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Gutter Guard Installation Cost

Gutter Guard Installation Cost

National average
$1,352 - $1,702
(installation of 200 ft. of mesh covers, downspout screens and extensions)
Low: $440 - $680

(PVC or perforated aluminum)

High: $2,352 - $3,802

(surface tension guards, downspout screens and extensions)

Cost to install gutter guards varies greatly by region (and even by zip code).
Get free estimates from gutter contractors in your city.

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Gutter Guard Installation Cost

National average
$1,352 - $1,702
(installation of 200 ft. of mesh covers, downspout screens and extensions)
Low: $440 - $680

(PVC or perforated aluminum)

High: $2,352 - $3,802

(surface tension guards, downspout screens and extensions)

Cost to install gutter guards varies greatly by region (and even by zip code).
Get free estimates from gutter contractors in your city.

The average cost of installing gutter guards is $1,352 - $1,702.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Gutter Guards?

A gutter guard is a piece that attaches to the gutter and acts to prevent unwanted materials such as leaves, branches, and other debris, from getting inside. Gutter guards help to eliminate the household task of cleaning out the gutters and help to prevent cracks and clogs in the gutters.

Installing gutter guards costs, on average, $1,352-$1,702, with the average homeowner spending around $1,527 on installing mesh covers on 200 feet of gutters.

Gutter Guards Installation

Gutter guards installation costs
National average cost$1,527
Average range$1,352 - $1,702
Minimum cost$440
Maximum cost$3,802

Cost Factors

The material of the gutter guards selected will directly affect the overall cost of the project. The cost averages from $3 per foot 1 up to $20 per foot 1 depending on the material. You can expect to pay less for materials such as foam, mesh, or vinyl 2, while aluminum and steel are on the higher end of the cost scale.

The type of gutter guard material that you will need is directly impacted by the weather or climate you live in. If you live in a climate that experiences a lot of snow and ice, you will need a more heavy-duty gutter cover, such as perforated aluminum, and a screen that can withstand the weight.

Pros and Cons

The chart below illustrates the pros and cons of gutter guard installation.


Reduce the frequency of gutter cleaning

Help keep the house dry and prevent water around the house foundation and basement

Prevent the gutters from clogging with leaves and debris

Can be added to existing gutters

Your gutters will last longer as they won’t rust from the moisture sitting in them

Can get heated guards that will help to melt snow and ice

Cleaning gutters can be harder and more time consuming because of the gutter guards

Leaves can get stuck in the gutter joints 3 or get clogged, adding more weight that the gutter won’t be able to support

Can be expensive

Gutter guards can become bent

If your roof is steep the water can overshoot the gutter guard


Gutter guards range in price depending on the type of material you select. Each type differs in the cost, durability, and level 4 of effectiveness. Before making the decision on what type, it is important to know a little bit about each one and the pros and cons of each.


PVC/vinyl screens are the lowest quality screens. The guards lay on top of the gutters and can be tucked under the eave 5 or drip edge without any fasteners 6. PVC screens come in rolls of flexible plastic with different options of length and width. They are best for leaves and needles and you can expect a durability of up to 6 years, or 3 years in harsh climates.

Man installing white PVC screens

Perforated Aluminum Covers

Perforated aluminum covers come in lengths of 4’-8’. The perforations make installation easy, fastening 6 directly to the fascia. Perforated aluminum covers are best for all debris types and last for 10 to 20 years.

Steel Screens

Steel screens are more durable than PVC or aluminum screens. Most come in pre-cut widths and lengths, but can easily be cut using tin snips 7. Some types of steel screens curl down between the gutter and the fascia. Some types tuck under the first layer of the shingle 8 and should be avoided to prevent damage. Steel screens are best for both leaves and needles and you can expect 7 to 10 years’ use if they are powder coated. If not powder coated, expect a 5-10-year lifespan.

Steel gutter guard

Mesh Gutter Guards

Mesh gutter guards come in stainless steel and aluminum material. Similar to surface tension/gutter helmets, these mesh screens keep out most debris, but may have trouble with small debris slipping through. Mesh gutter guards are best for hardwood leaves and last for 3 to 12 years depending on the material, with plastic being the least durable and aluminum the most durable.

Surface Tension/gutter Helmets

Surface tension gutter guards, also known as gutter helmets, are made from a solid piece of metal that covers the entire gutter. The outside edge curves downward to the gutter. Surface tension gutter guards must be installed at an angle similar to that of the roof and work best on mild/moderately sloped roofs. These gutter guards last an average of 10 to 20 years, with some offering a lifetime warranty.


Plastic PVC screens

($0.30 - $1.50/ft.)


Easy to install

Easy to cut


Wind / ice / twigs can move them

Can deteriorate in hot climates

Perforated aluminum screens

($0.60 - $1.50/ft.)


Easy to remove/clean

Aluminum maintains its appearance and won’t rust

Large holes can allow for small debris to get into the gutters

Prone to dents

Fasteners 6 can make it difficult to clean the gutters when fine debris/seeds can get in

Steel screens

($1.50 - $3.50/ft.)

Reasonable price

Easy to install

Good durability

Twigs / ice can cause damage

Can rust quickly

Mesh guards

($2.50 - $4.00/ft.)

Smaller holes keep debris out of the gutters


Smaller holes can become blocked easily

Surface tension/gutter helmets

($3.50 - $6.50/ft.)

Effectively cover the gutters

Works for leaves/other large debris

Lets water flow unobstructed


Not ideal for heavy rainfalls

May not work well on steel, tile, or wood roofs


There are a few options to choose from when installing gutter guards. If you purchase your own gutter guards, you can hire a handyman to install them, averaging in cost from $1.90-$4.00 per foot 1. There is also the option of hiring a full-service gutter guard company that provides its own gutter guards and pro installation. This can cost anywhere from $8.00-$12.00 per foot 1. The duration of the work ranges depending on the size of the home.


There are many different brands of gutter guards to choose from. Below is a chart listing the most popular gutter guard brands and their type, in order from least to most expensive.

Easy OnMicromesh$2-$3
Gutter GloveMicro screen$2.50
Leaf ReliefPerforated$3
Rain DropPerforated$3
Gutter HelmetCovered$15-$17
ValorMeshEstimate on request
K-GuardOne-pieceEstimate on request

Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning the gutters is very important in preventing future leaks and water pooling on your roof. Many companies offer semi-annual cleaning to avoid water pooling on the roof. The average cost to have the gutters cleaned is $150.


There are some accessories that should be taken into consideration to enhance the performance of your gutter guards that can save you money over time. These accessories include heated gutter guards, downspout screens, and downspout extensions.

Heated Gutter Guards

Heated gutter guards are a great option for homeowners who live in regions that get cold weather and freezing. The heated gutter guards prevent snow and ice from building up in the system to eliminate any issues associated with ice dams and keep water from entering the home. The average cost to install heated gutter guards ranges anywhere from $1,500-$5,000. If gutter guards are already installed, the heated system can be installed on existing gutters, which can help save money.

Downspout Screens

Downspout screens, also known as foam filters, help to prevent leaves or other large debris from clogging the gutter downspouts. Many of the screens are designed to fit in any downspout to ensure smooth drainage. These screens can prevent you from having to manually clean the downspouts. The cost for a downspout screen is approximately $2-$5 each.

Downspout Extensions

Downspout extensions are a great investment for your gutters. A downspout extension is an add-on to your gutter system that plays a role in controlling the way water falls to the ground from your gutters, as well as diverts the water away from the foundation of your home. The average cost for a downspout extension is approximately $8-$12 each.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • Installing the right type of gutter guard is extremely important and can play a big role in maximizing the lifespan of your roof. Before installing gutter guards, accurate measurements should be taken to ensure that the length and width of the guards are a perfect fit for the gutters.
  • There are many gutter guard systems on the market to choose from. Some important factors to take into consideration when selecting the best system for your home include accessibility, the roof type and configuration, home height, location, and climate. Accessibility plays a role in installation of gutter guards on a home. On homes higher than a single-story, it can cost more and require a professional to install. The installation of gutter guards will also cost you more if you have many rooflines 9 or a steep roof. Shallower or flat roofs are safer and easier to work on and therefore cheaper. Location and climate can also play a role in what gutter guards to select. Homes in colder climates with snow and ice will need gutters and screens that can withstand the weight, such as a perforated aluminum material.
  • When selecting a gutter guard system, make sure you choose a system that is easy to install and clean.
  • The installation of gutter guards can be a DIY project for any homeowner. There are some tips to keep in mind when installing your own gutter guards. Some of these tips include: straighten any dents and bends to make sure the gutter guards fit properly, make sure the proper measurements are taken, make sure the gutters are dry so that the sealant is able to bind, and check that the water runs freely through the gutters.


  • Do any gutter guards really work?

Gutter guards are effective in doing their job. There may be times that small debris slip through the mesh, however the gutters will not need cleaning as often.

  • Can you install gutter guards on existing gutters?

Yes, gutter guards can be installed on existing gutters.

  • What are the best gutter guards on the market?

Based on client reviews and ratings, the best gutter guards on the market for their effectiveness and cost are LeafGuard, Leaf Filter, and Gutter Helmet.

  • How much should I pay to have my gutters cleaned?

You can expect to pay anywhere from $70 for a basic gutter cleaning up to $450 for gutter cleaning on a 2-story home with clogged spouts. The average homeowner pays $150 to have 150 feet of gutter cleaned.

  • Are gutter guards worth it?

Gutter guards are worth it for homes that are constantly exposed to leaves and debris. Gutter guards can reduce the number of times you have to clean out your gutters and will pay for themselves over a short span of time.

  • How much do Beldon leafguard gutters cost?

Beldon LeafGuard gutters cost approximately $8.90-$32 per foot 1 for materials and installation.

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Remodeling Terms Cheat Sheet

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glossary term picture Footing 1 Foot: A support for the foundation of a house that also helps prevent settling. It is typically made of concrete reinforced with rebar, but can also be made of masonry or brick. It is usually built under a heavier part of the house like a wall or column, to distribute the weight of the house over a larger area.
glossary term picture Vinyl 2 Vinyl: A synthetic plastic made from ethylene and chlorine. Vinyl has many applications in the construction industry and it is widely used in sidings, window frames, roofing and gutters, among others
3 Joints: A fold, line, or groove where two pieces of material join together
4 Level: The process of evening out the ground's surface, making it either flat or sloped.
5 Eave: The edge of a roof that connects with the wall of the building. Usually this part of the roof comes out further than the wall
6 Fasteners: Hardware used to attach two or more objects to each other. A common example is a nail
glossary term picture Tin Snip 7 Tin snips: A tool used to cut sheet metal
glossary term picture Shingle 8 Shingle: A smooth, uniform, flat piece of construction material, available in a wide variety of materials and laid in a series of overlapping rows, used to cover the outside of roofs or walls to protect against weather damage and leaks.
glossary term picture Soffit 9 Rooflines: Construction material, typically composed of vinyl or aluminum, used to enclose the underside of eaves and ceilings

Cost to install gutter guards varies greatly by region (and even by zip code). To get free estimates from local contractors, please indicate yours.

Installed Gutter Guard on Roof

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Alpharetta, GA
Anchorage, AK
Arlington, TX
Ashland, NH
Athens, GA
Atlanta, GA
Austin, TX
Baltimore, MD
Birmingham, AL
Boca Raton, FL
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Oshkosh, WI
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Peoria, IL
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Phoenix, AZ
Pittsburgh, PA
Pompano Beach, FL
Reno, NV
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