How much does it cost to install zinc gutters?

National Average Range:
$4,500 - $7,500

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Updated: August 17, 2022

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Zinc gutters complement many homes with a unique color and patina. These incredibly durable gutters last twice as long as aluminum because they form a zinc carbonate layer, hiding scratches and resisting corrosion. Zinc gutters are popular in Europe and are gaining popularity in the U.S. as people become familiar with their beauty, quality, and longevity.

Zinc gutters come in many forms and styles, leading to a range of associated costs. The national average cost for installing zinc gutters ranges from $4,500 to $7,500, with most homeowners paying around $6,000 for 150 linear feet of installed half-round seamed zinc gutters. This project’s low cost is $3,000 for 100 linear feet of installed K-style seamed gutters. The high cost is $12,500 for 250 linear feet of installed half-round seamless gutters with heat tape and gutter guards.

Zinc Gutters Cost

Zinc Gutter Price
National average cost$6,000
Average range$4,500-$7,500

Zinc Gutters Cost per Linear Foot

Gutters are installed and sold based on linear feet measurements. The gutter type and style impact cost because some cost more than others. Zinc gutters range from $30 to $50 per linear foot installed, with seamed gutters being much less expensive than seamless gutters.

Consider several things when deciding how many feet of gutters you need. Gutters are placed where rainwater must be moved. This varies based on the home’s location and architecture. A home needs about 100 to 250 linear feet of gutters. The table below shows common gutter lengths and their installation costs.

Cost to install 50, 100, 150, 200, and 250 linear feet of zinc gutters (mobile)

SizeAverage Cost (Installed)
50 Linear Feet$1,500 - $2,500
100 Linear Feet$3,000 - $5,000
150 Linear Feet$4,500 - $7,500
200 Linear Feet$6,000 - $10,000
250 Linear Feet$7,500 - $12,500

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Zinc Gutter Price by House Size

Because zinc gutters are priced per linear foot, larger homes with more extensive gutters have a higher price tag. However, not all homes have gutters around the entire edge. Gutters are only needed where rain runs off the roof and reaches your home’s foundation. Your home location and architecture influence how many feet of gutters you need. The gables, roof pitch, and other features are also important. Below are the average prices for gutters on typical home styles.

Cost to install zinc gutters in a 800, 1,00, 1,500, 1,750, 2,000, 2,500, and 3,000 sq.ft home (mobile)

House SizeCost (Installed)
800 sq.ft.$1,500 - $4,000
1,000 sq.ft.$2,400 - $5,000
1,500 sq.ft.$3,000 - $6,250
1,750 sq.ft.$3,600 - $7,500
2,000 sq.ft.$4,200 - $8,750
2,500 sq.ft.$4,500 - $10,000
3,000 sq.ft.$6,000 - $13,600

Zinc Rain Gutters Cost by Number of Stories

The installation cost for zinc gutters depends on how many stories the home has. For example, a house with 3 stories needs longer downspouts than one with 2 stories, and the latter needs more than a single-story home. However, prices do not change much by the number of stories. The number of linear feet installed and the shape and size also affect prices. The table below shows average prices for houses with different stories. A 1-story home is assumed to be between 800 and 1,500 sq.ft., a 2-story home is between 1,500 and 2,500 sq.ft., and a 3-story is between 2,000 to 3,000 sq.ft.

Cost to install zinc gutters in a 1, 2, and 3-story home (mobile)

Number of StoriesAverage Costs (Installed)
1 Story$1,500 - $6,250
2 Stories$3,000 - $10,000
3 Stories$4,200 - $13,600

Zinc Guttering Cost by Type

Like many metal gutters, zinc is seamed or seamless. Each has unique advantages and prices, making one a better fit for your project. Seamed gutters use zinc sections connected via seams. Seamless gutters are a single piece to avoid weak spots that might leak. Choosing between the two is typically a decision about if price or durability and lack of repairs are more important. Your project’s price varies based on location, linear feet of coverage, and if you use seamed or seamless gutters.

Material and total cost per linear foot to install seamed and seamless zinc gutters (mobile)

TypeAverage Price per Linear Foot (Materials Only)Average Cost per Linear Foot (Installed)
Seamed$29 - $35$30 - $39
Seamless$36 - $43$40 - $50


Seamed zinc gutters are much less expensive at $29 to $35 a linear foot for the material and $30 to $39 installed. Seamed zinc guttering is called traditional guttering. They come in set lengths that you piece together. Some lengths are available up to 18’ or 20’, so you need to join two pieces if you need a longer run. Seamed gutters are 3” to 6” deep, depending on the shape and style. They require additional joining pieces, and the seams are visible and may leak. The most common reason to choose seamed gutters is to cut costs.


Seamless guttering is a continuous gutter that typically costs about $36 to $43 per linear foot for the material and $40 to $50 installed. These do not come in pre-cut sizes with a seam. These sizable pieces have miters and joints in places where they must form corners. These are typically formed on-site to fit specific measurements. Seamless guttering is more expensive because of the custom machinery and installation process. These gutters are less likely to leak and typically last longer.

Zinc Gutter Price by Style

Like many gutter materials, zinc is available in different styles. Traditionally, they were most often half-round pipes about 3” deep. Today, they are the more common K-style or European half-round. These are fairly standard for zinc gutters and have a small price difference for those on a budget. Both styles are ideal for areas with heavy rainfall because they have a deep bottom that can easily move water to downspouts and away. Below is more information and prices for zinc gutters based on the style.

Material and total cost per linear foot to install K-style and half-round zinc gutters (mobile)

StyleAverage Price per Linear Foot (Materials Only)Average Cost per Linear Foot (Installed)
K-Style$29 - $33$30 - $40
Half-Round$34 - $43$35 - $50


K-style gutters cost $29 to $33 a linear foot for the material, or $30 to $40 installed and are seamed or seamless. The K-style gutter became popular for heavy rainfall areas because they are 5” to 6” deep, handling more water than the older 3” half-round pipes. They are also more decorative and sometimes called an ogee-style gutter. It is one of the more common styles, so it is frequently used.


Half-round gutters cost between $34 and $43 a linear foot for the material, and $35 to $50 installed and are seamed or seamless because of the extra material. Also called U-style, they are a semicircular, rounded guttering piece with an open top. This gutter type requires a visible hanging system to place the guttering into. The newer European-style half-round gutters come in sizes up to 6” and 7” deep, meaning they handle heavy rainfall. However, you need more material to manufacture this style. They are more commonly found on historic homes for aesthetics, but they may be used on any architectural style.

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Labor Cost to Install Zinc Gutters

Zinc gutters must be professionally installed because joints and ends must be welded to set and secure the zinc. Zinc guttering is most commonly used in historic and high-end homes because of its shape and color. The patina easily complements slate, zinc, other high-end roofing, and traditional roofing materials.

Gutter installation experts charge $1 to $7 per linear foot for the installation process. Installing 150 linear feet of zinc guttering by a professional costs $150 to $1,050 for installation and labor, depending on if the material is seamed or seamless. Seamless material is formed on-site and comes in longer lengths, so it has higher labor costs. Many zinc gutters must also be installed on a membrane for airflow and to prevent corrosion. This increases the labor cost slightly over other materials.

Seamed gutter installation costs $1 to $4 a linear foot, and seamless gutters are closer to $4 to $7. For 150 linear feet, expect to pay $600 to $1,050 for labor for seamless half-round gutters with an additional $5,400 to $6,450 in materials, including the brackets and downspouts.

Labor and total cost per linear foot to install seamed and seamless zinc gutters (mobile)

TypeAverage Labor Costs per Linear FootAverage Total Costs per Linear Foot
Seamed$1 - $4$30 - $39
Seamless$4 - $7$40 - $50

Zinc Gutters and Downspouts Costs

Several downspouts are part of the system with zinc gutters or other materials. Your gutters typically need 3 to 5 downspouts, but that varies based on the home size and location. The downspouts move water away from the home. They come in many shapes and styles, with the rectangular version being the most common. They are vertical pipes that drain the water from the gutters and ensure it does not pool near the home.

Downspouts can also be seamless or seamed. Seamless downspouts are the most durable and require fewer repairs. Downspouts are priced by the linear foot like gutters. Homes with several stories may have more expensive downspouts. The average price for zinc downspouts is $8 to $12 per linear foot of material, with $9 to $17 for downspout installation. The gutters are more expensive at $10 to $25 per linear foot and $11 to $29 installed.

Zinc Gutter Replacement Cost

Zinc gutters require replacement or repairs when they are old or damaged. The correct method depends on how bad the damage is or the prices between the two options. Repairs are often the better choice if there are only loose hangers or small holes. The average cost to repair zinc gutters is $150 to $325, but prices vary depending on the damage.

Replacement is typical for zinc gutters with major cracks or holes, which are detached or sagging, or heavily rusted. The gutters must be removed before replacement. This typically costs $0.65 to $0.85 per linear foot and includes disposing of or recycling the materials.

New gutters must be replaced to prevent rainwater from reaching the foundation and creating extensive problems. The cost varies based on the gutter size, type, and style. This costs $30 to $50 per linear foot, the same price as installing them new because all new components are needed.

Roof with zinc gutters installed

Pros and Cons

One of the best features of zinc gutters is their durability. Unlike many materials, zinc gutters can last 80 years or more with proper maintenance. These gutters develop a patina that makes the metal resistant to rust and corrosion. Another benefit of zinc gutters is how many colors are available. Most zinc gutter manufacturers create them in several colors, allowing you to choose a color that complements your home.

However, there are also situations where zinc gutters might not be the best option. For example, working with zinc is challenging when the temperature is low. Zinc gutters are not best in coastal areas because they may become stained from the salty air. Zinc gutters are not the least expensive for those wanting to save money. They are far more expensive than aluminum, vinyl, and galvanized steel.


Zinc gutters develop a natural patina. This is a protective carbonate layer that occurs naturally from zinc materials. The patina develops due to natural weather elements, so rain, wind, and air contribute to the layer. This helps protect the zinc gutters from corroding. There is little maintenance or cleaning for zinc gutters because of the patina layer.

The best way to maintain zinc gutters is to clean them occasionally, but this is not required when they develop the patina layer. It is still essential to regularly clean leaves and other debris out of the gutters to prevent clogs and potential damage. If you live near the coast, one thing to be aware of is that the salt in the air can stain the zinc. Power washing zinc gutters that have been exposed to salt air prevents this. This is not required for those who live in a location more than a mile from the ocean.

Gutter professionals can handle these maintenance tasks annually or more frequently. The best time to clean is in fall after the leaves have fallen. The average price for a visit to have your gutters professionally cleaned is $150 to $225.

Zinc vs Aluminum Gutters Cost

Aluminum gutters are among the most affordable gutters for materials and installation. Aluminum is very common because it is less likely to corrode than steel, and it is lightweight and easy to install. It is available in many colors, but white is the most common.

Zinc is a non-ferrous metal, meaning the natural elements layer it with patina. This natural process protects the gutters and prevents them from corroding while hiding scratches and wear. Zinc is more easily recycled and is less likely to be damaged by high winds. It is more sustainable than aluminum and lasts longer. Zinc also requires less maintenance and fewer repairs.

Aluminum gutters are more affordable for a single installation. Aluminum gutterings cost $14 to $20 per linear foot, while zinc is $30 to $50. If you compare costs over time, zinc gutters become more cost-effective. Aluminum gutters last an average of 20 years, while zinc gutters can last more than 80 years.

Comparison of the cost per linear foot to install aluminum and zinc gutters (mobile)

MaterialCost per Linear Foot (Installed)
Aluminum$14 - $20
Zinc$30 - $50

Zinc vs Copper Gutters Cost

Zinc and copper are far more comparable in durability. These materials are some of the most durable and long-lasting materials for guttering. Zinc has a more customized appearance, while copper is often associated with historic homes. Copper gutters are made with copper coil materials. Zinc gutters are made primarily with zinc but may include a small amount of copper.

Copper gutters also develop a patina. Zinc patina is a weathered gray that deepens the color, while copper patina is a blue-green, completely changing its color. This is something to note because some homeowners who select copper do not realize this affects their gutters’ color and shine. Both gutters are recyclable and eco-friendly compared to other gutters. Copper gutters last for approximately 50 to 100 years, while zinc gutters last approximately 80 years.

Both gutters need little maintenance other than occasionally clearing leaves. Another thing to be aware of is that copper gutters work better in salty areas like the coast, while zinc is better in other locations. Zinc costs $30 to $50 per linear foot, while copper costs $29 to $40. The table below provides an idea of the average prices of the materials.

Comparison of the cost per linear foot to install copper and zinc gutters (mobile)

MaterialCost per Linear Foot (Installed)
Copper$29 - $40
Zinc$30 - $50

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Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are installed over the top of seamless guttering to keep them free of leaves and debris. Gutter guard materials vary, and the gutter guard type impacts the cost. There are metal screens, mesh screens, full surface covers, and foam inserts. Prices for gutter guards range from $1,200 to $2,000.

Heat Tape

Heat tape is a heater cord installed and protected from the elements. This system keeps water in the gutters from freezing and is typically placed in concerning areas. Heat tape costs $500 to $650 installed.

Wire Mesh Screens

Wire mesh screens are similar to gutter guards. They are placed over the gutter to keep leaves and twigs out. There are different types of wire mesh screens. Some snap directly onto the gutters, and others are fastened to the gutters using screws to keep them in place. Wire mesh screens cost $12 to $25 per linear foot.

Rain Chain Gutters

Rain chains offer a stylish replacement for downspouts, turning the rain into an interesting waterfall feature. There are many styles, costing $15 to $75 per linear foot.

Painting Zinc Gutters

Most homeowners leave zinc gutters in their original state because it develops a patina that protects them from damage. If you prefer to paint zinc gutters, hire a professional for the process. The right primer and paint are needed to ensure the color adheres to the metal. A metal primer typically costs $2 to $4 per linear foot, and many painters have a $400 to $600 minimum for the process.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • Color options. Zinc does not come in as many colors as aluminum but has some shades. These include a weathered blue/gray and some darker gray shades. Most zinc variegates as it develops a patina, giving it a natural appearance and richer color. Some gutters also come in darker colors. Painting the gutters is possible but not common.
  • Professional installation. A gutter specialist is considered the best person to install zinc gutters. Handymen are not recommended because they might not have the specialized skills to ensure the gutters are in place and working well.
  • DIY. Zinc may not be installed DIY. A professional should install these because zinc gutter installation requires welding throughout the process.
  • Lifespan. Zinc gutters last longer compared to less expensive metals like aluminum. The average zinc gutter system lasts 80 years or more before major repairs or replacements.
  • Size and thickness. Zinc gutters come in many sizes and thicknesses, but 6” gutters are the most common. Most zinc gutters are 0.7 mm, 0.8 mm, or 1.5 mm thick.
  • HOA rules. Some homeowners’ associations have rules and regulations around gutters, including which materials and colors are allowed. Speak with an HOA representative before installing or replacing gutters for the specifics.
  • Home value. Zinc gutters may add value to your home, but they are unlikely to add much value. However, great gutters can attract buyers who appreciate that they do not need to be replaced.
  • Gutter size. Zinc cutters come in three sizes - 4”, 5”, and 6” widths. Larger gutters can handle more rainfall than smaller gutters. While most homes need 4” or 5” gutters, homes in areas with heavy rainfall may need 6” gutters. The larger the gutter, the higher the cost.
  • Zinc roof strip. A zinc roof strip can be used in tandem with zinc gutters. It is used on the roof to prevent fungus, algae, and moss. The strip leaks zinc carbonate when it rains, washing everything away.


  • How much are zinc gutters?

Zinc gutters range in price depending on the size, style, and form. Expect to spend $4,500 to $7,500 for 150 linear feet of half-round seamed gutters.

  • Are zinc gutters good?

Zinc gutters are useful in many situations. They are recyclable and highly durable compared to some metal gutters. Zinc offers a nice highlight to building lines that can make a home stand out.

  • What is zinc guttering made of?

Zinc gutters are made from zinc, a non-ferrous metal, and a little copper. It is less prone to corrosion than some metals like aluminum. Zinc gutters create a patina finish that protects and hides surface scratches.

  • Do zinc gutters require painting or refinishing?

No, zinc develops a patina, hiding wear and protecting the gutters. This patina means they do not need to be painted or refinished.

  • How long do zinc gutters last?

Zinc gutters last for 80+ years when properly installed and maintained. Minimal maintenance is required for zinc gutters, especially once the patina forms.

  • Can zinc gutters be repaired?

Zinc guttering is repaired by a professional. They might need to be repaired if they crack or break. The process requires welding and needs a professional.​