existing gutters. The cost to clean gutters inside and out, and to bag and remove the debris, ranges from $170 to $309 per 100 linear feet, depending on where you live.

DIY vs. professional installation

Replacing a downspout is a simple DIY project. Lengths of downspout in various materials are available at large retailers like The Home Depot and local hardware stores. However, there are a few reasons to hire a professional for this straightforward project.

If climbing a ladder to perform routine gutter cleaning scares you, you shouldn’t be installing your downspout.

Installing downspouts on a multi-story home requires scaffolding and other safety equipment. 

You must get matching downspouts from a professional if you have copper gutters, painted aluminum gutters, or vinyl gutters in a shade that matches your vinyl siding. And, if your copper gutters have acquired a nice patina, matching them will be a challenge.

If you don’t have the proper tools or the skills to use them, hire a pro.

A drainage system with downspout extensions and buried pipe is a complex job most DIYers aren’t ready for.

If your rain gutters have leaf guards installed, you want a professional who knows how to remove them to install new downspouts.

Paying for your downspout installation

Since installing a downspout only costs a few hundred dollars, on average, most homeowners can afford the expense out of pocket. However, if it’s just not possible right now, consider choosing a lower-cost material and upgrading when things turn around. However, if your project is more involved, you find hidden damage needing repair, or you want to complete an entire gutter replacement, consider withdrawing funds from your home equity line of credit (HELOC).

Other considerations

Importance of downspouts – Downspouts add value to your home by protecting it from water damage. And, if you’re considering selling your home, proper guttering and downspout placement is something a savvy homebuyer will look for.

Rainwater collection – Rainwater is free water. And collecting it to use for lawn and garden needs doesn’t just save on the water bill. It saves a precious natural resource. If collecting rainwater is permitted in your area of the country, consider installing a collection system at the end of a downspout for this purpose. 

Warranty – When you hire a gutter replacement company to do the work, always ask if they warranty their work. It helps to know what to expect if the system springs a leak in a couple of months.

Protect your investment

You may be a DIY ninja, but if your gutters and downspouts are installed incorrectly, rainwater will cause damage to your home. To ensure your downspouts are correctly installed and meet building regulations, find a professional in your area to perform this vital home improvement project.

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