How much does it cost to repair a patio?

National Average Range:
$250 - $1,250

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Updated: August 17, 2022

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A patio can be a great addition to any backyard or outdoor area, extending your living space beyond your home and giving you a comfortable and versatile area for relaxation, dining, and entertaining guests. However, patios are exposed to the elements all year long. Because of this, they suffer wear and tear, developing problems like cracks, holes, and foundation damage. When problems arise with your patio, you need to contact a repair specialist to fix it.

The national average cost range for patio repair is between $250 and $1,250, with most homeowners spending around $750 on leveling a 75 sq.ft. section of a sunken patio. Costs can be much higher or lower, depending on the problem and the work required to fix it. This project’s low cost is $50 to patch a small hairline crack in a concrete patio. The high cost is $2,500 to repair a large 100 sq.ft. section of a crumbling patio.

Patio Repair Prices

Cost to Repair Patio
National average cost$750
Average range$250-$1,250

Patio Repair Cost by Material

One of the biggest factors influencing the cost of your repair is the material your patio is made from. A range of materials can be used in patio construction, from concrete and brick to flagstone and tile. Certain materials like pavers and bluestone are more expensive to repair or replace. The table below shows common materials and the average repair costs for each.

Cost per Sq.Ft. to Repair a Patio by Material: Concrete, Brick, Stone, Stamped Concrete, Flagstone, Slate, Paver... (mobile)

MaterialAverage Cost per Sq.Ft. (Labor Included)
Gravel$3 - $15
Concrete$3 - $15
Brick$3 - $15
Stone$3 - $15
Tile$4 - $20
Stamped Concrete$4 - $20
Flagstone$5 - $25
Slate$5 - $25
Paver$7 - $30
Bluestone$7 - $30

Gravel Patio Repair

The average cost to repair a gravel patio is $3 to $15 per sq.ft. Gravel is one of the cheapest and simplest materials for a patio, and not much can go wrong with gravel. However, gravel is usually used with other materials like concrete, which can have cracks and holes. New gravel might also need to be purchased and poured around the patio to keep it looking fresh.

Concrete Patio Repair

The cost of concrete patio repair ranges between $3 and $15 per sq.ft. Concrete is one of the most common materials used in these constructions. This material is strong and resistant, but wear and tear causes cracks, holes, and weaknesses. It may need repair methods like patching and leveling.

Brick Patio Repair

Homeowners pay between $3 and $15 per sq.ft. to repair a brick patio. To make brick patios, thin bricks are usually positioned over a bed of sand and gravel. They stand up well to different weather conditions, but the foundations can weaken, leading to crumbling sections and uneven areas.

Stone Patio Repair

To professionally repair a stone patio, expect to pay between $3 and $15 per sq.ft. Stone is a tough and sturdy material available in a range of colors, sizes, and styles. It can last for decades, but cracks, weaknesses, and uneven sections can appear in a stone patio that may need to be fixed. Resurfacing may also be needed.

Repair a Tile Patio

Repairing a tile patio professionally averages $4 to $20 per sq.ft. The main issue with tile patios is not the tiles but the grout. This grout can crumble and wear, so new grout may need to be poured to replace the damaged parts.

Stamped Concrete Patio Repair

Homeowners pay between $4 and $20 per sq.ft. to repair a stamped concrete patio. Stamped concrete is like regular concrete but stylized to look like stone, wood, or other materials. It is a low-maintenance material, but cracks and crumbling sections can appear. This patio must be repaired with care to preserve its unique appearance.

Flagstone Patio Repair

The average cost of flagstone patio repair ranges between $5 and $25 per sq.ft. Flagstones are big flat stone pieces in various shapes positioned together like a big mosaic or puzzle. Sand is usually poured in between the stones to secure them and finish the patio. The sand sections can weaken, leading to uneven areas and sinking, so it may need to be leveled.

Slate Patio Repair

To professionally repair a slate patio, expect to pay $5 to $25 per sq.ft. Slate is one of the most attractive materials for this structure, and slate pieces are usually positioned over a bed of sand or gravel with packed sand in between each piece. Slate can crack and break from impacts and accidents, so sections might need to be replaced or resurfaced.

Paver Patio Repair

Repairing a paver patio ranges between $7 and $30 per sq.ft. Pavers can be found in a range of sizes and shapes positioned over a bed of sand or gravel with sand pushed between each paver. These patios may require repaving if damage occurs to the pavers, and leveling may also be needed if there is sinking.

Bluestone Patio Repair

Homeowners pay between $7 and $30 per sq.ft. to repair a bluestone patio. They are made from special large pavers in a distinct blue color. Like paver patios, they have beds of sand or gravel and are very strong. However, bluestone patios might need to be repaved and resurfaced as time goes by.

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Patio Repair Cost by Type of Repair

Many things can go wrong with patios. Damage can occur to various parts of the structure, from the grout and foundation to a covered patio roof or door. The cost of your repair depends on the damaged part, and the repair type required. The table below shows some examples.

Cost to Repair a Patio by Type of Repair: Slope, Foundation, Grout, Screen, Door, Heater, Roof... (mobile)

Type of RepairAverage Costs (Labor Included)
Slope$3 - $15/sq.ft.
Foundation$3 - $25/sq.ft.
Walkway$3 - $25/sq.ft.
Grout$7 - $20/sq.ft.
Screen$50 - $250
Door$50 - $300
Heater$75 - $200
Roof$150 - $1,000

Fix a Concrete Patio Slope

Homeowners pay from $3 to $15 per sq.ft. to fix a concrete patio slope. The price depends on the slope size and materials. Sloping sections may become uneven or sunken, so leveling methods like mudjacking can be used.

Patio Foundation Repair

Patio foundation repairs cost between $3 and $25 per sq.ft. The total cost depends on the problem scale and repair type. Foundations can weaken and crumble, leading to cracks in the tiles above and uneven and sunken sections. More concrete may need to be poured to repair the foundation, or leveling techniques may be used.

Repair a Patio Walkway

Repairing a walkway professionally ranges between $3 and $25 per sq.ft. The cost depends on the problem and repair required. Walkways can suffer from a range of problems like cracks, holes, and uneven sections. Different repair methods can be used, such as filling, patching, and leveling.

Patio Grout Repair

Patio grout repair averages $7 to $20 per sq.ft. Over time, the grout between tiles and pavers wears, filling with dirt or crumbling. You can clean and repair minor damages to grout. New grout may need to be poured in serious cases.

Patio Screen Repair

The average cost of patio screen repair is between $50 and $250. The total price depends on the screen type and size and the extent of the damage. Screens suffer wear and tear, such as small holes or tears in the mesh material. They might also be more seriously damaged and require extensive patching. You can save money on screen repairs by buying DIY screen repair kits for $25 to $75.

Patio Door Repair

Repairing a patio door repair ranges from $50 to $300. The total cost of door repair depends on the damage and amount of work needed to fix it. Some minor door problems, such as loose handles and faulty hinges, may need to be repositioned or oiled. Others are more serious like damaged frames and broken rollers.

Patio Heater Repair

To repair a patio heater, expect to pay between $75 and $200. These heaters can suffer a range of problems, depending on the heater type. Electric heaters can have wiring issues, while gas and propane heaters can have problems with the valves and piping controlling gas flow. Rewiring and valve replacements are common repairs you may need.

Patio Roof Repair

To repair a 100 sq.ft. patio roof or awning, expect to pay between $150 and $1,000. The total cost of this repair depends on the roof type and material and the extent of the damage. Common issues with patio roofs and awnings include holes and cracks in the roof surface, rot in the frame, and broken or loose shingles.

Patio Repair Cost by Type of Replacement

In some cases, the damage to your patio may be too severe or extensive to be repaired. In this situation, the damaged parts usually must be replaced. The cost of your repairs depends on which parts need to be replaced because some patio components are more costly and complex to replace than others. The table below shows common replacements and the average costs to replace each.

Cost to Replace a Patio Roof, Screen, Heater, or Door (mobile)

Type of ReplacementAverage Costs (Labor Included)
Roof$5 - $60/sq.ft.
Screen$100 - $500
Heater$100 - $1,500
Door$700 - $2,400

Patio Roof Replacement

The average cost of patio roof or awning replacement is between $5 and $60 per sq.ft. The total cost of the replacement depends on your roof size and materials. For example, a simple vinyl roof costs far less than a fancy glass roof, and smaller roofs and awnings cost less than larger ones.

Patio Screen Replacement

Patio screen replacement costs from $100 to $500. The price depends on the type of screens, size, and materials. You can find small simple vinyl or mesh screens for very low prices, but there are also more elaborate and elegant patio screens made of wood and glass at higher prices.

Patio Heater Replacement

A patio heater replacement ranges from $100 to $1,500. Various factors impact the cost of your replacement heater, such as the design, material, size, and heating power, or BTU rating. Heaters with elaborate designs and stronger heating power cost more than $1,000 and heat larger areas, but smaller and simpler heaters are available for lower prices.

Replace a Patio Door

Homeowners pay between $700 and $2,400 for patio door replacements. This includes a removal fee of around $100 to $300 to remove the old door plus the cost of parts and labor to fit the new door. Extra costs may apply if you need repairs to the frame or a new frame, and the total cost depends on your new door size, material, and design. In some cases, you can leave the existing door and use replacement parts.

Cost to Replace a Patio Door Roller, Hinge, Track, or Frame (mobile)

Door PartAverage Cost (Labor Included)
Roller$50 - $100
Hinge$50 - $100
Track$75 - $150
Frame$100 - $500

Sliding Patio Door Roller Replacement Price

The average cost to replace a sliding patio door roller ranges between $50 and $100. The roller is the little wheel or set of wheels attached to the edge of a sliding door, allowing it to slide left or right to open and close. Rollers move along tracks but can become damaged with repeated use and may eventually need replacement.

Patio Door Hinge Replacement Price

Patio door hinge replacements average $50 to $100. Hinges are very small and simple parts, but they play an important role because they hold the door and allow it to open and close inwards and outwards. Hinges can become worn or damaged in accidents and may require replacement, but they are inexpensive and simple to replace.

Patio Door Track Replacement Cost

To replace a patio door track, expect to pay between $75 and $150. The track is the part of the sliding door that the roller moves along, so it is essential for opening and closing. Material costs for tracks are relatively inexpensive, but the labor costs more than hinge and roller replacements because they require more work.

Patio Door Frame Replacement Price

Homeowners pay $100 to $500 for patio door frame replacement. The frame is positioned around the door, holding it and providing a barrier between the door and walls. Frames can become damaged from heavy impacts or accidents, or they might wear down with rot and other issues. The final cost mostly depends on the frame material and size.

Patio Repair Cost by Problem

A range of problems can occur with patios. Some are simple and inexpensive to fix, such as superficial hairline cracks and loose door handles, while others are severe and require more time and money to repair, such as sinking sections and crumbling foundations. The table below shows common patio problems and the average repair costs for each.

Cost to Repair a Patio by Problem: Sinking, Uneven, Standing Water, Hairline Cracks, Holes, Crack... (mobile)

ProblemAverage Costs (Labor Included)
Sinking$3 - $15/sq.ft.
Uneven$3 - $15/sq.ft.
Standing Water$3 - $15/sq.ft.
Crumbling$5 - $25/sq.ft.
Loose Door Handle$50 - $125
Hairline Cracks$50 - $150
Holes$100 - $300
Crack$100 - $300

Sinking Patio

A sinking patio costs $3 to $15 per sq.ft. to fix. The cost to repair sunken pavers or other sinking patio sections varies based on the problem size and scale. Methods like leveling, mudjacking, and slabjacking can deal with sunken sections. These methods are mainly designed to build the foundation underneath the sinking parts to lift them into position.

Uneven Patio

If you have an uneven patio, repairing it professionally costs between $3 and $15 per sq.ft. An uneven patio is a safety hazard because it can cause people to trip or fall. It can also be unattractive to have pavers and sections of patio that are not lined up correctly. Leveling techniques like mudjacking and slabjacking can fix this problem.

Standing Water on a Patio

If there is standing water on your patio, expect to pay between $3 and $15 per sq.ft. to resolve the problem. Standing water usually appears when patios have uneven or sunken sections, allowing water to build up rather than drain away. To fix this, leveling repair methods must be used to lift the sunken slab and allow the water to drain.

Crumbling Patio

Homeowners pay between $5 and $25 per sq.ft. for professional repairs to a crumbling patio. Some sections can crumble from age or general wear and tear, and the crumbling can worsen if water seeps into the cracks, causing more damage. To repair this, workers might need to remove some of the crumbled sections and pour concrete or slurry into the foundation to build the patio back up.

Loose Patio Door Handle

If your patio door handle is loose, expect to pay $50 to $125 to fix it. Loose door handles can be a security threat to your home if the door does not close or lock properly, and they can make it very inconvenient when you want to access the patio. Usually, this is a very simple repair. A repairman can adjust the screws or fasteners to tighten the handle. In some cases, a new handle may be needed.

Hairline Cracks in a Concrete Patio

Fixing hairline cracks in a concrete patio costs between $50 and $150. Hairline cracks are a relatively minor problem, but fix them as soon as possible. Otherwise, water and debris can enter the crack and make it larger. To fix a crack, a repairman usually fills it with grout or filler material.

Hole in a Patio

The cost to repair a hole in your patio averages $100 to $300. The price depends on the hole size and depth. Small holes can be fixed cheaply and simply, but larger holes require more work and materials. The usual repair method to deal with holes is to fill them with concrete or other filler materials.

Concrete Patio Crack Repair

Homeowners pay between $100 and $300 to fix a patio crack. If small or hairline cracks are left unrepaired, they gradually develop into larger and deeper cracks. If these cracks are left for too long, they become much larger. This is why prompt action is recommended when dealing with cracks. A repairman can usually fill the crack with concrete or other filling materials and smooth it out to blend with the surrounding area.

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Patio Repair Cost by Solution

Many things can go wrong with patios, but there are also many ways to fix and protect them against future damages. Professional patio repair specialists may use various repair methods and solutions to get your patio in the best possible condition, from pressure washing to remove stains and marks to resurfacing or leveling. The table below shows common repair solutions and the average prices of each.

Cost to Repair a Patio by Solution: Refinish, Level, Resurface, Pressure Wash, Crack Filler, Mosquito Repellent... (mobile)

SolutionAverage Costs (Labor Included)
Paint / Stain$2 - $4/sq.ft.
Refinish$2 - $10/sq.ft.
Level$3 - $6/sq.ft.
Sealing$3 - $10/sq.ft.
Resurface$3 - $12/sq.ft.
Repave$10 - $30/sq.ft.
Pressure Wash$50 - $75
Crack Filler$50 - $300
Mosquito Repellent$125 - $350

Patio Staining and Patio Painting

To paint or stain your patio, expect to pay between $2 and $4 per sq.ft. Painting and staining are usually done on concrete patios and can give a patio a fresh look or make an old patio look newer and more vibrant. First, it must be cleaned and prepared before the paint or stain is applied.

Patio Refinish

Patio refinishing costs from $2 to $10 per sq.ft. The price depends on the materials and refinishing. Refinishing is when your patio is cleaned up, minor damages are fixed, and stains, stamps, or new colors are applied for a fresh look.

Patio Leveling

Homeowners pay $3 to $6 per sq.ft. for professional patio leveling services. Leveling, also called mudjacking, is used to fix foundation problems with concrete patios. It evens out sunken or sloping sections. The process involves pumping a cement slurry under the patio slabs to lift them. It is usually much more cost-effective to have sunken or uneven sections leveled rather than replaced.

Patio Sealing

The cost of patio sealing averages $3 to $10 per sq.ft. Sealing protects the patio against moisture damage and spillages of other liquids like oil. A sealed patio is also more resistant to UV rays, helping the pavers and stones keep their natural color. They also have a glossy look that many homeowners appreciate. However, sealing a patio adds maintenance costs because you must reseal it every few years.

Patio Resurfacing

To resurface your patio, expect to pay $3 to $12 per sq.ft. Resurfacing is a process designed to make old or slightly damaged patios look fresh and clean. The process varies depending on the materials. If you have a concrete patio, a cement-based overlay is usually applied. Small holes or cracks are filled and patched, and the final result is a much smoother and cleaner-looking patio.

Repave a Patio

Repaving a patio costs between $10 and $30 per sq.ft. Repaving is when old and damaged pavers or parts of your patio are removed, and new ones are installed. This process can be a good repair method when your patio is in bad condition with cracked and damaged pavers beyond repair.

Pressure Wash a Patio

The cost to pressure wash a patio that measures 50 sq.ft. averages $50 to $75. You can save money by doing this yourself if you own or borrow a pressure washer. Be careful when pressure washing patios because the pressure can do more harm than good to certain stones and other materials. If you want to get rid of stains, marks, weeds, and moss, you may want to call in a professional to pressure wash your patio.

Patio Crack Filler

The average cost of filling patio cracks ranges from $50 to $300. The total price for patio crack filling depends on the crack size and depth. Filling a light, superficial hairline crack is an inexpensive and simple job. However, filling deeper and larger cracks requires more work and filler material, resulting in a higher price.

Mosquito Repellent for a Patio

Homeowners pay $125 to $350 for mosquito repellent services for their patios. For this price, a mosquito control professional sprays repellent around your patio and the surrounding yard area to keep mosquitoes away and allow you to enjoy your patio in comfort. It is a good service if you live in an area with many mosquitoes and want to spend time outdoors on the patio.

Labor Costs to Repair a Patio

Labor costs for patio repairs vary from $50 to $150 per hour, depending on various factors like your location and the skill and experience of the workers. Some repair workers charge by the hour, while others have set fees for certain jobs, such as filling a crack and repairing a damaged door.

Workers often have minimum fees of around $50 to $75 for each job and may have call-out fees of a similar price to visit your property and inspect the problem. The call-out fees are typically waived if you hire the worker for the repair. However, you may have to pay extra for urgent repairs, and you may need to pay travel costs for workers to get to your home if you live somewhere remote.

Covered Patio With a Fireplace and Furniture

Patio Maintenance

Homeowners can reduce the need for patio repairs and replacements by maintaining their patios. Homeowners can do many things to keep their patio in good shape, starting by cleaning it regularly.

Simple tools like brooms and brushes can sweep away dirt and debris from the patio, and pressure washers can blast away moss and weeds, but be careful because too much pressure can damage certain materials.

Weed-killing services and products may also be used if homeowners notice weeds sprouting between tiles and sections. Keeping the patio clean and tidy in general prevents issues like cracks and general wear and tear.

It is also a good idea to visually inspect a patio regularly to look for warning signs. Homeowners can spot hairline cracks and uneven sections, and they can then contact the appropriate repair workers to fix the problem immediately rather than waiting too long and letting it develop into something worse. Often, it is much cheaper and simpler to fix problems when they are identified early.

Homeowners may also seal their patio to protect it against water damage and give it an attractive glossy look. This can be a useful method for protecting against certain problems, but it is very important to keep up with the resealing schedule.

Another good maintenance tip is to move the patio furniture around at least once a year. This is because furniture and other items, such as potted plants, can trap moisture and dirt, potentially damaging the patio materials. By moving the furniture around, homeowners can prevent these build-ups.

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Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Emergency Patio Door Repair

Emergency patio door repair costs from $100 to $400. You usually pay between $50 to $100 extra for this urgent repair rather than regular patio door repairs. You may need your door urgently fixed if something prevents it from closing, letting rainwater inside or being a security risk.

Patio Cover Removal

The average cost for patio cover removal is between $100 and $500. The price mostly depends on the cover size and type. Getting rid of a small simple plastic cover can be done quickly and does not require much labor, but larger covers with metal or wooden frames that also must be removed cost significantly more.

Patio Removal

To remove a patio, expect to pay from $500 to $2,000, depending on the size and material. Naturally, larger patios take more time to remove, leading to higher labor costs. Removing a patio is a big decision, but it can be good for people who want more yard space to extend their lawn or make a flower bed. It might also be the correct option if your patio is in a state of disrepair.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • Warranty. Some patio installations come with warranties, and large repairs also come with warranties of around one year. Check for the warranty coverage and ensure you know the details to make a claim.
  • Ask for different quotes. Patio repair prices vary from one worker or company to the next. One company might quote a certain amount for something like fixing a crack, and another company might offer to do the same job for 75% of that price. Get multiple quotes for the best value.
  • License. It is always best to work with licensed professionals for any home or garden repair. Check the licensing status of workers or companies you hire.
  • Lifespan. The average lifespan of a patio is around 25 to 50 years, depending on materials, climate, and maintenance. If the patio is several decades old, the risk of problems like cracks and sunken pavers is higher.
  • Permit. For minor patio repairs, permits are not usually needed. However, permits may be needed for larger jobs like repaving, replacing large sections, or installing a new cover or awning. Check with your local building authority for more information.


  • How much does it cost to repair a patio?

The average cost is around $250 to $1,250, but prices can be much higher or lower, depending on the damage and repair required.

  • How long should a patio last?

Patios can last anywhere from 25 to 50 years or even more with regular maintenance and repairs.

  • ​​How do you replace a patio screen?

To replace a patio screen, the current screen must be removed and the new one fitted into the existing frame.

  • How can I make my old concrete patio look better?

Resurfacing or refinishing can be useful services to give an old patio a fresh look. Pressure washing or regular cleaning can also improve a patio’s appearance.

  • Can you resurface a patio?

Yes, you can resurface many patios. This process can breathe new life into patios that are old and tired-looking.

  • How much does it cost to resurface a concrete patio?

The average cost of resurfacing a concrete patio is between $3 and $12 per sq.ft.

  • Do you need to seal a patio?

It is not necessary to seal a patio, but this can be a good way to protect it against moisture damage, oil spills, and UV damage.