How much does it cost to install wooden gutters?

National Average Range:
$3,150 - $4,800

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Updated: August 19, 2022

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Wooden gutters are beautiful and add a period look to older homes. Depending on the craftsmanship, a wooden gutter can become the detail making your home stand out. Wooden gutters maintain period integrity of a historic home, and they get the job done. Wooden gutters are charming and practical.

The average cost to install wooden gutters ranges between $3,150 and $4,800, with the average homeowner paying $3,900 to install 150 linear feet of K-style seamed cypress gutters. This project’s low cost is $2,100 to install 100 linear feet of half-round sectioned, or seamed, pine gutters. The high cost is $6,400 to install 200 linear feet of K-style seamed redwood gutters.

Wooden Gutters Cost

Wooden Gutter Installation Cost
National average cost$3,900
Average range​$3,150-$4,800

Wood Gutters Price per Foot

Size can also impact the gutter’s efficiency. Standard gutters come in a 5” or 6” diameter. However, wooden gutters come in two channel sizes: 4” x 4” or 4” x 6” because of the milling process. This is smaller than the average vinyl, aluminum, or copper gutter, meaning more outlets and downspouts are needed to handle the water during a rainstorm. The gutter size depends on the amount of water you expect them to handle and the look you want. Expect to pay between $21 and $32 per linear foot for wooden gutters installed, resulting in a total project cost of $1,050 to $8,000, depending on how many linear feet of gutters you need.

Cost to install 50, 100, 150, 200, and 250 linear feet of wooden gutters (mobile)

SizeAverage Costs (Installed)
50 Linear Feet$1,050 - $1,600
100 Linear Feet$2,100 - $3,200
150 Linear Feet$3,150 - $4,800
200 Linear Feet$4,200 - $6,400
250 Linear Feet$5,250 - $8,000

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Wood Guttering Prices by House Size

Gutters are sold by the linear foot, so the larger your home, the higher the cost. When determining how much guttering you need, first determine your home’s square footage. From there, you can figure out how many linear feet of wood guttering you need. Expect to pay $1,260 to $8,700 to install wooden gutters, depending on how large your home is.

Cost to install wooden gutters in a 800, 1,00, 1,500, 1,750, 2,000, 2,500, and 3,000 sq.ft home (mobile)

House SizeCost (Installed)
800 sq.ft.$1,260 - $2,560
1,000 sq.ft.$1,680 - $3,200
1,500 sq.ft.$2,100 - $4,000
1,750 sq.ft.$2,520 - $4,800
2,000 sq.ft.$3,150 - $5,600
2,500 sq.ft.$3,675 - $6,400
3,000 sq.ft.$4,200 - $8,700

Wood Gutters Cost by Number of Stories

The number of stories your home has also impacts your gutter installation project. Multi-story buildings require longer downspouts and more of them, boosting the price tag. The difference should not be large, but it is still something to consider when pricing your project. Depending on if your home has 1 or 3 stories, expect to pay $1,260 to $8,700. The costs below were calculated based on average home sizes, assuming a 1-story home is between 800 and 1,500 sq.ft., a 2-story home is between 1,500 and 2,500 sq.ft., and a 3-story home is 2,000 to 3,000 sq.ft.

Cost to install wooden gutters in a 1, 2, and 3-story home (mobile)

Number of StoriesAverage Costs (Installed)
1 Story$1,260 - $4,000
2 Stories$2,100 - $6,400
3 Stories$3,150 - $8,700

Wood Gutters Cost by Style

There are many decisions to make when choosing the right gutter style. You may have a hard time choosing with multiple gutter shapes and styles. Depending on your home’s style and age, climate, and budget, you typically choose between half-round or K-style gutters. These are the most popular wood gutter styles, costing $21 to $32 per linear foot to install.

Material and total cost per linear foot to install half-round and K-style wooden gutters (mobile)

StyleCost per Linear Foot (Materials Only)Cost per Linear Foot (Installed)
Half-Round$18 - $23$21 - $30
K-Style$22 - $25$25 - $32


The average cost for a half-round, or U-style, gutter ranges from $21 to $30 per linear foot for materials and installation compared to $18 to $23 for materials only. While this is a basic style, it is one of the most popular options for older homes due to its traditional look and low-maintenance design. Featuring a semicircular trough and a curled front lip, it supports a round downspout, which handles a stronger flow. They are also easier to clean, meaning you spend less time on your roof.


K-style wooden gutters cost $22 to $25 for materials only and $25 to $32 per linear foot for materials and installation. K-style gutters are the most popular type and feature a flat bottom and a profiled face. They are more popular for their look, resembling crown moldings often found inside traditional homes. They are specifically designed to match more modern homes. Plus, they have a flat side that can attach directly to the fascia without as many brackets.

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Labor Costs to Install Wood Rain Gutters

The average labor cost to install wood gutters ranges from $3 to $7 per linear foot, fairly similar to the labor costs of installing other gutters. This is because the same level of work is required regardless of the material. The same goes for different wood gutters. While material costs may vary, installation costs should remain fairly steady no matter which wood variety you install. An experienced professional like a gutter contractor or general exterior remodeler usually needs about 10 work hours to install wood gutters if the weather and other conditions comply.

Schedule a roof inspection before installing wood gutters. This determines the roof’s slope so that your contracting team can calculate how much water the gutters need to manage. In a more general sense, it also gives them a good idea about the condition of the fascia and current gutter system. From here, measurements are taken, and a new wood gutter system design is created. A very specific joinery process requires the installer to use beveled scarf joints to prevent leaking and decay.

Putting new wooden gutters on your home is not as simple as installing vinyl or aluminum. Wood gutters are usually customized, meaning they must be installed in a certain way. You need an experienced professional who understands the variants associated with wood gutter systems and is prepared to manage the unique concerns that may arise during the installation process.

Wood Gutters and Downspouts Cost

If you plan to install downspouts separately from your gutter installation, expect to pay $300 to $600. Most gutter installers include 1 downspout per 30’ of gutter installed, so it is more cost-effective to install both at once. However, wooden gutters traditionally do not carry as much water as their modern counterparts, meaning you likely must install more. Additional downspouts cost $160 each. Even so, professionals provide a discount if you install them with your gutters because they are already working on the house.

Instead of installing wood downspouts on your wooden gutters, you can opt for metal downspouts to lower your project costs. Aluminum downspouts cost $2.50 to $17 per linear foot installed, while wood downspouts cost $18 to $25 per linear foot installed.

Wooden Gutter Replacement Cost

Even well-maintained wooden gutters eventually must be replaced. While minor damage can be repaired, you should know when to replace your wood gutters. If large areas of your wooden gutters appear cracked, are leaking, or have become disconnected from the house or downspouts, it is likely time to replace them. Wood gutters typically last 20 to 25 years, so reaching the end of their projected lifespan is another sign you need to replace them. If you replace existing gutters, consider the cost of removing and disposing of the ones already there. Some contractors include the cost to remove and dispose of your old wooden gutters in the project cost. This includes removing 1 downspout per 30 linear feet of gutter, removing hardware and gutter sections, and removing materials from the property. Otherwise, expect to add $0.65 to $0.85 per linear foot.

Types of Wood for Gutters

Gutters can be made using water-resistant wood, but some are better than others in resistance and durability. Because of this, some types are more expensive than others. Pine, cypress, and fir wood gutters are the least expensive.

Pine gutters are good if you want something inexpensive with rustic charm. Unfortunately, these gutters are structurally weak, crack easily, and need more maintenance than other types. Cypress gutters are also cost-effective and offer many advantages. Most notably, they are water-repellent and strong. However, you may have difficulty finding the materials because cypress gutters are less common. They are still inexpensive regardless of their limited availability. Fir gutters are ultra-strong and can be painted or stained, but they are bland and lack the curb appeal of a more pronounced grain.

You need to pay more if you want something more durable. However, it can be worth it because you do not have to worry about constant repairs or maintenance like pine and cypress gutters. Cedar is an excellent option for gutters because it repels insects, resists rot, contains natural oils, and needs little maintenance. This wood changes color as it ages, so consider if you want that for your exterior. Redwood gutters offer many of the same advantages but are the most expensive. Moreover, the trees are listed by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as endangered.

Pros and Cons of Wooden Gutters

There are many positive aspects to installing this gutter system, especially if you have a historic home. They are aesthetically pleasing, architecturally appealing, and offer a high-end look that is hard to replicate with newer gutter materials. They are still highly effective at protecting your home from the elements, especially when using cedar or redwood.

However, wood gutters are not as popular because of more durable and lower-maintenance materials like aluminum and vinyl. One of the biggest drawbacks of wood gutters is they require more hands-on maintenance and offer less natural resistance to the elements and pests. Wood must be regularly treated to avoid rot. You should also consider that wooden gutters have a shorter lifespan than other gutters, so you must replace them sooner. They are much more expensive to install because of the higher material costs and complexity.

Wooden Gutters Maintenance

Wooden gutters require more maintenance than modern gutter materials but last at least a quarter of a century with proper maintenance. For starters, keep your gutters clean, costing $150 to $225. Plan to clean them more than once a year to avoid clogs, rot-inducing materials, and pests. Cleaning also makes it easier to pinpoint problem areas with your gutters. You might also look into installing gutter guards so that you do not have to manually clean the gutters as often.

Detecting issues early can prolong your wooden gutter’s lifespan. Take time every season to check your gutters for pest infiltrations, namely termites, leaks, cracks, splitting, and rotting. Your gutter contractor should also oil the inside of the wood gutters with shingle oil, motor oil, or raw linseed oil annually to avoid water damage. Painting or sealing the exterior can help protect them from the elements so that they last for years.

Sealants act as a protective covering for wood, helping to make it more waterproof. Paint does the same thing and can enhance your gutter system’s appearance. For best results, have a professional repaint or reseal your gutters annually. Biannually is better, depending on the climate. Lining wooden gutters with aluminum or steel is another way to preserve their integrity. Liners are installed inside the gutter to stop water from touching the wood without being seen.

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Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Painting Gutters

Painting wooden gutters does not just look nice, it can protect them from harsh and wet weather. Painting the exterior of your gutters costs $500 to $1,060 for 200 linear feet.

Gutter Guards

Gutter guards stop debris from clogging your gutter system. The average cost of these guards ranges from $1,200 to $2,000.

Gutter Heat Tape

Heat tape (or heat cables) keep ice from jamming gutters in cold-weather climates. They can be easily installed in the gutters and turned on when needed. The average cost of heat cables is about $12 to $15 per linear foot installed.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • ​Permits. Even if your home has not been established as a historic landmark, your municipality may issue other general regulations regarding construction and installation. Check with the local office for specifications and permit requirements. In some cases, your contractor checks this for you, so check with them.
  • Historic districts. If your home is located within a historic district, check the rules and regulations of the district to see if specific gutter types and styles, specialty hardware, or paint colors are required. Properties listed with a local, state, or national historic registry must also comply with the registry’s rules. Many historic homes also have unique features to work around, such as turrets or towers, making the job more difficult.
  • Metal downspouts. Wooden gutters are often used with metal downspouts. Combining metal and wood decreases the cost because metal downspouts are less expensive than individually milled wooden ones.
  • DIY. Vinyl, aluminum, steel, and copper gutters are made to fit standard runs, making them easier to install. However, installing wood gutters is more experience-oriented. Unless you have experience in the gutter installation business, it is probably best to hire a professional.
  • Repairing wood gutters. Wood gutters are prone to cracking and splitting, rotting, pulling from the house, or enduring animal or pest damage. Expect to pay $50 to $100 per hour for wood gutter repairs. If you only notice a few small cracks, you can get away with calling for a few repairs. Consider replacing the gutters with extensive damage.
  • Amount of wood guttering. When determining your project’s cost, consider how much guttering you need. For wood gutters, this goes beyond simply measuring your home. You typically need to let wood gutters sit for a couple of weeks. This allows the wood to shrink or grow before they are installed.
  • Gutter size. Wood gutters are available in varying sizes with 4”, 5”, and 6” being the most common. Most homes need 4” or 5” gutters to handle the rain in their area. You may need 6” gutters if you live in an area with heavy rainfall. Larger gutters cost more than smaller ones.
  • Gutter styles. In addition to K-style and U-style gutters, you can choose other styles for your wood gutters. While these are less common with wood, they are still available. The most notable are V-shaped gutters, which form a “V” for the water to travel down.
  • Additional cost factors. Many other factors can affect your wood gutter installation project cost. This includes your location, supply availability, your home’s building specs, and your ability to find an experienced wood gutter installer.


  • Are wood gutters good?

Yes, wooden gutters are aesthetically pleasing and can successfully divert water from your property when properly cleaned and maintained. Compared to other gutter materials, wood gutters require more maintenance, but they are still great, depending on your personal preference.

  • How do you maintain wood gutters?

First, ensure your wooden gutters are painted or sealed. Otherwise, they are more susceptible to cracking and rotting. You should also have a professional come and oil the inside of the gutters annually with a non-drying oil. Regular cleaning is also a necessity, or you can install gutter guards to reduce the amount of cleaning needed.

  • Why would you use wooden gutters?

Wood gutters used to be installed on older homes but are still popular because of the natural aesthetic they bring to the exterior. The main reason homeowners choose wooden gutters is for their natural appearance. However, they are still durable and weather-resistant if you take care of them.

  • How long do wood gutters last?

With the proper care and maintenance, wood gutters last around 25 years. Gutters made from redwood, a highly-durable material, can last up to 50 years.

  • How do you waterproof wood gutters?

To waterproof your wooden gutters, a professional must seal the gutters or use waterproof paint to protect the surface. Otherwise, water seeps into the wood, causing it to rot and leak.