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Stump Grinding Cost

Stump Grinding Cost

National average
(grinding of a new, 20-inch stump in an average access area)
Low: $275

(grinding of an old, 20-inch stump in an easy-to-access area that has been previously cleared)

High: $600

(grinding of a new, 20-inch stump of very hard wood in a difficult-to-access area)

Cost to grind a stump varies greatly by region (and even by zip code).
Get free estimates from landscapers in your city.

The average cost of grinding a stump is around $400.

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Why It Is Important to Eliminate Stumps
Stump Grinding Cost Per Stump
Stump Grinding Cost Per Inch
Labor Costs to Grind a Stump
Stump Grinder Rental Cost
Stump Grinder Prices
Stump Grinding vs Stump Removal
Enhancement and Improvement Costs
Additional Considerations and Concerns

How Much Does It Cost to Grind a Stump?

Stump grinding is the process of removing the visible portion of a stump from your yard while leaving the roots intact. This is a faster, less invasive, and often less expensive process than stump removal, which removes the stump altogether.

People usually pay anywhere from $275 to $600 for stump grinding. Most homeowners need stumps removed when they hit or exceed 20 inches in diameter because these stumps tend to pose the most issues. Grinding a new 20-inch stump in an average access area should cost about $400, but the price depends on the topography, tree species, and other factors.

Average Price for Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding Costs
National average cost$400
Average range$275-$600
Minimum cost$275
Maximum cost$600

Why It Is Important to Eliminate Stumps

When you have a tree cut down in your yard, a large portion of the base remains. This stump can be unsightly, detracting from the curb appeal of your property.

More than that, however, stumps may be a trip hazard for people walking or playing in your yard. Because most stumps are only a few inches high, many people may not see them until they make contact. In addition, a stump can encourage the growth of new trees around it. When this happens, you may find that the cost of removing both the stump and the new trees has increased.

Stump Grinding Cost Per Stump

Stump grinding professionals price their removal services per stump or per inch. If you want to pay per stump, expect to pay anywhere from $75 to $400 per stump, but it all depends on the location and size of the stump. Often, you receive a discount if you have multiple stumps ground at the same time. Professionals may charge an initial base rate for the first stump of about $80 to $150 and then an extra $40 to $75 per additional stump.

Stump Grinding Cost Per Inch

Some professionals prefer to charge per inch, rather than per stump, because it is seen as a more accurate and precise pricing method. Stumps have a range of sizes and diameters, and you will pay about $2 to $5 per diameter inch for stump grinding. For example, a stump with an 18-inch diameter costs between $36 and $90. However, many companies have a minimum rate of $100 for their services. Some stump removal companies include cleanup with this price per inch, while others add an extra cleanup fee to the final bill.

Labor Costs to Grind a Stump

The process of grinding the stump is often considered the easiest and less invasive way to remove one. In contrast with burning, rotting, or digging up the stump, grinding simply chews up the surface of the stump until it is level with the ground or just below it. The complete process only takes a few minutes and leaves behind mulch that can be either cleaned away or used for other purposes.

In most cases, the cost of grinding a stump is done by the stump’s diameter or by the inch. Older and smaller stumps are usually less time-consuming to remove and may be priced differently than younger, larger stumps. In the case of more complex cases, where the topography or type of tree means that the grinding will take longer, you may find that the process is charged by the hour. Labor costs per hour are around $150.

Stump Grinders

Stump Grinder Rental Cost

If you have some DIY experience and want to tackle the job yourself rather than hiring a professional, you can rent a stump grinder from a local hardware store. Many big-brand and smaller independent stores offer stump grinders for rent. They are available by the half day, full day, or even for a week in some cases, depending on how much work needs to be done. For a half-day rental, expect to pay around $150 to $250. For a full day, the cost is about $200 to $350. If you choose to rent a stump grinder for an entire week, you will pay $600 to $1,000.

Stump Grinder Prices

You might also choose to buy a stump grinder to use whenever you want, without the need to hire professionals or rent a grinder from a hardware store. This is a good option for people who live on wooded land and plan on doing a lot of stump grinding. It can also be a good choice if you have lots of stumps to grind, and it would work out cheaper in the long term to buy a grinder and do the work yourself. Stump grinders cost between $1,500 and $3,000 on average. Here are a few of our favorite models.

BEST OVERALL: Detail K2 12” 14HP Stump Grinder

Fitted with a 3,600 RPM, 14-inch carbide cutter head, and 429 cc CH440 Kohler engine, this gas-powered stump grinder is easy-to-use and has enough power to slide through stubborn stumps. It comes with a towbar and electric start features for your convenience, along with a comfort bow handle and easily accessible deck belt tension system.

BEST VALUE: Power King 11” 14HP Stump Grinder

Fitted with a 3,600 RPM, 14-inch carbide cutter head, and 429 cc CH440 Kohler engine, this gas-powered stump grinder is easy-to-use and has enough power to slide through stubborn stumps. It comes with a towbar and electric start features for your convenience, along with a comfort bow handle and easily accessible deck belt tension system.

ALSO CONSIDER: Generac Pro Stump Grinder

Coming from one of the best brands in the business, this Generac Pro Stump Grinder is fitted with a carbide-tipped cutting blade that can handle stumps of all sizes. It features a detachable tow bar for simple towing, as well as a strong and sturdy 12-gauge steel body. It can help you expand lawn and field spaces in an instant, wiping out stumps in a flash.

Stump Grinding vs Stump Removal

Stump grinding is minimally invasive and simply cuts down and mulches 1 the visible portion of the stump. The roots, root system, and part of the stump that is below ground are left alone and intact. You can grind as little as 1 inch below ground level or as much as 12 inches for much larger stumps. There is less area to fill when you finish, and in many cases, the old stump can be covered over with a thin layer of loam and grass.

Stump removal is the process of extricating the entire stump, roots and all, from the ground. This requires heavy machinery to pull the stump up, often cutting off many of the roots during the process. This also leaves a large hole, which will need to be filled. This process is usually more expensive, costing between $370 and $675 per stump, plus a disposal fee of an additional $25 per stump. Normally, a more difficult stump, which takes more time to remove, costs considerably more.

When deciding whether to grind or remove a stump, consider not only the costs but also what you intend to do with the area. If you want to plant a new tree or garden in its place, then full removal is the best method to choose. If you simply want a level yard, stump grinding may be a better option.

Stump on grass

Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Mulch Cleaning

Grinding a stump produces a great deal of mulch 1. In many cases, you may wish to reuse this, either as compost 1 or to bed a garden. However, some companies will clean up the mulch 1 for you at an additional fee of around $25 a stump.

Additional Considerations and Concerns

  • If you want to replant a tree or do other landscaping where the stump is located, you may find that the best option is to remove the stump and its roots completely.
  • Certain stumps are tougher to grind through than others. This is because some woods are stronger overall and require more force to be ground down. Older stumps also tend to be tougher in general, and these hard stumps need more high-powered grinders and larger blades to cut through.
  • To reduce costs due to time, prepare the area beforehand by removing any debris, rocks, or small plants from around the stump so that it can be accessed quickly and easily.
  • You may also be able to lower costs if you can determine ahead of time if there are utilities such as gas, electric, or water near the stump. Call your various utility companies for an inspection before work begins. In the U.S., call 811 before digging on your property.
  • The location of the stump has an impact on costs. If the stump is difficult to reach, on a hill or angle, or surrounded by other trees, it could raise the price.
  • Stump grinding may be considered better for the environment than other forms of stump removal. By grinding, the remaining stump can decompose naturally and return vital nutrients to the ground without burning or the use of chemicals.
  • Leaving the stump in the ground may mean that it will eventually sprout a new tree. By grinding, rather than removing, you run this potential risk.


  • What is the average cost for tree stump grinding?

The average cost of tree stump grinding is around $400 for a new, 20-inch stump.

  • Will stump grinding kill the roots?

The tree was killed when it was cut down, so the roots are already dead. However, in some rare cases, the stump may regenerate a new shoot. Stump grinding will not prevent this from happening, only stump removal.

  • What is the difference between stump grinding and stump removal?

Stump grinding uses a saw to essentially mulch 1 the visible stump. Stump removal completely lifts the old stump from the ground.

  • What does stump grinding mean?

To grind a stump is to mulch 1 or grind up the visible portion of the stump, leaving the roots beneath the ground.

  • Do trees grow back after being cut down?

In most cases, no. However, it is possible for some stumps to regenerate a shoot, which can grow into a new tree.

  • How long does it take to grind a stump?

It takes roughly 1 - 2 hours to grind a 20 inch stump.

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1 Compost: (Also known as Mulches) A natural substance derived from plant, animal, or mineral matter that is added to soil in order to make it more fertile

Cost to grind a stump varies greatly by region (and even by zip code). To get free estimates from local contractors, please indicate yours.

Machine grinding a stump surrounded by grass

Labor cost by city and zip code

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Albuquerque, NM
Allen, TX
Athens, GA
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