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Interior Door Cost

Interior Door Cost

National average
(wood slab door plus painting)
Low: $200

(hollow door)

High: $1,400

(aluminum barn door & extras)

Cost to install an interior door varies greatly by region (and even by zip code).
Get free estimates from door contractors in your city.

How much does it cost to install an interior door?

A common house upgrade is to replace or install a new interior door, which is cheaper than an exterior door, as it easier to install and that reduces the labor cost. For this example, we'll look at the cost of installing a common wood slab door in an existing door frame. The average cost of this project is $500.

Cost breakdown

  • Materials: the cost of the door is largely related to the material.
  • Labor: on average, contractors charge of average of $150-$200 per door installation.

Enhancement and improvement costs

  • Doors with unique styles or details, such as bi-fold doors 2 or barn doors, tend to be more expensive to purchase and may require higher installation costs. For example, a wood bi-fold door 2 averages $125-$175, while a barn door averages $700. Doors with windows or other details are also more expensive.
  • Painting an interior door can add additional $75-$125 to the total cost.

Additional considerations and costs

  • Slab doors can be used if the existing door frame is in good shape. If not, a pre-hung door is also a good option, but it increases the cost to an average of $100-$150.
  • Hollow-core doors 3 tend to be much less expensive, but they aren't as sturdy as their solid-core counterparts. The cost of a hollow-core door   costs as low as $30.
  • Constructing or repairing a door frame can add an additional $300-$700 to your cost, depending on the door location and the work required.
  • If you need an old door removed, plan to add $100 for removal and disposal costs.
  • Fiberglass 4 is a cheap option, but it is not recommended, because normally they aren't fire-rated and some homeowners reported them being noisy.
  • Many homeowners save money by purchasing the door on their own before installing it.
  • Some contractors may offer a discount if you install multiple doors at once. Likewise, many hardware stores offer discounted installation services when you purchase a door at their store.

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Remodeling Terms Cheat Sheet

Definitions in laymen's terms, cost considerations, pictures and things you need to know.
See full cheat sheet.
glossary term picture Hinge 1 Hinges: A type of joint that attaches two items together but allows one of them to swing back and forth, such as a door attached to a door frame
glossary term picture Bi-Fold Door 2 Bi-fold doors: A door with panels connected by hinges, that slide along a track and fold together when opened. They are often used for closets
3 Hollow-core doors: A door made from two thin exterior panels with some structural materials holding the two panels together. The rest of the space between the two panels is empty
glossary term picture Fiberglass 4 Fiberglass: Plastic that is reinforced with glass fibers. The fibers may be mixed randomly throughout the plastic, or come in the form of a flat sheet, or be woven into a fabric

Cost to install an interior door varies greatly by region (and even by zip code). To get free estimates from local contractors, please indicate yours.

White wood interior door

Labor cost by city and zip code

Compared to national average
Alpharetta, GA
Anaheim, CA
Arlington, TX
Ashtabula, OH
Athens, GA
Atlanta, GA
Aurora, CO
Austin, TX
Avon Lake, OH
Baton Rouge, LA
Baytown, TX
Bensalem, PA
Brantley, AL
Carver, MA
Chicago, IL
Cincinnati, OH
Colorado Springs, CO
Columbus, OH
Cumming, GA
Dallas, TX
Denver, CO
Depew, NY
Desoto, TX
Edgewater, NJ
Fort Worth, TX
Gilroy, CA
Gulfport, MS
Hayward, CA
Hermitage, TN
Houston, TX
Jacksonville, FL
Katy, TX
Largo, FL
Long Beach, CA
Louisville, KY
Manassas, VA
Mansfield, TX
Mesquite, TX
Miami, FL
Mobile, AL
Moreno Valley, CA
New Bern, NC
New Orleans, LA
Ocala, FL
Omaha, NE
Orange, CA
Otisville, NY
Oxford, PA
Palmetto, GA
Philadelphia, PA
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