Average Cost for Doors

No matter what style or size home you live in, it is certain that you will need doors throughout the property. Entry doors are necessary not only to allow access to the house but also to help secure your property. Both garage doors and front entry doors can also have a major impact on your curb appeal, which means that options for style can become important to the decision. Interior doors also have an effect on the value of your property, as well as the aesthetics and function. This means that doors will have a wide range of associated costs with different materials, sizes, and styles available.

Doors can be installed by a number of different professionals, from garage door manufacturers to carpenters to handymen. This means that there is also a wide range of associated labor costs ranging from $50 to $500 on average for a door installation.

$150 - $250
$112 – $205
$975 – $1,773
$374 - $697
$70 - $200
$525 - $1,200
$300 - $750
$200 - $600

Repairs and Maintenance